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9 Online Test Scoring Jobs: How to Get Paid to Score Tests from Home

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Standardized tests can mostly be scored digitally, but there are some portions that still need human test scorers to evaluate them accurately. You can become one of those scorers and work a flexible schedule from home earning between $10 and $20 an hour. Here are 9 companies with scoring jobs.Online test grader jobs are excellent solutions for people with at least some higher education experience or those with current teaching degrees.

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These jobs are somewhat flexible, usually only requiring you to put in a few hours per week to grade tests, but you can do so on your schedule.

You may see an uptick in the number of hours you need to work during busier periods that align with the regular school season, but you’ll still be able to grade when you have spare time.

Even better: Online grading jobs don’t require you to use the phone, which is good news for people who have kids or pets in the home and don’t have a quiet area to work from.

You’ll work independently, so as long as you have self-motivation and understand the tests you’re grading, you should do well with these positions.

Looking for Grade Papers Online Jobs? Here are 9 Online Test Scoring Jobs You Can Do From Home

These essay grader online free jobs are best for people who understand the basics of the tests each company works with.

These are typically standardized tests like the ACT and SAT, and each company will require you to have a certain amount of knowledge about them to be able to grade them fairly.

Most online test scoring jobs pay between $10 and $20 an hour, depending on how fast you score and what types of tests you’re scoring.

People who know more than one language and can score in more than one language may be eligible for a higher hourly rate.


The ACT is a standardized exam that tests the knowledge of people interested in entering college.

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Many colleges and universities will look at this exam to determine whether someone is a good candidate for their school.

There are multiple choice questions that automatically get graded with a computer system, and there’s a writing test portion that needs to be manually graded.

That’s where you come in.

You’ll need to check over the written portions of the tests to ensure that they meet each point that the ACT requires for this section, such as grammar, full thoughts, and fully answering the questions.

Applicants should have at least a bachelor’s degree, U.S. citizenship, and live in the United States.

The company also prefers that people have current teaching experience, especially in high school English, but this isn’t a requirement.

You can apply for ACT test scoring jobs on this page by filling out your information and continuing on with the application.

Aim-For-A Tutoring

Aim-For-A Tutoring provides both in-person and online tutoring help for students.

You can become either a tutor or a test scorer here, although tutors may also be required to score tests their students take.

To become an online tutor with the company, you’ll need a bachelor’s degree in the subject or subjects you want to teach, including math, science, or English language arts.

You’ll also need a high-speed internet connection and a reliable computer with all necessary equipment to do the job, like a microphone and webcam.

There are also specific time zones you’ll need to be able to work in to cater to the students’ schedule, so some night or early morning hours are possible.

You can send in your resume to the company for consideration, but be sure to also send along your rate expectations (there are no designated hourly rates the company specifies).

Start the application process to become an Aim-For-A Tutoring test scorer or tutor here.

ALTA Language Services

ALTA Language Services provides services like interpretation, translation, language training, and language testing, so it needs employees who are fluent in more than one language to meet their needs.

You can become a language test evaluator with the company on a part-time basis.

These positions are usually on-demand, meaning you’ll be contacted when the company needs more help scoring tests.

Test scorers may also act as interpreters for test-takers to help them understand the material on the test, if needed.

You can do this over the phone or online.

You may be required to enter the information a test-taker gives you into an exam form, too, for submission, so excellent listening, communication, and typing skills are a must.

A college degree is a requirement, and you should have some teaching, tutoring, or test administration experience under your belt.

You can keep an eye on the ALTA Language Services Careers page for more information on current jobs and to see when test scoring positions are available.


ETS is the creator of several standardized exams used in various applications.

The company looks for part-time scorers of Advanced Placement (AP) and other tests throughout the typical school year.

Depending on the test, you may be evaluating short-answer responses, long-form answers, written essays, and other work that a computer can’t grade.

