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12 Ways to Make Money as an Online Researcher While Working from Home

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As an online researcher, you can work a flexible schedule at home while looking for information on the web and learning new things. Research can be an exciting task for those who are good at it and enjoy finding out something new. The following 12 companies have paid remote research positions.Knowing how to conduct research online is something that can serve you well if you want to work from home.

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As a work from home researcher, you can put your skills to use helping businesses, entrepreneurs, court systems, attorneys, and other groups and individuals get all the information they need without having to spend their own time researching.

Researchers are an integral part of many of today’s businesses, but not everyone knows how to research information efficiently.

That’s where you come in if you have the skill!

You can be a researcher, work from home on your own schedule, and get paid to do something you enjoy and are good at – and we’re going to explain how.

Where to Find Online Research Jobs

There are several companies that frequently look for more people to join their teams as researchers.

And you can become their next expert researcher!

All of the following companies allow you to research from home without ever having to step foot in a physical office or commute to work.


Wonder is a company that connects people who need help with researching with expert researchers who can do the job.

As a researcher for Wonder, you’ll answer questions that people ask.

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They can be on any topic, so it’s important that you really know how to find your way around the web efficiently to get the information you need to thoroughly answer the question.

Wonder will pay you for a specific time that each answer should take, so if you end up going over that time, you’ll get a smaller hourly rate.

Therefore, it pays to be fast but still answers the question properly.

When you find the information you need, you’ll write it all up into a report formatted according to Wonder’s requirements.

You can start the application process online and wait for a member of the team to get back to you.


JustAnswer is a place for experts to go to help others with their expertise.

This site utilizes everyone from SEO experts to attorneys to help people with their questions.

You can also join as a plumber, a mechanic, a doctor, a tax specialist, and more.

The pay rate may vary depending on what your specialty is, as some specialties get used more often on the site.

Experts can sign on and work whenever they have some extra time, so there are no set schedules or minimum number of hours you need to log in each week.

All experts will be subject to a background check along with their application, and you’ll need to verify whatever credentials you have.


On Textbroker, you can make money with content writing.

So, while writing will be your main gig, you’ll still need to research in order to complete the job.

The site works with clients in a range of industries, so you may be writing about anything from cars to gardening and everything in between.

Writers on the platform won’t know everything about every topic they write, so research skills are a must!

Each writer will have a star rating depending on how well they write and ratings from clients.

The higher your rating, the more you can make as a writer.

You can also cash out your pay anytime you want as long as you have a minimum of $10 in your account.

Textbroker pays twice a week, so you won’t have to wait long to see your cash.


10EQS is a place where you can share your expertise with the world.

Of course, not all experts in an area know everything there is to know about that topic, so research skills can still come in handy to ensure that you’re giving your customers everything they need to know.

On this platform, you can work whenever you have availability, similar to JustAnswer.

You’ll get paid for all the consultations you perform as an industry expert and you can also get paid as an independent consultant for 10EQS clients.

Some of the industries the company works within include Education, Professional Services, Automotive, and Transportation & Logistics.


Clarity is another site for experts to go to share their knowledge with others all over the web.

Once you sign up, you’ll need to verify your account by connecting it to a social media channel.

This helps people know that you’re a real person and helps Clarity determine that you are the expert you say you are.

Once that’s done, you can set your rate, which will be the hourly rate you charge for others to call you.

Experts are allowed to have up to five areas of expertise, but you should be able to show that you do know what you’re talking about in each one to build up a good database of potential clients.

When someone wants your knowledge, they can set up a call with you and you’ll get paid.


Experts123 is kind of like a smaller Quora, if you’re familiar with that site.

People go on the site to ask questions and experts on Experts123 can answer those questions.

Experts can also write articles within their area of expertise to submit to the site to earn cash.

From people who have used this site, it appears that you need to start out answering questions on the site before you can move onto paid article writing.

Regardless of whether you’re answering questions or writing, you’re still getting to use your research skills to inform your responses.


Burke is a market research company that helps businesses understand their customers and their needs.

The company sometimes has openings for online researchers who can quickly and efficiently look up information as needed and conduct interviews with people to help aid the company’s market research efforts.

Usually, you’ll conduct these interviews on the phone using various scripts to help move the conversation along, but you’ll need excellent communication skills to excel at the job.

