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Independent Contractor Jobs: 27 Ways You Can Get Money From Home

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Do you want to make a decent living and never miss a single moment with your family? Read on for more info on contractor jobs from home.The dynamics of the workplace are changing every day. More and more people prefer to work from home and increase the time they spend with their families on their day-to-day lives, while still earning.

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The internet has come to salvage the situation, as more and more companies are offering increasingly flexible working hours for their employees, to work from their own desired locations.

The change in tact has given rise to the online independent contractors. These are people skilled in certain areas needed by companies all over the world.

Through various platforms, skilled contractors are being matched with relevant companies and brands interested in their skills. Due to the nature of the employment and contractual relationships between contractors and brands located in different parts of the world, the internet has become the main avenue of communication, work, and payment delivery.

Independent contractors have given rise to increased attention to results rather than location, allowing contractors to choose their working hours and locations to work from.

You can get some of the best independent contractor jobs discussed in this article.

Let take a look!

Virtual Assistant Jobs

Virtual assistant jobs are more like writing jobs. You will get paid for the services you offer.

Some of the virtual assistant opportunities are:

  • Data entry
  • Writing
  • Email support
  • Social media help
  • Digital media help

To get into virtual assistant opportunities, you will need to get into the right platforms. Some of these are:

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  1. Accu Tran Global

A Canadian based company, Accu Tran Global hires from all over the world.

The company is a transcription business, with high turnaround time, making it one of the leading transcription companies.

The company is always open for hire and is always looking for stenographers and voice writers.

It pays between $0.004 and $0.0055 per word.

  1. Customer Service Review

CSR is a company associated with improving the call center performance. The company is associated with creating better customer interactions, improving customer problem resolution, and support.

The company has training programs, mystery calls, coaching calls, and customer satisfaction surveys, ensuring top-notch customer experience.

Hires are in-home callers and evaluators who have a 3-hour work time between 8:30 am and 10:00 pm on weekdays and Saturday.

  1. Expert Planet

The company is associated with providing clients with overall teleservices solutions.

It comes with blended IVR live agent services, consolidated reporting, dynamic call scripting, and order entry, through a cloud-based system.

Expert planet hires contractors to work from home, paying an average of $12 to $14.

The company has an integrated system that is supported by technology, allowing customers to pair up with the best and most relevant clientele.

  1. Accolade Support

Accolade support is a business outsourcing process firm providing call center services to clients through agents based at home.

Contractors are hired for a temporary basis and are required to make calls on all levels of customer relations.

Accolade Support requirements are a private and quiet office to work from, a corded landline phone, a PC running Windows connected to a cable or DSL modem.

The job pays around $10 per hour; however, the payment structure will not necessarily offer a minimum wage.

You can send your application through their website.

  1. Call Centre QA

Call Center is a company that interacts with a client’s customers on their behalf, giving reviews on company products to potential clients. The company will also assist existing company clients with their issues and help in resolving them.

The company regularly hires telephone mystery shoppers.

New hires are expected to be energetic, friendly, and ready to assist in any way they can.

The company will pay around $30 an hour, which is good pay and well above the national average.

  1. Belay

Belays is associated with virtual assistants, bookkeepers, and web specialists.

The company has flexible work hours and pays quite well.

Don’t get caught up in tedious jobs. If you are starting and cannot afford the staff to work on your tax compliance, Belay is the right team to help you.

  1. Crisp Thinking

Crisp thinking is a safety company associated with social media.

Started as a child online Protection Company from online games and social network abuse, sexual exploitation, cyberbullying, the company specializes in linguistics, reporting, psychology and data protection, law, and regulation to assist in social media safety.

The company hires freelance social media moderators in all areas online from; digital threats, development, customer success, data, risk detection, and product management.

  1. Fancy Hands

Fancy Hands hires virtual assistants to complete specific tasks, at an average of $3-$7. The company hires US-based assistants and allows them to tackle any jobs found on the to-do list at their convenience.

The company layout is such that it allows for two types of requests from a standard 20 minute to a 10 minute of live chatting.

Some of the responsibilities available for assistant hires are scheduling, purchase on a client’s behalf, research, making phone calls, and comparing prices on behalf of the client.

  1. BSG

The company’s involvement with relief programs, working with both national and local relief agencies to alleviate the lives of people caught up in natural disasters. The company is also involved in finding cures and assisting families in reducing poverty.

They mostly hire independent live operator verification agents. It will pay roughly $8.50 per hour, with a minimum work guarantee of at least 20 hours per week.

  1. ModSquad

ModSquad is a social media moderator that provides companies and brands with social media positioning to ensure maximum exposure and presence.

The company is always looking for potential candidates to help manage and promote the company’s global agenda and ensure its clients are always satisfied.

The company allows its members to work from the company’s offices or remotely.

It provides a couple of benefits for its companies, such as a 401k, medical benefits, charitable matching programs, unlimited vacation policies, and other incentives.

