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20 Ways to Get Paid for Searching the Web Quickly and Easily

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You search the web every day to find the information you need. Did you know that you could also get paid while you do it? Some sites have advertisers that pay members to search using specific search bars. Here’s how to earn a little extra cash while you search.

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How many ways can you think of to make money online?

You can make money by taking surveys, doing quick online jobs for people, researching, writing, selling stuff, and about a thousand other tasks that pay.

However, you may not have thought that searching the web can also give you some cash, did you?

While you can’t really turn this gig into a job, you can still earn extra money doing something you do probably every day anyway: Using search engines.

We’re going to explain how to search and get paid and what sites you can use to do it.

Can You Really Get Paid for Searching Google?


And other search engines, depending on how you’re searching and what sites you’re using that pay you.

How does it work?

Paid searching can look different on various sites that do it.

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Some sites are Get-Paid-To (GPT) sites that pay you to use their built-in search engines because those search engines are typically monetized through advertisements.

Other sites on our list will pay you to research things online, which you’d have to use search engines for.

And other sites literally just pay you to use Google or another specific web browser.

You can also search the web as part of other gigs, like writing, so you can make money searching in a roundabout way.

Whatever method you choose, you’ll still get cash for browsing the web, one of the most simple and fun ways to ever get paid.

How to Get Paid for Searching the Web

Searching the web is something just about any internet user knows how to do.

It’s easy, it’s quick, and you get the information you need right at your fingertips.

Getting paid to do this is probably one of the simplest ways you can ever make money, so why not try?

We have several options listed below, each one working a little differently to pay you for your web searches.


InboxDollars is a GPT site that offers a lot of ways to make money doing things online, including playing games, checking your email, and taking paid surveys.

You can also use the built-in search engine to make a little bit of extra change when you use the site.

Just set your homepage to InboxDollars so you can remember to use that search engine each day to earn more cash.

You can cash out when you make your first $30.


Swagbucks is another GPT site that’s one of the more popular options on the web like InboxDollars.

Here, you can shop for things online and earn cashback, participate in games and bonus events for extra points, take surveys, read paid emails, and search the built-in search feature to make money.

Swagbucks pays in SBs (points) that you can turn in for cash with PayPal or a gift card.

Some gift cards are as little as 300 SBs, which is the equivalent of a $3 gift card.


Qmee pays people to search the web – no strings attached.

Install the browser extension, which runs quietly in the background until you start searching.

When you search for a specific product, Qmee might pull up extra results in addition to what Google shows you.

You’ll get paid whether you click on any of the results or not, but you could get paid more if you do click on them and make a purchase from Qmee’s results instead of Google’s.

Qmee also has other activities, like paid surveys, that can make you a little extra money between searches.

Microsoft Rewards

Microsoft Rewards is the new Bing Rewards, but it offers many of the same tasks for you to complete to make money.

The site has one particular feature that might interest you as someone who likes to search the web.

That’s the paid search feature, which runs on the Bing search engine owned by Microsoft.

When you sign up for Microsoft Rewards, stay logged in, and use Bing to search what you need, you can earn points to redeem toward gift cards and other prizes.


On Clickworker, you can make money doing quick tasks on the website or on its app.

Log in when you have time available and want to work and choose from the list of gigs you can complete.

You’ll find jobs like categorizing images and data, proofreading, writing, transcribing, and of course, researching using your preferred search engine.

Once you sign up for Clickworker and fill out all your details, you can complete some assessments of your skills and start getting paid for relevant work.

Clickworker pays both weekly and monthly.

Amazon Mechanical Turk

Like Clickworker, Amazon Mechanical Turk lets you sign in to work whenever you want to.

You’ll find a wide range of jobs here, from small to large, and some of them may focus on researching for requestors.

Just make sure you are following all requirements for each task, or you’ll risk the requestor turning away the work you’ve already completed for not following directions.

You might end up doing stuff like researching business addresses or contact information for lead generation.

Whatever the task, you’ll get to use your web search skills to make money.

Smart App

Smart App is a market research app that you can download to your smartphone, use your phone like you usually would, and let the app stay in the background.

It collects some information about what you use your phone for and what you search and do online, and then it’ll reward you for letting it do its job.

You’ll automatically get $5 every 30 days you keep the app installed, and you can earn more by taking surveys the app sends you periodically.


When you install MobleXpression on your phone or tablet, it tracks some of your usage, like your web searches, and rewards you for keeping it on your device.

You’ll earn weekly credits that you can redeem for prizes in the MobileXpression rewards catalog.


This site is mainly an online survey panel, but users can also find other money-making opportunities here.

You can play games, download apps to your phone that advertisers make, watch videos, play games, and search the internet.

Every task you do gives you points that you can redeem for Amazon, PayPal, and other gift cards.


GrabPoints is a GPT site with tons of ways to earn money, including the usual answering surveys and watching paid videos.

