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31 Unique Ways to Make 300 Dollars in a Week, Quick and Easy Tips

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Are you broke? Do you want some fast cash? Here are tips and tricks that will get money in your pocket in just a few days.The internet has come up with so many ways of making quick money online. Some of these so-called techniques are useless while some prove quite useful, and end up making you a decent amount of money.

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If you are interested in making around $300 a week, easy cash, read up this article.

Ways to Make $300 Fast Through Selling Stuff

1.    Sell your old gold

Do you have some gold?

You must have seen a sign for ‘cash for gold’ in a store.

If you need some fast cash, these are sure ways of getting instant cash. However, take care, as these people will give you a shell of what your gold is worth, and will not pay extra for design.

These stores are guaranteed to hand over instant cash to you, and will not take a long time to get you that cash.

Sell your gold stores do not limit potential clients to gold; rather, if you have other products with gold in them, they will also take them and strip them for gold.

2.    How To Make 300 Dollars in a Week Selling scrap metal

This is a way for you also to get some quick cash.

If you have metals like copper or steel, then you will get cash on hand for selling the metal.

Metal prices have gone up in recent times, and you might get cash for metals lying idly around your house or business.

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Different metals come at different values, and scrap metal dealers will have to go through your load of scrap metal and value it to buy.

A good thing with selling scrap metal is that you will get your cash instantly, and you don’t have to wait for a long while before you get paid.

3.    Buy in bulk and sell individually

When you buy goods in bulk or o wholesale, then you are generally or always expect to buy them at a reduced price.

Depending on what you are trying to sell, you may find it extremely cheap ad ell on a good profit.

You may also import the product straight from the manufacturer, at extremely low prices.

People get stuff like t-shirts from china at cents to the dollar and sell the item in the United States for a few dollars making more than 100% profits.

How you sell the product can make a huge difference. Imagine selling the products at an event such as a concert. You can buy specific products such as canned drinks, direct from the manufacturer at low prices and make a profit selling them on retail at an event.

4.    Buy Items for Resale

You can also buy items for resale.

How this works is in several different ways.

Sites such as wish to sell products at extremely low prices, you can buy them and resell them at a profit.

You can also choose to purchase products at a discount and resell them at a profit.

Another way is through buying old products such as cars, remaking, and improving them to sell at a profit. This way is a sure way of turning a profit, as you buy them cheap and manage their renovation to maximize profit.

5.    Sell Your Blood Plasma

Previously, people used to donate their blood plasma; however, the venture has become an avenue for making money.

Find a local blood plasma center and research a bit on which center will pay you the most money.

You will be required to answer a couple of questions, and provide some identity documents before you get to provide your blood plasma for money.

This venture will take a few days before you get your cash; however, most centers pay decent money that only a few visits will get you your cash.

6.    Sell Your Hair

Human hair has become one of the most sorts after types of hair in the market.

There are several platforms dedicated to selling and buying human hair.

Dependent on your race and nationality, the price for your hair will either increase or decrease.

You may have heard about Brazilian hair, one of the most popular hair types in the market. Don’t be surprised to find its cost at thousands of dollars.

There are specific criteria for selling hair, with value dependent on certain types and quality, however getting $300 for hair is quite easy, as long as you match their criteria.

7.    Sell Concert Tickets on Stubhub

If you have some tickets for a popular event, you are sure to make some money from selling tickets, however, if you don’t have tickets, then StubHub will come through for you.

How this works is such that specific concert tickets are sold out in a matter of minutes. This means that the tickets will go up in price after they are sold out.

If you can get your hands on the tickets after they are sold put, then you have a gem in your hands, and making $30 will be a walk in the park. You can get to trade tickets through stub hub and resell them.

The only trick here is to know valuable events and distinguish them from the less valuable ones, to ensure you make a profit for selling them after they have been sold out.

8.    Sell Digital Accounts

You can make money by selling online accounts. This is accounts for stuff that cannot be sold in another way, such as bound o account items achievements and characters.

If you are an avid gamer, then you can make a decent amount, depending on what you have acquired through your account over time.

You can also sell other accounts such as Facebook and writing accounts with good reviews, enabling the buyer to immediately access the higher level of the account rather than starting at the beginner phase. A good example can be I writer account.

After you sell an account, things you can do with the 300 dollars can be buying a better account and selling it at an even higher price

In terms of Facebook, you may sell it due to the number of followers you have and exposure your account may have in case of a post. People may by them to have access to several people through your account.

9.    Sell Your Sperm

You must have heard about this!

