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33 Best Paid Online Surveys Canada Residents Can Make Easy Money From

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Canada isn’t always one of the countries that survey sites allow their members to be from, but there are several that accept members from Canada. That means that Canadians like you can earn money online just by sharing your opinions through paid surveys with these 33 sites.As a Canadian resident, you might have a difficult time finding survey sites that you can sign up for.

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Most survey sites only allow people from specific countries because those are the countries that they have opportunities from their advertisers for.

While a few survey panels are open to people from all over the world, they still tend to only have most of their opportunities go to people in the U.S. or U.K.

Fortunately, there are survey panels that open up to members from Canada, too, so Canadians can have an equal opportunity to earn some cash.

Why Participate in Canadian Online Surveys for Cash?

There are several survey sites for United States and United Kingdom residents.

But other countries often get left out of the mix of eligible countries, and Canada is sometimes one of them.

There are more opportunities for Canadians, generally, than there are for other smaller countries, but it can still be difficult for those in Canada to find survey sites that let them in.

That’s why it’s a good idea to have a list of survey sites that allow Canadian residents.

All you’ll need to do is refer to this list the next time you want to sign up for a new site!

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Is There a Difference Between Canadian Survey Sites and Others?

Survey sites that aren’t open to Canadians may let you sign up still, but they won’t have any survey offers available.

Sometimes, the sites don’t make this clear when you sign up, and you’ll, instead, need to do some digging around the website to find out that information.

But the sites below are all confirmed to be open to Canadian residents, meaning that you should have at least some occasional survey opportunities to make extra money.

Best Paid Online Surveys Canada Residents Can Make Easy Money From

Ready to fill out surveys for cash, Canada?

These Canadian legit survey sites lead the way:

Branded Surveys (16+)

Get points for all the surveys you complete on Branded Surveys, and you can redeem them for prizes like PayPal cash and gift cards.

The site also has polls and other ways to earn money, so you’ll always have something to do even when surveys aren’t available.

Sign up for Branded Surveys.

Canview Connect (16+)

You can get a bonus just for joining this survey panel before you even take a survey.

Canview Connect is solely for Canadian residents, so Canadians should have some good opportunities to make money here.

There’s also a referral program, and you can expect to receive your payment within 48 hours of requesting it.

Sign up for Canview Connect here.

Daily Rewards (18+)

Daily Rewards gives you $5 to sign up for free, and then you can start taking surveys or participating in other easy and fun tasks on the site.

There are also paid videos, paid searches, cashback shopping, and a bunch of other ways to get your first check.

Sign up for Daily Rewards here.

Harris Poll Online (13+)

Harris Poll Online is one of the oldest survey sites on the web, and it’s still going strong with its frequent survey opportunities and large catalog of rewards.

Some of the prize options include iTunes and Starbucks gift cards.

Sign up for Harris Poll Online here.

iPoll (13+)

iPoll is a popular survey site that even teenagers in Canada can participate in.

Sometimes, this site even has paid testing opportunities where you can earn cash to test out new products and share your thoughts on them.

Sign up for iPoll here.

Ipsos i-Say (18+)

Choose from a whole catalog of gift cards as rewards when you use this survey panel to take online surveys.

Ipsos also has what it calls a BonusQuest, which lets you advance levels as you take more surveys, which can qualify you for bonus points.

Sign up for Ipsos i-Say here.

LEO Surveys (13+)

LEO Surveys, also known as LegerOpinion, is another survey site that pays points for studies you complete.

You can log in and take a survey whenever they’re available, but as with any online survey, you may not qualify for each one you attempt to do.

Sign up for LEO Surveys here.

Lifepoints (16+)

With Lifepoints, you can become a member of the community, share your thoughts, and get paid to answer questions.

There are other tasks you can also do in the app to keep earning Lifepoints, which you can redeem for prizes.

Sign up for Lifepoints here.

Loop Surveys (18+)

Loop Surveys pays $2 for you to sign up and another $1 per friend or family member you refer.

Then, you can also begin to earn money by taking digital surveys.

The company pays with virtual VISA cards, which you can use anywhere credit or debit cards are accepted.

Sign up for Loop Surveys here.

Maru Voice Canada (18+)

This survey panel is just for Canadians, so you can be sure to find opportunities here as a Canada resident!

You’ll earn points to exchange for rewards, or you can redeem them for sweepstakes entries to get even better prizes.

Sign up for Maru Voice Canada here.

MobileXpression (18+)

MobileXpression is technically an extension you’ll add to your computer’s browser or your mobile device.

It runs in the background to gather information about some of the things you do online for market research.

The app may also send you some links to surveys to complete to earn extra.

Sign up for MobileXpression here.

MOBROG (18+)

You can take surveys on the MOBROG website or the app when you have some time to log in.

Choose the surveys you want, fill them out, and get paid.

Most of them pay anywhere from 1 to 4 Canadian dollars.

Sign up for MOBROG here.

Nielsen Homescan Panel (18+)

With Nielsen Homescan Panel, you can earn cash by scanning the barcodes of the products you buy and sometimes providing your feedback on them.

Nielsen has this panel to help inform brands in the consumer industry understand what people are buying and why.

You’ll get paid in rewards, like sweepstakes entries, gift cards, and other prizes, instead of cash.

Sign up for Nielsen Homescan Panel here.

Opinion Outpost (18+)

Take surveys when you want online at Opinion Outpost, which also has some other paid opportunities, like watching ads and testing products.

