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UserWorks Paid Surveys Review

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UserWorks Paid Surveys ReviewUserWorks is a human factors engineering firm specializing in user-centered design and usability engineering. Their goal is to be an advocate for the user in the design and implementation of interactive systems that enhance user productivity, safety, and enjoyment.

UserWorks offers a wide range of services, including user interface design support, usability evaluations, and accessibility evaluation services for both hardware and software products. They help organizations design and test products, develop their own usability and accessibility capabilities, and provide both fixed and portable lab facilities on a rental basis.

UserWorks often needs local participants who have different jobs, different computing skills (including none) and who would like to have a say BEFORE products are released.

As a participant, you would most likely be required to come to our usability lab in Silver Spring, Maryland. Normally, they need participants for one session lasting from 1 1/2 hours to 3 hours. Every evaluation is different but the usual evaluation would ask you to do some tasks with a particular software product.

Studies usually require people of varying Internet skill levels. You are as likely to be included in a study if you are a novice user as if you are an advanced user.

You will receive incentives for participation in studies.

Accepts panelists from U.S. only.

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