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7 Legal Ways to Get Internet Connection Without Paying

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Are you paying an arm and a leg for internet service? Find out ways to get free internet access legally or pay much less than you are now! Do you ever feel like you pay too much for your internet service? We can show you the best ways to get free internet access or cheap internet access.

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This is totally going to blow your mind, you can actually get internet access internet from any device you own from anywhere at any time! How amazing is that?

Just so you know you aren’t going to get 30 mbps speed. However, you will get internet speed that is a reasonable speed.

Additionally, you might not always be able to get free internet but you can certainly be able to get internet for a very cheaper price than what you are paying now.

Most of these companies are aimed to help income based families. So sometimes these programs will offer free things such as tablets, computer devices, phones and much more.

If you want free, cheap, or less expensive internet, keep reading…

6 Tips for Cutting Your Internet Bill

If you already have internet service, and you don’t want to switch over to a different carrier, there are ways that you can cut that bill in half.

In fact, many people don’t even know there is a way to cut some of the price off their bill. So, check out these 6 tips and start cutting that bill!

#1 Switch to a Different Type of Internet Connection

When you sign up for the internet, the provider will probably just tell you what you need. This may not always be the best option.

You should always do your own research because there are many different types of internet connections available.

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Keep in mind that the term broadband is basically any service that is faster than the old-fashioned dial-up kind.

Four options you can consider are:


If you are a user who casually surfs the internet or streams some movies, TV shows, or music, DSL is usually sufficient.

This internet connection is delivered to your home over a standard telephone line. You will have download speeds around 3 to 10 Mbps.

It is fast enough to stream an HD video, but not fast enough to have multiple devices online at the same time.

Cable Internet

Cable internet is usually the option that is given by most providers. Why? Because, they can get the most money out of this plan.

It is delivered via your cable TV provider. This internet is definitely faster, but it also tends to be much more expensive. You’re paying for cable and internet just to have internet.

Additionally, the number of local people in your area can affect your connection speeds. So, the speed will be slower during peak usage time.

Fiber Optic

This option is actually relatively new. The benefit of fiber optic is that it can deliver your information much faster from longer distances.

However, this service is not widely available since most homes and businesses are not wired for fiber optic.

Also, it is super expensive. So, if you have it you may want to get a different connection.

Wireless 4G

Another option is the Wireless 4G. This means you rely on 4G data from your cell phone provider to have internet access in your home.

You can get reliable Wireless 4G service from the following cell phone carriers:

  • AT&T
  • Verizon
  • Sprint
  • T-Mobile

Although this option may not be economical if you use more than 2GB per month.

Compare Prices

One of the easiest ways you can lower your internet bill is to compare prices. Just because the plan you got a year ago was the best doesn’t mean it is now.

You can call your current provider and ask what packages they are offering. Sometimes if you throw in you may go somewhere else, they offer you even better deals to keep you.

Additionally, you can always compare prices with other companies. It is worth shopping around every 1-2 years.

Downgrade Your Plan

Here’s the deal, we all like fast, but we really don’t need the fastest speed in the universe. Providers try to market these speeds and you may be paying for it now.

So, look into downgrading your plan to a slower, more affordable speed. Seriously, you don’t need 150 Mbps. Trust us.

And if you find out you do, your provider will gladly sell the higher speed back to you. So, this is worth trying to get your bill lowered.

Buy Your Own Modem and Router

Many companies are notorious for not telling you that the modem or router you get is actually a rental. Yep, you pay every month just to use it.

If you want to save money, you can always buy your own modem and router. Then, you won’t get charged for it every month.

If you do this, you will need to do a little research and make sure that the ones you buy are compatible with your service provider as well as any you may switch to in the future.

Do an Extended Contract

If you like your service provider, then call them about an extended contract. You can usually secure a lower promotional price by signing up for 1 or 2-year contract agreements.

Just remember that when the contract ends, your rates will increase, so remember to shop around before.

Get Discounted Service Online

Many services are cheaper if you buy them online as opposed to going into the store. Maybe this is because you don’t talk to a person.

We aren’t really sure why online is cheaper, but a lot of times it is. So, make sure you check online before heading into the store.

Get Rid of WIFI at Home

As stated above, you can get internet by using your cell phone. So, if you can get away with it, get rid of your Wifi at home.

Ways to Get Free Internet Access

If you don’t want to pay for the internet or go through the process for free internet companies, there are a few ways you can get free internet access.

#1 Go to a Restaurant

Almost every fast food joint, restaurant, and bar have FREE Wifi. If you don’t want to go through the hassle of getting your own, go sit down and have a drink somewhere.

