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How to Make 60 Dollars Fast (In As Little As One Day!)

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Do you need a quick 60 dollars as soon as possible (like, today!)? If so, this article will help you out! Whether you need some extra cash to pay a bill or just need some spending money, we have the perfect way for you to make 60 dollars in one day, or even a couple of hours.What do you do when you need some extra cash in your pocket?

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Do you ask a family member or friend to loan you the money?

Do you try to put in some extra hours at work?

Or do you search online tirelessly for something to fall across your lap that will give you an extra $60 or more so you can pay a bill?

There’s no reason to do any of that, actually.

The next time you need money fast, you can use the website that I’m going to introduce you to below.

It offers a lot of money-making opportunities that you can do online so that you can earn a quick 60 dollars or more.

I Need 60 Dollars Now! How Can I Do It?

With a site called SendEarnings!

That’s right – if you’re looking to get 70 dollars in one day, or a little less or more, then all you need is this one website.

SendEarnings is a reward site that pays you to do stuff online.

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The site comes from the same people who created InboxDollars and works similarly to its big brother in the types of tasks it offers and how it rewards its members.

The site is completely free to join, yet it pays you for doing fun stuff, like playing games, signing up for free offers, and taking surveys.

Who Can Join SendEarnings?

Members from all over the world can join SendEarnings as long as they’re 18 or older.

InboxDollars also accepts people from several countries, but I’ve read that SendEarnings tends to have more tasks and opportunities available for people outside of the United States than InboxDollars, so it may be a better choice for people who live in other countries.

How to Join SendEarnings

Head over to the SendEarnings website to join.

You just need to fill out the information on the front screen to start the sign-up process and get your first $5 deposited into your account.

Once you register, you’ll be asked to complete your profile by taking a profile survey.

This helps SendEarnings learn more about you so that you can be connected to the proper surveys and tasks.

You’ll also get a confirmation email sent to the email address you signed up with.

You’ll need to read that and click on the link inside to verify that your email address is correct and you own it.

This step is necessary to get your $5 bonus, so don’t forget it!

Then, you’re free to start browsing the site and picking up money-making tasks.

Money-Making Tasks

So, what kind of stuff does SendEarnings offer that pays?

Here’s everything you can do at SendEarnings to make money:

  • Videos
  • Games
  • Search the web
  • Free, trial, and paid offers
  • Surveys
  • Paid emails
  • Cashback shopping
  • Coupons
  • Referrals

SendEarnings also has occasional contests, sweepstakes, and bonus tasks you can complete to make more money, just in case the above tasks aren’t enough for you!

The tasks that are available to you could differ from someone else’s available tasks.

Usually, it depends on your demographics and where you live to determine what you can see or do.

So, you might have fewer paid videos to watch than your friend, but you also might get several more paid emails every day than they do.

How Can I Make 60 Dollars in One Day with SendEarnings?

Now, for the good stuff!

Want to know how to make 60 dollars in just one day with SendEarnings?

I have a formula that worked really well for me to make my first $60, so I’m going to share it with you too.

First, Sift Through Free Offers

You already have $5 sitting in your account, so you only need $55 more to get your $60.

You might get lucky and be able to make all of that – or at least most of it – with this first step, which is completing free offers.

You’ll find these listed under the Offers section of the site.

You can even filter out the free ones by clicking on the 100% Free Offers link.

These won’t require you to pay anything to get your credit.

Usually, you’ll just need to complete a quick sign up form or download something to get your reward.

Most of these offers pay between $0.50 and $2, but some are even $4 or more.

You can use the Payout Amount filter to show all the highest paying offers first to get them out of the way and boost your earnings.

These offers will vary on occasion, so you can always check back in a few days to see if there are any new ones to fill out too.

But for now, get all the ones you can.

If I were to do every free offer available to me right now on the site, I’d make $25, bringing my total to $30 already.

Of course, I’ve already completed several, so I may not have as many as you have available when you first sign up.

Next, Complete Trial or Paid Offers

Now, you’ll want to move to trial offers.

These are offers that require you to sign up for a trial, but you won’t have to pay anything if you cancel your trial in time.

So, they’re somewhat free (just keep track of what you signed up for and when you need to cancel).

They tend to pay more than free offers because companies hope that you keep your subscription/membership, of course.

You can expect to make $4 to $6 for most trials, but some are even more than that.

Again, if I signed up for everything on my account right now, I’d make another $71, making my total $101!

See how easy this is?

All that money for probably a couple of hours of your time.