This job is pretty independent, so you won’t have supervisors looking over your shoulder as you work.

That means that you’ll need to be good about being self-motivated and staying on top of all your tasks.

Burke looks for researchers who want to work part-time and have some experience in customer service.

Those who get hired will receive paid training and may be eligible for benefits like flexible scheduling and health insurance.


RWS is a company that offers various services to its clients, including translation, localization testing, and interpretation.

The company frequently seeks out researchers who can help RWS with its crowdsourcing needs.

Typically, you’ll be part of studies that can inform RWS clients about various areas of their business, including customer service needs or operations.

Researchers will need to complete confidentiality agreements before they begin any study to maintain the privacy of the clients they’re working with.

Some projects have a fixed fee, others have hourly fees, and some have fixed fees plus rewards.

The projects you qualify for depends on your demographics, and some people may qualify for more frequent and higher-paying projects than others.

IT-Boss Research

Court research is one type of research in which you may find lots of opportunities, and IT-Boss Research is one of them.

As a court researcher, you’ll typically need to know how to look up public documents and find specific information contained with them.

What you find can aid attorneys and court systems and help them build their cases or can be used for marketing purposes for relevant businesses.

Court research is usually something you can do from home, and IT-Boss Research provides some of these jobs to people like you.

The company says that its clients will provide you with detailed information for each assignment, so even people who are new to court research will feel confident in doing it.

Once you sign up with the company and get approved, you can expect to start getting assignments within 7-10 days.

First Quarter Finance

First Quarter Finance frequently has positions open for editors, writers, and analysts.

All of the positions require some research skills!

As a writer, you’ll be responsible for writing content for the site, of course.

It’s focused on financial topics, so it’s important to have a good grasp on the finance industry and be able to research topics you aren’t as familiar with.

Editors oversee writers and their work, so you should know how to research the topics they write about and fact-check any facts in the writing.

Analysts perform academic research for the company to aid things their content strategy, so this position is the most research focused.

You can apply for any of the positions on the First Quarter Finance website.


Upwork is a place where independent contractors and freelancers can find work with clients in various industries.

There are plenty of research-based jobs here – you just have to search to find them.

To become a member of Upwork, you’ll first need to apply and let the company know what it is that you do and why you have expertise in that area.

Having some samples of your work handy (even research projects from school could qualify) can be helpful in getting your application through.

Once you’re in, you can continue building your profile that you’ll use to win jobs.

You can search through categories for research jobs or use the search function to find any jobs that match with “research” and similar terms.

You use Connects to apply for jobs; Upwork gives you some to start, but you’ll need to purchase more when you run out (they’re affordable, though).

Make sure you answer all questions in your proposal and explain why you’re the best person for the job.

Again, attaching previous samples can help you stand out to clients.

If you’re chosen for a job, your client can create milestones, fund an escrow account, and release your payment once you turn in your work.


Fiverr is a place that will work a little differently for you because you won’t have to adhere to another company’s rules as you research.

This platform gives you the opportunity to create your own research gigs for others to order.

You can offer any kind of researching tasks that you enjoy doing, whether it’s keyword research for content marketing or researching legal advice for someone.

Fiverr sellers can decide how much they want to charge depending on the tasks they do, and you can always create add-on tasks and charge more money.

For instance, if someone wants you to research for 30 minutes, you might charge $10. For a two-hour research task, you can add a gig for $35 or $40.

You’ll receive your payment when the full order is completed and accepted by the buyer, but you may need to wait a few days for it to clear in your account before you can transfer it.

How to Make Money Doing Research from Home

You can also use regular job search sites, like Indeed and ZipRecruiter, to locate paid jobs that require you to research.

A lot of these jobs fall into the category of market research, where you’ll be interviewing people over the phone or through email to get their thoughts about certain things.

But several companies also need researchers for content marketing, lead generation, product conception, and other key business areas that can help them continue to expand their businesses.

Use the job search sites to search for keywords like “research jobs” and “online researcher” to find these jobs.

Sometimes, you can even find temporary or full-time jobs with colleges and universities who need your help to research subjects for tests, curriculum, lesson plans, and more.

So, if none of the above options suit you, then you may find something else by searching these websites.

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