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6 Best Ways to Watch Television Without Paying For Cable

editUpdated on: April 6, 2020 by anvitalis

Do you have to pay so much money just to be able to watch a few TV shows you like each week. The good news is that there are many ways you can save money on your cable bill each month.The cable or antenna TV, as most people refer to it may be on its way out of the market. Ironically, as customers cut the cable service, so are the cable providers increasing their average monthly bill.

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It is like they can’t wait to squeeze out every last penny from the market before it dries out completely. Are you tired of the squeeze?

Bidding goodbye the cable TV doesn’t necessarily mean that you will never enjoy live TV. You can enjoy every channel offered by cable TV from cord-cutting alternatives.

It counts even for local channels that provide sports, local news, etc. There have never been numerous cord-cutting options as there are now.

Below is a run-through of how to watch Tv without cable

              1.      Install HD Antenna

Cable TV wishes you never get to recognize this, but all local TV networks are present over the air; thus, you can access them by simply installing a HD antenna. Besides, HD antenna has better pictures compared to cable TV.

Today, the TV signals are digital; thus, your TV needs a digital tuner for you to enjoy the antenna TV.

You can consult the user manual or check the manufacturer’s website to know if your TV features a digital tuner. Alternatively, you can assess the coaxial antenna port at the back of your TV.

It should have a port that looks similar to a large threaded screw. Also, it will bear the acronyms HD, HDTV. In case yours is not a digital TV, you can always make it one using the digital converter cox.

Once you have confirmed and converted your TV to make it digitally ready, the next step is installing the TV antenna. Buy a quality HD TV antenna that isn’t expensive and ranges between $10 and $50.

You can purchase them online or from your local stores. Antennas come in two types; there’s the indoor and the outdoor one.

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The outdoor antenna requires additional effort when installing as you have to mount them on the roof. However, it will detect a broader range of channels. On the other hand, indoor antennas are cheaper and easier to install as you only place them on the TV.

They are suitable if you live near the broadcasting transmitter. The downside of this antenna is that they pick up on electrical noise, which may affect the overall TV reception.

If you are curious about the channels that will be available for you, you can input your zip code on the FCC website. It will display all the channels that will be available for watching with an antenna in your area.

With an antenna, the only cost you incur is the initial cost of purchasing the antenna. Thus, you will notice that it is much cheaper than cable.

               2.  Watch Local Channels Online

Often TV networks post their programs and episodes online, for instance, the CBS news. Thus, you can enjoy any recently aired TV episode from the network’s website for free.

You will only require an internet connection for you can stream them from your smartphone, tablet, etc. Don’t hesitate to check out other websites such as ABC, NBS, and FOX. To see your favorite TV shows and find out if their new programs.

You can always get to know the day’s highlight of your place. Fast, search for the local station on the internet. Click on the tabs that read either as Videos, episodes, or shows. You can now browse through the site and bookmark the live local broadcast.

              3.    Utilize Network Apps

All major TV networks have an app where you can stream and watch for free. CBS, Fox, ABC, CW stations, and NBC all have a mobile app. Thus, you can enjoy local TV shows either on your smartphone or tablet for free.

That means that you will not necessarily need a cable, satellite, or subscription to enjoy your TV shows. Each app works differently.

  • CBS App. You can enjoy your full episodes of favorite CBS shows a day after they play on air. You can also enjoy live streaming plus the network’s comprehensive archive, but you will need to pay for it. The monthly cost of all access package starts from $5.99.
  • The ABC App. It allows you to enjoy free archive viewing and live streaming. However, if you live in larger towns such as Los Angeles, New York, and Chicago, then you will need to invest in a cable or satellite provider to enjoy your favorite ABC favorite episodes.
  • NBC App. With the app, you can enjoy recent NBC shows. Also, you can watch any older episode that the channel aired. For live streaming, you will need to have a cable or a satellite provider.
  • Fox App. It enables you to watch most of their shows a day after airing. You enjoy more live streaming and show selection by accessing it from your active tv provider account.
  • CW App. You can stream your shows for free. Unfortunately, you can only view the five most recent TV episodes. Your options don’t increase even if you have a TV subscription provider.

               4.    Live TV Streaming

As its name suggests, you will pay for the TV and watch it over the internet. You will get to watch both local and network channels at a cheaper cost compared to that of cable TV. Besides, the view is as clear as that of cable TV.

It’s only that the service gets delivered differently. Some of the local networks you will stream include ABC, CBS, Sports network, FOX, and NBC. However, you should note that coverage of the local networks depends on your residence area.

The idea of live TV is relatively new. However, it is numerous competitors who make it even better than satellite TV. It offers multiple options to consider. Some of the popular Live channels include:

  • Sling TV

Probably the mention of it brings their funny TV ads to your mind. It’s no secret that sling TV offers the best alternative to cable TV. Owning one gives you the chance to watch live shows even from local news. It provides different packages to ensure it meets the needs of all its customers.

The packages include Sling orange and sling blue. Both of them require a monthly payment of $25. With the boxes, you get to enjoy numerous channels.

You can pay an extra $5 for your package for you to access additional features such as cloud DVR, show time Epix and extra channels. They offer a free trial that doesn’t require a contract; thus, you can always try their services.

  • Fubo TV

It is the latest player in TV streaming services. You get to enjoy the best movies, local channels, and TV shows. If you are a sports person, Fubo TV hasn’t forgotten you either. You can enjoy the top sports networks like the BTN, FS1, FS2, beIN sport, and NBCSN.