Even some grocery stores like Martin’s Supermarket offer free Wifi. Find out where you can go around town.

Not only is this a great way to save money, but it’s also a great way to get out of the house, meet new (and interesting) people, and enjoy the scenery.

You can find these places anywhere you go by visiting Wifi Free Spot.

#2 Go to a Co Work Space

If you haven’t heard of them, yet, cowork spaces are gaining popularity in larger cities. So, what is a cowork space?

It is usually a building where people of all kinds assemble in a neutral space to work on things independently.

Some of these spaces are free where others you need to pay a small fee to hang out for the day.

All coworking spaces have basics such as free Wifi, printers, and different rooms. Some will have tea, coffee, or snacks available as well.

Do a Google search to find local ones in your area.

#3 Ask Your Parents to Pay for It?!

There isn’t much we can say here. I mean if you think your parents would go for it, ask them! Some parents will.

But…..if you don’t want to leave your house to get free internet and your parents aren’t that nice, you can find free or cheap internet companies all over the place.

Ways to Get Internet Connection at Home Without Paying: Free Companies

Are you paying an arm and a leg for internet service? Find out ways to get free internet access legally or pay much less than you are now!There are a few companies that actually offer free internet connection. It is important to keep in mind that speeds may be slower and service may be spotty. But, beggars can’t be choosers, right?!

Here is what we have found when it comes to companies offering free internet service. Check them out!

Freedom Pop

Freedom Pop is a mobile plan provider that is 100% free! It also offers 100% free internet access and free phone services. Such as unlimited texting and calling. Even international calling and texting is free.

How freedom pop works in 3 simple steps:

  1. They will send you a wireless access point to your home.
  2. You will need to turn on your device when you are ready to access your internet.
  3. Then browse the internet!

The most amazing part about this is that you can connect up to 10 devices at a time! Such as your phone or someone else’s phone, computer, an ipad and much more.


If you weren’t born in the 1980s or very early 90s, you may not even know what dial-up is. But, you can get it for free.

Basically dial-up is a super slow internet connection that took ages for you to get online, but back in the day, it’s all we had.

Virtually everyone used Netzero for their dial-up internet. But, these days it’s not as popular.

The good news, however, is that NetZero is offering this dial-up internet to people for FREE. You only get 10-hours a month, but it’s better than nothing.

Because you don’t use a mobile router, you will need to set it up in 1 of two ways:

  1. Order an installation CD.
  2. Download Software Online

Both processes are very quick and easy.

When you get the free internet, you are under no obligation to buy a premium plan, but you can. Their internet services are very affordable.


Juno is very similar to NetZero. It gives you 10 hours of FREE dial-up internet connection per month.

You can use the service to connect the internet to a computer at home, your phone, or any other internet related devices.

Everyone On

Everyone On isn’t actually an internet service provider. Instead this is a program to get you internet access for free or very cheap.

It is an income based program. So, this is for low income families. The availability is subject to location, availability of funds, and your income level.

If you don’t qualify for this program, you can use the site to find offers for cheap or free internet providers in your area.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Visit Everyone On
  2. Put your zip code in the box next to the “Find Offers” tab.
  3. From the list of available offers pick one and click on “View Offer” to get more details.

Cheap Internet Providers

Need something a little faster than dial up, but want something affordable? Here are some of our best options!


If you are looking for a wireless 4G internet plant, T-Mobile is the place to go. They offer plans starting at $20 per month.

It’s only $35 per month for 6 GB of data. Obviously, the price increases as the amount of data does, but super affordable.

Century Link

If you are within their service area, you can get Centurylink internet for just $10 a month. This is another income-based plan, however.

However, those who are not restricted by income can also get great internet for as little as $49 per month.

Comcast Internet Essentials

Comcast offers another program for low income families. You either have to have your children on the free lunch program or Medicaid. It is $10 per month for this service.


Even though you can get free dial-up internet service through Juno, it does offer paid internet as well.

Accelerated dial-up internet connection is offered for $29.95 per month.

Net Zero

Again, Net Zero offers free dial-up internet, but also low internet plans for DSL. One gigabyte per month is $17.95 per month.

Looking for more options for free or cheap internet? Hop on over to All Free ISP. This is a search engine specifically for finding free and cheap internet in your area.

Final Thoughts

Always remember to be safe when surfing the web. If you use public places, there are some things you may want to search for. Here are some tips to keep in mind:

  • Do not do online banking in public places.
  • Stay off sites that would have your personal information in public spots.
  • Use a VPN
  • Try to use SSL connections
  • Turn off sharing
  • Keep your wifi off when you don’t need it.

What ways have you found to get free internet access legally? Share them in the comments below!

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