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18 Best Ways You Can Earn Selling Handmade Jewelry Online

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Are you a skilled handmade jewelry craftsman? Are you looking for ways you can make money from your skill? We have 18 ways you can make money both online and offline selling your pieces, and we have included bonus tips!If you are a skilled craftsman, and can make beautiful jewelry, the you a earn money from multiple avenues, both online and offline. All you need are the products and the right platforms, and you will be well on your way. You might make high-end jewelry, laced with precious stones or diamonds, or you might make jewelry from precious stones, this article is for you!

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Which are The Best Websites to Sell Handmade Jewelry?

A number of sites that will buy handmade jewelry; each comes with their own conditions. It is advisable to get on as many sites as possible to increase the chances of making increased sales from your jewelry pieces.

Some of the Places You Can Sell Jewelry Online

Below is the list of online stores you can make money from selling handmade jewelry.


As long as the minimum price per piece is $1,500, Worthy will buy all kinds of jewelry from you.

The advantage with worthy is that the site sells jewelry at an auction, meaning your jewelry will get a chance at increased prices as it will get bought by the highest bidder. The site will also give you control over your items until they are sold.

The site even allows you to change the set minimum price if you don’t feel comfortable with it. Allowing you to set a buy it now price if you so wish.

The site will take a commission of 5%-15% of the selling price dependent on the value of the jewelry. The way they charge commission is such that the higher the price of the jewelry, the lower the fee they will charge.

How the site works is such that:

  • You have the chance at getting a free estimate of the price for your jewelry on their website
  • If the estimate is agreeable with you, then you can fill in your details, receive a free insured shipping kit and send the jewelry to them
  • After they receive the jewelry, they will then send you an appraisal and a suggestion cost
  • If you agree on the starting price, then the auction can start.
  • After the jewelry has been sold, you will get your money in 24 hours through PayPal, or after a few days if it is a bank transfer.

A good thing about the site is the excellent customer support, free and insured shipping plus an A+ rating from the BBB.


Your jewelry may not be worth as much as $1500; however, this company will still buy your jewelry at excellent rates. The site comes with a calculator that can help you understand the value of your jewelry, and calculate their estimated cost.

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The company has over 20 years in the market and it has grown its audience, making it one of the best places to sell your jewelry.

It may prove to be one of the best sites for your handmade jewelry based on its lack of rigid rules to sell on their site.

How the company works is such that:

  • You will first fill a form on their website
  • You will then be required to pack your jewelry in a free insured kit that will be sent to you. Pack the jewelry you plan to sell and send it back to the company.
  • You will then receive an offer through the email, as to the price for the jewelry you sent.
  • If you accept the offer, you will get the money through PayPal, bank transfer or check.
  • In case you do not agree on the price, the company will send you back your jewelry at no extra cost.

WP Diamonds

As the name suggests, the site will buy mostly diamonds and jewelry. However, the company also buys luxury watches, designer jewelry, and luxury handbags. If you are a handmade jeweler who uses diamonds in your craft, this site can be great for you.

The site will not auction your jewelry; rather they function as more of a pawnshop, and may resell the jewelry, or offer you other modes of payment.

WP diamonds appraisal style is transparent, including filming, to ensure maximum confidence from the owner.

Also, they will offer you a fair price plus no extra fees.

They insure shipping to a maximum of $10,000, so you can rest assured your jewelry is safe while shipping it to them.

How the company works is such that:

  • You will have to request a mailer kit from their website
  • After you send the request, you will then receive a call from one of their customer service attendant to discuss your items or items.
  • After you have agreed on the items you are selling, they will then provide a FedEx label for you, which you will need to print and stick on your packed jewelry.
  • After you send the package and they receive it, they will first examine your jewelry before sending you an offer.
  • If you like the offer, they will then pay you through ACH or check. If you disagree on the offer, they will send your jewelry back at no extra cost.


This is one of the newer jewelry market sites presently. The company will buy your jewelry with diamonds inside and resell it through their parent company BlueNile

For the company to buy your jewelry, it has to have at least a 30-carat diamond inside it.

The company is quite strict on this policy, and it will not take any of your jewelry without the diamond or the 3-carat level of diamonds.

The company may be new, and somewhat lacking customers, however, they have the backing of the bigger diamond retailer BlueNile, which adds to their credibility.

How the company works is such that:

  • You will have to access their website and provide information as to the piece of jewelry you are selling
  • After you submit it, the site will contact you as to the price range you can get for your piece
  • If you agree on the range of pricing, they will then send you the mailing materials overnight
  • Once you have sent the jewelry and they have received it, they will evaluate it as to whether it matches the prescribed details you had earlier provided.
  • They will then give you their final offer.
  • If you agree, they will pay you immediately, and if you disagree, then they will send the jewelry back to you at no extra cost.

