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16 Apps and Websites That Allows One to Sell Items Online and Locally

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You don’t have to rely on the local customers only to buy your products. You can establish an online presence by selling and buying goods.There are many people around the world who are trying to sell stuff, and their simple retail business working out of their garage simply does not seem to generate enough income. Whether you want to sell stuff from your garage, stuff that you have purchased cheaply to resell, or start a whole retail business, you should definitely consider online sales as a way to make money.

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Selling your items online will give you access to the online community. You will require an app or a website to present your items to this huge online market.

However, there are thousands of selling apps in the play store that users may find it challenging to know the best buying and selling apps among the available options. There also multiple sites that can help you market and sell your goods and services painlessly.

Here, in this piece, we will combine the best apps and sites that you can use to make your dream of selling your stuff online a reality.

Best apps where you can sell stuff

Below are the best mobile phone apps for selling your stuff to local buyers via the internet.

1.       Decluttr

Decluttr is among the most popular apps that you can use to sell any unwanted items. The entire transaction will take a few minutes, and you will get your payment on the next day. Some of the things that you can dispose of there are DVDs, textbooks, tablets, and video games.

You will start by using the app to scan the prices for different things. They usually use PayPal as a mode of payment. You should send items that will pass quality control. If they are sub-standard, they will not remit them back.

It will be reasonable to read the terms and the conditions of Decluttr for you to stick with their procedures.

2.       Dealo

Dealo is an app that you can easily install on your iPhone gadget. The platform is a global presence whereby you can buy and sell your items. Surprisingly, the buyer will have an opportunity to contact the seller via email or phone call.

It is so unique since most of the apps allow only one to communicate with the seller or the buyer through their chat platforms. One advantage of chat apps is that they will secure your privacy until you arrange for a physical meeting.

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One thing for sure is that some of the items are easier to get sold via a phone call.

3.       OfferUp

The OfferUp is an app which rewards typically a repeat seller who has a distinguished record with customers. Both sellers and buyers will have to leave feedback for every transaction.

Such an incredible feature makes this app to be more appealing. You also have a chance to link your Facebook account as additional security.  Overall, the app has simple functions for consumers to use them effectively.

As a buyer, you also have a chance to ask your questions to the seller

4.       Bookoo

If you want a friendly app to use, then, Bookoo can be among your options. The app is unique as one can create a profile where you will interact with the buyer and the seller. Fortunately, you will also have a chance to meet will the potential client physically. Such a design reduces fraud and increases the level of trust.

Most of the sales in this app happen locally. Concerning that, you will not have a challenge with shipping costs. You can also use this app to list your yard sale. Overall, Bookoo is a flexible app that can actualize your dreams.

5.       Recycler

Recycler is among the pioneer apps in the market. It specializes in used items such as carpets, cars, tents, and more. You can use this app to buy and sell your items regionally. Mostly, the product lists are ordinarily in California.

Still, this Recycler app also sells its items on the East coast and mid-west. It is an app with many followers. It is a popular app that many people enjoy using. You have to read and confine yourself with the terms and conditions, as indicated in the app.

Moreover, the app happens to work only in some states of the US. As you use it, you will rarely encounter scammers.

6.       Carousell

Carousell happens to be among the popular apps that have its origin in Singapore. Fortunately, it has been expanding its bases in the US. The app is so flexible that one can sell a variety of items such as cars, electronics, and clothing.

You will also post most of your listing on the social media. You can also program your friends to share the items on social media. The process of listing is more straightforward as you can only use less than 30 minutes to list a product.

The app is always free to download. Moreover, it can allow one to post at least four pictures of the listed product.

7.      VarageSale

VarageSale is another platform whereby you will have a chance to sell your products online. Once you download your app, you can use it for free.  Some of the products that one can sell include electronics, furniture, smartphones, and more.

The platform will require a buyer and seller to create a profile that will feature both names and a picture. You will never advance to the next step until you fulfill the requirement. There is a hotline that works for 24 hours to report any suspicious person.

Because safety is a must to both sellers and buyers, the platform happens to be famous around the world.

8.      Hoobly

Are you a pet lover who would like to sell or buy one? Look no further than using the Hoobly app to actualize your dreams. You can sell that particular pet that needs adoption. Most of the pet lovers use this platform to find a better deal on pets.

The app is also versatile. You can still sell and buy many items as you use them. Nevertheless, you can freely download the app on your Android and iOS devices. The app has an online reputation that makes it popular to sell pets online.

There are other similar apps that specialize in the pet niche, but this app takes the lead among that category.

9.       Shpock

The Acronym stands for a shop in a pocket. You can use the Shpock app on both iPhone and Android devices. You will have a chance to indicate your listing by showing larger pictures. As the shopper begins to browse the site, they will see the images of the particular items on the listings.

As the user clicks on the item, he will be able to see the verbal product description. For example, if you are selling a car, a picture of these items will appear first. Then there will be a product description of the product.

