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Top 11 Sites For Selling Used Clothing Online

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Today, there are several online platforms and sleek mobile apps to choose from; hence, selling your gently-used clothes has been simplified, thus giving you some extra cash. Are you feeling like cleaning out your closet? Do you have some vintage pieces like worn-once formal dresses or baby clothes you want to rehome? Why don’t you make some money from your once-loved clothes by reselling them online?

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It is very easy to dispose of your used garments in return for some extra cash. It also helps you to clear more space; discard unnecessary baggage and Declutter hence relieve you of stress and become more productive.

And thanks to the amazing apps available and easy internet access, you can now sell your clothes online easily. But you need to find the best place to sell your clothes, and this article will help you find the right place to sell your clothes.

Best places to sell clothes online

1.    The RealReal

The RealReal is an online shop that picks up your clothes from you, or you can either ship your clothes to them or visit their office where you will get a free evaluation of your items.

They will then photograph and price them and sell them for you. Once they are sold, you get 85%of the profits realized.  Their site caters to the top designers like Louis Vuitton, channel, Christian Louboutin, Jimmy Choo, Burberry, and others.

Do you have some of these brands? Do you seek a place that can easily help you with your quality clothes? Then the RealReal will sell them for you.

2.    Shpock

The Shpock website and app makes it possible for you to sell your clothes fee-free. It is similar to the Facebook Marketplace and focuses on local selling.

You post your unwanted items ads, and when buyers like them, they will contact you and give you cash in hand. However, it does not show your Facebook profile, which most people prefer.

The app is good for selling items that most people pick up locally, like, baby clothes, kid`s coats, or willies. But items with specific details (like a size7 of purple trainers) may stay longer before selling.

To start selling with Shpock, take a photo of your clothes and enter some details like title, category, and price. They have the option of accepting PayPal, and you post the items, but it is not popular like cash in hand.

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Note that Shpock does not involve its self in transactions, so it is wise to opt for cash-in-hand transactions. As much as it is free to sell, you may pay extra to upgrade your listings so that they can appear at the top of search results.

3.    Depop

Vintage clothes are trending right now, and fashion pre-loved marketplace known as Depop is the best place to sell your clothes. Though they don’t deal in vintage clothes exclusively, there is a speedy trade in commodities from the early 200s or 1990s.

A cross between Instagram and eBay; often, Depop features people presenting their products to attract buyers. If you are smart, you could spot boot sale items and flip them to make a profit.

The site claims that one in every three 15-24-year-olds from the UK are registered on this site. You can list your clothes with the keywords “tag” like festival, rave, Y2K, and 90S. Bundle selling is more popular, and sellers offer free shipping often to encourage buyers to buy more products from them.

Depop takes a cut of 10% from your card or PayPal account before they pay the remaining money to you. And then, you post the items directly to your buyers.

4.    Vestiaire Collective

Vestiaire Collective specializes in pre-owned designer clothes. It is a resale site owned by the French. Their fees are high, but anecdotally clothes fetch more sometimes than on eBay.

Hence Vestiaire verifies items so that people can feel more confident when buying designer clothes. The clothes you want to sell should be from any of the labels on their list, such as Victoria Beckham or Gucci and 5000 more labels.

Their app is easy and slick to list on; you set prices for the items you list, which should be not less than twenty pounds. Also, buyers can make offers, but you are under no obligation to accept.

You send your clothes to Vestiaire rather than posting them directly to the buyer since they verify them and forward them to the buyer. The fee structure at Vestiaire is odd; it is a flat thirteen pounds on the items.

5.    Etsy

Etsy site deals with vintage items and particularizes in the purchase and sale of handmade items. If you love handmade clothes, then Etsy is your place to sell or buy. It is a website you will want to explore, especially if you seek unique items.

Also, you can use this site to support small and local business owners. What makes Etsy a good place to sell your clothes is that it is visited by millions of people every day.

For smooth transactions, you can keep in contact with your buyers, print discounted postage, and manage existing orders. Note that when using this site, there are commissions and processing fees involved after you`ve made a sale.

If you choose Etsy as your online platform to make money selling clothes, just open an account with the site and start.

6.    Tradesy

This site will minimize your hustle of selling your unwanted clothes. All you have to do is take a photo then share it on their site and it will be available worldwide for anyone to buy if the item is pleasing to them.

You may select a USPS priority label from Tradesy, a complete shipping kit that is whole with a shipping and box label, or you may use your resources in shipping the items to the buyer.

However, before listing your branded clothes on their website, you must make sure your clothes are in good condition. You can also make use of the websites features in editing your photos for a professional look.

The trader gets the returns, and you keep the cash realized from the sale of your clothes; hence, both parties are in a win-win situation.

