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25 Sites You Can Get a Better Pay Compared to MTurk

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Do you know about MTurk? Are you looking for better paying sites compared to MTurk? Here are 25 alternatives that can potentially get you better pay. We also have tips on what exactly to do to cash in from these sites.You might be interested in MTurk, or sites that work similarly to MTurk, well, you are in the right place. This article will provide detailed information on websites that work similarly as MTurk does, with a better paying potential.

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What is MTurk?

Amazon Mechanical Turk is a crowdsourcing site that enables businesses and individuals to outsource jobs to a virtual skilled workforce that can perform the jobs for them. The jobs range from anything, including simple data validation, surveys, content moderation, subjective tasks, and more.

The site is an essential platform for harnessing global skills in one pool, enabling the streamlining of businesses and augment data collection. Traditionally, such tasks were left for temporary workers, which involved time-consuming practices through training and harnessing their skill. Now, through sites like MTurk, however, skilled personnel can apply, qualify and go straight to business.

Several sites perform similar tasks as MTurk, with better pay potential. Dependent on which sites interests you and is best suited for your skillset, you can start earning money in a small duration of time.

Let’s check out some of these sites!

Which are The Sites Like Amazon Mechanical Turk that Pay More?

1.      Fiverr

Fiverr is one of the best accounts out there for starters in the online freelancer business. The site recognizes new users and comes through by keeping track of their activity and offering any necessary advice that they see fit.

Another factor that enhances the convenience of the fiver site is the benefit it offers both the buyer and seller. The site will help the seller, as it does not require them to clear an assessment for them to get a gig. The site also helps the buyer find their seller as its site filters genius sellers from armature sellers.

The site also comes with a wide range of gigs, giving the seller the allowance of coming up with their talent on the site and getting demand for that skill they’re good at.

You also get to name your price as a seller from anywhere between $5-$995.

Users, on the other hand, have the opportunity to approve a seller’s job before purchase, meaning that if it is not up to your standards, you can ask the seller to improve or redo the work.

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The site allows the seller to work on their schedule and does not require any extraordinary features to join the site.

Some of the more popular gigs are:

  • Singing services,
  • Resume writing services
  • Social media marketing
  • Article and blog posting services
  • Video and animation services

2.      Figure eight

This is one of the unique websites on the list. The site’s motto is ‘turning machine-like humans rather than humans becoming more like machines.’

How the site works is such that after signing up, you will have to pick up a few tasks like drawing boxes, listening to the audio, reading a tweet, an emote. The site strives to add a human touch to the machine world.

The website is also quite attractive and keeps changing to new engrossing every day.

The site is also quite a user-friendly platform with an easy registration process.

It is possible to get high paying tasks if you invest your time and raise your reviews on the site.

3.      OneSpace

If you are looking for numerous tasks as a freelancer, a site you can get amazing deals, then OneSpace is the site for you. The site is one of the best for business people to get freelancers who can carry out small tasks.

The site is excellent for business people, where freelancers carry out small tasks that they need to be done.

One Space offers simple tasks that are doable and requires no special skills to get done.

Some of the jobs you can find include:

  • Image and graphic designer
  • English and international transcriptionist
  • Small business and accounting writer
  • Small business and accounting editor

After successful registration, you will have to connect your site to PayPal before you start handling tasks.


If you are a college student and looking for a flexible website with target free assignments, then the smart crowd is the site for you.

The site operates all around the world and comes with plenty of jobs plus decent pay.

The site offers opportunities for freelancers allowing you to take your business to the next level, as the more input you provide on the site, the higher your reviews and ratings. This increases the chances for you getting more and more jobs.

However, the site also has scammers, who can get you to work for them and fail to pay, so you have to be extremely careful in choosing the available jobs.

The site is mainly involved in translation services; however, data entry specialists also have a chance at working on the site.

If you like earning some cash on the side during your free time, then SMART CROWD is the site for you.


If you are new to the freelancing business, then rapid workers will make your day!

The site involves a simple task, which is always an inconsistent supply. You will be surprised to find the sort of jobs you are required to complete involve such things as following YouTube channels, uploading pictures, and creating Gmail accounts.

The only downside may be the pay-per task, as due to the simplicity of the work, the payment is not good as you would imagine. However, on the upside, based on the simplicity of the tasks, you can do several tasks that will guarantee more income and less brain drainage. Plus, you can do the jobs from anywhere as they are extremely simple, so you don’t need too much concentration to perform.

The requirements and income per task are on the web, and you have the choice of which tasks you prefer.

The company strives to provide an environment where both the buyers and sellers get a profit, such that the seller gets to handle simple enough tasks, allowing you a chance to perform them fast and handle a lot more in a day. In contrast, the buyer gets his work done, which he may otherwise not have enough time for.

