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How to Get Free Gas in 7 Legal Ways

editUpdated on: March 27, 2020 by anvitalis

Fuel prices are always on the rise but if you look around you will find popular avenues that offer free gas.There are some expenses that you can’t do away with, such as purchasing gas for your automobile. There are numerous ways to cut down your gas expenses, like using alternative means of transportation such as riding a bike, walking, purchasing a motorcycle.

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You could also do carpooling, or use the coupons you obtain at the grocery shop. Bear in mind that not all approaches will work for everyone. There are other legal ways to reduce your gas costs. You can use the money you save to reduce the debt or achieve other financial goals.

Here are 7 ways on how to get free gas

1.    Obtain Gas Cards

Obtain gas cards by doing online surveys, shopping online, browsing the internet, or watching videos. For every task you complete through Swagbucks, you get points that you can use to but gift cards, like gas cards. The gas cards will be used to get free gas rather than paying for it.

2.    Opt Advertising on the Car

Free Gas Help allows you to get free gas cards once you place ads on your car. They give you a range of advertisement venues, including car wraps and door magnets. You will select the type of ads you put on your vehicle to ensure you move around with adverts you are comfortable with.

While driving around with adverts in your car, you will earn free gas cards every month.

3.    Go to Free Gas USA

This company was established in 2008 during the peak of the Great Recession, Free Gas USA’s goal is to offer gas grant help to struggling households in the US.

The non-profit company gives grant every month to pre-eligible candidates depending on the need, level of income, availability of grant finances, and circumstances. Recipients are offered coded gas gift cards that they will use at gas stations.

First, you need to check if you are eligible by visiting their site and filling out the downloadable grant application form. You’ll need to pay an application fee of $5 for your application submission.

4.    Complete Surveys

Many companies like Survey Junkie will let you take surveys and reward you points. You can redeem the points for gift cards and use them in various retailers such as gas stations.

The best thing about getting free gas money by completing surveys is that you can do the tasks online from any place you want when you have free time. Relaxing at the beach enjoying the fine breeze? Use your phone to complete a couple of surveys.

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Do you have a 20-minute break at the office? Use that time to complete some surveys and earn extra cash. Make completing surveys a hobby, and with no time, you will earn enough reward points for gift cards from a gas station near you.

5.    Use Credit Card Rewards to Earn Free Gas

There are numerous credit cards out there that offer reward points that people can redeem for money, for credit to the card, or even gift cards. Then, you will use the reward points to buy gas for your car. This can be done in two ways. You can use the points to buy gift cards at your favorite gas station, or you can transfer your points to your credit card, and them fill up the gas for the same amount.

The best way to be successful when utilizing your credit card rewards to ensure you don’t pay interest on the card purchases. That means you need to ensure the reward card is utilized for the things you will still need to pay.

Then, make sure you pay the card in full every month. If you fail to pay the card in full amount, the rewards you get will be used to offset the interest you will need to pay.

6.    Contact Charities in Your Town

In most cases, local charitable agencies will assist people in need by giving them gas cards such that they can get free gas for important driving. This includes driving to job interviews, driving to work, groceries, or appointments.

If you are searching for free gas, call local charities and churches in your town to check if they are offering free gas cards to those in need. You can also call local your local health department since they do provide gas cards to those people in need.

For instance, you can call the Salvation Army. The church provides help for basic needs like free gas coupons to the needy. So, make sure you check in with your local church and find out if they are offering this kind of help. However, it’s good to bear in mind that these gift coupons are limited.

The Salvation Army doesn’t a good deal of financing and since the gas prices are high, it’s hard for the church to give out many free gas vouchers. You are likely to get a free gas gift card if you want to fuel to drive to a medical appointment, job interview, training, or school.

Contact your local Salvation Army center to get more information about the help with transportation and fuel costs.

7.    Use Travel Rebates

If you are a regular traveler, make sure you stay in the best hotel chains whenever you travel to earn free gas cards. For instance, Best Western allows clients to earn reward points any time they remain at an eligible best western hotel.

Once you have collected a good number of reward points by staying in the hotels, you can exchange the reward points for gas cards at Exxon gas and Shell gas stations. The best thing about these reward points offered by Best Western hotels is that they don’t expire.

Even if you are not a regular traveler, you can get the rewards points and save them over time. You will later redeem the points to get free gas. Accumulating your travel rewards by staying in the right hotels like Best Western hotels that give clients gas cards can be the best way to get free gas for your car. This enables you to reduce traveling costs.

Other ways You Spend Less on Gas

Together with using the methods mentioned above to get free gas, there are some things you need to do if you don’t want to spend a lot on gas expenses. They include:

·       Drive Steady and Slow

By driving on the right lane whenever on the highway and evading unnecessary braking and constant acceleration, you will use less gas. Ensure you keep distance between you and the vehicle in front as this will help you drive stead and evade constant acceleration and braking. Treat the vehicle gently, drive it steady, and you will realize you are spending less gas.

·       Make Sure the Car is Well Maintained

A car will always consume less gas if it’s well maintained. Ensure the tires are inflated well, change the filters and oil when necessary, and don’t put extra weight in your vehicle. By doing some of these things, your car will run efficiently and consume less gas.

·       Know Where to Get Cheap Gas

Find out the places that offer the lowest gas price on the routes you use regularly. There are numerous companies that offer cheap gas like seven to ten cents per one gallon. If you know any company that charges low prices on gas or give discounted coupons, make sure you do fill-up when you visit the station.

·       Use Other Means of Transportation

If possible, consider using other means of transportation for your trips when it’s more efficient. If you reside in the proximity to the office or grocery shop, you can walk or take a bike. You can use public transport or carpool with your workmate rather than driving to work and it’s the same route. By reducing the time, you utilize your car, you will be spending less on gas.

·       Be Ready to Be a Bit Uncomfortable

Air conditioning systems in vehicles use gas to operate. Open sunroofs and windows tend to increase wind resistance, and this makes the vehicle to consume a lot of gas. If you don’t reside in an extremely hot state, you can avoid using air conditioning in the car and make sure the windows are always closed.

·       Get a Fuel Efficient Car

Selling your car to buy a different model that has better gas mileage is good, provided it makes economic sense. However, don’t take more debts or car payments just to buy a new car. Rather than adding your debt on an excellent mileage gas, get a good second-hand car that costs less or the same as the car you are driving.

Final Word

Making sure you spend less on gas and drive in a way that allows you to utilize less gas is ideal for your wallet. Additionally, it’s also good for the environment. With the help of the tips listed above, you will have a chance to increase your vehicle efficiency, and you will be able to save. Additionally, you can also use the above mentioned legal ways to get free gas.

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