The most outstanding feature in Fubo is its feature, which allows its users to record up to 30 hours that get automatically saved in the DVR cloud. You enjoy the recording services even with a basic package.

Thus, you can save and replay shows, sports, and movies later when you are free. It took a step further as there is no other service that offers similar features. If you aren’t sure if it is something you need, you can utilize the 7-day free trial then get to decide.

  • YouTube

You can see what’s trending in the world with YouTube TV from the latest news to gaming. Besides, you can subscribe to your favorite channel for free. In case you are a parent and would wish to share the fun with your kid, the YouTube Kids app is here for you.

It is much safer as they will never get access to over 18 shows and movies. Besides, it is much easier for your kid to navigate alone. It has kids’ favorite shows, learning videos like how to build a snowman. Your kid will never get bored. YouTube has a parental control such that you can tailor it to suit your family needs.

  • Hulu Package with Live TV

You can enjoy the live TV streaming on Hulu once you pay for the regular Hulu plus services. You can stream with your tablet or laptop. Besides, you can stream it on two devices simultaneously.

For only $55.99, you also get to enjoy cloud DVR storage, which can hold up to 50 hours of recording. The available channels depend on your location, but you will enjoy numerous sporting channels, news, shows, movies, and original series.

               5.     Invest in a Streaming Device

If you want to enjoy streamed shows and movies, it is best to own a streaming device. Of course, you can stream your favorite movies, videos, and shows from your smartphone or tablet.

However, if you want to stream from your TV, then a streaming device is essential.  It connects your internet and your TV so that you get to watch your favorite shows as they play. It comes with the cords you will need. Below are some Streaming boxes in the market

  • Amazon Fire TV Stick

It allows you to enjoy ant streaming services. It gets better with time; the Amazon fire TV stick features Alexa. Thus, you can tell the remote the channel you want to watch, and she changes the channel to the requested one.

You can also carry it around and plug it into another TV and stream it from your account. If you are a fan of the amazon instant video, then this option will suit you perfectly.

  • Roku Box or Stick

It is similar to the amazon fire stick only that it is a box device. It comes in two models:

  • Roku Express. It is very affordable
  • Roku Streaming Stick. It costs $20 more compared to the express option. It features a voice remote option that can also increase and reduce the volume as well as switching off the TV. Thus, you will not have to reach out for the remote anytime you want to perform basic tasks.
  • Apple TV

If you have apple devices around the house and you already bought movies an iTunes account, you will need an Apple TV to watch over a larger screen. Also, you get to enjoy numerous movies, shows, and original series.

  • Chromecast

Chromecast is a streaming device that utilizes Google. You will plug it in your HDMI port on your TV. Then using your iPad, android, windows, or any device cast your game, movies on music on the bigger screen.

                6.     Pay for Streaming Services

After purchasing your desired streaming device, you will now need to subscribe to several streaming services. You will need to pay each month for you to watch your desired movies and shows. You will not get penalized for canceling membership.

  • Netflix

You will never regret choosing Netflix. It offers numerous TV shows and series. You can log in to your Netflix account from any streaming device like a smartphone or a tablet. Also, you can download shows and movies which you can play later during a plane-travel or any other time you are offline.

The best part is that it doesn’t have commercials. Besides, you can upgrade to stream on more than a single device simultaneously. Netflix allows you to create different accounts for each family member so that everyone hates to watch their shows, movies, or series at their own pace.

  • Hulu

Unlike Netflix, Hulu specializes in the latest networks and shows on cable TV. Episodes get aired on Hulu one day after officially airing on TV. That means you can catch up on both the latest movies and the past ones too. Also, you get to enjoy the original series and their numerous original series.

You can select your plan to enjoy unlimited access to show from any device. However, the package has commercials, but you can pay some extra money to eliminate the ads. However, commercials on Hulu are way less than on cable TV, and it is cheaper. It has a live TV option; thus, you can stream your favorite shows.

  • Amazon Prime Video

Amazon Prime Video has numerous TV shows and movies which you can also download then watch them later while offline. The best part is that it doesn’t have commercials. Also, you can rent out any movie from your amazon account.

  • HBO Now

You can play your latest or past shows and movies from your HBO without the need for a cable or satellite provider. You can utilize the 1-week free trial option to see if it suits your needs.

  • Showtime

Showtime gives you access to your favorite live sporting events, original series, movies, and shows from any streaming device. You can utilize the free7-day trial to learn if it is something it suits your needs. Besides, it has no contracts, and you can cancel the free trial, and they won’t charge you even a dime.

  • DisneyNow

DisneyNow is a new player in the subscription services. It allows you to enjoy all Disney and Pixar shows or movies. Thus, it offers so much to watch from star wars to national geographic. Also, you can connect to ESPN, Hulu, or Disney+ for only $12.99. That way, you will cover a more extensive entertainment base.


With the above cord-cutting choices, you can now watch all your favorite programs in crystal clear images with no cable charges. Another advantage is that most of these options do not have a rigid contract like the cable or satellite TV subscription.

That means they offer free trials so you can test their services for a month. If you’re happy with it go ahead and pay for it. If not, you can cancel during the free-trial period, and you won’t pay anything at all.

So don’t miss another episode of your favorite show because of the high cable charges, try out one or more of the above choices.

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