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25 Awesome Ways to Make Some Good Money with Your Smartphone

editUpdated on: April 1, 2020 by anvitalis

With the advancement in technology, your Smartphone can now incorporate applications, which can make you that extra dollar or full-time incomeToday it is effortless to earn money through your Smartphone. Several free apps, platforms, and services are a click away to assist you in making some extra cash online. You can access digital rewards platforms, side hustles, entrepreneurial endeavors, the gig economy, and much more accessible right from your Smartphone.

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Your phone is a potent financial tool; hence you can earn money on the go whether in your morning commute, relaxing around your home, or taking a walk in the city. Living situations and lifestyles are personal, just like personal finances. No two conditions are the same and what seems feasible and logical to one, may not for you.

Therefore if you want to start investing, make money fast, or build up an emergency fund, your phone can make it possible for you.

Here are 25 ways you can work online from your smartphone and make money.

1.    Swagbucks

Swagbucks is an excellent way to earn some extra cash online using your phone. You earn through Swagbucks search engine taking surveys, playing games, getting some money back on your online purchases, discovering deals, watching videos, and buying gift cards. It is the most popular platform for digital reward, and their browser extension and website app makes sure you can have access to their services at any time from your phone.

2.    InstaGC

If you desire to earn gift cards, instaGC is a good option for you. You can make the most money here, taking surveys, also by watching videos, playing games, and shopping online. They have above 30 options for gift cards to choose from, and they are all digital, so you get them instantly.

3.    Cash Crate

CashCrate is a fun multi-purpose platform. You can make money by using your phone. You earn money for every survey you complete. Plus, you earn points for every friend you refer to and any game you play online. Also, you can make money when you shop on CashCrate, and by interacting with fellow CashCrate members.

4.    Vindale Research

Another survey site with multiple daily options is Vindale research. For every survey you complete, you get$75. Also, you can earn additional money by leaving feedback and watching videos. Again looking for vindale codes on some select websites will earn you some cash. Vindale pays their members by paper check or PayPal cash, and you can request for instant payment when your account balances get to 50$.

5.    Toluna

Toluna is a broad survey community that has a global presence. You get paid to test products and take surveys. Also, you can earn extra points when you engage in the user forum. You may choose to play games with other Toluna members for fun. Plus, it is a cool social media platform.

6.    Ibotta

Each time you go to the grocery store, you can earn cashback through a mobile app known as Ibotta. Before getting out of the store, activate their cashback offers in the app.  With Ibotta mobile app, you can get some cash back at almost any grocery store. Again the app also works at stores with discounts like Target and Wallmart.

On Ibotta, there are two cashback offers types to activate. For instance, you could get $2 back when you buy Coca-cola 12-pack, or you may earn cashback after purchasing a full loaf of bread, irrespective of the brand. Most importantly, you do not have to hook paper coupons to receive the savings. When cashing out, you can request your payments by Venmo, PayPal, or gift cards.

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7.    Paribus

Making money as you shop has been made easier by paribus. All you do is link your Amazon account or email address to Paribus. And soon as prices drop, you receive a price refund. At Paribus, you accept cashback from more than 30 online stores. You can file claims for price protection personally and get the difference in price as a refund.

8.    Jobs2Shop

After you shop “incognito” at the restaurant or store and give your feedback on this Jobs2Shop app, they will pay you. With this app, you can also earn some cash through other online activities like playing games, mobile surveys, redeeming digital coupons, and shopping online. With this app, you receive a sign-up bonus of $5, and you are paid in cash.

9.    Harris Poll Online

Harris poll online is among the early survey companies around. And, they allow you to take their surveys from your phone. Governments, household brands, and non-profits partner with Harris for garnering your opinion. With every review, you will earn points for gift cards or cash.

To obtain more points, you can share with the program of Harris Shop Tracker your shopping purchases.  You tell the shop tracker program what you buy every month and earn points.

10.    Declutter

Decluttering is one of the top ways to earn some cash from your Smartphone by selling anything online. This can be any product from movies, mobile phones, books, jewelry, or series. You can sell it all at Declutter and earn money.  They have an option for giving free shipping services to valued customers.

After you make a successful sale, payment is processed the following day. Payment is done through a direct bank deposit, check, or charity donations.

11.    Poshmark

Poshmark is a leading website which deals with clothing resale. But you can either sell or buy products from their website. All you do is take your products and upload them on the app, the picture, and the pricing details.

The site simplifies the selling of products online with every section included. When dispatching the product, you are given a shipping label, and when you have updated the shipping label, a check is sent to you.

12.    Achievement

Achievement is among the best top 10 health tracking apps that track all the physical activities you do. If you start swimming, walking, biking or running will add to your list, hence, generate income accordingly.

This app also allows you to compete with other people to earn active health income. You can link to other interlinked apps and earn points. Then you may redeem the points to earn cash through direct deposit, PayPal, or you may choose to donate the money to some charities.

13.    Charity Miles

Charity miles enable you to donate the cash you earn by doing your physical activities. This app is specifically designed to help charitable trust or people. You don’t need to lend money out or invest. All you need to do is to download the app and do your usual physical activities. And then the GPS tracks your daily activities, and then they pay you rewards for walking, running, or cycling.