Now, if you still need some more cash to get the money you want, you can look at the paid offers.

Remember, though, that to qualify for these, you’ll need to spend some money.

Make sure they’re worth their reward (in other words, don’t spend more than what you’ll get back as a reward, or it won’t be worth your time).

These offers pay the most because they require you to pay for something.

The best offer on my dashboard is one from Airbnb that pays $100!

Finally, Get Your Last Few Dollars Surveys, If Necessary

If you still need just a few more dollars, I suggest taking a few surveys.

They’re usually quick and easy on SendEarnings, and most of them pay around $0.50 to $2, so you can bump up your balance quickly.

Don’t forget to complete your dashboard bonus tasks, too, which can give you an easy $0.50 bonus.

And, don’t forget to sign people up as referrals in the meantime!

You get 10% of everything they earn after they register and confirm their email address.

How Do Payments Work?

When you reach $30 on SendEarnings, you can request a payment.

Your first payment will automatically be a check.

This is to verify that your address is correct, and in the country, you listed when you signed up.

So, you’ll, unfortunately, need to wait a couple of weeks to get your first payment.

However, after that, you’ll automatically become a Gold Member.

Gold Members are allowed to request a check or get paid on a VISA cash card.

They’ll also get paid faster, with their payments processing weekly instead of bi-weekly like non-Gold Members.

Is SendEarnings a Legitimate Site? What Do Others Think?

You’re probably thinking, “This is great and all, but is SendEarnings legit?”

I’ve used it myself, so I can say from experience that it is.

But I totally understand that you want more than just one person’s word about a site before deciding if it’s a scam or not.

So, I gathered up some research on the web to see what other members of SendEarnings have had to say.

I also checked out the Better Business Bureau (BBB), which isn’t foolproof, but it’s usually a good indicator of a site’s reputation based on how well it treats members and how quickly it resolved problems that arise.

SendEarnings has an A rating with the BBB at the time of this writing, which is actually the rating for its parent company, InboxDollars.

However, they operate basically the same way, which is why they blend the two companies on the BBB.

It’s been accredited with the BBB since 2012.

Although the site has had several complaints against it, the reason for maintaining its A rating is that it’s quick to resolve member complaints and keep its customers happy, which is always something I personally admire in a company.

Let’s look at some of the pros and cons people mention about SendEarnings:

Pro: Easy and Reliable Cash Outs

One thing you should never have to worry about when you’re using a reward site is whether or not you’ll get paid.

SendEarnings has reliable payments you can count on, according to many of its members.

Pro: You Can Earn Passive Income, Too

When you opt to refer people to the site, you can start earning passive income because you won’t have to continue to do anything with those referrals once they sign up.

Just have them register and you’ll earn your referral bonuses as long as they stay active and keep earning!

Pro: There Is a Lot to Do on the Site

One of the best things about SendEarnings is that there is so much to do.

If you run out of opportunities in one category, you can move onto another one and start earning there.

That’s why it should be easy for you to make your first $60 quickly!

Con: Some Offers Don’t Get Credited

This is something I see on quite a few reward sites like SendEarnings.

People say that they don’t get paid for all of the offers they complete, which can be a big deal if they’re expecting to get $20 or more for completing it.

The thing is, we don’t really know the reasoning behind them not getting credited.

Usually, there’s a legitimate reason, like they didn’t follow through with the instructions of the offer or they signed up for the wrong service or purchased the wrong item.

Without knowing all the details, we can’t really comment on what happened.

However, it seems that SendEarnings is good about responding to complaints about non-credits for offers and explaining to people why they didn’t receive credit for an offer they completed.

Con: Non-Explained Account Closures

I’ve seen a few members mention getting their accounts closed without warning or explanation.

However, if your account does close, SendEarnings will usually send you an email explaining why.

You may need to look in your junk or spam folder, though, to find it, unless you put SendEarnings on your email whitelist.

Most of the time, an account closure comes from violating the terms of service, like having fraudulent activity while taking surveys (moving through them too fast or giving false information) or giving incorrect information to complete an offer.

Make sure you read through SendEarning’s terms, privacy policy, and help section before getting started to make sure you’re doing everything correctly.

And never, ever try to cheat the system.

How to Make 60 Dollars Fast with SendEarnings

There you have it – a completely legitimate way to earn $60 fast.

Although you won’t get your money instantly, you can still have peace of mind knowing that your money is on its way from SendEarnings.

If this article helped you make a quick $60 with SendEarnings, we would love it if you shared it with someone else who might need some extra cash too!

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