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25 Work at Home Jobs That Pay 20 Dollars an Hour or More

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Although many companies are offering remote work nowadays, not all of them offer a pay rate that pays the bills. With the cost of living rising, you need a salary that meets the needs of your family. Check out these remote-friendly companies, which all pay at least $20 an hour for work at home jobs.Remote work gives you the opportunity to work from your home office and have some flexibility in how you work.

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But, when you work from home, you’re also usually responsible for paying for and maintaining the equipment you need to work, like a phone line or computer.

That’s why it’s important to find an online job that pays well (slightly more than what you’d make at a traditional job).

We’ve put together a list of $20 hr jobs that you can work from home to strike a balance between an excellent pay rate and being able to work remotely.

Work at Home Jobs That Pay Well (Over $20 an Hour)

The following companies not only hire candidates to work remotely, but they also pay a wage of at least $20 an hour for qualified candidates!

3 Play Media

3 Play Media hires transcript editors who want to work remotely and have an excellent command of either English, Spanish, or both.

You must be at least 18 years old and able to type at least 75 WPM.

The pay is project-based, but you can expect to earn anywhere from $10 to $30 per hour for each project, depending on your skills and how efficient you are.

A Pass Educational Group

This company offers various services to schools and educational companies.

It’s also very remote-friendly, with jobs in lesson plan writing, assessment writing, instructional design, and more.

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Most positions require you to have a minimum of a bachelor’s degree in a relevant field, but your expertise will help you gain a salary of at least $20 an hour.

Blue Zebra Appointment Setting

As an appointment setter for Blue Zebra, you’ll work from home setting appointments for company clients.

The whole team works remotely.

You’ll need at least 5 years of relevant experience as an outbound sales caller and have availability for between 15 and 40 hours per week.

Appointment setters get $15 an hour to start but there are plenty of opportunities to earn a higher wage through quality bonuses and other incentives.


Boldly is a staffing service for virtual assistants and other online helpers.

The pay depends on the client and type of work, but you’ll be hired on as a W-2 employee with Boldly and can benefit from flexible scheduling, paid time off, and more.

Most positions start at $20 an hour or more.


Chegg is an online tutoring company where you can start at $20 an hour and work when you have time available.

Top tutors here make about $1,000 a month, but there’s always a possibility for more if you have more time available in your schedule.

Sign yourself up for Chegg and the company will send students your way during your open scheduled times.

You’ll get paid every week for your completed classes.


Concentrix is a company that matches clients with remote workers that fit their needs.

There is a wide range of different job types available, so you can find something that meets your interests and skills.

Although your pay will depend on what type of project you tackle, Indeed shows that some jobs with Concentrix make over $20 an hour, such as technical support engineers and claims analysts.


iMedX is a medical coding and billing company that hires remote workers experienced in these areas.

Your salary depends on the type of coding or billing you do, but Glassdoor notes that some positions report paying $20 or more an hour.


According to reports on Indeed, Intuit, a company that specializes in all things accounting and taxes, pays excellent salaries for many of its positions, including its at-home work.

Call center representatives, for example, can make over $20 an hour, while tax analysts make close to $40.

There are tons of different jobs listed on Intuit’s jobs page, from marketing to legal, so be sure to browse the listings to see what fits your skills and interests.

Landi English

Landi English is an online tutoring company that focuses on teaching Chinese students the English language.

The company offers jobs for at least 12 hours a week with pay between $13 and $20 an hour and the opportunity for pay raises.

These are some scheduling requirements, so make sure you can meet them before applying.

You’ll also need to have a working webcam, headset, and computer that meets minimum performance requirements before getting hired.

Manhattan Prep

Manhattan Prep helps students ace their SATs, ACTs, and other standardized testing.

You can join as an instructor to help guide students toward success while you work from your home office.

Instructors can earn over $100 an hour and be eligible for company bonuses, plus you’ll get to choose your schedule and work as little as 3 hours per week.


As a member of the Postmates Fleet, you’ll deliver stuff to people in your area, like food, dry-cleaned clothing, or whatever else they need.

You can choose when to work and what deliveries to handle, and you’ll make 100% of everything you’ve earned – tips included.

The average salary of a Postmates delivery driver, according to Indeed, is around $24, but of course, this depends on how much you work and how much your customers tend to tip.

Profit Factory

Profit Factory offers jobs for virtual assistants to match with its clients.

Most jobs here require a time commitment of between 10 and 20 hours per week and have a starting pay of $18 an hour, but some jobs also pay $20 or more.

These jobs are usually long-term, too, so there’s a good chance you’ll meet a client who can help you turn your love for virtual assisting into a long-term job.


Rackspace offers technical and cloud services to clients and looks for people well-versed in a wide range of technical areas to provide those services.

You can search its work from home jobs by using the Location filter on the jobs page.