Some of the perks that come with the site are faster payments, good reviews, and support from the admin.

Registration is quite easy, and after successful registration, you can start working.

6.      Utest

This is a software-testing site.

The site is strictly for software survey people who can offer important feedback before the software is rolled out to the public.

The site is always open for software testers from all over the world.

It is quite flexible, and software testers get to choose their work schedule. However, before starting on the site, you will need to prove you are conversant with software through a survey, which helps check your eligibility.

Interns can get a clear advantage through the site as they can get exposed to different organization trough testing their software’s.

The site pays well, plus you get a chance to work part-time, dependent on what you prefer.


The site offers its users gift cards, points, and discounts for money.

For the clever chaps out there, you can get paid in points which you can then purchase from your favorite retailers lie amazon or also get cash back from PayPal.

SWAGBUCKS offers options like filling out surveys, signing up to websites, and more.

The surveys on SWAGBUCKS may be easy, but they may also be quite time-consuming.

8.      InboxDollars

You can get up to $5 just for signup. A survey can get you $1 daily. If you get disqualified from other tasks, the site offers other ways to make money, such as lotteries.

This shows just the number of ways you can get money through Inbox Dollars.

You can also download apps through the site and earn a couple of dollars.

The site pays you for virtually anything you do on the site, showing how great a site it is.

The site also pays cash, so no points and gift cards, or the hassle that comes with getting cash backs.

The only downer with the site is the sheer number of notification you may get on your mail and is advised for you to get a new email for the site for that reason.


As suggested by the name, the site pays you to assist virtually anything required by the client.

Before any rollout can be done on a new product, the owners must have a certain degree of satisfaction with their products, and that’s where you come in.

The site will pay you to use their product and give feedback as to any flaws you may find with the product.

You will require taking a sample test to get approved on the site, after a successful registration.

If you are accepted into the website, you will then get the chance to work with products best suited to your strengths and skills dependent on your registration and qualification details.

The site will pay an average of $10 per test.

To increase your credentials with the site, you will have to have a good understanding of the business you are testing for, a strong programming knowledge, and express thought that can be well articulated.


This is a site involved with virtual assistants, who assist clients for pay.

Virtual assistants assist in two ways either through text or mail or through a live request, which can be a video or phone call.

You have to be a good researcher, knowledgeable, a good conversationalist, and responsive to become a great virtual assistant.

Depending on your strengths and skill, plus the needs of the client, you will assist in all manner of areas, which can be anything from computer-based problems, bookings, and more.

You get paid for the number of hours you are at work, with each call going for approximately 20 minutes at around $3-$7 per call.

11.  TaskRabbit

This is a service-based platform

You get to take up jobs from the site, which you then have to complete physically, such as cleaning rooms, assembling equipment, helping people move, etc.

After successful registration, fill your locational details and wait for clients to post jobs.

If you see a job posted that you can do, you can approach the person for the project.

The site will pay anything from $150- $2000 a week.

The site helps clients with the tedious jobs or jobs they have no time for.

It pays quite well and can be a great side hustle for you.


This freelancer group comes with an app. The site allows its users to register in the app, match with clients who need their help in their locality through GPS.

You get to execute the work and get evaluated.

The site allows you to work on your schedule, and get paid in a week.

The site will pay through PayPal and will start from $5

Some of the tasks you can find on the app include

Answering survey questions

Feedback to products companies

Visiting nearby store to take pics

The app can be found on android and IOS, and after turning on your location, you can get tasks best suited for you.

The more you work on the app, the more you get paid, and the more the gigs you get through the app.

13.  Scribie

Scribie is a transcriber’s paradise.

You convert audio files to text.

The site will pay you around $0.10 per minute.

You will get an audio file that you have to convert to text in 100% accuracy.

The site requires a good mastery of English, and the files you transcribe will go through a three-step before your payment can be approved that is: process, review, proofreading, and quality check.

Starting on the site will require a successful registration and passing an online test. If you are successful, the site will give you a transcription certificate, and you’re ready to go.

Scribie does not hold your cash, and you can get it at any time you wish.

14.  Skyword

The site is popular for content writing; however, it is also associated with videography, photography, graphic designing, and marketing.

The website is free to sign up, after which you can check your dashboard for updates.

Dependent on your skill, you can pick a job or task best suited for you. The topics and tasks, however, will change according to trend, and it would be advisable for you to adjust accordingly.

The site pays around $10 to $30 per article, with every job done going through an editorial team for proofreading.

15.  REV

The company is similar to CLICKWORKERS and provides micro works. The site is open for such positions as engineers, accountants, marketing and products, and the contributors choose which job descriptions fit them from the list.

