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Car Wrap Advertising: 11 Best Ways to Get Paid to Drive Your Car

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Did you know you could get paid just for driving your car around? With car wrap advertising, you get paid to put advertisements on your car and drive.Are you looking for ways to make money without even thinking about it? Car wrap advertising is a great way to make residual income with absolutely no work.

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You can actually get paid just for driving your car around. And, we are not talking about driving people around with Uber.

And, you aren’t delivering groceries, food, or anything like that.

You don’t have to change your way of life at all. You can drive where you normally drive and during the same hours that you drive.

Feeling confused? Let me explain…

Have you ever seen those cars with stickers advertising Monster drinks or another company? Well, that is someone making money just driving their car around.

Car advertising is the new way to advertise and can make you some nice residual income.

If you are interested, keep reading to find out more!

History of Car Wrap Advertising

Car wrap advertising has actually been around since the 1920s. It started with putting vinyl decals on taxi cabs.

The very first company that used car wrapping in a commercial setting was Pepsi Co. They wanted a moving billboard to advertise to millions of people.

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These companies got the bright idea to pay people to simply drive around with their product log on their cars.

The reason they did this was because it allowed them to advertise their products to hundreds and thousands of people 24/7.

Today, we see car wrap advertising everywhere! Let’s face it; it’s hard to ignore.

How Car Wrap Advertising Works

So, how does car wrap advertising work? Most companies will go through various car wrapping companies that find the drivers for them.

It would not be cost effective for each individual company to go out and find drivers and convince them to put ads on their cars.

So, this is where advertising companies come into play. As a driver, you would sign up with these advertising companies.

You will need to sign up with one of these companies and provide details such as:

  • What kind of car you drive
  • How often you drive per day
  • Where you drive

They will use this information to decide if your car will get those ads in front of as many eyeballs as possible.

When you get accepted, you will then be entered into their database. When there is an ad that would match your profile, you are contacted.

The company will tell you how much it pays and what you need to do.

You won’t have to change your daily commute or driving habits. The only change you will make is putting the sticker on your vehicle with the ad on it.

They will use a technique called “auto wrap” to put the ad on your car. Sometimes it’s a vinyl decal and other times its paintwork.

Depending on what kind of advertisement you do, it may cover part or all of your car.

How Much Money Can You Make?

It really depends on what company you go with on how much money you make. Additionally, there are various factors that go into how much you get paid for each assignment.

Here are some factors that go into how much you can make:

  • The kind of car you drive
  • What your daily commute is
  • The route you take on a daily basis
  • Whether the ad covers a part of your car or the whole car

With that being said, you can usually make anywhere from $200 to $1000 per month for each of your car wraps.

The average earning for car wrap advertising is $400 per month.

This is pretty good residual income especially since you don’t have to change any of your usual habits.

Requirements for Advertising

In order to do the car wrap advertising, companies look for specific kinds of cars with certain commutes on busy routes.

So, your geographical location plays a huge role in whether or not you can get in on this side hustle.

However, there are other requirements in order for you to do this program. Here are some of the criteria companies are looking for:

  • You will need to be 18 years or older.
  • A clean driving record is necessary.
  • You must carry car insurance.
  • The ad must be kept on your car for the duration of your contract and you will need to sign an agreement.
  • Some companies may require a minimum mileage you have to drive each week or month.
  • You may have to have a GPS or agree to have the company install one to track your commutes.

These requirements may be different based on the company you work with.

How to Get Paid for Car Wrap Advertising

If you want to get paid to drive your car, there are a variety of companies you can choose from that offer car wrap advertising.

These are our top legit companies that pay you to drive your car:


Wrapify is one of the most honest companies to work for. They don’t claim you will make any crazy amount.

Instead they tell you that you can make up to $500 a month, but that few people will. However, they do tell you that you can easily make an extra $100 bucks with them.

In fact, they are becoming much more popular which means they have tons of clients ready and willing to pay for you to put ads on your car.

Just head on over to the website and sign up!


Carvertise is another well-known car wrapping company. There isn’t a lot of information on their websites, but they work much like Wrapify.

To become a driver, you will fill out their form asking about your car, your route, and other pertinent information.


With FreeCarMedia most opportunities will be for rear window advertisements. They send you the ad to apply to your rear window.

