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45 Best Online Platforms to Sell Your Handmade Crafts

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Are you a handmade craftsperson looking to make money selling your art online? Here are some sure ways to get paid.Are you a handmade craftsperson? Are you interested in selling your products online? There are several sites available to sell your handmade crafts.

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Let’s check them out!

  1. The Free Craft Fair

The free craft fair is less of an online market place and more of an online directory to help you find the best handmade craft businesses. The site has a lot of different crafters and shop owners in the handmade craft business.

The site comes in handy in reducing the hassle by connecting you to your potential business partner.

The company will show the contacts for the handmade shop and businesses, and it will be up to you to connect with them, agree on the price, and find the best way to deliver your goods to them.

  1. Misi

If you are looking for a great place to list your handmade crafts in the UK, then Misi is the best option for you.

Misi is an online market place where you can set up a free shop as a seller. The shop charges a small commission per sale while allowing you the ultimate freedom to sell your products.

The shop allows for several categories of products to be sold, such as bath and beauty, at food, and more.

  1. Dawanda

Dawanda is another excellent site for sellers; call it a craft mall online.

The site accommodates crafters and artisans. It is made in such a way that sellers can set up their accounts and list their products. The site is quite interactive, and sellers can leave comments and discuss any topics on the site’s forums.

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Potential buyers view the products before purchase, and can also interact with the sellers regarding the pricing before making any payments.

  1. SpoonFlower

SpoonFlower is a bit different from most of the online platforms for handmade crafts, as it allows designers to create and design fabrics and patterns for such things as fabrics, wallpapers, and gift-wraps.

The designers can then sell these products on the site to potential buyers.

The site comes with a different niche, as it allows for the seller’s creativity on the site and acts as a shop and a work center to create your designs.

  1. I Made It! Market

The site shows sellers where they can find the next craft fairs and any events where they can sell their products. It acts as an online directory for sellers

The site is quite interactive, offering sellers other different varieties of services for their products such as social media management and other online marketing options.

It is quite an excellent site for sellers who prefer the physical market, and the interaction that comes with it.

  1. Madeitmyself

Madeitmyself is the type of market where you get to create a free account and open a showcase, showing all your products.

The account is registration free; however, it attracts certain payments as a commission on products bought through the website.

The pricing on the site also allows for negotiations between the potential buyers and the seller.

It is quite interesting as sellers get to interact, and buyers can leave comments on the seller’s shop, or profile.

  1. eBay

Everybody knows eBay.

It is one of the most famous sites, where you can sell your products. Potential buyers will bid for the product, and you will choose the best option.

The site previously had a different marketplace for handmade craft sellers but has since discontinued it.

You will have to list your items on the site and adequately describe them, offering either free shipping or include the shipping price on the product.

  1. Renegade Craft

Renegade craft is quite different from other online selling sites.

It is a series of craft fairs, which usually take place in different cities throughout the year. You can use the site to follow up on the next event.

The site does not offer sellers the choice to list the products; instead, its web presence is used to promote the next fair, and promote its top sellers.

  1. Maker Faire

Maker fair is also an excellent platform for mostly artisans and DIY enthusiasts.

The site, similar to renegade craft, does not offer their sellers the opportunity to list their products; rather, it showcases a series of events where artisans and DIY sellers can sell their products.

The popular events highlighted by the site include DIY demonstrations as well as products from independent makers.

  1. Society 6

Society 6 is one of the more creative based sites. The site works with artists and designers.

Artists and designers showcase their art, which can then be incorporated into a variety of products, such as t-shirts, mugs, capes, and more.

The site will pay the artist or designer for their art on a commission basis if one of their arts has been used on produce such as a mug.

The site will also make some commission from each sale; however, the artist is allowed to choose how much profit they want to make from their products.

  1. Alibaba

Alibaba is a popular online platform for selling goods and products.

The site is more of a business-to-business transaction. If your products can be used by other businesses to create a product for the consumer, then Alibaba is the site for you.

Designers and artists can feature more here, where other businesses can use their art in creating products for the consumer, with both the artist and business making money from selling the products.

The site allows users to create profiles and list their products to sell to other businesses.

  1. Sourcing Handmade

Sourcing Handmade is quite different from other online stores where you can sell your handmade crafts. It acts as more of a virtual trade show.

The site helps independent creators and handmade craft sellers to sell their products on a wholesale level.

Sourcing Handmade is a fantastic store as it helps connect handmade craft sellers and artisans with stores and businesses interested in their products.

The site also allows these stores to contact the sellers directly.

  1. Craft Site Directory

Craft Site Directory is an online directory for all kinds of craft-related content. The site includes craft items for sale, tutorials, and other resources for craft makers and crafters.