You’ll be trained on how to use the system before you start, but you’ll need to meet specific computer and equipment requirements to be eligible for the job.

Most of the positions require you to have a minimum of a bachelor’s degree and teaching experience is preferred but not always required.

You can learn more about ETS scoring opportunities here.


Kaplan provides several tests for different areas, including AP exams, the ACCA exam for accountants, and exams for real estate licensure.

With the wide range of tests the company offers, it makes sense that they’d contract with people like you who can help them score the answers of the tests.

You can search specifically for virtual jobs using the company’s job search page to find these gigs.

Kaplan does require its test scorers to meet a specific grade on the test they wish to score for most exams, and it’s beneficial for you to have a bachelor’s degree, although it’s not required.

Find out more about open Kaplan test scoring positions on this page.


Literably is a bit of a different way for you to become a test scorer.

Instead of grading exams, you’ll be grading the words a student says as they read and seeing if they match up to the transcript.

Technically, the role is similar to transcribing audio because you’ll need to listen to audio of kids reading and determine what they’re saying and if it matches.

You’ll then need to type any errors that you found, noting the differences and the correct language.

What you do will be used by teachers and tutors to see how their students are reading and what they might need to work on, so it’s similar to grading.

The company pays scorers with PayPal, and reviews online note that you can make about $10 per hour, although some say it’s a little higher.

Because of current independent contractor laws in some states, Literably does not allow scorers to work from CA, CT, MA, MT, NE, or NJ.

Sign up to become a Literably scorer here.

Measurement Incorporated

Measurement Incorporated is an assessment services company that provides various online and in-person tests.

The company utilized online test scorers to read and evaluate written portions of exams.

These jobs are seasonal, so the company won’t always be hiring people throughout the year, and you may not have any work during the regular school off-season.

Scorers must have a bachelor’s degree from an accredited university or college to apply, and you’ll need to undergo mandatory training periods before beginning.

Scorers are also subject to an interview before they’re hired onto the team.

Sign up here to become an evaluator for Measurement Incorporated.


Pearson creates digital and print products and testing for educational purposes.

The company offers several work from home jobs, including writing tutors, teaching consultants, and club and activity managers.

Pearson has several test scoring positions available for its various programs and exams, like Foundations of Reading and Technology and Engineering.

Most positions require you to have a bachelor’s degree or higher and have at least some relevant teaching experience in your chosen testing area.

You should also have excellent communication and computer skills.

You can follow this link to find all Pearson work from home jobs, including test scoring positions.

Write Score

Scorers can work with Write Score to grade the writing portions of exams the company distributes to students.

The other portions of the exams are graded by computer, but your expertise can help the company score written portions by checking answers against a writing brief and noting any grammar, punctuation, fluidity, and other mistakes.

Orientation for these positions typically begins in July or August and will help you understand the process of scoring and what the company looks for. Your position will then go throughout a regular school year.

You’ll need a minimum of a two-year college degree and a passing grade on a qualifying exam to become a part of the team.

To become a Write Score scorer, you can click here to apply.

Work at Home as a Test Scorer

The above companies are ones we know to have regular positions open for online test scorers, but there may be others that hire during certain parts of the year.

We recommend keeping an eye on job search sites, like Indeed, ZipRecruiter, Simply Hired, and freelance sites, like Upwork and Guru.

These sites may have additional jobs available on an as-needed basis from companies that don’t regularly advertise them on their sites.

You can also use Google to search for new jobs that have been released.

Do a search for “remote test scoring jobs” or “online test scoring jobs” or something similar to find them.

Google will pop up a box with current relevant jobs if there are any available.

Keep in mind that these jobs are generally for independent contractors rather than employees.

You may not be eligible for benefits as an independent contractor, so be sure to get all details about the job before you accept it.

As an IC, you’ll also be responsible for tracking your income and paying taxes according to how much you make as a test scorer.

You can start a spreadsheet to help you keep track of anything.

Best of luck with this gig!

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