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12 Easy Ways to Get Free Gift Cards without Surveys and Offers

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Don’t want to waste your time filling out surveys? But, need some extra cash? Learn how to get free gift cards without surveys and offers, here! Let’s face it; when you see an ad promising you a free gift card just for taking a survey, you just can’t help but click it.

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Most of the time, those ads end in long drawn out surveys with millions of offers to sift through and you never actually get to the point of getting your gift card.

Take it from someone that has done too many to count…they just aren’t worth it!

But, how do people get free gift cards all the time? Well, there are some legit survey sites that don’t require much of your time. But….

You can also learn how to get free gift cards without surveys and offers of any kind! Don’t believe me? Keep scrolling.

How to Get Free Gift Cards Without Surveys and Offers

You don’t have to take surveys or complete offers to get free gift cards. Although they are strictly free, you may have to put in a little effort to obtain them.

Sometimes you may need to watch a video, send a tweet, or fill out a form to get these gift cards. Remember, nothing comes without just a little bit of work.

Check out these 12 ways to get a free gift card with little to no effort:

#1 Check out Twitter Parties

Social media grows everyday. With that growth comes lots of freebies and opportunities for you to take advantage of.

Many small businesses, as well as big businesses, give away free stuff like gift cards to draw your attention to their services and products.

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When you go to Twitter, you will find that these businesses will sometimes host Twitter Parties.

A Twitter party is a live chat using Twitter where people can join using a specific hashtag. You will know what the hashtag is ahead of time via a post.

The sponsor will ask questions with the hashtag and you will answer the questions with the hashtag.

Most of the time gift cards are given away just for you to tweet using that specific hashtag for a certain period of time. Winners are selected randomly.

How Do You Find Twitter Parties?

You may be thinking…ok this sounds great, but how do I find a Twitter party? Well, there are a few ways to do this:

  1. Follow your favorite companies. They will post when they are having one.
  2. Find and follow people who tweet about Twitter parties often. They are in the know.
  3. Use Twitter party calendars. Mommy Blog Expert Twitter Party Calendar, Kathy’s Calm to Chaos Twitter Party Calendar, and Freebies for Mom Twitter Parties are great.
  4. Do a Google search. Put “Twitter parties free gift cards” into your search engine.

In addition to a Twitter party, you can follow businesses on other social platforms like Facebook. Many will post the same contests in those social feeds as well.

#2 Find Blogger Giveaway Contests

Did you know that bloggers run contests in which you can get free gift cards with very minimal effort?

There are a few kinds of contests they run:

  1. Sponsored giveaways: A company sponsors the giveaway on their blog to promote services or products.
  2. Blogger giveaways: This is a contest where bloggers are trying to build engagement. So, they give away prizes such as gift cards for tweets, likes, and shares.

How Do You Find Blogger Giveaways

You don’t have to put in a lot of work to find these contests. A simple google search “blogger gift give away” will yield you a number of results.

However, you can also go to these blogger directories and do a more direct search:

#3 Go to a New Pharmacy

You can quite literally find a drug store on almost every corner. Because of such competition, many of them will offer gift cards just for transferring to them.

In fact, I was able to get a $25 grocery gift card just for switching to the pharmacy at my local grocery store.

You can earn anywhere from $25 to $175 just by switching your prescriptions over, so why not?! Here are a few places that offer these gift cards:

If you want to keep making money on these, you could just keep switching your prescriptions.

To find more places that offer a gift card for switching your script, do a Google search. Type “prescription transfer coupons” or “switch prescription get free gift card” into the search engine.

#4 Play Games on Your Phone

If you like playing games on your phone, download some that give you points that you can redeem for free giftcards.

You can play the games you love, build up points or rewards for playing those games, and then cash them in for gift cards.

Here are some apps/games to check out!

#5 Get a Rewards Card

I had a credit card that I would use all year long. At the end of the year, I had built up points and could cash out to get several gift cards.

Getting a credit card that offers you rewards for using it is a great option for getting free gift cards.

You want to look for cards that have cash back rewards or points rewards. That way, the more you use them, the more of a reward you can get.

The key to remember with a rewards card is to be responsible with it. Use it, then pay it off before you build interest. Getting interest kind of defeats the purpose of free gift cards.