You can get PayPal cash, VISA gift cards, and Amazon gift cards for your time.

Sign up for Opinion Outpost here.

Opinion World (18+)

Fill out the surveys you want at Opinion World, which has rewards like VISA gift cards, Amazon gift cards, and iTunes gift cards.

Sign up for Opinion World here.

Panel Champ (16+)

Panel Champ works with clients like CBS and Coca-Cola to inform their marketing strategies, and it utilizes the power of its survey-taking members to do it.

Rewards include Tango gift cards, PayPal cash, VISA cards, and checks.

Sign up for Panel Champ here.

Pinecone Research (18+)

Pinecone Research pays up to $3 per survey, and you can cash out as soon as you have that $3.

You can also earn points toward prizes every time you share your opinions in a survey.

Sign up for Pinecone Research here.

Qbord (Unknown)

Qbord offers online surveys to its members, and the points you get for them will vary depending on their length and how long it takes to finish them.

There are also extra points for referring members, rating ads, sharing facts, and answering polls.

The company has a loyalty program, too, that will help you keep earning rewards from the friends you refer.

Sign up for Qbord here.

SaskWatch (13+)

If you live in Saskatchewan, you’ll want to join this survey panel that only accepts residents from there.

You’ll be answering questions relevant to your region, and each survey usually takes between 10 and 15 minutes to finish.

Turn in your points for prizes.

Sign up for SaskWatch here.

Shopper’s Voice (18+)

This survey panel is mostly for shoppers in the family who are in charge of buying groceries and household products, as many of the surveys will be about these kinds of products and the brands that make them.

Members win chances to get coupons, discounts, samples, and even $1500 in cash.

Sign up for Shopper’s Voice here.

Survey Club (18+)

Survey Club offers surveys to people all over North America.

Some of the studies here even range up into the hundreds of dollars, but they’ll also take more time to complete.

Sign up for Survey Club here.

Survey Junkie (18+)

Survey Junkie is currently one of the most popular sites of its kind.

There seems to be a lot of available opportunities to most members, so there’s a good chance you can earn some consistent prizes here.

Amazon gift cards and PayPal cash are some of the rewards you can receive.

Sign up for Survey Junkie here.

Survey Lion (16+)

Survey Lion is a free survey site that pays cash, gift certificates, and free products for completing studies.

Sign up for Survey Lion here.

SurveySavvy (18+)

SurveySavvy pays cash for you to complete surveys, but you can also earn more by referring your friends – and you’ll even make some money for their referrals!

If you build up a good downline, you could make money even when you aren’t taking surveys.

Sign up for SurveySavvy here.

SavvyConnect (18+)

If you’ve signed up for SurveySavvy, head over to SavvyConnect and sign up for that, too.

This is another part of the site that you can use to make money.

SavvyConnect is an app you’ll install on your smartphone or tablet to earn an extra $5 per month, and you can install it on three devices for a total of $15 per month.

The app just runs in the background and tracks a few things on your phone so that it can collect data for market research, just like surveys do.

Sign up for SavvyConnect here.

Swagbucks (13+)

Use Swagbucks for a bunch of online tasks, like getting cashback for shopping, making extra money when you sign up for offers, watching paid advertisements, and taking surveys.

The site also features bonus games and extra ways to earn points all the time.

When you’ve gathered up enough points, you can exchange them for anything in the reward catalog, which includes Amazon gift cards, PayPal cash, and other gift cards.

Sign up for Swagbucks here.

Testspin (13+)

This site claims to pay up to $10 per survey and $30 per longer focus study to members who participate.

Testspin pays with PayPal, Amazon gift cards, and other rewards.

Sign up for Testspin here.

Toluna (13+)

Toluna is a high-paying survey site that also sometimes has some product testing opportunities where you can get free product in exchange for your opinions on them.

Toluna works with large companies like L’Oreal, Expedia, and Amazon.

Sign up for Toluna here.

Unique Rewards (18+)

Unique Rewards is a rewards site with several opportunities to earn cash online, like completing offers, watching ads, and filling out studies.

You can also visit websites and shop online to boost your cashflow.

The site pays with PayPal, checks, and Bitcoin.

Sign up for Unique Rewards here.

Univox Community (18+)

Join Univox Community and get $2 just for signing up.

There’s also a forum you can participate in for a chance to earn more rewards.

Sign up for Univox Community Here.

VIP Voice (18+)

VIP Voice pays you in points that you can turn in for sweepstakes entries to win prizes like vacations and products.

You’ll also be able to unlock levels to earn more points and better prizes.

Sign up for VIP Voice here.

Web Perspectives (14+)

When you take surveys here, you can earn points toward rewards like AirMiles, Starbucks, Amazon gift cards, and other awesome stuff.

Sign up for Web Perspectives here.

YouGov (16+)

Share your opinions on social issues, politics, and other important stuff going on in the world with YouGov.

Canada is one of many countries the panel accepts members from.

Sign up for YouGov here.

Get Paid for Surveys in Canada

Getting paid for surveys when you live in Canada isn’t impossible…you just need to know what panels accept people from your country.

Fortunately, many survey panels that were once only open to the U.S. and U.K. are now beginning to accept Canadian members, too, so it’s not as challenging to find them anymore.

As with any survey site, though, you’ll want to research the sites above and figure out which ones might be best for you.

They’re all free to sign up for, so you can test out as many as you’d like.

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