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Paid Medical Surveys for Doctors and Other Medical Professionals

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If you’re in the medical field, you already have a highly rewarding career. But what if you could get paid a little extra for your expertise? With medical survey panels, you can – and they’re not just for physicians. Find out what they are, how they work, and where to find them.Usually, when we talk about taking online studies for money, we’re referring to paid surveys that almost anyone can sign up to take.

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These are usually regular market research studies that focus on consumers.

They want to know more about what kinds of things you buy, what you like to watch on TV, and what hobbies you have so that companies can better target their products and services to the masses.

But, what about doctors, nurses, and other medical professionals?

Often, they’re unable to take paid surveys because their profession disqualifies them (lawyers, journalists, and marketers also get disqualified frequently because their jobs could present a conflict of interest with the information that’s in the survey).

As a medical professional, you probably have a lot of opinions and insights you could give to companies in the healthcare industry since you have a high level of expertise.

Fortunately, there are surveys you can take that are designed specifically for doctors, nurses, health insurance agents, and other people in the medical industry – and they often pay much higher than your average consumer-focused survey.

Surveys for Doctors: How Do They Work?

If you’re ready to start taking doctor or nursing surveys for cash, you’re going to want to keep reading!

Paid physician studies are focused directly on medical personnel who work with patients, prescriptions, insurance, and other elements of the industry.

These studies are usually lengthy and detailed, but they can also pay very good money – we’re talking $1,000 or more – because you have a medical background.

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Even on the lower end of the pay scale, these studies usually pay $25 to $50 and won’t be as in-depth as the longer studies and focus groups.

To be eligible to participate in medical studies, you’ll need to be a member of a medical survey panel, much like you would need to sign up for a regular survey panel to participate in its studies.

Each one will have its own way to operate but, generally, they will send you survey invitations to your email when a new study is available after you register.

We also want to note that some of these panels go far beyond providing just surveys for you.

They may also host focus groups over a few days, ask you to participate in research and clinical trials, or even pay you to offer a second opinion to patients.

It all depends on the panel.

Who Can Participate in Surveys from Healthcare Survey Companies?

Again, each survey panel is different and may have different requirements for who becomes a part of its panel.

Some are geared toward doctors only, while others may look for nurses, surgeons, or a mix of medical professions.

In some cases, you can join with any form of medical expertise.

Professionals like psychologists, pediatricians, nurse’s aides, chiropractors, dentists, and physical therapists are just some of the types of people who may be eligible for these studies.

You’ll usually need to prove that you’re actually in that profession, though, by providing proof of your certification or licensure in your state.

Most survey panels accept your medical license number that they can look you up with to ensure that you are who you say you are.

Your number and necessary identification may vary depending on the country in which you live.

In the United States, for example, you’ll have your National Provider Identification (NPI) number, but in the UK, you’ll have your General Medical Council (GMC) number.

Nurses and other medical professionals may have different licensure numbers they’ll need to use.

Along with your license, you may need to provide a copy of your ID for identity verification.

This is just a safety step to make sure no one tries to pretend that they’re you to become a part of the panel.

As far as location is concerned, many panels accept doctors and other medical professionals from the United Kingdom, Canada, and the United States.

Some may also include other countries, like Australia or Germany.

You can usually find out the requirements for a particular survey panel by visiting its website and browsing through its Terms & Conditions or FAQ/Help section.

What About Privacy?

We understand that maintaining your privacy when taking these surveys can be a significant concern.

Not only do you want to keep your identity safe, but you also want to protect the identities of your patients, whom you may need to provide some information about during studies.

Be aware that these studies should never ask you to violate the patient privacy laws for your country.

If a panel asks you to do this, then you should report the panel to the proper authorities. It is against the law in many countries to give any identifying information about your patients without their consent.

Similarly, a panel should never share your identity with a third party in relation to your responses.

You have the right for your responses to remain anonymous while still giving thoughtful, honest answers to aid research.

