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The 25 Most Fun Self-Employed Jobs That You Can Begin Today

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Having a job where you can pursue your passions, use your skills, and make money from it on your terms is so fulfilling and enjoyable.Being self-employed can help you reach your goals effortlessly. You could be a dreamer seeking to make a career from your skillset, or you could be an entrepreneur looking for a side hustle.

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The best part about being self-employed is the ability to work on something that you love, and you won’t have to do a job that you don’t enjoy.

Also, working for yourself gives you a lifestyle that can’t be found anywhere else, especially if you love to travel or have kids. Again becoming your own boss appears to be the perfect route to go.

You work when you feel like, and your earning potential is as good as you would desire it to be.  The self-employed job value is determined by if it is right for you or not.

Here are 25 Best self-employed jobs ideas

1.    Teach English Online

Do you own a computer? Can you speak English? Would you like to make money from the comfort of your home? Then to teach English online is an excellent self-employment idea for you. It’s a booming industry highly sorts after in the word, and it pays very well. Most companies that offer online teaching require at least two hours per week.  Being the teacher, you are required to lead the students in the class.

2.    Drive with Lyft

Lift is offering $1,000 when you become a driver with Drive with Lyft. It is a part of a project called Earnings Guaranteed. According to their site, the endorsement says that drivers shall earn a guaranteed sum of money within a specific time frame. I f the driver doesn’t make the guaranteed sum within the given time, Lyft covers the difference.

3.    Take Online Product Research and Surveys

If you are looking for ways of making money fast, then the most straightforward ways are to take online product research and surveys with their sites. While the payouts may vary, the survey companies allow you to earn money by just browsing the internet, answering some questions, and more. If you choose to devote your time, you may complete surveys throughout the day using our phone or computer, and you will be paid for all your opinions.

4.    Deliver Groceries

In Today’s world, most people spend most of their time working; hence, they have no time to do the necessary chores in their homes like grocery shopping. You can make an income doing a business that delivers groceries for them.  And with the added benefit of the internet, it is elementary to automate such an undertaking. People can text or email you their orders; then, you arrange the delivery. You can also set up a method of online payment like PayPal.

5.    Become a Landlord

The oldest self-employment vocation around is owning and renting property. You can become a landlord by investing your money in an estate and renting it out to make an income every month. However, there is some research involved, you will require money for a down payment, and the necessary repairs to be done to the house are yours to fix, but it is worth it, and it pays handsomely.

6.    Become an Investor

Related to real estate, you invest in companies and live off their appreciation or dividends. It is an old self-employment profession in the book. Anybody with money can invest in any company they want. If you choose to become an investor, you can invest in two ways. One worthy bond, they create for you a stable 5% annually.

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Two, M1 Finance, investing through this platform means several investment options like individual company stocks mutual funds, ETFs, etc. It may seem overwhelming, but investing independently this way can yield very high returns.

7.    Social Media Consultant

If you are under 30 years old, you may have an advantage of business like being a social media consultant. Especially if most of your time is spent ion social media like Twitter Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, or other outlets, then you may find some clients that need social media consultants. You can promote products, concepts, or events; using social media; this would be the best business for you.

8.    Light Hauling

Do you have a sturdy van or pickup truck? Then you have all that is required to give your services to light hauling. People need such assistance for jobs that are more or less of a household move. You may deliver large items that someone bought at the store, or you could render your services to an adult child moving out of their parent’s house.

9.    Pooper Scooper

If you don’t shy away from cleaning your dog’s poop, then working as a pooper scooper can be for you. Many homeowners don’t like the idea of cleaning their dog poop. The good news is they can pay someone to clean it for them. It shouldn’t be necessarily expensive, but you will take a load off someone’s shoulders and earn some cash in the process.

10.    Become an Author

Self-employment is in many forms. To become an author is one of them, and you can do it from the comfort of your home. How cool is that? If this happens to be your dream job, make it happen.

11.     Pet Groomer

Although you may not need certification to be a pet groomer, it means a lot to those seeking to be self-employed. You can fix appointments to suit your schedule. Plus, if you love grooming pets, it will not feel like work since you will be having fun doing what you love

12.    Graphic Designer

Graphic designers sell their creations in the form of business cards, brochures; they design websites, and more.  Some graphic designers are self-taught, while others have degrees. But if this would be the self-employment you seek, nothing can stop you. You can start to create your designs today and sell them.

13.    Interior Decorating

Many people may know the style they like for their home; however, they lack the skill and vision to bring it to light. If you have the drive and the right eye for design, you can turn interior decorating into a business. It can be a fun and lucrative career using your decorating skills to add helpful touches, rearrange furniture, removing clutter for real estate agencies as their home stager.

