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27 Companies That Let You Get Paid to Answer Questions

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Are you struggling to figure out how your expertise might help others? You don’t have to wonder anymore, because this list contains websites that will pay you to help others just by answering their questions. You can earn $20 an hour or more, all from your home office.Are you an excellent advice-giver?

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Or, maybe you have smarts or are skilled in at least one subject.

If any of these apply to you, then you can get paid to help people online.

Whether you want to make some extra cash helping students answer challenging homework questions, earn money by sharing your opinion, or even get paid to give advice to individuals or business owners, you can find a place to sign up with in this article.

How to Earn Money Online Answering Questions

Online Survey Sites

Online surveys are potentially the easiest ways for you to get paid to answer questions.

Surveys literally ask you questions and then pay you for them!

The best part is that surveys ask for your opinions, so you don’t need to do anything to make money in this way besides share them.

It can be a fun way to help get involved in top brands and products while making some money on the side.

These survey sites won’t necessarily replace the income that a job provides, but they’re perfect for a little extra money each month:


This is one of the few apps that pays you to answer questions through text messages!

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You’ll wait for questions to come in from the app.

The app uses your device location to see where you are and then ask you questions about the places you’re visiting, like a restaurant or a store.

1Q will pay you for the questions you answer, just like a survey site would.

You’ll be contacted by a variety of brands that want to know more about you, what you do, and your interests, so it can be a unique way to connect with them.

You’ll get all the money you make sent to your PayPal account quickly and securely.


If you don’t mind answering questions over the phone, you can sign up for 6Ya to make some extra money.

This site is for experts who can provide help to customers on phone calls.

It’s free to sign up, you can choose what calls to take or not take, and you’ll get paid for each call you do accept.

Most calls last up to 5 minutes, so you won’t get stuck on the phone all day.

You can even use the 6Ya app to let others know when you’re available to start working.

And you can set your rate for each call! You’ll get all earnings via PayPal.


This is an online forum where you can post helpful answers to questions other people ask and get paid for your time.

Every 10 points you get equals 1 cent, and you can get 10 points per answer.

So, it may take a while here to amount to much, but it’s still money you get just for responding to questions, which is something you do anyway if you’re a frequent forum user.

Chegg Study

Chegg Study is the tutoring company, Chegg’s, homework help platform that operates 24/7.

Students can sign up for the platform for a monthly fee, and you’ll get paid as an expert to help out.

You can become a tutor for Chegg by applying online, noting when you’re available to help, and building your profile.

As you earn a reputation on the site, it will become easier for you to match with students.

Chegg pays its tutors weekly for everything you’ve completed the previous week.


Experts can sign up on Ether with their phone number to allow others to contact them to learn more about topics in their area of expertise.

You can set up your profile and set your own rates per phone call.

If you want to make $100 an hour, then set your rate for that amount!

Users will be able to see your profile, your topics of expertise, and your rate, and decide if they want to contact you.

The site lets you specify when you’re not taking calls, too, so you never have to worry about getting interrupted during your regular workday.

Ether even markets your profile for you to help others find you.

Experts 123

Experts 123 is a good place for experts who like to write to make money.

You can write articles related to your areas of expertise.

You’ll earn points when you do so, which equate to somewhere between $8 and $20 an article, reportedly.

When you sign up, you can indicate what subject areas you consider yourself to be an expert in.

Then, start writing articles and get paid.


FixYa is a good question and answer site for handy people who know how to do stuff around the house in terms of renovating, repairing, and making stuff better.

The faster you answer questions, the more points you’ll get for each answer.

As you gain more points, you can gain levels that give you more privileges as a FixYa member.

Help Owl

When you contribute helpful advice on Help Owl, you’ll earn points that you can save toward prizes and gift cards.

You’ll get 100 points for answering a question, and as many as 1,000 points for submitting the first answer that an asker accepts.

When your answers are marked as helpful, you get another 10 points.

There are various other ways to earn points on this forum, too, including posting a helpful review and writing up a manual on a product or service.

You can get your cash as an Amazon gift card, Walmart gift card, or an iCard.

Just Answer

Almost any expert, from a plumber to a veterinarian, can make extra money on Just Answer, a site that connects experts to people who need to know something about their industry.

Askers can sign up to ask questions for experts to answer.

As an expert, you’ll need to fill out an application online and prove your credentials through your licenses, degrees, and other certifications.