If you’re ever concerned about a company’s ability to keep your information protected, then it’s best not to use that panel.

You can usually find out more about what a company does with your information by reading through its Terms of Service and Privacy Policy.

Also, it’s important to note that the organization you work for may prohibit you from using this type of site, so you may want to check with a human resources representative before you sign up.

Tips for Taking These Surveys

We have a few general tips that could prove to be useful in helping you earn as much as possible from your medical surveys.

First, always be sure to fill out your full profile as soon as you sign up.

This gives the panel a better idea of who you are, what you do, and what interests you have in the healthcare industry so that it can target survey invites to you.

This can also help you prequalify for surveys and make the qualification/screening process a little quicker for you before you begin one.

We also suggest having an email address dedicated to all your medical surveys.

Sign up for each panel with this address only to keep your personal inbox free from clutter from survey news and invites.

It should also help you find invites more easily instead of risking them getting lost in a filled inbox.

Finally, try to stay active.

Active survey takers tend to get more opportunities sent their way than those who only sign on once every couple of months to complete a survey.

It’s better to be an active member of two or three panels than to only complete a couple of surveys a year for ten panels.

Log into your dedicated email inbox daily to view new invites and see if you qualify for any new surveys.

You may also want to log into the survey sites just to make sure you’re not missing any invites that didn’t make it to your email (it happens on occasion!).

Where to Find Physician Surveys

There are several excellent sites that provide surveys for physicians and other medical professionals.

Here are our top five picks based on their activity level and payout amounts, plus some other good choices:


SERMO is more of a full community for medical professionals where you can network with others, get second opinions, or just chat about your day.

But it also provides opportunities for those in the medical field to get paid for their expertise with studies.

Most studies will take anywhere from 30 to 60 minutes and have a limited number of participants for each, and they pay well (often, between $30 to $100).

According to the site, SERMO pays in cash honoraria for each survey rather than rewards.


MedPanel is another panel for medical professionals, including hospital employees, nurses, pharmacists, and even medical office personnel, like billing specialists.

It’s available in a wide range of countries, so this is a good opportunity for you if you’re outside of the typical survey-focused countries, like the US and UK.

Rewards typically come in the form of cash, which can range between a few dollars for short studies to over $100 for longer ones.

The Science Advisory Board

The Science Advisory Board specifically looks for medical professionals who complete clinical research studies or participate in clinical care testing and studies to help its panel.

Recent graduates can also apply, in some cases, if their credentials fit the bill.

These studies will be quite in-depth and relate to your research and expertise, so you can expect to get rewarded fairly.

You’ll receive points for each completed study, which you can turn in for one of several rewards The Science Advisory Board offers in its catalog.


MNOW is by invitation only, but you can request to join the panel by entering your information on the website’s front page.

From there, the company will determine if you’re a good fit for the clients it’s working with right now based on your exact profession, expertise, etc.

The company offers multiple rewards for participating medical professionals, including mailed checks and prepaid debit cards.

E-Rewards Medical

E-Rewards Medical is brought to you by the same people that created E-Rewards, a survey panel for the general population.

This site is specifically for those in various medical fields to lend their expertise to healthcare-related surveys.

When it’s time to redeem your rewards, you can do so with a check or a virtual or physical prepaid Visa card.


Want a few other medical survey sites to choose from?

Here are other top contenders, however, we always advise reading through the Terms of Service and Help pages before signing up:

Paid Medical Surveys: Final Thoughts

Being in the medical profession can be extremely rewarding in itself but getting to also shape market research with your participation in medical-focused studies can make your rewards even greater.

You’ll have a hand in the future of medicine and the medical industry while making a little (or sometimes, a lot!) of extra money on the side.

You deserve to get paid for your expertise, so it might be worth it to you to join one of the panels we’ve listed above and see how it works for you.

Be sure to share this post with any medical professionals you know who might be interested in participating in these surveys.

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