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19 of the Best Websites That Pay You Cash to Test Mobile Apps

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Do you know you can get paid to use apps on your phone or tablet? Companies will pay cash for your feedback and opinions about their apps. Here are some of the companies that will pay testers to use their apps.You might or might not have heard about app testing websites that will pay you to test their apps and offer feedback about the apps. These types of jobs allow you to work from home and come with flexible hours. The tasks involved in this kind of jobs are quite manageable and doable by most people.

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So how do you go about testing apps?

You don’t have to be a computer genius to get paid to test apps.

It is easier than you’d expect!

Think about it like this; most apps are created for ordinary people, not computer geeks. This translates to normal people testing the apps, as the app companies will need a normal person’s view of the app as compared to a computer genius, right?

Testing apps can be categorized as just a notch higher from filling surveys; the only difference is that here, you will also give feedback on functionality, usability, and design of the app. Your primary function as an app tester is to provide the company with the perspective they would get from ordinary users before they officially roll out their apps to the public. It helps them streamline the app based on user perspective as opposed to what they think is best.

So, do you find apps interesting? Would you be interested in testing apps? Here are some companies that will pay you to test apps for them.

Companies Where You Can Get Paid to Test Apps and Review Android Apps for Money

1.     User Testing

This website pays users to test apps. The site will also pay you to test their websites.

To get started on the site, you will need to register with them first, after which you will take a practice test. If you are successful, you can then start earning through paid tests.

The site works such that you have to do a short screener before you qualify for any paid test. Each screener is quite short and will only take you around 1 minute.

The screeners are essential as the clients require certain specific users to handle their apps, and the screeners qualify these users.

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The site will pay you approximately $10 per successful test you take, and the payment will be paid via PayPal.

They have tests for smartphones, tablets, and desktops.

At times the steamy require you to take part in live tests where you may have to converse with a customer; however, this is mainly done for their websites testing.

2.     Test Birds

Test birds are one of the more amazing companies to work for.

In terms of payment, you can earn up to $25 for any test you participate in, and that’s just the start! The company also has options for additional payments for any bug you may find while testing their apps.

The company will also provide training for their users, increasing your app testing skills, and increasing the potential for earning more money.

The company has been in the market for a while now. It has conducted over 1,500 tests and identified and solved over 11,000 bugs thanks to user testing. No wonder they are so keen to provide a great working environment for their users, with the pay and training.

To start working on the site, you will need to register to the site successfully.

You will also need a device to access the internet.

3.     TrymyUI

TrymyUI is another fantastic platform for app and website testing, where you can rate apps for cash.

The site links companies and testers, who run their apps and provide valuable feedback enabling the companies to acquire a user based opinion for the apps, allowing them to effectively develop the apps and change them according to customer preference.

The company will pay you approximately $10 per successful test you take on their site. Each test on the site will take around 20 minutes of your time, making it an easy $10 in a short time.

The website requires you to be yourself while testing the app.

You are expected to function as you usually would in a real-life situation. You are expected to voice your thought, opinions and perspectives about the app to help the developers see it from your point of view.

You only have to sign up to start working on the site.

4.     UserZoom

To work for UserZoom, you will need to first register with the site. Successful registration will lead you to a sample test. If you are successful in the sample test, you can then start working on the site. You will also be required to be at least 18 years old to work on the site.

The way the site works is such that it provides its testers with speak out loud screen recorded tests and standard survey tests.

The sites test last for 10-20 minutes. Recorded tests pay $10 while survey tests will pay $5 on average.

Approval for their tests will take 3-5 days, and you will receive your payments through PayPal after 21 business days.

You will need a desktop tablet or phone with a good internet connection to working on the site.

5.     Ferpection

Ferpection is based in Paris, France. Established in 2014, the site has over 500,000 testers who can make up to 200,000 a month on their spare time.

The site will require their testers to have a laptop or smartphone with a good internet connection.

After successful registration, the site will require a qualification test to start working. The test comes in the form of two-minute feedback about a landing page on your computer or phone. If your feedback is approved, you will get an initial two-euro payment. If you fail, the site will mail you as to the specifics of where you went wrong, am will also provide advice on how to correct that.

The way the site works is such that, you complete short tasks offered to as missions, where you give either positive or negative feedback about a landing page or app.

The site pays once a month through PayPal, with each mission fetching ten euros pay on average.