14.     Freelance Writer

The internet has every kind of opportunity for freelance jobs. There are hundreds of thousands of blogs and websites that need quality articles to drive traffic. Hence if you can write intelligently and have good writing skills, you can have an income as a freelance writer. Beyond websites and blogs, you can also do marketing type emails, ghostwriting e-books, and advertising copy.

With this type of business venture, you may start small and expand to a six-figure revenue as you improve your skills.

15.     Professional Speaker

Do you feel comfortable addressing large groups of people? That is a potential business for you, and it is very flexible. You can offer specialized discussions to industry and business groups, or providing motivation. You can also work as a pitchman for various products. Many businesses are looking for a professional speaker to market their businesses through presentations. You can be that speaker and pocket some cash as well.

16.     Eldercare

With so many people living in their 90s and 80s, and with the skyrocketing prices of institutional living, most families and their elderly are opting for at-home companions. It not only reduces the expenses on care but also allows the elderly to remain close to their families in their homes. And therefore, if you got the skill and patience of working with the elderly, you can work as an eldercare companion.

17.      Repair Work

Can you repair things lie, computers, cars, homes and buildings or appliances, and then repair work is an ideal business for you. However, you will require some investment capital for tools, and probably a vehicle. But once your reputation and name get established, you might have too much work for you to handle.

18.     E-Commerce

Have you ever sold products on eBay or other related sites? This option of e-commerce can be a great business option for you. All you do is source for low-cost items to sell. eBay allows you to build an online store that helps you in selling your services and products regularly. But an eBay business isn’t as simple as most proponents claim. It’s a business that you have to offer products that have an advantage over the products that are currently out there.

19.     Child Care

Child care has become a critical need in households with most people working outside their homes. This has lead to the growth of demand for child care since most households have either two full-time working parents or a single parent working full-time.

It is a great self-employment opportunity; you can care for the kids in their home or take several families, children, and care for them in your home.  Alternatively, you can start up a daycare and scale up your business.

20.     Sell Royalties

If you are an artist, you can sell your works royalties using online platforms. Whether you are a musician, photographer, graphic designer, or author, people can pay to use your music photos, books, logos, or fonts. For example, Shutterstock lets you contribute videos, images, illustrations, and music; then, you get paid any time somebody downloads your content. You can start by signing up with Shutterstock to sell royalties effectively.

21.      Clean Businesses and Homes

Being self-employed means that you can work on your schedule, if you clean businesses and homes, you can be able to make schedules since most cleaning jobs are done over the weekends or in the afternoons. The beauty of self-employment is you get to choose what to focus on, so you can either choose to focus on homes or businesses.

22.     Music Tutor

Are you reasonably good at playing any musical instrument? You can do business out of it, teaching adults or kids how to play. Most people learn better when they are in a private environment rather than being in a classroom. You don’t necessarily have to be a professional musician, once you have the patience and know the basics to teach, being a music tutor can work well for you.

23.     Event Coordinator

Well executed events are very expensive, which is a good thing if you are the event coordinator. If you are a good communicator and also organizationally skilled, you can use event coordination to earn a living. Weddings are the most popular event planning jobs. However, you can create your business on other specialties like birthdays, political events, fashion shows, graduations, corporate events, and so on.

Your success as an event coordinator will depend on your showcased work to your prospective clients. Social media presence, an online portfolio, and your former client’s word of mouth can help you in building your clientele fast.

24.      Life Coach

A life coach gives planning and advice on finances, social activity motivation, and even hobbies. Your job involves creating a well-balanced and successful life for your customers. People pay for such services. For instance, if a job is dominating someone’s life, they may consider paying someone to help them improve other areas of their life, such as their career or family life.

You can create specialized niches like coaching people who just got divorced, people going through career transitions, or new people in town looking for connections. Whichever direction you like, you can drive this self-employment job.

25.     Blogger

Are you passionate about any topic area? If yes, then you may turn it into a business as a blogger by starting a blog. Blogs may come and go every year, but one that gives topics in information which adds value to its readers have a tendency of sticking around, and also seem to be profitable. Advertising revenue is the way you can make money blogging.

Advertisers place ads on specific blogs, and these ads generate revenue, could be either ongoing cash flows offered by pay-per-click advertising or as one-time payments. Also, you can add to your blog some affiliate programs, plus sell your services and products from your blog. Particularly e-books sell well from blogs, provided they give valuable information that your readers will be happy paying for.

Conclusion: Work for yourself jobs

From this write-up, you can see that self-employment jobs make the best careers. They help you to focus on you, also, what you desire out of life. However, owning a business is not easy, but if you stay determined and work hard, you will do a great job being self-employed.

If you were looking for a good self-employment idea, this article has an extensive list of great job ideas; you can start today, and you can have fun doing.

Again you will have the freedom to choose your schedules and work as much or less as you want since you are your own boss.

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