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Partnership Plus Paid Surveys Review

editUpdated on: August 31, 2018 by anvitalis

Partnership-Plus is made up of people just like you who tell them about the new clothes they get each month. Clothing manufacturers and stores use this information to study the kinds of clothes people buy and receive. Being a member of Partnership-Plus gives you the opportunity to help put the clothes you like in more stores.

But that’s not all! Partnership-Plus will pay you to tell them about your new clothing! At the beginning of each month, you will be invited to Partnership-Plus site to tell them about the clothing you got the month before. In return for your help, you earn Partner-Points. Each month you complete a paid survey (whether you purchased or received any clothes or not) you receive Partner-Points. These points add up quickly and can be redeemed for great prizes.

Many of our panelists actually respond to Partnership-Plus by mail, not only online. These individuals receive their monthly paid survey in the mail at the beginning of every month. If you would like to participate in Partnership-Plus this way, please contact them.

Accepts panelists from U.S. only.

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