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8 Survey Panels That Pay You with Checks by Mail

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Checks are getting mostly phased out as a form of payment from survey companies in favor of electronic payment methods. But there are still a few sticking around that are willing to pay by check for those that prefer them. Read this article to find out what panels still offer checks.Do you get annoyed signing up for survey sites only to find out that it only pays in PayPal or in gift cards?

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Most people love these methods of payments, but they’re not the best options for everyone.

Some people still prefer to receive checks that they can deposit in their bank accounts or cash out to use just like cash to buy whatever they want.

If that sounds like you, then you’re in luck.

Although there are few survey panels that still offer check payments because of the wide selection of digital payments we have available now, you can still find them floating around.

We even have some of them listed for you in this article!

Keep reading to learn why you might decide to cash out with a check and where to find high-paying survey panels that’ll let you do it.

Why Checks for Online Surveys?

Checks aren’t usually a go-to way people choose to get paid for surveys, but they actually hold a few advantages over other forms of payment:

They’re Good for Those Who Don’t Love Digital Stuff

Not everyone loves using digital payments and other techie stuff.

Older people who weren’t born in a technology-driven generation tend to shy away from computers, apps, and online payments.

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However, they might still enjoy taking online surveys to make a little extra money because surveys don’t require much computer skills.

For those who’d rather not get their money delivered electronically or simply don’t want to give a company their bank details to deliver payments to, a check can be a good alternative.

You Can Use Checks Like Cash

One of the best things about a check is that you use it just like cash.

Deposit it into a bank account and you’re free to do what you want with it, unlike a gift card that has to be used at a specific place.

Better for Avoiding Fraud

On a similar subject, fraud is a very real issue that can plague survey sites and panelists.

While there’s no 100% safe way to get paid, realistically, digital payments can get into the wrong hands easily as long as someone has access to your survey account.

With checks, you’ll have your address in place in your profile, so even if someone did get to your account, they won’t easily be able to switch your address to intercept your check.

A lot of survey companies that offer checks will require you to show proof of your identity and address before sending a check your way, usually through showing your ID, so you can prove what your mailing address is.

It’s also difficult for scammers to deposit checks that aren’t made out to them, so even if they did get their hands on your check, there’s not much they’ll be able to do with it.

You Usually Don’t Need to Pay Fees

Although there are sometimes fees associated with check payments (typically because it costs some money for a company to order and use paper checks), there are a lot of survey companies who won’t charge you any fees for a check.

However, you’ll often need to pay a fee to use PayPal or another payment method, which gets deducted from your full payment.

Even when there are check fees, they’re usually lower than what you’d pay for a digital payment.

Non-PayPal Users Can Still Get Paid

Taking surveys online ranks as one of the top international survey jobs for people who live worldwide to make some extra cash.

Unfortunately, some sites have the stipulation that you must have a PayPal account to get paid.

People in some countries can’t get a PayPal account because the company doesn’t operate in those countries, making their options for survey sites limited than people who live in countries like the USA or Canada.

However, the sites that offer checks as a form of payment for international users make it possible for those panelists to take part in surveys and get paid for them.

What are the Disadvantages of Checks?

Mailed checks also have some drawbacks that you should be aware of:

Mail Can Be Stolen or Lost Easily

As I mentioned previously, your checks could get stolen or lost in the mail.

However, most banks will not cash or deposit a check that’s written for someone else unless that person signs it.

So, unless someone forges your signature, there’s not much they can do with the check, and if your bank has your signature on file (it probably does!) then that’s not something you typically need to worry about.

They Take Longer Than Other Payment Methods

Checks definitely do take longer than other payment methods to receive.

When you cash out for PayPal cash or an electronic gift card, you usually only need to wait a couple of days, tops, depending on the survey site.

Mailed gift cards and checks, however, can take a few weeks to receive.

If you need your cash quickly, then a check isn’t going to be the way to go.

You Usually Need a Higher Minimum Cash Out Amount

Because checks do cost companies money to keep in stock and mail to you, they’re going to require higher cash out amounts than some other payment methods.

Some survey sites keep their minimum cash outs the same regardless of payment method, but this is rare.

Most of the time, you might need an extra $5 or $10 in your account to cash out for your check, which can increase the amount of time you need to wait to get paid even more.

Are There Survey Sites That Pay Cash Through Mail?

Ready to get some checks for your survey rewards?