With this Charity Miles app, you finish your task as you log into the website. Therefore, you need to track or upload your workout by signing into the application.

14.    PointClub

PointClub is a popular platform that enables you to make money from your Smartphone through various micro tasks and to play games online. To be enrolled with PointClub, you must be 13years old and above. You need to have a workable email address, and once you sign up successfully, you earn around $5.

15.     Airbnb

There is an app called Airbnb that assists you in renting your home’s spare bedroom to tourists and other people. The app helps you to make money easily from your Smartphone.  First, enroll with Airbnb then upload the pictures of the room you intend to rent out. Plus, fill in the other amenities and costing details and upload them.

Visitors coming to your city may find such options on the app, and if your place is appealing to them, they will book it, and you get some income.

16.     GSN Cash Games

You can enroll with GSN cash games that usually offer deliberate card games, puzzles, games, or any other exciting and appealing games online. Often, they allow testing the game prior to being a participant in the competition, which helps you to understand the game well prior to competing with other players.

The good news is you will be given a fair competition by being paired with a competitor that has the same gaming skills as yours. The app not only gives you a straight forward rule but also enables you to have winning chances in higher ratios.

17.      LifePoints

LifePoints has grown to be a highly large organization after merging with GlobalTestMarket and MySurvey. LifePoints back end team points out that the questionnaires are usually matched with your interests and lifestyle.

This helps you to answer the questions with correct opinions and more reliably. Each survey that is 15 minutes in length earns you 100 points, and you may win $5-$8 for every survey.

18.      ShopKick

With ShopKick, you do not have to necessarily make a purchase to earn points, although you get more points when a purchase is made. First, you have to download the ShopKick app to earn money with them. You start earning points by first walking into a store, and then as you scan the products’ barcodes, you earn more points.

This is a fun way of getting your exercise and also interacting with other people. Also, you could receive free gift cards every time you leave your house.

19.      National Consumer Panel

National Consumer Panel requires only one hour every week of your time. You can share your week’s shopping activity once a week; using the NCP app, you can scan product receipts for you to get paid. For every product, share its price and the place where you bought it from.

With each scan, you get points that earn you gift cards, prizes, and cash. Again NCP increases your payout points if you remain as an active member longer. To receive the bonuses, share weekly your shopping history.

20.     Music X-ray

If listening to music is your hobby, you could earn by listening to new music, and then rate it at the Music X-ray. When filling in the application, write down your best bands to listen to their original music. And Music X-ray will recommend similar bands and songs.

This way, you may discover some new music for adding to your playlist. You earn 10 cents for every song you listen to. Plus, the bands you follow can give you free gear.

21.      Craigslist

If you want to sell off unwanted items locally, consider installing the Craigslist app. It is free to sell and list on craigslist, and there are no commissions, go-between, or shipping fees. You will appreciate this option, especially if you want to sell bulky items like furniture, old televisions sets, or exercise equipment.

You could also consider craigslist alternatives like Facebook, Letgo, or Offerup sell and buy groups. All these groups are free to sell, and list and most sellers think them to be Smartphone-friendly.

22.     Lending Club

If you are looking for stock market alternatives, consider Lending Club. It is a P2P (peer-to-peer) lending program that allows you to invest in” microloans.” These loans can give better return rates than bonds or CD accounts. An investor can earn up to 25%, though the average is usually between 3-8%. Since you act as “the bank,” you receive an interest payment each month, when the borrowers make their monthly settlement to Lending Club. You may track your advancement and put money in new notes through the mobile app of Lending Club.

Earn More Money from these mobile phone apps

23.     Gigwalk

Gigwalk app pays you to execute tasks around town. As a Gigwalk member, you may be requested to work at local stores verifying prices. You can also take shelf display pictures to ensure the displayed products look appealing. Or making sure public events will be held at the right time and place. You basically become the ears and eyes of national companies. You get paid for your efforts in PayPal cash.

24.     Foap

Foap is an app that enables you to sell pictures online that are taken using the phone’s camera. The pp can work with Android and Apple devices. And you receive your payment once a company buys any of your photos. Surprisingly, most large household name brands purchase pictures from foap to use them in advertising campaigns. To start, take some pictures of your recent trip or everyday life, and you can start making money with foap.

25.     Viggle

With Viggle, you earn one point when you watch some particular TV shows. Some shows give points for every ten minutes you view, and you receive prepaid debit cards, prizes, or gift cards. To watch your best plays and get points, you have to download the app to your Apple or Android phone.  Then use the app to watch your shows.

You may watch your shows on Netflix, Hulu, live TV, or stream to watch later on Amazon. Also, there’re bonus points for in-app games like friendly competitions and trivia. Hence the games enhance the viewing experience and make it more enjoyable.

Final Verdict

A Smartphone has multiple functions other than browsing social media, calling, and texting. Therefore you can use your phone to start making money today. You can actually have fun while you get paid.

Hence there are many different ways of making money from your hobbies using your Smartphone. There tens of ideas on this article that you can choose from to keep you busy making money with your Smartphone.

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