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The Top 75 Virtual Call Center Companies That Are Hiring

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Are you looking for a remote position? Check out these 75 virtual call center positions that are available.Would you like to work for a call center? Instead of traveling to get to your job, you may prefer finding a remote position where you can answer calls, provide services, and earn a living without ever leaving your home. There are plenty of online call center jobs available to make your dream of working from home a reality.

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Check out this impressive list of some of the best virtual call center jobs available. If you take the time to apply to these different positions, you are bound to hear back from several of these companies while they search to find great workers to handle the call volume.

The Top 46 Companies Currently Hiring Workers

#1. Apex Group

Apex is known as a global financial solutions provider. The company regularly hires employees to work remotely and handle assorted tasks that may include customer service.

#2. SmartSelect Technologies

If you are interested in joining the virtual workplace, SmartSelect Technologies is just the place for you. Responsibilities include handling calls from customers and providing impeccable customer service.

#3. InfoCision

Want to work for an established call center from home? If so, InfoCision is a great choice. Part-time positions are regularly available for potential candidates.

#4. Enterprise Holdings

Take good care of people while providing excellent customer service for Enterprise Holdings. The company has been around for quite some time and is well-known for being a great work at home job to have.

#5. Dialog Direct

Answer questions and provide direct assistance to callers as an employee of Dialog Direct. You can make a difference, help people, and get paid to do so.

#6. Assurance

Contact individuals who have filled out insurance questionnaires, connect them with insurance agents and get paid for it. Those who work for Assurance get to set their schedules and earn an unlimited amount of income.

#7. Unique Connections

If you have experience as a customer service representative, you may do well at this company. Unique Connections regularly looks for experienced remote agents for available positions within the company.

#8. Krystal C Services

Provide customer service support for Krystal C Services. You will be responsible for answering phones, answering questions, and handling any concerns.

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#9. Trident Care

Want to work in the health industry while staying at home? Become a representative for Trident Care and you can do just that.

#10. ACD Direct

Known for providing flexible hours and giving employees plenty of room to grow, ACD Direct is a leading virtual call center. Set your hours and get paid to provide customer service.

#11. Genesis Call Center

Want to work in customer care? Work for Genesis Call Center. If you have experience working as a manager, there are even management positions available.

#12. Apptical

Work with licensed insurance agents as an operator for Apptical. The company also offers telephone interviewer positions.

#13. Prime Therapeutics

Complete meaningful tasks while working in the medical field for Prime Therapeutics. The remote job is perfect for those interested in working in the medical industry while having the opportunity to work from home.

#14. Unum

A company known for its many available virtual positions, Unum is often hiring. You can make a decent hourly wage and work a schedule that meets your needs when you choose Unum.

#15. Maritz CX

Connect clients and customers with one another and get paid to do it while working for Maritz CX. You would likely be responsible for conducting different surveys for various corporations.

#16. NexRep

Provide virtual customer service for a number of different companies. Some of these companies include Pizza Hut and HSN. Pay varies based on the project you participate in.

#17. Overpass

Work as a customer engagement representative for Overpass. You will get to provide tech support to those who need it.

#18. Conduent

Become an information system security officer or a client services manager while working for Conduent. Many full-time positions are available with this company.

#19. PipeLine Success

Handle lead generation and sales for PipeLine Success. You will have the opportunity to work full-time from home.

#20. Randstad

No matter what skills you have, Randstad likely has an open position for you. The company is known for having an abundance of virtual positions available.

#21. Sykes

Avoid the commute while providing customer service right from home with Sykes. The company typically pays its employees $11 an hour.

#22. Walgreens

Become a call center specialist for Walgreens. The drugstore has been in business for decades and offers virtual opportunities in many states across the country.

#23. CrossOver

Providing more than 200 virtual positions, CrossOver allows its employees to work remotely. Responsibilities may include answering calls and providing customer service.

#24. TeleDirect Call Center

Work for a call center where you will receive inbound calls and make outbound calls, too. TeleDirect Call Center is known for hiring virtual agents.

#25. Broadpath

Become a virtual workforce expert with Broadpath. The company is hiring both part-time and full-time employees to provide customer service to clients.

#26. Crossover

Earn great pay and have access to benefits with Crossover. The company hires full-time employees to work for their virtual call center.

#27. Live Reps Call Center

Provide a positive experience for callers by working as a customer service rep for Live Reps. Receive paid training before you are officially hired.

#28. Arise

Offer customer service support with Arise, a company that has been around for quite some time. You can make up to $16/hr on the Arise platform.

#29. Live Ops

Become a customer service agent or supportive staff agent for Live Ops. Get paid per talk minute.

#30. Inspiro

Inspiro is a highly-rated virtual call center with available positions. Work part-time or full-time for this company.

#31. 4Patriots

Provide assistance for a number of different companies in various industries, including the food services industry. Become a member of a dedicated team when working for 4Patriots.

#32. Open Dental Software

Provide customer service for Open Dental Software. The company offers software to dental professionals who benefit from using it in the office.

#33. Valvoline

Enjoy having the perfect work-life balance with a remote job at Valvoline. The company is hiring for both part-time and full-time positions.

#34. Enterprise Call Center

Become a customer service agent for Enterprise. Help people who are renting vehicles to use for various reasons.

#35. PeopleJoy, Inc.

Get a part-time position with PeopleJoy, Inc. The call center is known for helping people with student loans.

