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42 Legitimate Websites to Get Free Stuff Online

editUpdated on: February 26, 2020 by anvitalis

Want to know how to get free stuff online? Nothing is better than free! Check out these 42 legitimate websites to score without paying.Not sure how to get free stuff online? When it comes to life, not much is better than getting things you want or need for free!

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When you get free stuff, you don’t have to work as hard to pay for new stuff. Free stuff and saving money go hand in hand.

But, if you are like me, you may have found that most free stuff you can get through these “freebie” sites is just plain junk!

Who wants 50 samples of Loreal shampoo or a bumper sticker for some company you don’t know?

Nobody that’s who….

You only need so many free pens, calendars, and magnets, and you definitely don’t want any more of that junk. So, how do you get useful free stuff?

You know, stuff you are actually going to use? Well, keep on reading because you are about to score useful free stuff online with these 42 legit websites!

How to get Free Stuff Online

When it comes to getting free stuff online, the problem is not that it isn’t out there. The problem is that you don’t know where to look.

With so many crappy sites that give away useless junk, you don’t even know where to go. Well, with this post, half the work is done for you.

We found some of the best legit companies that give away freebies. We even threw in our top 10 favorite list!

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Top 10 Favorite Legitimate Websites that Give Great Freebies

We could give you a whole list of 42 websites in a row, but that won’t really tell you which ones are our top picks.

Of course, we love ALL these websites, but we do have some favorites. Here is our list of top 10 Favorite legitimate websites:


This company gives you products to test out. It’s an “international network of consumers that voluntarily participate in word of mouth campaigns.”

Basically, you get free products just for giving your honest feedback.

You sign up on the platform for free. Get products to test at home, complete a questionnaire about the product, and enjoy your free stuff.


The name literally speaks for itself. Once you get something free, you are quite literally going to say “Pinch Me” just to see if you are dreaming.

You can get a variety of items including health and beauty, drink mixes, and even magazines. Here’s the kicker….

You actually get FULL-SIZE products. That’s right, no sample sizes. It’s amazing!

All you have to do is sign up for free, fill out your member profile, and choose the samples you want. You get what you want shipped to you for free.


Although you can get free stuff from this site, it isn’t considered a freebie site. In fact, It’s a survey site.

When you sign up for free with Toluna, you earn free money and gifts for taking surveys. And, they also have a way to test products through their test products program.

They send you a product, you use it, then fill out a questionnaire about the product. Most products are full-sized.

Score things like mascara, Revlon lip gloss, Maybelline lipstick, and more. Sometimes, you can even score electronics, so keep your eyes open!


Just as you would guess, this site is focussed on free stuff just for the ladies. Grab free feminine products, makeup, hair stuff, perfume, and more.

Navigate through what you want and sign up.


Do you like Bath and Body works products? How about styling gel and face cleaner? If so, this is the site to score those freebies.

In fact, you can find all kinds of freebies on this site. Check it out!

Freaky Freddies

What we love about this site is that it features a huge selection of freebies and samples. Here are just a few of the things you can score:

  • Games
  • Gags
  • Bathroom stuff
  • Phone stuff
  • Religious things like books
  • Software
  • Teacher stuff
  • Travel supplies

If you aren’t sure what you need, yet, you will know once you visit this site.

Just Free Stuff

This site has literally been around since 1997. You can find a plethora of free stuff, and it is organized in a way that makes it easy to find what you need.

You can get stuff like food, beauty supplies, games, kids stuff, teacher stuff, and more.


Are you addicted to social media? If so, you are going to LOVE this website. It’s mostly focussed on things for women.

So, if you want free makeup, cleaner, or beauty care products, this is the site to get them from. It basically works like PINCHme in which you get a box of free stuff every month.

Like PINCHme, you get full-size products not just samples. Everything is totally free even shipping!

Smiley 360

Here is another site where you pick your free samples and get a box delivered to you each and every month.

The reason we put this in our top 10 is because, again, you get full-sized product bottles instead of the little samples.

In exchange for your freebies, you will need to share on social media and answer a few questions about the product.

You will get surveys sent to your inbox called missions. To get a full box each month, you will want to accept the missions.

Totally Free Stuff

This site has been around since 1998 giving away free stuff. You can get a lot of great freebie stuff that you won’t be pitching any time soon.

Score things like fleece blankets, digital movies, Philsbury samples, and Quaker foods.

Some of the Best Legit Companies

In addition to our top 10 list, there are several other companies out there that do a pretty good job of giving away free stuff.

They may not be our absolute favorite, but they are legitimate websites you should try. Here 20 more websites where you can get free stuff online!