Also, Tradesy guarantees authenticity, or you get money back, and to help you sell your clothes quickly, they offer fair suggestions that are data-backed.

They charge a commission fee of 4.9%on any item you sell on their website. And also, they charge a 2.9% transfer fee of your earnings to an option of payment you have chosen.  They can pay you through either a bank deposit or PayPal.

7.    ThredUp

ThredUp is the biggest online consignment store on the internet. It is the best place if you look to sell children’s or women’s clothing. You can also sell handbags and shoes on this platform.

Their clothing is very affordable; thus, it is the largest marketplace for fashion resale in the world, with more than 35,000 brands from Prada, Gucci, Burberry, to Gap and many more with 90% off the retail price.

ThredUp is today’s perfect way to sell and shop kids and women’s clothes, your wallet, your time. If you believe in this saying, then set yourself up and start using this top place to shop and also sell your clothes.

They make sure that all the new arrivals listed on their site are 100%authentic and also in good shape. Therefore sell and also find high-quality used children`s and women’s clothing specially categorized by ThredUp style experts.

Your sale proceeds are paid out to you in cash, or you can use them to buy items on this site, or you can donate to your favorite cause. They keep less than 40% of what you send to them after it sells.

8.    Poshmark

Poshmark is a known large marketplace for those with an interest in selling and buying fashion related items. Their app is easy to use in selling your clothes, and they give users the comfort and confidence needed for selling and buying clothes.

All you have to do to sell on this site is to download their app, register, and set up; after that, you can list all the clothes you intend to sell. To enhance your listed clothes’ appearance and quality, you may use their filter features.

You are allowed to set your prices with Poshmark. When you make a $15 or fewer sales, you are charged a fee of $ 2.95, and if you make $15 or more per sale, the platform shall charge you a commission fee of 20%.

Your payments are done through a bank deposit or check. You are assured of trust and safety at Poshmark when you make an order you are protected with posh protect, and their customer service is awesome and always ready to help.

9.    Patatam

If you are selling bulk kid`s or women’s clothes in perfect condition, Patatam is the place to sell. While selling separately may get the maximum cash if you intend to sell easily and quickly in bulk, Patatam trade-in site is a specialist.

But you must send not less than 2o items of women’s and kids’ clothes. On the website, enter the details of the size, type, and brand of each item like a dress, skirt, etc.

Then Patatam will generate the value for all your items, and send you the free-to-post bag. If they are happy with your clothes, they pay you through Patatam voucher, bank transfer, or PayPal.

However, they pay a set price depending on the clothing type, size, and brand. For instance, an Oasis dress goes fro 3.66 pounds; M&S kid’s skirt is 49 pence, and a Gap jacket for women gets 7.5 pounds. But they don’t charge any fees.

The terms of Patatam are, if you would want the rejected clothes returned to you, they charge 7.90 pounds regardless of the quantity of the items. This amount is taken from the cash they will pay you for the clothing they want to keep.

But if you make less than 7.90 British pounds, they don’t return rejected garments. Due to this reason, it’s not wise to send any clothes that you wouldn’t be happy giving away.

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Other websites to sell used clothes

10.    eBay

 eBay sells just about everything from children and adult apparel, bags, shoes, vintage items, accessories, and more. Consider passing along your unwanted garments and earn some cash on eBay.

Sellers have total control to choose the price, upload photos, and interact with promising buyers on their website. And their selling fees are very low compared to other platforms.

On eBay, you may also sample the bidding option whereby you set the least sale price, and the buyers bid on the items you uploaded to the site. Once the allocated time is over, the highest bidder will win.

Whether you are listing your wedding dress, baby clothes, or a vintage bag, eBay is the best place to sell worldwide. Payments are made through PayPal.

To start selling on eBay, set up an account, pick a username, enter and verify your phone number, name, and address, then give an automatic method of payment for receiving your seller fees.

Lastly, it is important to know the worth of your items. Do your research since certain products and brands retain more value than others, and this way, you will know what kind of payment you ought to receive from eBay.

11.     Craigslist

Selling clothes on Craigslist can be a great way to generate quick cash for unexpected bills or emergencies. It’s simple, just like the newspaper classified ads used to be. Just list what you have to sell in the area where you live.

Afterward, potential buyers and casual readers will scan the listing and if they find something that interests them, they will contact you. You then arrange to meet and hand over the clothing as the buyer pays you.

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From this article, you can see it is possible to make some cash online selling your used clothes. Also, there are genuine websites to help you with getting the best deals on your items.

Hence you don’t have to stay with clutter in your closet. All you need to do is to study this write-up and decide which selling place best suites your needs. Then sign up and start making some extra cash with your once-loved garments.

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