#36. Sitel

Earn money from home with Sitel. Enjoy having access to a flexible schedule that allows you to work when you want to.

#37. Cox Communications

Work as a customer service representative for Cox Communications. Provide assistance to people who are calling in to ask questions and get help.

#38. VIPdesk Connect

Have access to full-time positions with VIPdesk Connect. You will get to work as a customer service agent.

#39. CSB Enterprise, LLC

Earn up to $13/hr providing customer service for CSB Enterprise, LLC. Representatives often work full-time positions.

#40. The Crossroads Group, Inc.

Get great pay while working for an excellent company that cares about its employees. The Crossroads Group, Inc. has high ratings as a company that offers work at home positions.

#41. Pilot Freight Services

Provide assistance for a company that handles shipping-related tasks. Pilot Freight Services hires both part-time and full-time employees.

#42. Zu Usa Inc.

If you live in Florida, you can work for Zu Usa Inc. As a call center representative, you will work full-time for the company.

#43. CVS Health

Become a customer service representative for CVS Health. The drugstore has been in business for decades and offers remote positions.

#44. ALGO Online Retail

Work as a retail specialist answering phones for ALGO Online Retail. The company is looking for full-time employees.

#45. ABC Financial Services, Inc.

If you want to work in the finance industry and provide billing solutions, apply for a job with ABC Financial Services, Inc. Make good money and work either part-time or full-time.

#46. Majorel

Offer customer service and social media support when working with Majorel. Must have an office space in your home.

 29 More Companies Hiring Agents for Virtual Call Center Jobs

  1. The Hartford – Need flexible work? The Hartford has virtual call center positions that are as flexible as it gets.
  2. Comcast – Get paid to work from home for Comcast. Provide tech support and other assistance to callers who need help.
  3. Progressive – Take calls for inbound sales with Progressive. Pay typically starts at $16/hr and goes up to $19/hr based on skills and experience.
  4. Concentrix – Become a customer service representative for Concentrix. The company is often looking for bilingual candidates, so knowing a second language could come in handy for this position.
  5. Teleperformance – Provide customer service for the healthcare industry with Teleperformance. The company is known for hiring candidates for full-time positions.
  6. Asurion – Become a remote technician for Asurion. Enjoy good work-life balance while working full-time for the company from home.
  7. Capital One – Work as a customer contact associate for Capital One. The company provides credit cards and banking services.
  8. Alorica – Become a customer service representative and work full-time for Alorica. Get hired as an employee and receive benefits, along with decent pay.
  9. American Express – Take advantage of virtual career opportunities with American Express. You can answer calls and provide customer service for the company.
  10. Convergys – Make good money receiving phone calls while working for Convergys. Positions are typically full-time yet flexible enough to provide a decent work-life balance for employees.
  11. Teleflora – Become a call center agent at Teleflora. Seasonal positions are available, but those positions can turn into full-time, permanent positions for the right employees.
  12. Teletech – Work as a customer service representative for Teletech. The company is also interested in hiring plenty of bilingual employees. If you know a second language, this is a company that is worth applying for.
  13. Kelly Services – Take on the role of a field specialist or administrative assistant with Kelly Services. Numerous remote full-time positions are available.
  14. Sutherland – Become a remote underwriter for Sutherland. Remote full-time positions are available for those who are interested in a growing opportunity.
  15. World Travel Holdings – Sell cruises while working for World Travel Holdings. If you are naturally good at sales, this remote position was made for you.
  16. Support.com – Work from home with a flexible position provided by Support.com. You will work as a customer service representative for the company while providing support to clients.
  17. Brighten Communications – Provide telemarketing services while working for Brighten Communications. You can set your schedule and work the hours that work best for you. The flexibility is something many employees prefer the most.
  18. Working Solutions – If you would like to work as a customer service admin for a company with great culture, Working Solutions is a fantastic choice. Flexible hours are available.
  19. American Airlines – Become a reservation agent for American Airlines. Help people book their flights with the company and get paid for it.
  20. Apple Work as an at-home advisor for Apple. The tech company is known for providing decent wages and offering flexible scheduling.
  21. Hilton – Want to work in the hospitality industry? Hilton has positions available for reservation specialists. Answer calls and help guests book their reservations.
  22. Quest Diagnostics – Become a phone interviewer for Quest Diagnostics. Work part-time or full-time interviewing callers.
  23. Uhaul – Get a remote job as a customer service agent for Uhaul. Both part-time and full-time positions are offered. The company is said to pay its employees around $14/hr.
  24. PNC – Work as a customer service and support representative for PNC. You will provide assistance to those who currently bank with the company.
  25. Intuit Provide tax support as an agent for Intuit. The position is seasonal, but work is often extended for several months at a time.
  26. Expert Planet – Become an agent for Expert Planet and make a competitive wage. The highly-rated company offers flexible scheduling opportunities for its workers.
  27. Catalyst Media – Become a remote call center agent for Catalyst Media. The company is busy and looking to hire individuals to help with call volume.
  28. Great Virtual Works – Work as a call center agent with Great Virtual Works. Enjoy having access to a pre-set schedule with a company that has been in business for quite some time.
  29. 1-800-Flowers – Handle sales and customer service for 1-800-Flowers. Provide answers to questions and help clients pick the perfect arrangements to purchase.

With easy access to dozens of virtual call center jobs, you can find something that meets your needs and works with your schedule. Many of these companies have plenty of open positions available for those who are interested in working for a virtual call center. Having the opportunity to earn money online is simply ideal.

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