Here are some of our favorite sites that pay you via check (same as cash!) through the mail:

Ipsos i-Say (13+, Worldwide)

Ipsos i-Say is one of the oldest survey panels on the block, but it’s come a long way in its many years on the web.

One of the best things about it is its loyalty rewards program that gives active members a boost in points and other rewards when they keep taking surveys.

Ipsos offers polls in addition to surveys, so you can always find a way to earn here.

In addition to check options, i-Say offers PayPal, electronic gift cards, sweepstakes entries, and prepaid cards.

Springboard America (14+, USA)

Springboard America is another online survey panel that offers checks for its panelists who don’t want to use other payment methods.

The site requires a really high payout compared to other sites – $50, to be exact, which is the equivalent of 5,000 points – but according to reviews by members, the surveys pay pretty well.

Most electronic prizes get delivered to you within a week, but you’ll likely need to wait a few weeks to get your check payment should you opt for it.

Toluna (13+, Worldwide)

Toluna reportedly only offers checks to panelists in specific countries, so you should consider contacting a customer service representative to ask about it before signing up.

This is definitely a worthwhile panel to check out, though, even if you can’t get a check (it also offers PayPal cash, electronic vouchers, and the opportunity to enter high-paying sweepstakes).

There’s a lot going on here, including some video surveys, product testing opps, and awesome sweepstakes for a chance to win money and prizes.

There’s even a sweepstakes for one million points that you can enter just by simply staying active on the site, like participating in surveys and creating threads in the community forums.

LegerOpinion (18+, Canada and USA)

LegerOpinion used to be LegerWeb.

It pretty much operates the same way though.

You can take surveys on the website or download an app for your iOS or Android device to take them while mobile.

There are several ways to cash out, including with PayPal, airline miles, electronic gift cards, or a check.

You need at least $20 or $100 to cash out for a check.

Pinecone Research (13+, Canada, UK, USA)

Pinecone Research is constantly named one of the best survey sites, probably because of its simplicity and willingness to pay.

Most surveys here are also worth the same amount, $3, so it’s easy to know what to expect when you take a survey.

Your first payment will be sent via check, which is how Pinecone Research prevents fraud with its system (it’s an identity verification step).

Whenever you save up another $3 in your account, you can request another payment.

In addition to a mailed check, Pinecone Research offers PayPal payments and prepaid MasterCard.

In some cases, you may also be able to participate in product testing opportunities for which you’ll get to keep the product you test as a form of payment.

SurveySavvy (13+, Worldwide)

SurveySavvy is a leading market research panel that not only provides online surveys for cash but also lets you install an app on your phone and get $5 every month you keep it installed.

The app tracks what you do on your phone – not in a creepy way, but to learn more about what you search for and use your device for to aid market research – and pays you for your help.

You can even install it on multiple devices and get $5 for each device you keep it installed on.

There’s also a web browser plugin you can add to approved browsers for extra cash.

SurveySavvy is unique in that you only need $1 to cash out, even with a check (although I’m not sure why you’d only cash out with that amount!).

SurveySavvy also has a referral program that lets you get paid to bring your friends to the platform to take surveys too.

InboxDollars (18+, Worldwide)

InboxDollars is one of the all-time favorites of many survey takers – and it’s not even just a survey site!

This place has everything, from paid videos to 100% free offers you can complete to earn money.

Your first payment with InboxDollars will always be a check, and you’ll need $30 in your account to get it.

That really won’t take much time considering you can earn that after completing just a few offers.

Once you get your first payment, you’ll become a Gold Member automatically and you can choose a different payment method if you want something a little faster, but you’ll still have the check option available to you if that’s what you like best.

American Consumer Opinion (13+, Worldwide)

This survey site offers checks for USA and Canada-based members.

American Consumer Opinion is a site that is free to join and pays you to share your opinions in surveys and even participate in product testing opportunities.

You’ll get paid in points for everything you do for the company and each point equals one penny (so 100 points is equal to $1).

In addition to checks, ACOP offers PayPal payments, Hyperwallet payments, and even options to cash out your points to donate to charity or enter a sweepstakes for bigger prizes.

Online Surveys That Pay by Check: Final Thoughts

Not everyone wants to get a check instead of a gift card or electronic payments, but for those who do, it’s good to know that there are some survey sites willing to oblige.

Checks have their advantages and disadvantages just like any other payment method.

At least you know you have options, if needed, besides a gift card or PayPal cash, especially if you live in a country where PayPal isn’t accepted.

If you know of anyone looking for surveys with check rewards, we’d love it if you shared this post with them!

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