The amount you make on this site depends on your answers and your areas of expertise (and, yes, you can sign up for more than one).

Some industries, like medicine and law, tend to pay more than others.


Liveperson is a company that connects businesses with customer service agents.

It also looks for people who can help answer questions through live chat bots for its clients.

You can sign up as a customer service representative or live chat agent, but you’ll need to browse the careers page to find open positions.


Maven welcomes experts in a variety of areas, like barbers, athletes, and blockchain experts.

The application process requires you to fill out a form online, let the company know what you’re an expert in, and explain your credentials, if you have any.

Once you’re accepted, you can connect with Maven customers and answer their questions when you have time available.

You can set your own rate for consultations and you can get 10% on referrals.

You typically get paid within three days of the work you complete on Maven, and you can receive cash payments for it.


MyLot lets you make money by contributing to discussions posted on the site.

That means that you can post your own topics or answer questions posted by others to make money.

You can also comment on other topics to be eligible for earnings.

MyLot also has other ways you can make some extra money, like completing cash offers found on the site from advertisers.

You only need $5 to cash out via PayPal, and MyLot sends payments once per month.

Presto Experts

PrestoExperts focuses on helping others in the areas of tutoring, counseling, business, and more.

You can set up a profile on the site that indicates what subject areas you’re an expert on, how you prefer to communicate with others, and your rates for each call, email, etc.

So, you’re totally in charge of your pay.


StudyPool is an academic help center with students who ask questions about their homework and assignments and educated tutors who help them.

As a tutor on the site, you can choose what questions to answer in a variety of subjects.

Post a bid on those you’re interested in, and the student will decide if you’re the right person for the job.

If so, share your answer and get paid.


Weegy experts earn points for helping others on the site.

The more points you earn, the more chances you have to earn monthly prizes and contests offered by Weegy.

You won’t actually earn money here, but higher participation can help you score some great stuff.


Wonder lets you answer questions posted by others through your writing.

You’ll fill out a detailed form based on the information you find when you research a customer’s question.

Most topics can take anywhere from a few minutes to an hour or more to research and write.

Wonder requires its experts to complete a test along with its application to make sure they can follow the writing format and all instructions, so pay close attention to all of the directions and take your time during the test.

You can, reportedly, earn up to $20 an hour here.

Other Ways to Answer Questions and Get Paid

If you don’t want to rely on other sites to pay you, there are some other ways you can make money by answering questions and pay yourself to do it!


First up is blogging.

A blog is essentially an online content database that answers questions.

Your blog can be about any subject you’re interested in and know a lot about.

Blogs usually answer questions people have about that subject.

For example, a beauty blog might target topics like how to apply foundation and how to complete special techniques with eyeliner.

A sports blog could have information on finding the best seats at a stadium.

Basically, you’re answering questions with your content that your audience would ask you.

And you get complete creative freedom to do it!

On your blog, you can write about anything that fits your niche in whatever ways you want to do it, so it’s a fun way to answer questions.

Plus, using techniques like affiliate marketing or placing ads, you’ll be able to monetize your site as it grows.


Online coaching is a huge business right now.

People become spiritual coaches, business coaches, parenting coaches, and even “life coaches,” helping their clients through different aspects of their life.

As a personal coach, you’ll make yourself available to answer your clients’ questions when they need help in whatever area you have expertise in.

Coaches contact their clients in various ways, including phone calls, in-person meetings, video calls, and emails.

You control how you want to work with clients and what advice you want to give.

And, you’ll get to set your rates, so you’re in total control of how much you make with your coaching business.

Course Creation

Another way to make money by answering questions is to create online courses.

You’ll answer questions on a specific topic through the course material you make.

It’s kind of like a really in-depth blog post that goes over multiple aspects of a topic to give people the knowledge they’d need to understand that topic.

Your course can be about anything you have some serious expertise in, like creating social media ads, writing eBooks, playing the guitar, or organizing a home.

There are even some websites that’ll help you create and market your online courses to get you paid even quicker, like Udemy and Skillshare.

Conclusion: Get Paid to Answer Questions from Home

Getting paid to answer questions sounds like an awesome way to make some money, doesn’t it?

You get to share what you know and help others in the process – all while making money.

And, if you sign up for a few of these sites, you’ll end up with a few different avenues you can use to keep bringing in money each month.

Now, go share your expertise!

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