Diamond Buyers International

This is also mostly a diamond buyer, so if you are talented handmade jeweler with diamond’s, then you can get some money here.

Although mostly associated with diamonds, they are also involved in luxury watches.

They provide off-peak prices all year, ensuring you get the best offers possible.

They will also give you a price range for your jewelry before you send it to them.

It is an excellent place for loose diamonds and diamond-based jewelry.

The site also offers better prices compared to their competition.

  • You will get instant appraisals through their website there entering information regarding your diamond jewelry
  • If you like their offer, you can request a fee mailer kit from their website
  • Shipping the jewelry to the company is free and insured
  • After they receive the jewelry and inspect it, you will then get a response from one of their people after roughly 2 hours of receiving the package
  • If the price is agreeable to you will get paid through PayPal check or direct deposit
  • If you disagree on the price, they will send the jewelry back at no extra cost.

The Real Real

The site is a luxury online consignment site, so if you make luxury handmade jewelry, then this is the site for you.

You can sell gently used jewelry on the site plus other high-end stuff like shoes, designer furniture etc.

The selling model on the site is quite different from most platforms. Plus, as the site is not especially for jewelry, it may take a tad bit longer to sell your jewelry on the site, and you may wait longer for your payment

How the site works is such that:

  • You will create an account and register to the site.
  • You will then have to send a picture of what jewelry you are selling.
  • Gemologists from the site will then take a look at your jewelry, and give out a price range
  • They will then upload the picture to their website, and if someone buys the product and it is mailed to them, you will get your money minus the site’s commission.
  • The site charges between 5%and 15% commission fee
  • The website may discount the item to help it sell faster.

The Diamond Valet

The company also buys jewelry with diamonds, diamonds, and luxury watches. They will offer free evaluation services before you send them your valuables to ensure they will buy it from you before you send it to them.

The company is quite small, with a few customers. They, however, offer many payment options and due to the company being the one taking the jewelry from you, then it won’t affect you in as much as the time it will take to sell the jewelry

How the company works is such that:

  • You will need to complete an evaluation on their website, and wait for their employees to contact you
  • After you have agreed with the employees from the company, they will then send you to return packages with which you will send your jewelry back to them. Shipping is free and secure
  • After they receive the jewelry, they will then inspect it and send you their final offer.
  • Once you receive the offer, you will have ten days to accept it or not. If you do, then the money can be sent through a check, PayPal or Western Union
  • If you choose not to accept the offer, the jewelry will be sent back to you at no extra cost.


One of the most famous auction sites known for selling art, jewelry and collectibles, the site can see you make an upwards of $2000 on your products.

You might have to wait around seven business days to a few weeks for an estimate; as it is not as fast as other platforms

The site is also famous for luxury auctions

They, however, don’t offer certain services like free shipping and insurance; however, they hold the potential to make you more money as they have a more extensive network of buyers.

So how the site works is such that:

  • To get an estimate, fill out a form on their website and include pictures. If your items fit their requirement, they will contact you.
  • A team will contact you as to the location and time of the auction plus the minimum amount of money they will start with. You will be responsible for shipping and insurance
  • If the item is sold you will get money in around three days; however, if the item is not sold, you can take your piece of jewelry back or leave it for the next auction.


This is another auction site.

You can sell your jewelry at an excellent price on the site as it’s based on the highest bidder.

The site holds at least 26 auctions per year, and they have shops in London and New York as well as their website.

Christie’s may be a good choice in case you have high-value jewelry; however, it may take a while before you get your money. This is because their response to your requests may at times take weeks, plus you may have to wait months for an auction to happen.

After the auction, where your jewelry is sold, you will have to wait at least a month for your payment to be processed; however, if you can withstand these setbacks, the site may be good as you will get paid better than most sites.

How the site works is such that:

  • You will have to fill a form on the site for you to get an estimate on the website for your jewelry after attaching high-resolution pictures.
  • The site will take between 4-6 weeks to respond. If they decide to sell your item they will contact, you with the venue and date of auction
  • You will then have to care of the shipping and insurance of the products to the location of the venue; however, their team will assist with packaging instructions.
  • If your item is sold at the agreed auction, you will receive your money in around 35 days. If it wasn’t sold, they will either keep it for late auctions or will ask you to take it back.