The site is essential as it helps track, find several crafters, and can help businesses and other related users find them easily and do business.

  1. GLC Crafts Mall

The site offers the opportunity for crafters and artists to sell their products online.

It includes a flat monthly rate. The site, however, does not ask for commissions from sales or set up fees from its users.

It also offers different monthly plans for artists and crafters dependent on their capability, where each plan is charged at different rates, each coming with its perks.

  1. Facebook Marketplace

Facebook marketplace is gaining popularity based on the huge number of users boasted by Facebook.

On listing the products, you can sell them dependent on your wish from selling locally to listing them internationally; Facebook offers you the options to sell them as per your liking.

The site does not attract fees unless you are paying for ads of course! It is also free to join and list your product and comes with many tools to help you sell your products.

  1. Instagram

Instagram is another great place to post your products and sell them.

The site comes with an offer to run ads, so you do not necessarily need a huge following to gain access to more people. However, a large following will come in handy in reaching more people.

Recommendations will also come in handy as the user recommending your products will increase your viewership by opening her audience to your products.

  1. Hyena Cart

This is another excellent avenue for sellers to sell their products online.

Boasting one of the largest markets for handmade and vintage items on the world, the site has millions of products on sale.

The site charges a $5 monthly for your store; however, the fee only applies if your store is active.

  1. Etsy

Etsy is most probably the biggest handmade and crafts market on the internet.

The site has virtually everything a crafts enthusiast may imagine from handmade craft soaps, vintage items, designer, and artist products.

The site also boasts huge traffic and it is advantageous to sellers in increasing their chances of getting a purchase.

The site does not charge any membership fee; however, you will be charged at least 20 cents to list an item on their platform till it sells, after which the site will charge a commission of 3.5 of the sale price.

The site requires a valid credit card to sign up as a seller so that they can bill you in terms of any transaction fee that may have accumulated.

  1. ArtFire

Apart from being an amazing handmade market place, ArtFire is also a great place to shop for your crafting supplies. The site is free in terms of listing your products.

After signing up successfully, each seller is given a monthly fee; call it a rental fee for their online store.

The site charges at least $20 a month, but also comes with special offers, which reduce the monthly prices.

Payment from customers can happen through Propay, PayPal, or Amazon Payments.

  1. Shop Handmade

Shop Handmade is a relatively new site, meaning the site is yet to gather the amount of traffic that you would wish for. However, an advantage with Shop Handmade is that it is entirely free to use. The site will not charge you any monthly fee, listing fee, or any kind of registration fees.

The site is quite risk-free, as your products can stay on the site without accumulating any fees, regardless of the time they take to get a purchase.

You can sign up to the store at any time and start uploading photos and creating listings right away. The site pays through PayPal.

  1. You Can Make This

You Can Make This is quite a different store. Similar to society 6, the site allows designers and artists to sell their designs for the handmade items rather than selling the product themselves.

The site is different from Society 6 in that you can get up to 50% of the purchase price if a product based on your design is sold on the site.

  1. Handmade by Amazon

We all know Amazon is into everything that can be purchased! Well, this is no different!

Amazon is on the craftsman business, too, with their Handmade By Amazon!

The site is strictly for crafters and DIYers. It allows you to sell your crafts through amazon, with an invitation requirement before you can start selling.

  1. Shopify

Shopify is one of the more popular e-commerce platforms, used by major companies to increase the purchasing power for your products if you sign up with them.

Unlike most platforms such as Amazon, you get to market your products in any way you want. This means that the site will not require you to categorize your products in any directory; rather you will just have access to their platform and set up your shop as you wish.

  1. Bonanza

Bonanza is quite an impressive platform as it acts as both a marketplace and an online store.

With Bonanza, you can sign up as a seller free.

The site does not charge you for listing your products, and also makes it possible for sellers to import other items that may be for sale on other sites, making it easier to get your listings in one place.

  1. Miiduu

This is another great site to sell your products.

Miiduu has everything from built-in marketing tools, easily customizable set-up, custom domains, and more.

The site comes with a browsable directory that you may be featured on.

  1. iCraft

Unlike other handmade craft sites such as Etsy, I craft is a strictly handmade product platform.

If it is handmade, it can get a listing on iCraft.

The site charges a $25 fee for registration, with a monthly $5 charge for unlimited product posting.

  1. Zibbet

This site is impressive as it offers it users, a storefront on the site while allowing your inclusion in their global online marketplace.

They specialize in crafts, fine art, and vintage wines.

The site charges a membership fee of between $4 and $16 a month.

  1. eCrater

eCrater is both a virtual store builder and a marketplace.

