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Free Money for Amazon: How to Take Surveys for Amazon Gift Cards

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Amazon is one of the most popular places to shop online, no matter where you are in the world. Several survey sites are catching on and offering gift cards and codes for Amazon for their survey participants. Here’s how you can get in on the action and find the best sites for Amazon rewards.Amazon is a go-to online marketplace for people all over the world.

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Gift cards to Amazon let you buy whatever you want off the platform, even items from third party sellers, which is why they’ve become such a popular choice for gift cards over the years.

It’s also why several online survey panels have started to offer Amazon gift cards and codes as rewards for their members who take paid surveys.

Offering wanted items like this make more people want to join the panel and participate!

It’s not difficult to find survey panels that offer Amazon rewards nowadays, but in this article, we’ll feature some of our top picks that do.

We also have some helpful information and tips about earning Amazon gift codes that will help you utilize your time wisely on survey sites to earn as many Amazon rewards as possible.

How to Take Surveys for Amazon Gift Cards or Codes

To get paid in Amazon gift cards or codes, you’ll first need to find panels that offer these as rewards.

We have 10 of our favorites listed down below, but there are plenty more to choose from.

A good way to find out if a panel offers them before you join is to check its website pages.

Sometimes, there will be a section dedicated to some of the more popular rewards on the site.

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Other times, you can find what rewards the site offers by browsing through its Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) or Help section.

Some sites even list their rewards right on the front page to make it easy for you to find this information.

Once you find a site that offers Amazon rewards, you can then look a little deeper to learn how much you’ll need to earn one and about how much the site pays for each survey.

Again, the Help or FAQ sections are good places to look.

When you find a site that seems to fit your requirements, sign up by clicking its Join or Register link.

Usually, you’ll need to verify your email address by clicking a link in the email the panel sends to you.

Then, you should be all set up and ready to earn.

In some cases, you’ll need to complete a beginning questionnaire that tells the site more about you or fill out a completed profile.

This will help the site match you with surveys that fit your interests and demographics.

Maximizing Your Time to Earn Money

This section is all about making the most out of your time to earn as many gift codes or gift cards for Amazon as possible!

We already mentioned filling out your profile, which is the first step to make sure you’re ready to start earning.

Next, you’ll want to browse the site, read any instructions and rules, and see what it has to offer.

Some survey sites have other money-making opportunities, like sign-up offers or paid videos, to make a little extra money that you can put toward rewards, so it’s a good idea to see what’s available and take advantage of them.

When taking surveys, take your time.

Read and answer each question thoroughly so you don’t risk yourself being disqualified from finishing it.

Survey sites have come a long way over the years and most of them use complicated algorithms that sense when someone’s cheating the system.

By moving too quickly through a survey, you’ll risk getting kicked out of it because the algorithm will sense that you’re not reading everything and giving appropriate responses.

The more thorough and honest you are when you take a survey, the more opportunities you’ll have available for paid surveys later.

Finally, remember to check your email at least once per day so you don’t miss out on new surveys that get sent to you.

Most survey panels send out new notifications for surveys at least once daily (some, multiple times per day), and you want to act on them fast because they usually have a limited number of entries or an expiration time or date.

The quicker you get to it, the likelier you’ll be to snag a spot.

Gift Cards vs Codes?

Some survey sites pay you with Amazon gift cards while others pay with Amazon gift codes.

Not sure what the difference is?

A gift card is a physical card that the site mails to you.

These will usually take longer to arrive than a gift code because you’ll need to wait for them in the mail.

Gift codes typically go straight to your email and, depending on the survey site, you can sometimes get them within a day of requesting them.

Not only are they faster, but they’re more convenient.

You don’t have to worry about losing a card in the mail or in your home.

The one issue with gift codes is that they sometimes end up in your email spam folder, making it difficult to find them depending on your email settings.

Some email providers delete spam messages after a day or so, so you’ll want to make sure you set your email to accept any communication from the survey sites you use (this is usually known as a whitelist of email addresses that you approve).

Some survey sites will allow you to exchange gift card codes for Amazon gift cards and vice versa, but not all will, so it’s a good idea to browse the site to see what type it offers and whether it’ll allow you to choose.

Adding Your Codes to Amazon

Now, what do you do when you have an Amazon gift code?