6.     99tests

99tests provides the opportunity for testers to run and test the latest apps and software, earn money participate in contests network and connect with other professionals. This is made possible due to the number of tester n the 99tests community.

Registering to the site is free, plus is open to testers from all over the world.

The site is unique as it is continuously engaging its tester through such things as the daily bug-a-thon where the company gives its testers daily challenges, to search for bugs from the company’s app and websites. The best app bug-finder gets the opportunity to gain extensive app testing and access up to 50 bugs. They choose the winner through votes.

The site pays through PayPal.

There are full time and part-time positions available on the site, and you can work for the company whether you are a beginner or a professional tester.

7.     Uber Testers

This is one of the more popular sites that pays users to test apps.

The site requires a tablet or smartphone plus a good internet connection.

To work for the site, you will need first to register successfully.

The site allows testers to test pre-released app and mobile games from mobile and game developers all around the world. Testers are responsible for localization testing, functional testing and usability testing. If you are a well-experienced tester, the site will offer you the opportunity to become a team lead in our area.

Your job description as a tester for the site is to run and interact with their apps. Provide information to the site as to whether there are bugs on any of the apps you have tested.

The company comes with an NDA to sign before working for them.

The payment varies in the site, such that you can get paid dependent on the project.

8.     A Try Box

This is a site that will connect testers with tech start-ups looking for opinions and reviews on their products. The site will not require any technical experience, just time and thoughts.

For a phone call where you review an app, offering your opinions, answer questions and offer requested feedback on how the company can improve their product, you will get paid around $35 per phone call.

If you take part in a survey by answering questions about products, telling them about your experience with the product and overall thoughts, then you get paid around $10 per survey.

For more straightforward tasks such as helping the company choose a color, logo, name or message, you will get paid $5 per task.

The site is free to register, and will require you to have a good internet connection, and a computer or phone to work on the site.

9.     Userbilityhub

Userbilityhub is a company that will pay testers to determine which is the best landing page between what they avail for the tester.

The requirements for the site are a computer or phone plus a good internet connection.

As a tester, the site will require you to complete short tasks such as telling them which landing page you like, from the available ones, what goals a certain page archives etc.

The tasks are quite simple and will take seconds for you to complete.

The site does not come with any tests for you to qualify to work for them, rather after successful registration, you can immediately begin working for the site.

The site pays around $0.10 per task, or what they refer to as a credit. For you to get your payment, you have to have done at least 100 credits to reach $10.

The only downside to the site is that tasks are not as many as you would wish, plus payment may take up to three weeks to be disbursed to your account.

10.  WhatUsersDo

This company pays testers for their opinion on a company’s app or website.

The site’s requirements are a computer, a phone, plus a good internet connection.

The tasks involved with WhatUsersDo require testers speak their mind, and perform their duties according to the instructions given. The site may also require the tester to fill out some questioners in the end.

The site requires a successful registration; after which you will have to participate in a sample test before you get the opportunity to work for the site.

The site pays through PayPal, at around $8 per 10-15 minutes per test. They usually pay once a month on the 25th. If you are a UK resident, the site offers an alternative payment through direct deposit.

A good thing about the site is that they will notify you through email if there are any tests available, however tests are first come first served on the site.

11.  Userfeel

Userfeel is another testing site where you are required to offer your opinion on the apps, websites and prototypes. Tester has to follow a given scenario and perform tasks as instructed

The site also requires a computer or phone plus a good internet connection.

The sites tasks include adding products o shopping carts and checking out (you are not required to buy the actual product). The site will require you to speak loud through the whole process, on the whole experience.

After successful registration, the site will require you to take a sample test before you can be allowed to work on the site.

The site pays $10 for 10-20 minutes’ worth of test.

You can get paid through PayPal or pioneer after every week of doing a test.

The site does not require any special skills to join, plus the pay is quite good, taking into consideration the kind of tasks they have, and the time they take from you.

12.  Test Fairy

This is an app for IOS and Android, which lets you get paid to test apps for the company’s clients.

How the site works is such that, they will send you emails if a test matches your criteria dependent your registration, as per what you stated were your interests and demographic.

The tasks you will find on the site include downloading apps and completing tests and then logging on to your tester dashboard to report any bugs you might find.

The pay varies with the tasks available; however, when you receive a notification from the site as to an available job, they will also send you the expected payment for the work you sign up for.

