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Clarion Research Surveys Review: Do They Really Pay You to Take Surveys?

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It appears that Clarion Research no longer runs their paid survey panel, but we have plenty of other options for you.It takes a fair amount of research and due diligence to make certain you do not fall victim to a scam when signing up for paid survey sites.

There is another danger that a lot of people don’t ever think about, however.  There is just as much danger that, while the site may be legit, it could be a waste of time.

Clarion Research may be just such a site for survey takers.

What is Clarion Research Surveys?

Clarion Research is a legitimate market research company that definitely has an impressive website.  However, there is no record of the company with the Better Business Bureau.

This really doesn’t matter for our purposes though.

It doesn’t matter because they do not operate a paid survey site.  It appears from web chatter that they did, at one time do paid online surveys.

They had a web panel project that claimed to pay for your opinion, but most reviewers say almost no one was ever accepted

What’s Next?

Clarion Research paid surveys may not exist anymore, but we have researched hundreds of paid survey sites and have narrowed down the top five that we recommend you join.

We consider these to be the best survey sites when it comes to making as much money as possible.


Not only does SurveyJunkie offer a 25-point bonus just for signing up, but you will get 50 more after you complete your profile.

There are also several profile surveys worth 10 points each that only have between 10 and 20 questions each.

Earn another few points just for taking the virtual tutorial on how the site works, and you could get close to 100 points before you ever take your first survey.

For me, there were several surveys available to me at the very beginning that had a pretty good balance between time to take and points rewarded.

That on top of general bonus and profile points makes this one a winner.


The highlights of MySurvey are the low screen out ratio and the lower cash out minimum.

I rarely screen out of a survey on MySurvey, and after you reach $10, which is 1,200 points, you can cash out.  Some sites make you wait until you have $20 or $25 to cash out.

Another big plus for this site is the other opportunities, besides surveys, to earn points.

They have dairies, product testing and webcam surveys that are fun, interesting, and worth more than standard surveys.

Only loyal survey takers get a shot at these, so stay dedicated if you want to give them a try.


This is one of the most popular sites out there for getting paid to take surveys.  They are large, old, and have a good reputation.  In 1996 they became accredited with the Better Business Bureau, and they have an A+ rating with them.

They average just over 2 complaints with the BBB per year.  Not only does the company respond and make each one right, but some of those that complain get extra points for their trouble.

This has been the case at times even if the panelist was found to be the one in the wrong.


This is one of my all-time favorites.  When I first started with SwagBucks they didn’t even have surveys.  The easiest way to earn “swagbucks” was through their search engine.

They randomly awarded swagbucks for doing your everyday searches using the swagbucks search engine.

Today, they have upped their game with many other ways to earn, surveys included.

The pay and time per survey vary greatly, but they definitely pay, and they offer gift cards for as low as $5, meaning you can see the fruits of your labor faster.

This is the lowest cash out minimum I have ever seen.

Inbox Dollars

This is another that started as one thing and morphed into surveys. Inbox Dollars was originally a site that paid you to read emails.

The pay was pretty bad at just a few cents per email, and the offers that you had to wade through were ridiculous.

As a survey site, however, they are pretty great.  Earn quickly and still get paid to read emails if you want.

What Makes Them Better Than Others?

We base our reviews on a lot of factors, but here are a few things about each one of these that make them stand out above the rest.

You can find out more by reading our in-depth review of each one.


You can see why these are considered by us to be the top 5 survey sites.

Sign up for all of them to have the best chance at making as much money as possible.

You won’t get rich, but you could earn some nice extra income in your spare time.