First, you’ll need to sign into your Amazon account.

Then, click on your Account section near the top of the page.

You’ll then see an area marked as Gift Cards with an Amazon gift card icon next to it.

Click there, and then click Redeem a Gift Card.

You can enter your claim code (you’ll find this in the email sent over to you from the survey site), click Apply to Your Balance, and you should automatically see your gift balance updated.

Sometimes, the email you receive will have a link that takes you straight to this section to make it even easier to claim your code.

If you do this, just make sure the account your in is yours (you can check your name at the top of the page) so you’re not accidentally giving your code to someone else.

If there are any issues with your gift code, you need to contact the survey site customer support team.

No luck getting it resolved?

You can then contact Amazon and explain the situation.

Sites That Offer Amazon Codes and Gift Cards as Prizes

There are probably hundreds of survey sites that now feature Amazon gift cards and codes as their top prizes, but we have a few favorites that we chose based on their popularity, ease of use, and good payouts.


Swagbucks is one of the easiest sites to earn rewards with.

It’s not just a survey site, but instead a rewards site that pays you for things like watching ads, playing games, and shopping online in addition to surveys.

I’ve personally cashed out several Amazon gift codes here because the process is ridiculously simple and I find it really easy to earn with the many opportunities Swagbucks offers.

You can get an Amazon gift code sent to your email within 24-48 hours with just 300 SBs, or the equivalent of $3.

Swagbucks is available in most countries to anyone age 13 and older.

Survey Junkie

Survey Junkie is an excellent survey panel that offers fun and easy-to-take surveys for rewards, including PayPal cash and Amazon gift codes.

You can join if you live in the United States, Canada, or Australia, and are at least 13 years old.

Paid Viewpoint

Paid Viewpoint is known for its quick surveys that pay, usually, about $0.10.

The earnings add up pretty quickly because the surveys don’t take long to finish.

You can usually get one or two new surveys each day as long as you have your profile filled out and respond to the company’s emails.

Once you reach $15, you can cash out for a prize.

Paid Viewpoint is open worldwide to people age 13 or older.

Branded Surveys

Branded Surveys is one of the newer survey sites on the web and another of our favorites.

You can join if you’re from the USA and at least 18 years old, or 13 with parental permission.

Most of the surveys here come from Fortune 500 companies, so you can be a part of some amazing businesses when you take part in them.

In addition to Amazon, you can get paid via PayPal.


PrizeRebel is mostly for surveys, but it also has some other fun ways to earn that can boost your money-making abilities.

In addition to Amazon rewards, you can turn in your earnings for PayPal cash, iTunes gift cards, and others.

You’ll need to be at least 18 years old to join PrizeRebel, but it has surveys available in most countries.


If you’re looking for a place to earn as much as you can in a small amount of time to get closer to your Amazon reward, then MyPoints is it.

This place has cashback shopping, daily bonuses, and other rewarding opportunities in addition to paid surveys.

MyPoints is open to anyone 13 and older living in Canada or the United States.

You can get an Amazon gift card with just 480 points.


OpinionWorld is the newer Survey Spot, which has recently shut down.

This site includes several rewards in addition to Amazon, like CVS gift cards, restaurant gift cards, and PayPal cash.

OpinionWorld is open to anyone 18 years or older.

LifePoints Panel

Survey takers all over the world can sign up for LifePoints Panel, another survey panel that offers both PayPal and Amazon gift code options.

You need to be 14 years or older to join.

Opinion Outpost

This survey site welcomes worldwide members who are at least 18 years old.

In addition to Amazon gift codes, you can cash in your earnings for an iTunes gift card or PayPal.


Toluna is a survey site that’s available to people all over the world who are 13 years or older.

This site is one of the oldest of its kind and still one of the most popular, thanks to its product testing and high-paying survey opportunities it offers.

Conclusion: Taking Amazon Surveys for Money

As popular as Amazon is, it’s not surprising that so many survey sites have jumped on the bandwagon to offer their survey participants Amazon rewards.

The key to getting plenty of Amazon cash to spend on whatever you want is to use each survey site the right way.

Fill out your profile, be honest and thorough during surveys, and follow all the site’s rules to maximize your earnings.

What other sites do you love that offer Amazon gift codes or cards for survey participants?

Let us know down in the comments!

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