The site only started in 2004 and it has not yet gotten the type of traffic you would expect from such stores as eBay.

However, the store does not charge you any listing fees.

  1. Handmade Artists’ Shop

The site will not allow you to sell your handmade items on the site unless you’re a paid member of the site.

The site charges $5 a month for membership, after which you get to list as many products as you wish on the site.

A good thing with handmade artists’ shops is that they will not charge a commission or take any listing fees.

  1. Storenvy

If you want a multipurpose site for your product, Storenvy is a gem for you. The site not only gives you a storefront but it also allows you to list items on their marketplace as well as their independent retailers.

The site will take a 10% commission on any sales you make on their marketplace; however, they will not charge a commission on any sales made on your storefront.

If you want some extra features to make your store more endearing to customers, the item will charge an additional amount of money for it.

  1. Meylah

If you are looking for a cloud-ready, social ready ad mobile-ready platform, then Meylah is the store for you. The store includes a store and marketplace increasing your potential for getting a purchase.

The store plans range from a free 100 product listing to a premium of $19.95 for up to 1000 products.

  1. CrateJoy (craft subscription boxes)

Unless you have been on the moon in recent years, you must be aware of subscription boxes that allow people with interests in a wide array of things to get surprise boxes of samples in their mails.

Crate joy makes it quite easy to start a subscription box business based on your products. The site will give you all the tools you require to get started.

  1. Folksy

For UK based sellers of jewelry, clothing, and accessories, art, cards, handmade items, and many more, folksy is the store for you.

The site has two ways for charging sellers, from a basic account where you are charged to list each item, and a premium account with a flat monthly fee to list unlimited items.

  1. CraftIsArt

This is an online marketplace for vintage items and made items, art, and more. Although the site claims not to charge for listings, further investigation shows they charge at least $0.15 per listing, over 100 listings.

The site also offers a premium option for $7.99 a month for unlimited listings. However, for the first 100 listings, the site is free.

  1. ArtYah

ArtYah accounts can be created from anywhere all over the world. The site is popular for handmade, vintage, and art products.

It charges $0.10 to list an item, with a $3.5 commission after the sale of an item.

  1. Square

If you are looking for an easy store to set up, with free stores and listings, then the square is the store for you.

The only charges you expect on this site are credit card processing charges, in case your items sell.

The store, however, does not have a market place, meaning promoting your products is absolutely up to you.

  1. Creative Resale

This is a site created to buy, sell, trade, or donate used craft handmade and art supplies.

A great thing about the site is that it is free.

  1. Mercari

Mercari is an app for buying and selling anything and everything, including handmade items and crafts.

The commission the site charges from all sales are pegged at 10%, however, there are no listing charges for the site

  1. Aftcra

Aftcra was created for US-based people selling their handmade items. The site is also specific to the items sold, as they are supposed to be in the US

You can list handmade, upcycled, repurposed, printed goods, and handcrafted goods. The site does not allow vintage or manufactured goods.

It charges a 7% com/mission on all goods sold on their site.

  1. Craft Marketing

Craft Marketing is a Facebook group.

You can post your items and see if other group members will buy them.

  1. Craft Junkies Marketplace

Craft Junkies Marketplace is a group on Facebook where members get to buy and sell products.

The site is interested in the sale of crafts. It has a fairly large following with up to 20,000 members.

You will need to join the group before uploading the description and pictures of your product, after which you can post it and wait for some response if any.

You can also run an ad campaign for your product to increase the reach.

  1. Craft Living Marketplace

Another great group you can sell your products on is the craft living marketplace. It is a Facebook group that focuses on handmade creations and crafting supplies.

The group has been in place since 2012, with over 13,000 members.

After you join the group, you can buy and sell products.

  1. Buy and Sell Craft

This is another Facebook group, where you can buy and sell crafts. The group has almost 20,000 members and has no preference in terms of location.

Anyone across the world can join the group.

The group has been in place since 2013.

  1. Ravelry

Ravelry will allow you to sell or give away pdf files for patterns you have created as a designer. The site will allow you to earn up to $30 on their site before they charge you any fees for any sales made on their site.

  1. UncommonGoods

The site allows you to submit your products to them; however, thy have the last say on whether to list your product on their site.

The site is always looking for interesting products they can add to their site.

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You can keep searching the internet for other ways you can sell your handmade crafts.

If you still find it hard to make sales, there are ways you can increase your chances of making sales. Sites like Pinterest can come in handy where you can follow other people, re-pin their crafts, and share yours with a link for purchase.

You can also learn reform downloading some e-books.

Creativity and knowledge will be key to making sales.

Happy selling!

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