Even if you pay it all off each month, you still gain all the points for using the card, so just make sure you have the cash for the items you want, use the credit card, and pay it off.

You will need to have good credit to get these kinds of cards. If you aren’t sure where to get one, check out these sites to make the best decision:

#6 Watch Videos or Ads

You watch videos and ads all day anyways; you might as well get free gift cards for watching them. Here are two ways you can make money just watching a screen:


This is a site where you can get real free gift cards just by watching advertisements and videos and providing feedback.

Each time you watch, you earn points. Redeem those points for rewards like gift cards.


This is an app you can download. While you are watching your favorite TV shows, you can check in with Viggle.

Advertisements pop up every few minutes. When the ads are over, you earn points. Use those points to get rewards like gift cards.

#7 Take a New Car for a Spin

You don’t have to actually buy a new car to get free gift cards by mail. I am sure you have seen the ads that come in the mail.

“Bring in this key to see what prize you won.” Typically the gift cards are small like $5 to $15, but it’s free money, right?!

These dealerships want to get you on their lot! You don’t have to go with the intention of buying. Go with the intention of test driving new cars.

Usually, you would find these kinds of deals in the mail, but you can also find them in newspapers, flyers, classifieds, and online.

#8 Search the Internet

Most people use Google to search for everything on the internet. Well, companies like BING will pay you incentives to stay in the race with Google.

Through Bing Rewards, you earn points each and every time you do a search using BING. Those points add up, and you can redeem them for things like gift cards!

Keep in mind, there is a daily point cap, so you can not make infinite points each day.

#9 Try Other Rewards Sites

Rewards sites are where you can earn gift cards by doing a number of different tasks. There are ways to earn through surveys and offers, but you don’t have to do those.

For these sites, you can choose to earn points to redeem towards gift cards by shopping, playing games, watching videos, or of course taking surveys.

Here are the sites we trust the most:

#10 Buy Stuff

Many stores like Target offer gift cards for buying certain products. For example, if you buy 2 boxes of diapers you get a $15 store gift card.

So, before you go out to buy all the things you need, check the ads to see if you can score some free gift cards with the purchases you already need to make.

You will also want to keep an eye out for displays near the products that mention free gift cards.

Of course, you do not want to buy anything you don’t need just to get a gift card. Make sure it is worth it to you in the long run.

#11 Check out Gift Card Granny

Want free gift cards or at least discounted gift cards? This blog is going to let you in on all the dirty little secrets of getting free and discounted gift cards.

When you sign up with Gift Card Granny’s rewards program, you earn points whenever you buy gift cards from one of their partners.

Then, you can use those points to get free gift cards! So, if you don’t mind using gift cards for pretty much everything, this is a really great way to keep rolling in the gift cards.

#12 Trade Things in on Amazon

If you have old things that you don’t use anymore, you can trade them into Amazon for gift cards.

Amazon doesn’t offer this on ALL their items, but they do offer it for things like books, cell phones, video games, and electronics.

All you do is search for an item you want to upgrade then if there is an option to trade in your old one, you can trade it in.

You send your item to Amazon, they do an inspection, and you get an Amazon gift card for the agreed-upon trade-in value.

Earn or Win Free Gift Cards With Surveys

For those of you that don’t mind taking surveys or doing offers, we have some more great ways you can earn or win free gift cards.

Check out these sites where you can take surveys and win gift cards:

When it comes to taking a survey to get a gift card, you want to stick to the names you have heard from trusted sources.

There are many scams out there, but if you stick to this list, you will be fine!

Tips to Keep in Mind

If you try to sign up for anything and everything, you are going to make yourself crazy! Here are a few tips to consider before you start trying to get free gift cards:

  1. Pick only a few ways above. Don’t try to do everything and be on every site. You will get super overwhelmed.
  2. Never pay a membership fee. You should not have to pay to get free gift cards. These are usually scams.
  3. Make an email address solely for these sites. You are going to be getting A LOT of emails. As some of them will sell your email.
  4. Multitask your heart out. You can do a search in one tab and have videos playing in another that way you are earning points for 2 different things at the same time.
  5. Don’t stress! You don’t have to do everything just to make a few bucks in a gift card. Pick only the best options for you.

Have you found other ways to score legitimate real free gift cards with no participation required? If so, we would love to know about them!

Share any new ideas in the comments below!

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