Chat and Email Jobs and Telemarketing

These are jobs where you are required to talk to customers via sites in a chat or through phone calls. It is a great way to sort out any customer issues through direct communication. Below are some of the mediums.

  1. ACD Direct

The company is mainly involved with uniform training of agents, script implementations, and scalability. ACD is a non-profit fundraising organization. It handles a variety of contacts for PBS and NPR stations nationwide.

The company requires a private and quiet location to work from, and a windows based PC with an internet connection.

You will also require a dedicated phone, most preferably the MAX integrated softphone, and a USB headset with a USB cord.

You will need to send a voice sample, complete a registration form, and pass a test call to be hired.

  1. Advanis

This is a market research firm. The company hires telephone research interviewers.

If you get hired, the company will only require your services during the evenings and weekends.

  1. Anywhere Expert

The site hires on a part-time basis. A fresh approach to tech support, the company pays agents to resolve customer issues and pays at a $4 rate per closed chat.

You must have some background in tech to get hired by the company.

  1. ARC Consulting

They are a professional remote call and telephone mystery shopping services. The company is mainly important in availing enough people to respond to company customers, avoiding long waits on the line.

The company pays per call and is always hiring. It comes with a competitive analysis helping to compare its clients to the competition.

  1. Arise

The company is a customer care service that handles complex customer support needs. The company also helps with customer support solution consulting.

The company pays roughly $9-$14 per hour.

  1. Blooms Today

This is a delivery service mainly focused on flowers and gifts. The company offers a money-back guarantee if it fails on customer satisfaction.

They offer jobs for independent sales people with an option to work from home, taking calls from customers and assisting in however way they can. They pay around $15-$24 per hour.

The company is always looking to hire new sales people.

  1. Blue Zebra Appointing Setting

Blue zebra appointing provides a collaborative effort in creating a market-driven and focused tactic to enable and direct clients.

The company will partner with dedicated marketing professionals to assist with your business, attracting clients, and sitting up appointments.

The company hires on a business-to-business appointment setters.

The working hires for independent contractors under the company are 3-6 hours and between normal working hours on all weekdays.

  1. I Dial U

The company helps sell virtual sales for a top automotive and mortgage lead generator and their partners. They help find cheaper and better options for their clients, in relation to homes and automotives.

The company also helps in leveraging proprietary web-based predictive dialing technology, increasing the ability to talk to more clients in a day.

  1. Great Virtual Works

The company is associated with sales and customer support. They will assist in communications based on assistance from emails, chats, social media, and phone calls. The company also provides trained representatives for your marketing programs.

It caters for people from all levels of society, including stay at homes, veterans, campus students and graduates, and more.

The company provides flexible working hours for its employees. It has a full-scale virtual platform where clients and employees can interact.

  1. Brighten Communications

The company comes with a probationary period for new hires, which helps in ensuring you’re the right fit for them.

The company is a business-to-business telemarketing. They are always hiring independent contractors to work from home.

The company will pay around $12 per hour, and comes with an 8:00 am to 5:00 pm EST Monday through Thursday.

  1. LiveOps

This is another great virtual call center with agents all over the world. The company, however, is more diverse in its enterprises, from education to industry

The company provides its workforce with some incentives such as happy hours, charity projects, and sports.

It was voted one of the best medium-sized companies to work for in Arizona.

Their employees are entitled to medical, dental and vision, paid basic and life disability, matching 401k plan plus tuition reimbursement.

  1. Lifebushido

Life bushido supports its clients through calling services. The company also helps create business social ventures, to assist everyone, focus on their unique talents.

Lifebushido allows for work at home employees, and employs people from all over the world, across all spheres of society.

The company asks for between 10-25 hours per week and allows for collaboration between Lifebushido members.

Teaching Sites

These are sites involved with offering teaching all over the world. The education offered is diverse, with skilled teachers available for virtual classes.  Below are some of the teaching sites.

  1. BoxFish

This is an IT and teaching app.

It is one of the few apps acceptable in China. It is a curriculum-based app, with over six years in public schools.

The app has over 12, 0000,000 uses and is mostly hiring independent contractors with a bachelor’s degree. They mostly hire English tutors. You should also have a TEFL/TESOL certificate.

You should also have over one year of teaching experience online, a warm personality, and be punctual in your chosen working hours.

Boxfish will let you control your working hours, with no time zone restrictions.

  1. DaDaABC

DaDaABC is an English teaching platform based in China.

How it works is through pairing each student with a teacher to assist in English tutoring. The platform offers world-class teaching content in a two-way interactive learning platform.

The platform is partnered with Pearson’s education, McGraw-Hill Education, Oxford Press, and National Geographic Learning.

For new hires, the platform offers flexible hours and can work from home.

The qualifications for the job are remote online English teachers, with a bachelor’s degree, and be a native English speaker.

  1. Cambly

Cambly is a language assistant company that assists in teaching English to non-English speakers. The company will offer all-round support at any time, day, or night.

The company allows you to browse its platform and find tutors suited to your liking. Cambly tutors have a range of educational professionals and can search for interesting topics to discuss with your tutors.

