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10 of the Best Survey Panels That Offer iTunes Gift Cards

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Survey panels offer a lot of rewards, but if you’re looking specifically for iTunes gift cards or codes, you’ll want to find the best sites for the job. You’re in luck because iTunes rewards are becoming one of the more popular prizes for survey panels. Here’s where to find them.Most survey sites nowadays have some excellent rewards for their panelists, including stuff like PayPal cash and Amazon gift cards.

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One of the more popular prizes is an iTunes gift card.

Apple says there are about 1.4 billion active Apple devices in the world, so it’s no surprise that iTunes gift cards are a popular choice.

These cards can give you extra money to spend in iTunes on music, movies, TV shows, apps, books, and whatever else your heart desires.

Surveys are a fun way to make some extra money when you have spare time, and if you’re one of the many people with an active Apple device, you may not ever have to spend money on apps and music for your device ever again.

I’m going to explain how to find survey sites with iTunes gift cards as prizes, how to redeem your card or code, and other important information you should know to get these cards for free.

Survey for Apple Gift Card? Yes, Please!

Instead of having to purchase iBooks gift card online or an iTunes card, you can get them for free with survey sites.

I’d say that most survey panels do offer iTunes cards as rewards because of Apple’s popularity and its many devices it offers, all with iTunes installed.

iTunes is your gateway for all things digital media.

You can store your music, books, TV shows, movies, games, and more right on your mobile device.

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With an iTunes gift card in hand, you should never run out of ideas of what to buy with everything on iTunes at your fingertips.

The best part about getting iTunes cards with survey sites is that it’s a fun way to get rewarded!

Surveys don’t usually take very long to complete and those that do take a bit longer usually pay better, anyway.

Even if you have only a couple of hours to spare each week, you can still end up with an iTunes gift card each month from some survey sites.

Let’s learn more about how these work with survey panels:

Mailed Gift Cards Vs. Electronic Codes

Some sites you use offer physical iTunes cards that get mailed to your address, while others use only electronic gift cards.

Electronic cards are essentially just codes that you’ll put into your iTunes account to use just like a gift card (we’ll explain how to redeem them below).

Most survey sites are switching over to electronic codes for almost any gift card they offer for a few reasons:

  • They’re hassle-free. It’s much easier and quicker to send a code via email than it is to send something in the mail.
  • It costs them less money to send something electronically than via snail mail.
  • There’s less likely for your card to get in the wrong hands when it’s sent straight to your email.
  • Electronic codes can be easier to track than mailed physical gift cards.

If you’re someone who’s used to getting and using physical gift cards, you might want to consider being open to the idea of getting electronic codes instead.

One of the perks for you is that you won’t have to wait as long to get your prize.

While mailed iTunes gift cards could take weeks to reach you after the company processes your reward, an emailed one could come within just a couple of days.

There may be a few sites left that offer a choice between mailed and electronic iTunes cards, but most just provide one or the other, so you’ll need to check with the site to see what kind you’ll get.

How Much are They Worth?

The value code or card you get will depend on the survey site itself.

Some survey sites offer them as low as $5 or $10, but others require you to have $25 or more in your account before you can get one.

Sites that offer electronic gift codes tend to have lower minimum cash out amounts simply because it doesn’t cost them anything to ship the card to you.

There are also some sites that have lower payment thresholds in general than others, so they might let you get an iTunes card for much less than another site.

You can always browse a site before you join to see what rewards are available.

Many of them have their top prizes listed on their homepage, while others you might need to check through the FAQ section to see what they have.

I suggest contacting the site, if possible, before joining just to confirm that iTunes gift cards are available and to find out what increments the company offers them in.

How to Redeem Your Gift Card or Code

Redeeming your gift card or electronic code in iTunes can be a little confusing if you’re new to using them, so I think it’s important to explain how to do it before you get your first prize and don’t know what to do with it!

First, open the iTunes app on your mobile device or computer.

Sign in and go to your account (usually by clicking your photo or account icon).

Click on Redeem Gift Card or Code.

With a physical gift card, iTunes will let you take a photo of it to automatically scan it into your account.

However, with an electronic code, you’ll need to input the code you receive in your email.

It’ll be 16 digits and will start with an X. You can also find this code on your physical card to input it manually if you choose.

