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How to Make 5, 10, 15, or Even 20 Dollars Instantly Online

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When you need money fast, what do you do? Ask a friend? Work more hours? Have you tried making money quickly online? If not, you need to! Here’s a simple step-by-step strategy to take to earn money fast and easily - in 2020 and beyond - using just one website. Have you been in this predicament?

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“I need 5 dollars now!”

“I need a quick way to make 10 bucks.”

Whether you need money to pay a bill while you’re waiting on your paycheck, or you need a few dollars to hold you over, it’s nice to know how to get money in a pinch.

This post is going to tell you a winning strategy for making some quick cash when you need it most and getting it delivered right to your PayPal account.

You might even be able to win 10 dollars without even doing any work!

Want to know how to do it?

Read on.

How to Earn Quick PayPal Money Online When You Need It

One of the sites I use to make money fast is called QuickRewards.

It’s free to sign up, and it has so many money-making opportunities available that it’s almost impossible for you not to earn anything on the site.

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The best part is that the site pays in PayPal cash, with payments usually coming quickly after requesting them.

So, when you need some extra money for whatever reason, you can head to QuickRewards, complete some tasks, and get paid.

I’ve personally used the site for a couple of years now and find it to be a simple way to make money without being tedious and boring.

Here, I’m going to outline my strategy I use to make a quick buck when I need to on the site.

Winning Strategy for Making Up to $20 Quickly on QuickRewards

Before I go into my strategy for making money on QuickRewards, I want to note that this exact strategy may not work well for everyone.

It’s pretty foolproof, but how much you make will ultimately depend on what’s available to you on the site.

Usually, this depends on your location and other demographic information that QuickRewards asks you to fill out when you sign up.

People in countries outside of the US, UK, and Canada, for example, may not have as many opportunities available as people who live in those countries.

So, although this strategy works for me, you may need to spend some time on the site figuring out your best strategy if this one doesn’t seem to work for you.

Complete Offers

The very first thing I do when I visit QuickRewards is see what offers are available in the Offer Portal section.

QuickRewards partners with various “offer walls” that give members a ton of opportunities to make money just by signing up for stuff or trying a product or service.

Some offers are also paid, meaning that you’ll need to pay money to make money by buying a product or service.

But there are plenty that are free or trials, so you won’t have to pay anything to sign up or try something out.

These are the ones I focus on because, obviously, I’m trying to make money, not spend it!

You can choose to use whatever offer wall you want, depending on what gives you the most offers that you can complete quickly.

An important note: QuickRewards does not pay in straight cash.

Instead, you’ll get points for everything you do.

100 points equals 1 cent, so you need 10,000 to equal $1.

This is important because you’ll need to know how to convert the points you see for each offer’s reward into actual cash so you’ll know how much you can actually make with that offer.

I don’t typically love using sites that pay in points instead of cash because it can get confusing, but once you’re on the site for a while, you’ll get the hang of it.

Getting back to the offers, let’s do an example.

You can use the filters at the top of the offer wall page to filter High Paying Offers to see offers that will pay you a high number of points.

This makes it easy to sort the high from low-paying ones to maximize your time.

On one offer wall in my account, I have top offers that will pay 75,600 points, 47,880 points, and 50,400 points, for a total of 173,880 points.

That equals $17.38 already if I completed just those three.

Of course, there are plenty of others that will also give me between $2 and $5, on average, and some that pay even higher (there’s one for almost $18 on its own), but many of those require me to pay something, like spending money at an online casino.

So, we’ll say I already made $17.38 completing three free offers that took about 15 minutes to complete.

You can also look for trial offers using the filters as a secondary way to boost your earnings.

Trial offers usually pay more than free ones, but you’ll need to remember to cancel your trial before the time limit is up on it to avoid getting charged.

In some cases, you’re not allowed to cancel your trial early, so be careful using this method.

Always ready the instructions for each offer before completing it to make sure you sign up correctly and know what you’re getting yourself into.

Take Targeted Surveys

Next, I search the Targeted Surveys section.

I’m not entirely sure what the difference is between Targeted and Daily Surveys on the site besides that the targeted ones tend to pay more.

That’s why I head there first.

I assume that they’re more “targeted” toward your demographics, and since they look for specific types of people to answer them, they pay a little higher.

I try to complete as many of these surveys as I can before moving onto the Daily Surveys, unless there happens to be some higher-paying ones over there.

This really can change from day to day, but I usually do have better luck qualifying for surveys in the Targeted section and getting paid higher with them.

