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CompuRx Paid Surveys Review

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CompuRx, Inc., established in 1988, is a medical market research and consulting firm offering years of experience in administering and analyzing customized and ongoing research paid surveys.

As a full-service market research organization, CompuRx, Inc. offers both online and off-line research capabilities, enlisting the support of various in-house panels of physicians, retail and hospital-based pharmacists and consumers.

CompuRx maintains:

  • an in-house panel of 500+ hospital-based pharmacists. This panel is representative of the universe of hospitals in terms of bed size, type of ownership, teaching status an geographical distribution.

  • a panel of 1,500+ patients/consumers. This panel can be sampled based on disease, medication, age, locations, etc.

  • an in-house panel of 50,000+ office-based US physicians. This large panel base allows for selection of samples representative to the universe in terms of specialty, type of practice, location, etc. Quantitative and qualitative research capabilities exist.

  • a panel of 300+ retail pharmacies which are representative of the universe in terms of independent vs. chain, geographic location, etc.

Accepts panelists from U.S. only.

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