This is another great site if you are looking to sell your handmade jewelry online, and is also one of the largest platforms in the world to sell handmade jewelry.

The site has low fees, secure and easy to use

The site allows for handmade jewelry buyers to network all over the world.

The site is quite easy for jewelry sellers to set up, plus it comes with a lot of guides on getting more buyers

How the site works is such that:

  • You will have to create an account on the site
  • You will then build a shop for your jewelry and start uploading pictures of the items with good descriptions
  • Follow the instructions on marketing your products preset in the site
  • Get paid once a month for all the jewelry you sell.

Ruby Lane

This is an online platform where you can buy and sell jewelry art, collectibles and antiques.

The site claims to have over one million users a month meaning a huge audience for your products

The site comes with a targeted audience, plus there are helpful guidelines to help you sell our product

The site also has low fees plus it also has good ratings from trust pilot.

How the site works is such that:

  • You will have to create an account on the site and upload a picture of what you are selling
  • Follow the guidelines
  • Sell your item and get your money minus the listing fee.

Amazon handmade

The site was launched in 2015 to help artisans get a targeted platform for their art. The site is exclusively for handmade goods and jewelry. It reviews every artisan’s applications and looks at their products to ensure they are all handmade.

The site helps reduce the competition from manufacturers for people who like handcrafted goods.

The site also offers free professional selling plans charging around $39.99 a month.

The site will keep a 15% referral fee per item sold, so ensure you consider if these fees will negatively impact your business. However, remember the massive number of traffic Amazon has in a day and the potential exposure for your products on the site.


This is the second-largest retail website behind amazon. The site is an auction site making it a better place to sell your products at a higher price.

The site is increasingly becoming competitive with sellers reaping the advantage from competing client prices.

The better you are at customizing your listings according to clientele preference and choice, the more the success you can have on the site.

The site also has its guide to selling jeweler, which can come in handy in increasing the sales.


The site will let you choose three different membership levels so that you are never paying more than you should.

The site will also require registration and for you to list your product in a manner that will attract customers to your products.

Big Cartel

The site was created mainly for photographer’s craft makers and authors. The site supports independents in their endeavor to produce and sell products they believe in

The site was founded in 2005 by Matt Wigham to sell his band merchandise online. The site has since grown and served over a million artists.

The site is web-based and fully hosted software that is simple to use and comes at a zero transaction rate. However, the site was not meant for people selling in bulk; however, if you are starting, the site will be of great help.

The site comes with an advantage of simpler functions, in terms of adding products, creating discounts and managing orders.


The site is continuously growing in popularity, as an alternative to Amazon and eBay as the site for selling jewelry online. A quick search result will show the site has more than 85,000 items listed under handcrafted items.

This may seem a lot, but it is not compared to other major platforms, however, it is continually growing.

One good thing about the site is that it is free to join, while the commission for a sale from the site is quite low at 3.5%, increasing the chances for you to make more money from the site.

Pop Up Shop

You can check our local businesses and see where you can set up a one-day pop-up shop to sell your handmade crafts. Also if you are selling high end handmade jewelry, then you can also set up a pop-up shop at a high-end restaurant, and let people test out your products as they go in and either buy or take them off as they come out.

Craft fairs

You can also check your local chamber of commerce and see when there will be a craft fair scheduled for your area.

You can take your crafts here and possibly make some sales.

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How to Make Money Selling Handmade Jewelry

Here are some of the factors to consider:

I.                 Pricing jewelry

If you are pricing jewelry, the best way to do it is through getting an estimate before asking for offers from online users. Also, ensure you collect enough information as to the value of the jewelry you are selling.

It will also help to understand the materials you use for the jewelry, from the precious metals to the stones and gems.

Also, it will be important to have the information as to the purity of the precious metals, the shape of the diamonds, color and clarity.

II.               Presentation

How you present your jewelry will count for the attraction of customers to your piece. Ensure you do proper research as to how you could best represent the piece to increase the number of potential customers.

III.              Open your own space

Dependent on how seriously you take your online and offline craft selling business, and the potential profits you are sure can make from the business; you may decide to take a plunge and establish yourself in the market.

Whether you will open a shop or create a website and start attracting traffic, you may end up competing with dome o these leading sites for handmade jewelry.

IV.             Keep with the trends

As you depend on selling increased products, it would be prudent to keep with the rent, such that you sell things you know people want. This will help you sell more

V.               Competitive prices

It will be important to maintain competitive prices as you start, as this will help attract customers to your shop or products.


Considering all the aspects mentioned above, it is time for you to stop sitting on your talent. Go out there and make money selling your handmade jewelry.

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