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Where Can You Sell Your Hair Online and Locally: 13 Best Places

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Hair has become a hot commodity, and we can show you just how you can make some good money from selling it.Are you interested in selling your hair?

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Human hair can be considered one of the most expensive types of hair, as compared to other types of hair. Nowadays many people prefer human hair, which ranges from a small number of dollars to thousands of dollars.

I am sure you have heard of Brazilian hair, right? It is one of the most popular types of hair and fetches thousands of dollars to rock it out.

So, are you interested in selling your hair? There are several sites where you can sell your hair, with each coming with their requirements.

Before we check out sites, you can sell your hair on; it will be essential to check out which kinds of hair sell?

Types of Hair for Sale

a) Virgin Hair

This is the kind of hair that has never been in touch with any sort of chemicals.

Virgin hair comes in its natural state.

The hair has all its cuticles in the same direction and is the best type of hair for a client, as it can be bleached dyed and even processed

b) Remy Hair

This type of hair is different from virgin hair as it has come in contact with chemicals for one reason or the other. The hair, however, still has all its cuticle facing the same direction.

What makes this type of hair still viable for a client is that it does not tangle.

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c) Brazilian Hair

This is one of those hairs with the best textures for black women.

The hair type is thicker and coarser compared to Indian hair. The hair has a natural shine to it is and is also luxurious and durable.

d) Virgin Peruvian Hair

Peruvian hair is like a mix of Brazilian and Indian hair. The hair is course as Brazilian hair but as silk-ish as Indian hair, blended to form a bouncy type of hair.

This type of hair is quite lightweight and luxurious. It blends with relaxed natural as well as course Caucasian hair.

e) Virgin Malaysian Hair

This is a soft type of hair. It blends perfectly with a relaxed type of hair. The hair type is quite popular as it holds curls, is soft and full of luster

f) Virgin Indian Hair

Indian hair is one of the best hair in the market.

It comes with a thick texture and can handle aa variety of hairstyles such as the wavy, straight and curly hairstyles.

It works with most women since Indian hair is well textured with a natural luster.

So which are the best sites to sell your hair both locally and online?


HairSellOn is one quite famous platform for buying and selling hair.

The site comes with a hair calculator tool that helps you know how much you will get for your air.

The site also comes with a hair selling guide to help you sell your hair at the best prices and as fast as possible.

HairSellOn comes with categories and listings, which will help you, navigate to what you are looking for.


One of the leading sites for selling your hair is the buy and sell hair.

To start selling hair on the site, you will have to first register on the site.

If you have already cut your hair, ensure it is kept in a ponytail or braid. If you choose to wait for the payment to cut your hair, ensure you state how much of your hair you want to cut and at how much you are selling it before cutting the hair.

Take a couple of all well-rounded photos of your hair to help the potential client know what they are buying.

Click on the post add button on the site, after which you will upload a picture of the hair, with a clear description.

The site comes with a pricing capability where you state how much you are selling the hair for. It is advisable to research on the price of the same kind of hair to ensure you do not fall under or over the normal pricing.

After identifying a client, finalizing the payment will be important.

PayPal is a great means of payment as the money will be in your account in a matter of minutes after the seller pays to your account. After confirmation of payment, ensure that you send the product as per the sale agreement.

Online Hair Affair

The company was started in 2008 and has grown to be one of the leading hair selling sites in the world. The site comes with a unique way of listing products, making it easier for hair sellers and buyers to connect

The site offers an opportunity for both men and women to buy hair.

The types of hair sold on the site range from; long hair, short hair, virgin hair, colored and treated hair.

For you to buy hair on an online hair affair, you will have to enter into a binding contract to buy and sell hair.

The site has thousands of users increases the chances for a seller to get clients.

The site strives to prevent any kind of scamming and fraud; however, as is with most online platforms, scammers will still try and get free hair, or try and scam their way out of your hard-earned money.

The site advises its users to contact them whenever they feel a scammer is targeting them. They try and offer some technical advice for identifying scammers on online hair affair.

  • An inquiry from someone in a different country
  • Offering payment through western union, MoneyGram money order, or escrow service.
  • Fake PayPal notification emails to your email address
  • Getting the request to use your courier, and send that courier money to cover shipping costs
  • -People asking for personal details

World of Wig

One of the best companies to sell hair to the world of wigs site is straight forward and easy to work with, and has been in existence for over 55 years of experience in the market. The company has the expertise and experience few can match.