Click done and you should be good to go!

If there’s any issues with your card, you’ll need to contact Apple to see if there’s some problem connected to your code.

In some cases, it might also be necessary to contact the survey site support team to see if they can resend you a code or card in place of your faulty one.

Where to Find Online Surveys for iTunes Gift Cards

As I mentioned earlier, most survey sites are now giving out iTunes gift cards and codes as prizes, but not all survey sites are worthy of your time.

Here are a few of our top picks for survey panels that give iTunes cards:


With i-Poll, you get paid for sharing your opinions in a variety of surveys.

In addition to filling them out online, you can download the iOS or Android app to take surveys on the go.

You’ll earn points toward awesome prizes, including iTunes gift cards, Amazon gift cards, and PayPal cash.

Ipsos i-Say

Ipsos i-Say is a survey site that also hosts contest, polls, and sweepstakes that make it easier for every panelist to earn points toward gift cards and cash.

You can also earn more with the site’s loyalty program which rewards you for being active and participating in surveys and the community regularly.

The higher you move up the rewards ladder, the more you can make.

I-Say has tons of rewards available in addition to iTunes, including charity donations, restaurant gift cards, Target gift cards, and VISA prepaid cards.


MyPoints is a site that rewards you to shop online, primarily, through cash back for your purchases.

However, there are other ways to earn money here including taking surveys, completing cash offers, referring your friends, and participating in daily bonus tasks.

There are even games to play and videos to watch!

The gift card list to choose from is extensive and includes favorites like Amazon, Best Buy, eBay, iTunes, and Google Play.

Opinion Outpost

Opinion Outpost has a few gift card choices to offer its survey participants in addition to iTunes, like PayPal and Amazon.

This one’s a pretty basic survey site that usually offers a few surveys per month for its panelists.


PrizeRebel is a site that people have been talking about more and more as a legitimate way to get some extra cash online.

It’s mostly a survey site but also offers other ways to earn cash, like referring friends and watching video advertisements.

There are several gift cards to choose from in addition to iTunes, too, like Starbucks and Amazon.

Pro Opinion

Pro Opinion is a site that gives you points for every survey you complete.

You’ll be able to choose between iTunes, Amazon, PayPal, or an American Red Cross donation.


QuickThoughts is an app that lets you share your opinions on the go from your mobile device.

You’ll get points for each survey that varies with the length and complexity of the surveys you take.

Once you reach $10 in your account, you can trade in your points for a gift card.

QuickThoughts offers only electronic gift codes for prizes, so you’ll receive your iTunes reward in your email.


Swagbucks is way more than just a survey site.

It’s got a little bit of everything, like cash back shopping, games, paid videos, and bonus sweepstakes and contests.

It’s more like a community for online money-makers and it stands out in the world of survey and get-paid-to sites.

Although some rewards allow you to cash out with just 300 points for a $3 gift card, iTunes will require 500 points for a $5 gift card.

Still, that won’t take you very long to make on Swagbucks, especially if you take advantage of its many ways to earn.

Try completing some free offers and playing some games to earn quickly.

I also suggest downloading the browser extension that alerts you when you can activate a shopping offer when you shop online to get points back on your purchase.

Valued Opinions

Valued Opinions has several awesome rewards to choose from for its panelists and iTunes is one of them.

This site has some surveys that are worth $5, although they average between $1 and $2, depending on their length.


ZoomBucks also has iTunes gift cards.

Here, you can make money with surveys, completing offers, and watching TV.

You’ll need 15,000 points to get your first iTunes gift card, but most surveys on this site are worth about 500 points (you can even get a free 500 points just for signing up!), so it shouldn’t take too long when you combine surveys with other tasks.

How to Get iTunes Money Codes for Free: Final Thoughts

Online survey panels that give out iTunes rewards are plentiful, but you should still make sure you research each site first to decide if it’s the right fit for you.

Browsing the FAQ section, privacy policy, and Terms & Conditions section of each website is always best practice before joining.

Also, when you’re looking for a specific reward like an iTunes gift card, you should always check to see what the minimum cash out amount is and how long it should take to receive.

Please feel free to share this post with other survey takers who can always use an iTunes card or code!

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