You can also search the web as one of the ways to build your cashflow on the site.

GrabPoints has a built-in search engine with advertisers that help to monetize the feature so you can make money.

Use your points toward PayPal cash or free gift cards.

Publisher’s Clearing House Search and Win

Publisher’s Clearing House is the owner of this site, Search and Win, which pays you to use its search engine when you need to find answers to something.

You can make this page your homepage on your browser so you remember to use it when you’re on the internet.

When you create an account, you’ll also find other ways of making money, like playing games, playing lotto tasks, and more.

When you use the Search and Win feature, you could even win huge prizes, like $7,000 in cash!

Fusion Cash

When you sign up for this GPT site, you’ll get $5 just for creating your account.

Then you can earn cash for clicking on ads, taking surveys, participating in the forum, downloading apps, playing games, and of course, using the search feature for paid searching.

Be sure to fill out the initial survey you’ll receive in your inbox when you sign up to qualify for your bonus reward.


SavvyConnect comes from SurveySavvy, a popular online survey site.

This app is one you can download on your devices and earn $5 a month on each device you keep it installed on, every month.

You simply use your phone however you usually do, like signing onto social media or searching Google, and the app will run in the background to collect certain data.


Zoombucks pays you to do stuff that GPT sites usually do, like taking surveys and watching advertisement videos.

Members say that there is a search feature on the site also that pays you to search.

You can also build your bank by completing free and paid offers.

There are several rewards to choose from, including Amazon gift cards, PayPal cash, Roblox gift cards, and Google Play gift cards.


Wonder provides in-depth research to businesses or individuals who ask for it.

You can become a Wonder Researcher to get paid to search the web for the answers and write them up for clients.

The pay can vary depending on how quickly you can get your writeups and research done, but hourly pay tends to range between $16 and $23.


Use Upwork to find researching jobs online!

Plenty of Upwork clients look for people like you who love to search the web to find new information to fulfill their job needs.

Upwork is a place for freelancers to find gigs, but you’ll need to apply and set yourself up with a profile before you can begin.

Upwork can always deny your application, too, if it doesn’t believe you’re a good fit for the platform, so be sure to fill out all the details in the application and make yourself shine.

Add relevant skills, previous jobs you’ve had, and whatever else can show off your awesome research skills.


Fiverr is similar to Upwork in that it’s a place for freelancers and clients to find each other, but you get to be in the driver’s seat on Fiverr.

Instead of waiting for clients to approve your applications and set you up with work, you’ll create your own jobs for clients to buy from you!

As someone who searches the web and wants to get paid for it, you can create a researching gig.

People can hire you to research topics for their website, search the answers to questions their customers have, or whatever other research-related problems they need your help with.

You can start gigs that cost as little as $5 for quick research work, or you can make higher-paying gigs for tasks that’ll take you longer to complete.


1Q lets you make money by answering questions from other people, and you can do it all using your smartphone.

When someone sends a question they want answered, you can answer that question in a text message and earn cash.

Where does paid searching come in?

You probably will need to search for some of the answers if you don’t know them, so in a way, you’re getting paid to search!

Most of the questions will be easy stuff asking for your opinions, but there could be other ones that require a little bit of research.

Either way, you get paid immediately through PayPal after answering a question.


Appen is well-known for its part-time work at home job offerings, and its search engine evaluation job is one of its most popular.

This job gets talked about by lots of people who want to work from home, so it can be a competitive one to get picked for.

Still, if you’re one of the lucky ones, you’ll literally get paid working on web searches.

These jobs require you to look at search queries that people might ask Google and evaluate the results based on the query.

If results don’t provide some type of relevance to the query, you’ll let Appen know that.

You’ll need to have a good understanding of how web searches work and what people typing queries are generally trying to find based on the words they submit.

These jobs are part-time, usually for about 10 to 20 hours per week, and pay somewhere between $12 and $15 per hour.

BONUS: Make a Custom Search Engine

This method is something I didn’t even know about until I started researching this article, but it could be something you want to try if you’re interested in making your own custom search engine, also known as a programmable search engine.

These are search engines you place on your website for visitors to search the content on your website.

They use the Google Search algorithm and technology, so they function similarly.

When you use one of these, you can connect it to your Google AdSense account.

If you’re unfamiliar with that, it’s a service that displays ads on your site and gives you commissions for displaying them to visitors.

When someone uses your custom search engine that’s hooked up to Google AdSense, and they click on an ad that displays in their search results, you can make money from those clicks.

So, you won’t technically be making money with your searches, but you’ll make money from other people searching, which is even better, right?

How to Make Money with Web Searches

Search the web and make money – who knew that was a thing?

Well, now YOU know, and you can get started doing it today.

Try a few of the sites above, figure out which ones you like, and stick with them.

You can always experiment with others if you want more money-making opportunities.

Have fun with your newfound money-making task!

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