The company pays between $3 and $5 per Oz of hair that passes the industry-standard qualification

So how do you cut the hair in industry standard

  • Rubber band your hair into tiny ponytails
  • Cut hair approximately 11/2 inches above the rubber band.
  • Put the hair in a tissue or a baggy.

After you cut the hair, any loose hair scooped off the floor that was not part of the original rubber band ponytail and is then added to your ponytail disqualifies the entire bundle, making t worthless to the site.

If sending the hair to the world of wigs, ensure that you include a self-addressed and stamped Manilla envelope, in case you would like a return.

Ensure that you send the hair with a note included stating that you are sending the hair with an intention to sell it. In case there is no note, the hair will be assumed to be a donation.

Also, the hair should come with an email address.

The hair will be held for thirty days.

During this time, the company will send you a quote via email for the hair. If you do not claim payment with regard to the quote after the lapse of thirty days, the hair will be taken as a donation.

The company sells all kinds of wigs, including lace front, human hair, and hairpieces. It was initially built for people in need of some extra income selling wigs but has expanded to sell more than hair, with people selling any kind of artwork that has hair involved.

How the world of wigs works is such that; you can create your listing and sell your hair directly to buyers through the site.


Facebook has one of the largest numbers of users on the internet, which makes it a prime place to sell your hair.

Here are several ways to sell hair on Facebook:

On your profile

You can list your hair and sell it on your account profile. You will need to upload pictures and inform people you are selling on your status.

You can also create a Facebook page for selling your products and invite people to the page. You can then run ads on the page to ensure you reach more people to sell the products to.

Facebook marketplace

You can create a listing on the Facebook marketplace. The listing will be available to anyone on the marketplace and news feed. You will have to click on the Facebook marketplace and click on sell something.

Enter the proper title for your product, the price, location, and category for the item you can then add a description.

You will have to add at least ten photos; after which you can post them.

Selling on Facebook groups

Several Facebook groups are selling and buying goods. You will have to join Facebook groups selling products.

Certain groups will require an invitation to join, while others will require admin permission to join after you send a request.

Facebook works in such a way that you can either meet the client to sell your goods, or they can be shipped to the client. It will all be dependent on your agreement with the buyer.

There are certain ways you can keep your transaction even more secure with the help of services such as escrow.

Escrow works such that the site will act as an intermediary between the client and the seller. The buyer deposits money into escrow, the seller will then ship the product to the buyer. After the seller receives the items, they will confirm it on escrow, which will release funds to the seller.

The site acts as a security against fraud and can be essential in protecting both parties.

In case of any complaints, they will be lodged with the site, with each party providing proof.


Craigslist is another online platform where you can list and sell your items.

The site’s primary host is mainly meant for job posting, items for sale, services, and personals. The site also has forum sections that allow users to discuss a range of topics.

The site has classified in over 450 Cities worldwide

Posting for most classifieds is free, and is also free to respond to ads.

The site comes with a broad range of categories, with each category coming with several subcategories, easing the navigation to your desired products.

Most ads posted on craigslist include the member’s email address. However, the site has the option to mask your email address for security purposes.

Before you sell your hair on craigslist, it is essential to do some research, get to know how much money people are selling their wigs at.

Take proper photos of the product, enough for a potential client to have a clear depiction of whatever they are buying.

You will then have to write a clear heading, something that captures the product properly.

Write a clear heading for your ad; ensure it captures the item being sold clearly.


Unless you are living under a rock, everybody knows eBay.

It is an online auction site that lets users sell their products online. You can sell almost anything on eBay, old or used. Sellers set the terms of engagement, including shipment options, payment methods, and return policies.

You don’t have to get an account to log into eBay, however, to bid ad sell stuff on eBay, creating an account will be necessary.

Registration to eBay is free, and you will have the option of connecting a PayPal account in case of making sales, payment will be easy.

As you will be selling your hair, you will need to create a listing on the item. After you have registered and confirmed your email and phone number, you will use the sell link to navigate to the listing creation page.

You will need to add the description, staring price, length of the auction, shipping methods, return policy, and acceptable payment methods.