The site is quite easy to join, plus is also user-friendly, enabling you to start making money as soon as you join.

13.  Userlytics

Userlytics is a web and app testing site. In contrast, as a tester, you will be checking out advertisements, videos and other types of materials from small start-up companies, to the more popular and larger companies. Some tasks will require webcams, while others will not.

The requirements from the site will range from a good internet connection, a computer or a mobile phone, a microphone and a webcam.

You are required to speak out your mind aloud as you navigate an app, or website, and also while performing specific tasks as required by a client. Some clients will want to have a conversation with you or see your face as you navigate one of their products.

The site is quite easy to use, register, plus it does not come with a sample test to join and start working.

They pay around $10 per 20-30 minutes of the test, and as soon as your tests are approved, the payment is immediately sent to your account.

However, the site does not have as many tests as you would wish.


This is a site where testers can test apps in the database and provide reviews to the company. You will need a computer or phone to work with App Coiner, plus a good internet connection.

Download the app, and after successful registration, you can access the app’s database, give it an adequate test and start working on the site.

The site does not limit the amount of work or money you can earn, meaning that you can review apps one after the other as long as you have time, and they are available.

The site payments are made differently as you will only get paid if someone downloads your app after reading your review, so it will be essential to ensure you are as enticing as possible on your review.


15.  Enroll

This is a company based in Campbell, California.

The site hires people to test landing pages, logo designs and navigate around websites and apps.

The site requires its testers to hate a smartphone or a laptop plus a good internet connection.

The site tasks are such that you choose between two landing pages, which one is better, logo designs, usability testing etc. The site’s tasks are quite easy and they take only a few seconds or minutes of your time.

Registration to the site is free, and you will have to fill up a couple of surveys for the site to match the tests for you.

Payments are once a month through PayPal, as long as you have at least $1 in your account.

The site, although having the lowest threshold for payment, as a small number of tasks, and works in a first-come, first-serve basis.

16.  Erlibird

Apart from testing app and websites, the site is unique as it may offer you the opportunity also to test gadgets and hardware.

The sites requirements are an excellent mastery of English, a microphone may also be needed occasionally, plus a computer or phone with functional internet connectivity

The tasks associated with the site are testing new apps in beta phase, testing websites or hardware and providing useful feedback. The site may also record your audio and screen.

The site does not require any sample tests, and after successful registration, you are good to go.

The site can pay you up to $10 per test, which can take up to 200 minutes or longer. The site comes with three modes of payment from PayPal, karma or donation. For PayPal, the site will pay you seven days after offering feedback.

For the karma option, karma points will be traded for paid apps, iTunes, games etc.

17.  Test.IO

This is a bug finding site based mainly in Germany. The site is mainly involved with website testing, mobile testing and wearables.

The requirements for the site are a computer or smartphone, a good internet connection and a microphone.

The site tasks its testers with normal usability tests, plus they are also required to find and report bugs in the format given.

After successful registration, the site will also require a sample test before you are allowed to start working on the site. The type of test on the site is an onboarding test which has separate academy.

The site pays you quite well dependent on you level such that their top testers make around $1000 per month. You can earn 20 euro per bug reported. Payments are processed through PayPal pioneer or bank transfer.

The only downside to the site is the difficulty associated with getting into the site. However, if you manage to get in, you will have access to one of the best-paying sites on the market.

18.  Intelli Zoom

The site is also known as Userzoom, and pays for your opinion on products and services that you use. The site is not only meant for websites and apps.

The requirements for the site are a computer or a phone, a good internet connection, a UserZoom eCertificate testing software, microphone, and webcam.

The site is mainly for US and UK citizens.

The tasks associated with the site involve voicing your opinions about the products and services you use.

The site pays $1 for studies recording both audio and video, while for standard tests they will pay $5. The test durations are around 10-20 minutes long. Payments are made within 21 days of taking a job from the sit.

19.  Utest

This s a bug finding testing site where testers from first world countries earn between $10 and $1000 a month

You will need internet-connected devices to work on the site.

The site does not need a sample test to join; however, to get invited to look for bugs, you will have to apply for a sandbox project and demonstrate your bug finding ability.


More websites online will pay you to test apps; all you need to do is thorough research, and follow the company’s instructions, and you will be well on your way to make money.

Happy testing!

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