Some of them include marketing cloud architects, software engineers, and product managers.

Salary will vary with each position, but you can check out the Glassdoor listings to get an idea of what your ideal career might pay.

Due to the high degree of technical knowledge needed for many of them, you’re likely to find jobs that pay much more than $20 an hour.

Red Hat

Red Hat is one of the top remote-friendly companies in the United States and Canada.

Its remote software engineer position is one of the most coveted, and according to Indeed, pays upwards of $83k a year.

Red Hat is also known for giving tuition reimbursements, health coverage, and other important employee benefits.

Rosetta Stone

This company is one of the most well-known in the language learning industry.

It also offers several remote jobs for people skilled in their languages.

Rosetta Stone hires at-home workers as account managers, product marketing managers, and even language tutors.

Most of the tutoring positions are part-time for up to 10 hours per week.

Glassdoor reports an average salary of around $33k for online tutors for the company, which works out to well over $20 an hour for part-time work.


As a dog sitter or walker for Rover, you can work as much or as little as you want.

The site states that you can earn up to $1,000 per month, although sitters who have several clients and only use Rover as their primary source of pay report making more than that.

The average dog walker salary reported on Indeed is about $19 an hour, but other walkers have reported between $20 and $40 an hour.

Scribe Media

Scribe Media has remote positions for freelancers and employees.

This company helps people write and publish their own books, and you’ll get to be a part of the process.

As usual, the pay will vary depending on what you do, like authoring, publishing, or editing, but Indeed lists the average author salary as over $100,000 each year.


Scribendi looks for freelance editors to meet its needs for providing editing and proofreading services to clients.

You can choose when and how often you work as an independent contractor with Scribendi.

Hourly contractors can reportedly make $27 an hour here.


This web and mobile app development company seeks JavaScript engineers, app developers, project managers, and more, to work from home and receive ample benefits.

In addition to competitive salaries for its positions, SitePen has retirement benefits, paid vacations, flexible scheduling, and more.

Several of the company’s salaries are listed on Glassdoor.


Skooli is an online tutoring platform that pays its tutors $25 an hour.

You can sign up, verify yourself by proving your credentials in your area of expertise, and get started.

You must have a minimum of a bachelor’s degree and government-issued teaching credentials (like a license or certificate).


Tinkergarten aims to get kids playing outside more with the help of their outdoor educational classes.

As a Tinkergarten Leader, you can create a schedule for the classes you host, choose the location, and play with kids in your neighborhood!

The company pays you a set fee for each 8-week class you complete, which can range between $300 and $1,000.

With each class being around one hour long, that’s in the range of $37 to $125 per hour.

Plus, you can always schedule more than one class during a season to boost your earnings.


VIPKID is quickly becoming one of the most well-known tutoring companies for online students.

That’s probably because of its excellent pay, which is reportedly up to $22 an hour.

Plus, tutors who sign on other tutors or students can get bonuses for their referrals.

VIPKID does require that you have previous teaching experience and a degree, but those who qualify can benefit from having their own schedule and flexibility to teach how they want.


Wordvice looks for experienced editors who can help out its English-language-learning clients who need help with academic papers, essays, and more.

In addition to having at least two years of editing experience, you need to be enrolled in or have completed a graduate-level degree program.

There’s no pay rate listed for freelance editors on the website, but Glassdoor reports that people have been paid around $30 hourly.

You’re also allowed to mention your expected pay rate when you apply.

Working Solutions

Working Solutions matches people who want to work from home with clients who need their skills.

You’ll be an independent contractor, so you can decide when you want to work and for how long each shift.

The pay varies with each project and the work you do, but the site states that workers can earn anywhere from $9 to $30 an hour.

BONUS: Start Your Own Biz!

One of the best ways – or, perhaps, THE best way – to get the salary you’re after is to start your own online business.

Doing so puts you in the driver’s seat of everything you do.

You choose where and when you work, what you do, and what you make, depending on your pricing structure and clientele.

There are so many options available for people who want to start an online business nowadays, from striking up a graphic design business to offering social media management services.

Whatever your skills and interests, there’s a business waiting for you.

You can always get started with a remote job listed above and make some money as you start and grow your business into something self-sustainable.

Then, the power is in your hands!

Depending on their industry, business owners can command huge hourly rates, like $100/hour or more, with their skills.

Conclusion: Work at Home Jobs That Pay 20 Dollars an Hour or More

This list just scratches the surface of work at home jobs that’ll pay at least $20 an hour.

I suggest combing through Google’s job listings, Indeed, or other job search sites to find exactly what you’re looking for in a work from home job.

Use keywords like “web design remote job” to find the type of job you’re looking for.

Some listings include salary information within them, but others will require you to do a little digging.

You can also look up salary information on Indeed, Glassdoor, and other job-focused sites.

Best of luck finding your dream at-home job!

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