Best websites to sell stuff locally

The following are some of the websites where you can make a profit from selling goods stuff in a wide range of categories. On some website you’ll take the items to the buyer and get the cash immediately. However, in other sites, the store takes your items, puts them up for sale for you and then gives you a percentage of the profits when the items sell. Some of these websites also have apps.

10.     Facebook Buy and Sell Groups

Facebook happens to be among the most extensive community app on the internet. As you open the app, locate the “Buy and Sell Groups “button and click on it. After that, Facebook will list all the selling groups near you.

Firstly, you will have to join a group for you to sell or buy. It is vital to read the group’s rules and restrictions so that you may confine yourselves with the procedures. For instance, most of the groups do not allow the sale of firearms.

Facebook is a great avenue whereby you will directly sell your items without going to craigslist. The only responsibility placed on you is to understand the marketplace.

11.     Letgo

Letgo is a trading platform. All you have to do is to snap the picture of that particular stuff you want to sell. Here, you have to use their app for you to sell your items. As you post, the buyers will see the listing of the product on the app or the desktop.

The listing of items for sale in the Letgo app is as procedural as it indicates those kinds of stuff that are nearest to you. For you to see the listed items into your most adjacent area, you have to key in your zip code.

Alternatively, you can search the product by the category or by name. As you do so, you will make your sales to a prospective client.

12.     eBay

Here, you can either use the app or the site to sell your items. Is eBay specialized only on things that one must ship? Not at all. It is possible to list for local and bulky items such as furniture, and the buyer may locate the place to pick it. While doing so, remember to select the “local pick only” as you avoid the shipping costs.

Interestingly, some local businessmen access eBay to list their items. As motivation, they offer free deliveries if you live within a certain radius.  It can be a lucrative business to those businessmen who own a delivery tracking.

A list of your products is usually free. You will online pay charges after you sell your items.

13.      Amazon

Amazon is the most popular site for buying and selling items. Here, you will have to purchase your favorite things. There is a seller’s list on this platform. Once the prospective client sees it, he may place the order.

Amazon has been enabling people to buy and sell different pieces of stuff all over the world. If you live far, your item will get shipped to your locality at a fee. As a seller, you will have to go through the buying and selling terms of the site for proper procedures.

You can download the Amazon app from Android or iOS and start using it to locate your ideal business.

14.     Chairish

Are you looking for the right furniture? Look no further than the Chairish site to list your items. You can also sell vintage jewelry and home decorations. There are some items that Chairish can ship for free.

If the buyer does not like the goods, he has 48-hour s to return them. The seller will receive the payment when 48 hours lapses. Unfortunately, the app is only available to some iPhones. Also, Chairish has high fees, but you can get quality items on the listings.

Since this site has a good reputation and also has an app. It only sells high-quality items.

15. Instagram

Instagram is a popular platform where you can share your fun. But that is not all. It can also be an ideal platform to sell your stuff online. You will start by taking a snap picture of the products you want to sell. You can also indicate a few points as a product description of your item.

Most young adults use Instagram than Facebook, although Facebook owns Instagram. Instagram can be your ideal option if you want to sell more than twenty items. You will never get scammed on this platform, making it trustworthy.

16. Craigslist

The website and the app performs similar functions. Most importantly, craigslist has been the founder of online classified. One advantage of this platform is that it has a large audience. It is a reputable app you can find around.

The app boasts many buyers; hence your product will have higher chances of selling as long as it is of good quality. Since the app has a significant online presence, you can opt to use it when you live in a semi-rural area.

You must read and understand the trading procedures. By doing so, you will evade any violations and possible penalties.

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Tips For Selling Stuff Online

To help you facilitate a profitable selling online, here are a few tips to remember for you to have a good start in selling stuff online.

  • Make your products standout.

The online market has a tight competition, so to attract customers make your products noticeable. Make sure that your products are interesting enough so that you get to make possible sales online.

  • Buy online first.

If you want to learn selling stuff online, one smart tip to keep in mind is to buy online first. This will allow you to get familiar the processes in buying online and will also allow you to understand the behavior of buyers online. By having an idea on this one, you will also help yourself on how to get more buyers for your items for sale.

  • Choose the right platform to sell your stuff.

If you are selling valuable items that can be easily shipped then go for sites such as eBay. You can also participate in single auctions or set up your own online store if you have many valuable items to sell. Larger items such as furniture, or electronics that locals might be interested in should be listed on Craigslist. Movies videos, music CDs and books will sell well at sites such as the Amazon.

In Conclusion

Technology is ever-transforming, and you should approach our business with these new changes. If you lack to embrace the new changes, you will not be in control of your business effectively.

Competition is also proving to be at a peak when all companies and individuals are going online and developing their own apps.

This article has listed some of the best apps and sites, where you can start making money online.

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