If you choose to work as a transcriptionist in the site, you can earn up to $0.24 to $0.90 per minute, and a captioner will earn $0.75 per minute.

For you to work on the site, you will have to register successfully and meet their criteria to begin working. The jobs are quite easy, and almost anyone with excellent English and basic computer and internet knows how can start working on the site.

16.  ShortTask

This is another micro job site.

The site offers such jobs, including data research, writing, animation, and logo designing.

After successful registration to their site, plus passing their criteria, you can start working on the site.

17.  JobBoy

This site is quite similar to Microworkers

The tasks are, however, fewer, plus you will have to build your profile through good accuracy in your work to get more jobs.

The site is quite simple to use, and after successful registration, you can immediately start working.

The minimum amount of money you can withdraw through the site $I0

18.  SEOClerks

This is currently one of the best online marketplaces

Users here get to buy and sell SEO services.

Some of the services found on the site include writing articles, WordPress, creating websites and banner ads, etc.

Members upgrade to higher levels, the more they deliver on quality work.

The site is free to join, with a gig starting from $1.

The site will take 20% of transactions from both the seller and buyer and pays through a couple of platforms such as PayPal, pioneer, or money transfer.

19.  Crowd Tap

There is a site mainly involved with surveys and rewards.

Different companies will put surveys on the site, which upon completing, you will get paid.

The site is currently exclusively available for us residents only.

The site uploads its tasks in the form of missions, and after completing certain missions, you will then get rewards in terms of gift cards and cash.

You can use various methods for signing up from Facebook to email.

Online Jobs Similar to Amazon Mechanical Turk

These are some of the Best Amazon Turk Alternatives, with a chance at [paying you more than MTurk, dependent on your input off course.

20.      MiniJobz

This is a site that offers micro-tasks such as sign up for websites and social media accounts.

At signing up, you will get a $1 bonus. The site pays around $5 for your tasks.

It will pay you through multiple avenues such as PayPal, Payza, or money books.

The site also offers options for earning bonuses for signing up your friends.


This is a crowdsourcing company based in Germany. The company was established in 2005 and has seen massive growth ever since.

The site offers a massive number of micro-jobs to people all around the world.

Since it was established, the site has seen its users increase to around 1.8 million current international click workers.

The site is also affiliated with several companies, ensuring there are various jobs on the site.

As a click worker, you get to choose the job you feel is suited to your skill. The types of tasks mostly associated with the site range from copywriting, data entry, proofreading, survey, translation, etc. However, the site is set such that you will have to qualify before getting to do any task on the site.

The way the site works such that, after successful registration, you can choose a task and handle it, or you can request one from the site’s administrators.

CLICK WORKER pays its workers through PayPal at the rate of 1.3 to 7 cents per word. When it comes to translation of texts, the site will pay anywhere between 10 to 16 cents per word, depending on the task at hand.

22.      Microworkers

Microworkers is one of the more accessible sites to register and start working. After successful registration, you will get several tasks were you can start working on right away. Another advantage of the site is that a member can take more than one task at a time.

The site was started in 2013.

Microworkers come with simple tasks and well-detailed instructions that are easy to follow.

Some of the jobs that Microworkers offers are:

  • Video transcription
  • Content moderation
  • Sentiment analysis
  • Image transcription

The site comes with multiple payment methods and an average BBB rating.

23.      Designhill

Design hill is another excellent site for graphic designers.

The site requires skilled designers. For you to join, you will have to pass their criteria and prove you are skilled in designing jobs.

The site offers such jobs, including logo design, product branding, and more.

The site also pays quite well, plus you get a flexible schedule.

24.      Crowdflower

Crowdflower is a crowdsourcing website. The site comes with over 30 million contributors, just to show how big the site is.

You will have to undergo a qualification test after successful registration on the site, after which you will be ready to start working on the site.

25.      Design hill

The site is a designing company that is mainly associated with logo designs.

The site hires exceptional graphic designers.

It has thousands of independent designers.

If you are a skilled graphic designer in need of a job, and you have a foundation degree, you can apply here and get some great paying jobs.

Some of the services provided through the site are

  • T-shirt printing
  • Custom clothing business card
  • Brochure design
  • Website design

The way Design hill works is such that; it will design contests for the benefit of the buyer, to get the best and most skilled worker.

Twenty plus designers will work to satisfy the buyers’ requirements, failure to which they will offer a 100 percent money-back guarantee.

The buyer also gets to choose a plan for the logo design, or they can work on a one on one design project. The buyer, however, has to pay a 5% fixed commission of the website.


Don’t just sit there! There is always money to be made. Scour the internet and find more opportunities. You may end up finding something quite good for you.

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