You will have to search for the items you want to purchase in the search bar, browsing using category listings. Click on the description of an item to see the entire listing description. Ensure you read it all to see the whole description.

After selling the products, expect to hold on your money before it is released to PayPal. The money may be held for between 3 to 21 days after the buyer receives the item.


The site was started back in 2000 as a platform for selling and buying online things to help people settle in a new city. Fast forward, and the site has become the leading classifieds item in the UK.

Apart from selling goods and products, the site also has:

  • Dream jobs, vehicles, and properties
  • Tutors and mentors
  • Clubs and classes

The site comes with an excellent safety mechanism for its users. Ads are screened, inaccuracies established, and advice is offered as to the best practice.

The site also comes with rating tools, which means that every seller has a track record on the site, which helps new users identify the best dealers.

The site also works with law enforcement to improve cybersecurity on their site, increasing the safety standards for its users.

To register on Gumtree, navigate to their site and follow the prompts. The site allows you to either sign up with your email or using Facebook.

After registration, you will then have to upload a photo of the hairpiece you are selling together with the price and the description.

If you get a potential client, the site allows you to choose when to meet with the client to sell the product.

It is advisable to ensure you meet in a safe space, somewhere public or near a police station. It is also a great idea to only accept cash as the mode of payment as it is physical, and help finish the deal right there and then with no chance for the cline to ask for cashback while they already have the hair.


Certain apps can come in handy in selling your hair, such as:

Carousel is a snap to sell an app that allows sellers to chat with their potential buyers.

The interface is quite easy to use, and setting up to listing a product will take approximately 30 seconds.

The app allows for items posted to be shared on other social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and more.

Signing up to the app is also quite easy, and you can either use your email or join using Facebook. After choosing the option you want to join Facebook with, you ill then choose a username.

After creating your account, and verifying it, you will be directed to the main page of the app.

Here you can browse for the items you require, however as you are interested in selling hair on the app, you will have to list it by uploading a couple of photos of the product.

You will sell your product by first clicking on the sell now button. Take a photo of the product ad fills out the necessary information.


The company operates in several countries; however, its strongest market is mainly the United States and Canada.

Using the app is quite simple, all you need to do to get started is to download the app, register with a valid email address, create a secure password, and you’re ready to go!

The app is simple enough to navigate; the main page has both the items and users listed for sale. The homepage also has categories that make it easier to navigate to what you are looking for.

If you are planning to sell anything on the app, you will have to select the photo from your gallery and upload it. The app only allows photos from the phone, not from the computer.

You will have to state the price for what you are selling, add a title, description, and category after your done tap on the Done button.

Although the app allows you to sell virtually anything, there are exceptions to the things you can sell on the app. The app has a list of prohibited items such as drugs, illegal products.

The app has been developed in such a way that if you list an item that is prohibited, it will be discarded and will not be seen on the app.


OfferUp is a software available for the web, IOS, and android. The site enables the sale and purchase of goods. The app displays large pictures for products that are categorized in relevant listings to help with finding the right products by potential clients.

The app differentiates itself from most e-commerce websites in new and better payment designs. It is the first peer to peer marketplace that lets customers use apple pay, google pay, and Samsung pay on its platform.

The app has over 40 million users, with a download rate of over 80 million downloads.

The way the app works is such that it has a hold offer button, and on pressing it, the item gets marked sold, and OfferUp takes payment information to ensure there is money for the item. When the two people meet for the transaction, the buyer will give the QR code for the seller to scan.

The site sells a variety of products, from a whole lot of people. From the categories listed on the app, the best one to place your hair for sale would be the beauty and healthier option.

Ensure you upload clear and enough photos for the viewers to get a full view of what they will see.

Local beauty parlor shops

There are a couple of places you can also sell hair locally, such as the local hair salon. Some saloons will buy your hair and sell them to other customers at a profit.

Local WhatsApp group

Many people have WhatsApp groups, where they can sell and buy goods. Here you can make an offer for your hair, and interested clients can reach you through the app.


Ensure you take care while selling hair to avoid scammers. Take time in assessing your client, to ensure they are a legit customer willing to pay. As online businesses are dependent on reviews, ensure you look at a client’s review, and ask for a good review after you complete your business to boost your rating on the site.

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