However, they also do have some opportunities where you can get your entire vehicle wrapped as well.

Campaigns with this company usually last 6 to twenty-four months. So, this is more of a long-term contract.

According to their site, you get about $50 per month for a rear window advertisement and up to $400 a month to have your entire vehicle wrapped.

Head on over to their website and fill out the application. They will communicate with you via email if they choose you as a driver.


This company is a car wrap advertising company that is based out of Canada. They don’t advertise their opportunities to the public.

If you would like to get information about what they have available, you will need to contact them via email.

Ask them if they have any car wrap advertising opportunities available. Give them your car details, where you live, and how much you drive on a monthly basis.

Wait for a reply.


AdsToGo is another Canadian based company. This is one of the lower paying ad companies, but worth looking into.

It says you can earn about $50 per month for advertising with them. Head to their website and fill out their simple application.


This company is owned by AdsToGo, but instead of only operating in Canada, it operates in the U.S.

The pay will be about the same $50 per month for an advertisement on your car.


Now, don’t get this one confused with the other two above. This is a completely different company. As you can tell it uses the number “2” instead of “to.”

This is another company that only works with people in Canada. So, if you are Canadian, you are in luck!

All you need is valid insurance, to consider yourself a good driver, and have a non-fiberglass surface on your car.

You should be prepared to only make about $50 per month with this company, and that is only if you have a full 1,000 square inches to advertise with.

The more square inches you have of advertising, the more money you can make.

There are tiers where you could pay a one-time fee to get your car picked ahead of others. However, there is no sense in wasting your money.

You can also apply for free and hope that the company reaches out to you. But, if you are desperate for cash, there is always the paid option.


If you live near St. Louis, MO, check out PayMeForDriving. They operate out of their hometown only.

All you have to do is fill out the application and someone will contact you about when to meet to get your ad installed on your car.

Car Bucks

With Car Bucks, you are offered contracts that could be 3, 6, or 12-months long. If you don’t want to get stuck with a long-term gig, this may be for you.

The ads with this company only go over your rear window instead of wrapping your whole vehicle.

You can accept or decline an offer that you get. Car Bucks pay $1 per commuting hour. So, you can make about $20 per month for a short-term contract.

You will be paid via PayPal.


Another way to do car wrap advertising is through app companies. StickerRide is an app version of  the car wrap advertising sites.

Within the app, you apply for campaigns you are interested in and can track your earnings.

Additionally, they have fun, simple quests that you can participate in that can earn you extra cash.

When you advertise for them, you even have control over where you place your stickers. So, you have complete control.

You get paid for every mile you drive, so you will launch it before you drive and get paid.


If you put a lot of miles on your car, this may be the company for you. It is geared more towards ride-share drivers (uber, lyft drivers).

You need to clock at least 30-miles or more per day to work with this company. The company uses a mileage log with an app to ensure you meet those standards.

Your car will need to be less than 10 years old, and you should live in Florida, Colorado, Louisiana, or Maine.

There are 3-different wrap options:

  • Back windshield: There is only an ad in the back windshield.
  • Light wrap: The ad is only on doors.
  • Full wrap: The ad covers the body of the car

Pay depends on the type of wrap and your mileage. You can earn up to $500 per month, but that is not the norm.

How to Avoid Scams

Like anything on the web, there are “Get paid to drive scams.” There are shady people that just can’t wait to scam you out of your hard earned money.

One of the biggest scams out there is the Western Union Scam. Here’s how it works…

Someone will either contact you or advertise that they are from a legit car wrap company. They offer to send you a check that you will use to pay for your car wrap.

The check will be for your car wrap fee and your fee you are supposed to get paid. However, the check is a fake and will bounce.

So, what happens is they tell you to deposit the check then wire the money to the car wrap place and keep your cut. Well, when the check bounces, you lose the money you wired.

Other scams out there are:

  • Get Paid to Drive Concept by Miller Lite Beer
  • Paid To Drive Concept By Tropicana Orange Juice

Remember, you should NOT have to pay for your car to be wrapped or wire money to anyone!

To avoid scams, we suggest using the legitimate companies that we provided above. If you choose another company, it will be at your own risk.


Have you tried car wrap advertising? What did you think? Let us know in the comments below!

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