Let’s go back to my earnings scenario.

I made $17.38 with free offers so far.

If I did all the surveys available to me in the Targeted Surveys section right now, I’d get another $7.95, bringing me to $25.33.

It would take me approximately another ½ hour to complete them.

Not bad so far, right?

Take Daily Surveys

Next is the Daily Surveys section.

You’ll usually find more survey opportunities here but they typically pay less than what you’ll find in Targeted Surveys.

I usually get Targeted ones between $1 and $3, while most Daily surveys are closer to $0.50 and $0.75.

Most of these surveys will also take you to a different survey panel off the QuickRewards site, and you’ll sometimes need to sign up for that panel too.

I tend to avoid the ones I need to create an extra account for, but you can always choose to do that if you want.

Let’s say I complete 10 surveys in the Daily section and it takes me about a ½ hour.

I could make another $8.60, bringing me to $33.93 and taking me 1 hour and 15 minutes total so far.

Browse Clinical Trials

One of the unique areas that QuickRewards has that you won’t find on many reward sites is its Clinical Trials section.

I usually visit this last during my routine activities just to see if there’s anything available.

This section basically pays you to match with clinical trials for conditions you might have, like diabetes, vision problems, or chronic pain.

Most of the opportunities won’t apply to you, but you might always find something that does.

When you do match with a clinical trial, you can usually make $2 or $3 from QuickRewards.

Once you match, you’ll “pre-qualify” for the trial, so you’ll still need to wait for someone to contact you to see if you qualify for the full trial.

Until then, enjoy your easy cash just for giving your information and answering a few questions!

There are currently two trials I see that I could potentially qualify for, which would pay me $4 total and would take about 5 minutes each to sign up.

My grand total is now at $37.93 and I’ve spend 1 hour and 25 minutes earning that.

Getting Paid

You can always check to see how much you’ve earned so far by looking up at the top of your screen on the QuickRewards website and checking your balance.

You may not see everything you’ve earned immediately.

Some offers, for example, may need to be confirmed before you receive your reward, which is why I usually tell people to just keep using the site daily or every couple of days.

Eventually, you’ll have a steady stream of rewards coming your way without all the waiting.

If you don’t see a reward several days after it was supposed to be issued, then you can always contact the company to ask about it.

Once you’re ready to cash out, click the Redeem link at the top of the page.

You can choose between gift cards and PayPal cash.

There are several online and store gift cards to choose from, including Amazon, GameStop, and The Disney Store.

However, to get paid as quickly as possible, you can click PayPal.

The best part is that there is no minimum account balance you need to request a PayPal payment.

So, you can technically cash out daily if you wanted to.

The site states that most PayPal payments take between 12 to 48 hours to receive, which is a fair estimate.

However, I’ve also gotten paid within a few hours sometimes.

It really just depends on if you happen to get lucky enough to cash out before QuickRewards has sent out payments for the day.

Still, even if I don’t get paid that quickly, I can generally count on seeing my reward hit my PayPal account within a day or so.

Other Ways to Boost Your Earnings on QuickRewards

If the above method didn’t give you the earnings you’d hoped, don’t worry.

There are several other ways you can make money on the site, and they might work even better for you.

For example, there’s the Daily Clicks section, which is basically a set of bonus tasks you can complete each day for some extra points.

There are also several videos you can watch to get a few points per video, although this definitely won’t make you money fast on the site.

However, if you remember to log in and watch a few videos a day when you have spare time, it’ll continue boosting your earnings.

You might also consider using the Shopping feature whenever you want to buy something online.

I don’t suggest using this otherwise, or you’ll wind up spending money just to make it.

But when you have something you need to buy anyway, then getting cash back for your shopping trip can be a smart way to shop.

Just find the store you want to shop with, make a purchase, and you’ll see your cash back earnings reflected in your account balance once your purchase has been confirmed.

At one time, there was also a referral program that gave you bonuses for referring others to the site, but that hasn’t been active for a while.

Supposedly, it’s coming back, but there’s no set date yet, so you’ll just need to keep an eye on the site.

Conclusion: How to Make 5, 10, 15, or Even 20 Dollars Instantly Online

Making money is very easy on a site like QuickRewards, especially when you know exactly where the biggest payouts are.

This strategy has worked well for most people I’ve shared it with thus far, so you have a good chance of making money with it, too.

If not, keep browsing the site and seeing what tasks make you the most money.

You can always try two of my other favorites – InboxDollars and Swagbucks – too!

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