You can sell your sperm if it is healthy and free from any health conditions. Sperm donors are becoming more popular, with more women opting for artificial insemination.

You can make $300 quite fast; however, be prepared to potentially father a child somewhere, although you will not have any legal obligation for the child.

However, there are several other ways you can make a fast buck before resulting to this option, did you hear of the man who donated so much sperm, and later his file got mixed up, and he ended up fathering more than 50 kids! Or was it a movie?!

Renting Out Space and Gear

1.    Rent out your vehicle

There are several online platforms where you can hire out your car. However, these sites may take quite a while before you get a client.

The best way to get some fast cash out of hiring your vehicle would be through someone you know or a friend of a friend.

If also you happen to know a car hire company, you may make arrangements to have your car hired through them if they run out of cars to hire out.

2.    Rent out your room on AirBnB

AirBnB has become increasingly popular.

The site will earn you $300 in a matter of days if your house or apartment is booked and used by a client through the site.

All you need to do is register to the site, list your apartment or room for rent through Airbnb.

However, this is not the only way to get your room hired, as you may use other means such as word of mouth, similar to hiring your car.

Renting your room is a quick way of making some fast, easy cash, and a bit of marketing will help increase the chances of getting a client.

3.    Lend your outdoor and other gear

Not so many people own their sea kayaks, or skis, snowmobiles, or boats, and if they do, they don’t own it all.

This provides an excellent avenue for making some money through hiring your gear.

Professional companies hiring this equipment have to pay staff, rent insurance, and other myriads of things; this makes it easy for you to undercut them and hire your equipment at lower prices.

You might get your stuff trashed; however, if you give the equipment under a contract of replacement in case of damage, then you are in a great position to make a quick buck, and $300 will not be a hassle.

Skills That Pay

1.    Do some day labor

Through such sites as labor finders, you may find a day labor job in your neighborhood.

The jobs are, however, mostly physical and will require you to be in the right health condition to perform them.

In the past, people used to line up at certain places for this kind of job, and of you know one, you can also line up and get a job for the day.

Most of these hobs pa on a day to day basis, meaning you can make your $300 I just a few days.

2.    Be a social media manager

Social media has become a necessary tool for business in the modern world, yet most companies have no idea as to how social media marketing works. That’s where you come in.

If you can convince a business or company in your local area as to the importance of social media marketing, you can make yourself $300 fast.

How this works is that you will have to prove how important social media is, by adding clients to the companies list through social media, after an agreed period.

If you do it well, you get to ask for a marketing budget plus a salary, making your $300 an easy fit.

3.    Be a freelance graphic designer

If you have some skills in graphic design, then you can get paid handsomely for your skill.

Many sites offer graphic design work, and the better you are, the more the money you get paid.

These sites are also quite flexible, and they will allow you to work within your schedule.

A good thing with freelancing is you get to choose your pay, dependent on how good you are; however, if you are starting, you will also get some work although at a lower paygrade.

Sites like Fiverr, up work, are great sites to work for and earn a good amount of money

4.    Freelance writing

If you are a skilled freelance writer, then the income potential is quite huge and may end up making thousands of dollars.

Many sites offer work for freelance writers.

Sites such as Uvocorp, text broker, etc. these sites will pay freelance writers well.

However, you will need patience as reaching the higher pay grade levels comes with some requirements in terms of several jobs done successfully for you to be promoted to the better paying levels of these sites.

However, as a beginner, you will still earn $300 quite easily.

You can also look for direct clients through social media platforms like twitter and agree on the payment before you work for them.

5.    Virtual assistant

Personal assistants offer a lot of support in business as the focus on the more mundane parts of the business while the owners look for ways to make the company more money.

Many companies cannot afford an assistant, and that where you come in.

If you become a virtual assistant, you get to offer the same services online rather than physically at the office.

The job pays in hours, and you get to make your money in just a few days.

Several platforms offer virtual assistant jobs and all you need to dos sign up to start working.

6.    Become an Uber driver

Can you drive? If yes, you can become an Uber driver.

The requirements for an Uber driver are a valid license and a successful sign you to the site. You also have to get clients to get paid through the service.

The site works in such a way that feedback ratings will influence your ability to attract more clients. Also, the location is essential as if you are located in a busy place, then the more the clients you can get.

7.    Try amazon flex

You might be a good driver, but dislike carrying people around. Then amazon flex is the job for you.

Amazon flex is involved in delivery services for the amazon company. The company is currently in 50 cities; however, it is expanding.

