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Gather Research Paid Surveys Review

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Gather Research Paid Surveys ReviewGartner, Inc. is the leading provider of research and analysis on the global IT industry. Their goal is to support enterprises as they drive innovation and growth through the use of technology. Gartner helps clients make informed technology and business decisions by providing in-depth analysis and actionable advice on virtually all aspects of technology.

Gartner takes pride in their pioneering work to assist clients and industry in benefiting from the use of technology. Gartner clients trust in our rigorous standards that safeguard the independence and objectivity of our research and advice.

Gartner’s independent research is the fundamental building block for all Gartner services:

  • Gartner Research & Events — advice for IT professionals, technology companies and technology investors in the form of research reports, briefings or events.

  • Gartner Executive Programs — peer networking services and membership programs designed specifically for CIOs and other senior executives.

  • Gartner Consulting — customized engagements that allow CIOs and other business executives to apply our knowledge to their specific situation, with an emphasis on outsourcing and IT management.

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