Cambly is accessible from a mobile device or a computer. For new hires, the company pays around $10 per hour.

  1. KK Talkee

This is another platform, which provides teaching services to Chinese children. The company has a virtual classroom with qualified teachers who provide the teaching services from the comfort of their homes.

The language and content taught is based on US core subjects.

For new hires, the company provides flexible working hours, a large network of support, a diverse community of people, and prompt payments without delays.

As part of the support team, the company offers weekly meet-ups between the hired teachers who discuss emerging issues while helping each other sort their issues.

  1. Lionbridge

Lionbridge is a company associated with customer relations. The company accommodates up to 350 languages, with agents in more than 5000 cities.

It has over 500,000 experts around the world who help clines achieve their goals. The company was initially a translation company but it has grown to include linguistics AI and data quality.

The company is always looking to hire experts as part of their team.

  1. GoGoKid

The site comes in handy in teaching English to Chinese children as a tool to help with their creative and critical skills.

The site provides for one student teacher. The requirements need props to facilitate the classes and make them easier. After each class, you are also required to write some feedback about each class, and things taught.

The classes take place in a virtual classroom.

The payment for GoGoKid is roughly $15 per hour. The payment is no later than 15th for the previous month.

Social Media Jobs

  1. Appen

Appen comes with a flexible schedule and decent pay at between $9 and $14 per hour. The company hires social media evaluators.

Social media evaluators help with the relevancy of a tech company news feed. Appen also has other jobs available at their website, such as transcription jobs to micro-tasks, which all pay.

  1. Causeworx

This fundraising company works with donors. It helps create massive donor pipelines from fund donors.

The company is concerned with retaining donors, and for that purpose, the phone becomes an important factor in maintaining the LTV with donor files.

The preferred contractors are tele fundraisers and pays around $11-$14 per hour.

  1. ContractWorld

ContractWorld hires remote contract agents; they pay per call, which usually equates to$11-$16 per hour dependent on the client.

Writing Jobs

Writing jobs have become a goldmine for independent contractors.

The writer’s job description comes with a necessity for mastery of language, a skill in research and knowledge in a myriad of different topics.

As a writer, there are a couple of opportunities from academic writing to article writing.

Each piece of written material comes with a payday after the client has approved the work. The job also requires building rapport with clients to enable the retainment capability of the client.

There is a couple of independent contractor writing offers:

  1. Ultius

Ultius is hiring writers in all spheres of studies. They require academic style writing. The company does not require bidding for work; rather, you view orders, pick one suitable for you, communicate with the clients, and await payment.

The most important thing with Ultius is deadlines, following instructions, and being available for the client to track their orders.

  1. Textbroker

This is an article-writing platform that accommodates English native speakers. The company operates mostly in Europeans countries with a high preference for Americans.

The site offers articles on-demand without bidding. The articles are plenty, and the revenue is amazing.

  1. Internet Brands

If you are a writer interested in upfront pay, internet brands is the site for you. The company has over 200 websites that they provide content for, which means you will have a lot to do.

  1. Pro blogger

As the name suggests, the platform is for the pros. The money also from pro bloggers is the big bucks, so if you believe you are a pro, get into pro blogger.

  1. First Quarter Finance

FQF is a company associated with personal finance and helping people with their finances.

The company mainly publishes consumer financial information and hires research analysts, contributors, and editors.

You will require some of the above skills to get a cane at working at first-quarter finance.

  1. Filmless

Filmless is a video production company, headquartered in San Francisco. The company consists of a huge network of producers, editors, voice-over artistes, graphic artists, and on-screen talent.

The company has contacts all over the world, and through them can deliver at different places the world over, at a faster more efficient pace, as co pared to all the travel involved with a static company location.

The company has independent freelance contractors, voice-over editors, freelance scriptwriters, and more.

You can apply for a job with filmless through their website.

  1. Uvocorp

This is an academic writing account, which offers flexible schedules for its writers. The company is a take type of account, where the jobs are displayed on the dashboard, and all the writer needs is to pick their choice.

The company pays quite well, from between $10-$40 per page.

Payment comes through PayPal and pays bi-monthly.

  1. I writer

If you are a beginner in the writing business, then I writer is an ideal platform for you. Although the site pays in sages, as you advance the cash out increases.

The account comes in different levels, and after a successful application, you will start as a beginner and after passing their criteria, you will advance to the expert level.

The account lists available jobs which you can pick at will.

The platform pays roughly $2 per article.

  1. Writers Bay

This is an academic account.

The account has a registration process where you have to answer a series of tests and questions, upload you CV, and wait for roughly a week before you get feedback from the company.

You have to get reviewed after asking for a job, after which you can get to work on it. The site pays bi-weekly.


There are more ways through which, you can make money as an independent contractor. Make use of the internet and search far and wide. You can make money as an independent contractor, including flex jobs, up work, freelancer, and zip recruiter. Do not limit yourself.

Happy earning!

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