Do you just want free stuff and don’t want to worry about writing reviews? SampleSource is the place to go.

All you have to do is sign up and every 3-months or so, you get a box full of samples. Each box has about 5-15 items.

You won’t get to choose your samples though.

2000 Freebies

As the name suggests, there are over 2,000 freebies you can choose from on a daily basis. They have a lot of food-related freebies.

Check it each day to find new things.


To get freebies, all you have to do is sign up to receive their free newsletter. You can get a ton of free stuff such as beauty products, food, snacks, recipes, and baby stuff.

Hey It’s Free

Hey! Did that get your attention? This free site has been around since 2005 and is still going strong.

What’s great about this site is how easy it is to navigate. Plus, it is not cluttered with ads that you may accidentally click on like other sites.

Get lots of free food, coupons, and deals.

I Crave Freebies

Do you crave freebies? If so, hop on over to this site. It has a huge selection of freebies including DVDs, CDs, clothing, beauty products, kids stuff, and home and garden stuff.

Subscribe to their free newsletter, so you can be the first to know when new stuff becomes available.

Get it Free

You can get free stuff such as diet pills, correction pens, free prints, and pool test kits. Although this site does send free stuff, it is not our first pick.

This site does have an F on the BBB. It isn’t a scam, but as you can tell, it does have some issues. So, it’s listed just in case you want to give it a test run.

Freebies Depot

This site doesn’t give you all their products completely free. Instead, you get a rebate that makes the product free in the end. You can find these on their “Freebates” section.

So, you basically pay full price for a product, but then you mail in the rebate form that comes with it. And, you get your money back in a few weeks.

You do have to do a little work and pay up front, but in the end, the products are free.

However, if you do want completely free items, you can hop to their free samples section for a small list of things you can get for free.

Mr. Free Stuff

Not only does this site find you free products to ship to your home, but it has a whole section dedicated to free things to do.

Don’t forget to look at the birthday freebies and coupons to save you even more.


This site is just what it suggests. It has all kinds of freebies that moms would like. For example, you could get baby stuff, cleaning supplies, health products, beauty products, and magazines.

You can also get codes that will get you free stuff from places like Kellogs and Pampers.

Free Stuff Finder

Not only can you get free stuff like food, toys, household products, and beauty products, but there are also tons of sweepstakes and contests you can join for free stuff, too.

And, you can also score some great coupons and deals locally.


Who doesn’t like getting free stuff for their birthday? One of my favorite things is picking up all my freebies from places at the mall like Sephora.

But ….with this site, you don’t even have to leave your house to get free stuff on your birthday. Get things like movie tickets, meals, and discounted items.

Sample a Day

As the name suggests, this site posts a new sample every day. So, you can be getting freebies on a daily basis.

You can get things like Colgate toothpaste, cream cheese samples, nail care products, and more. Just check it every day.

Free Samples.og

This is a website where you can get samples and freebies from a variety of different companies and manufacturers.

Some of the categories you can get samples for include food, drinks, dog food, cleaning supplies, health and beauty freebies, and anything else you can think of.

The site is updated pretty frequently, so if you don’t see something now, check back in a few days.

Free Sample Monkey

This site scans the internet for you to find free samples. It then organizes them in a logical manner on the website.

Use the search function to find what you need, or go through the list based on the sites you want stuff from.

I Love Free Things

If you are looking for free stuff for kids and babies, this is a fabulous site to visit. You can also find adult things as well.


This site only shares really popular freebies. Things like free books, pet supplies, baby stuff, food, magazine subscriptions, and more can be found on this site.

My Free Product Samples

This site is for those of you that like freebies with no strings attached. Snatch up things like books, medicine, perfume, and shampoo.


On this site, their free list section is updated on a daily basis. You can find all kinds of things like cookbooks, recipes, health and beauty supplies and more.

Complimentary Crap

Want free stuff sent to you in the mail. This site is just the place to get all the freebies you can send to you in the mail.

Other Sites to Try

Additionally, here are some other sites you can try. Not all have been tested and approved, but we have made sure they are legit!

Why Do These Companies Give Free Stuff?

There are actually two main reasons that companies will give people like you and me free stuff.

  1. They want to get the word out about their products which attract new customers.
  2. They need feedback from real consumers so they can improve their products.

No matter how much money a company spends on advertisements, word of mouth still is the best way to create new customers.

This is because people want to know from personal experiences that something is good before they buy it.

So, companies work out deals with websites above to give them samples (or sometimes full-size products) to be given away to members.

Their hope is that you will spread the news via word of mouth.


Do you know of any other freebie sites that give you great products? If so, share them in the comments below!

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