The app will pay around $15-$25 an hour. This, however, does not take into account expenses, meaning that the pay will be lower.

8.    Do some overtime

If you work at a place that offers overtime, then you are n luck, as overtime will get your $300 fast, dependent on the rates they offer at your job.

The downside to this, however I that you will be overworked, plus you will also have to wait for the paycheck.

Apart from that, this is a good way of making your extra $300.

9.    Be a professional Cuddler

This may seem odd, but it is a thing.

Professional cuddling is all about the importance of human touch, plus the therapeutic benefits that come with it.

This is a job like any other and involves an entirely platonic relationship, and helps provide emotional support.

The job pays amazingly well, and you may end up getting $80 an hour. However, the money goes through a company that will take a cut of the money as a commission.

An example of a company associated with professional cuddling is cuddlisy.com.

10. Officiate weddings

Officiates will charge a fee of roughly $100-$500 for their services, an amazing amount considering the scope of the job.

You will need to take the role seriously; weddings are quite an important affair. Ensure you provide a dedicated and good time for the bride and groom.

It will be best to focus on non-traditional weddings, as the more traditional ones will use their pastors. However, non-traditional weddings are becoming more popular, as more and more people want to break the association between religion and weddings.

There are plenty of options for you to focus on from the steampunk market to other geeky stuff.

Money Tricks

1.    Check if you are owed money

You might be owed money without your knowledge.

If you paid for PPI, you might be owed some money. Through services like paribs.co, old stores will be checked to see if you are owed any money.

2.    Clear your old bank accounts

You might have some old bank accounts you haven’t checked in ages and might get surprised at how much you have in these accounts.

Remember, money in the bank always acquires the interest, so if you left around $200, don’t be surprised to find it grown to $350.

If you go through all your old accounts, you may find you have a decent amount of money lying around.

3.    Get advance at work

If you have an understanding boss, an advance is a great way of getting your $300 fast. All you have to do is make a request, and if the boss is a good guy, you are bound to walk away with the money.

The downside to this, however, is that the money will be deducted from our income, and you are sure to feel the pinch when payday comes.

Advance pay mostly works if you a reliable employee, and the boss is happy with you. It will be way hard for them to refuse the request.

4.    Ask for a raise

You can ask for a raise.

This will typically work just like the advance scenario, such that if you are a diligent worker, and the boss is happy with you, then you will get a raise.

A good way to get a raise is to argue the reason for the rise in a manner that will show you deserve it.

5.    Change bank accounts

There has been increased competition for clients between banks. More and more banks have great offers for you to join them. If you look around, you may be surprised at what banks are ready to offer for you to join them.

Some may even offer the $300 for you to join them. You will only have to change your standing orders and payments to the new bank account. Ensure you follow all the instructions and read the fine print.

The only downside to this is that it may take a few weeks to with your money.

6.    Borrow the money

This is another simple way to get the $300. If you are a trustworthy friend, then you can get even more than $30 from a friend with the promise of paying it back.

$300 isn’t that much money to ask for, and if your friends are true friends, they will most likely get you the money without too much complaining.

The only downside to this is that you will have to pay back the money, plus it is never advisable to borrow money if you can stay without it.

7.    Take out a loan

Most banks will not ask for a lot to give you a $300 loan. However, they will ask for interest, so go through the fine print to know what you are getting yourself into. Ensure you take a money balloon type of payment to reduce the monthly, or daily interest.

Several other apps will offer you the loan at significantly lower interests and an instant’s notice. All you will need is a good credit rating, phone or computer, and internet connection.

Sign up to these sites and get your loan processed in a matter of hours.

Other ways of making an Easy $300

1.    Advertise on your car

This is another easy way of making $300

You will have to register with a company and get paid to advertise them on your car.

They can pay for a full ad on your car, or they can place objects such as a can of soda on the car, or they can add just a bit of word on the rear windows at a fee.

This is a guaranteed way to make more than $300.

2.    Become a charger

In places such as Santa Monica, Venice, San Jose, San Diego, Westwood, Palo Alto, Pacific Beach, Austin Texas, Washington DC, or Dallas, you can get paid for charging birds at a fee.

These are personal electric vehicles somewhat similar to scooters, only that they are small cars and are distributed through a sharing network.

You get paid to pick them up, take them home, charge them and return them for use the next day.


I am sure through the ways mentioned above for making money you can get at least one or two that will be a sure fit for you.

If not, you can make money online through several other ways, and all you will need is some proper research and you will get something worthwhile.

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