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31 Home Based Ideas That Can Earn You An Income In 2020

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Unemployment has become a threat to many individuals. You can creatively implement any home-based ideas to make legitimate money.Many spend fruitless years in hunting for a better job. Others do make that morning and evening commute every day. But do you know that there are home-based jobs you can do and generate a reliable income?

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Home-based businesses are excellent solutions to unemployment and a way to make a side income. You can also gain independence and freedom to become your boss. You can be a stay at home, mom or dad and take care of your family without guilt. Making a success of your home-based business ideas will be rewarding for you and your family.

How to choose a legitimate home-based business idea

Many times when you want to start a home-based business, the hardest part about is deciding which business to choose. The first thing is to the real reason why you are starting the business. Is it a side income or a fulltime job? Secondly, come up with a list of businesses that focus on your interests. The advantage of picking a business you have an interest in is you will enjoy doing it even when it is not making money. Do you enjoy writing, traveling, or maybe you enjoy animals? Simply make a list of your interests, and soon you will have a home-based business idea.

To help you get started, here are a few legitimate home-based business ideas.

Below is a list of the Best work at home business opportunities

This list entails some easy small businesses and internet-based business ideas you can start

1. Monetize Your Blog

A blog can create a steady income if well managed. But, you must be patient, consistent, and work had to develop it. It is not a get-rich-quick scheme.

Firstly, you need to research and locate a profitable niche. Focus on that niche to gain certain followers. Offer your clients quality and engaging content to increase traffic.

2. Online Sales

You can create your products at home and sell them online. The products can be homemade clothes or candles. Just ensure the product you chose is marketable for you to make sales. Then sell the products through eCommerce stores such as eBay or Etsy.

You can also write an informational eBook on a particular niche and sell it on Amazon. Another alternative way is to dropship the product. Dropshipping will save you from the trouble of storing the products in your home.

3. Freelance Writing

Freelance writing is taking the market by storm. Blogs need content hence a considerable demand on it. You can write for entrepreneurs who own business sites or content mills. There are different types of content mills such as ContentlyConstant ContentWriter’s Access, and Crowd Content, among others.

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Beginner freelance writers can start writing for the content mills to improve their writing and create their portfolio. Then move up to big companies and media houses, where they pay well.

4. Tutoring Students

Many students need private tutors for them to excel in their studies. If you have a thorough knowledge of various topics like chemistry, mathematics, geography, etc., reach out to respective parents for specific orders.

You could also apply for tutoring opportunities on online tutoring companies such as iTutor.com, Tutor.com, and Kaplan. It will be a great way to earn an income at very flexible hours.

5. Virtual Assistant

Many business executives have too much to handle at work. They will eventually require a Virtual Assistant to manage their schedule. As a Virtual Assistant, you will use your computer skills, communication skills, and other online applications to manage schedules.

You can make reservations, organize meetings, and make reservations. Still, you can manage their calls. You can find virtual assistant jobs at Upwork, and People per Hour.

6. Freelance Designer

There are so many opportunities in design. For example, you can design flyers, posters, and other online advertisements. Build an online reputation and control the related projects in the designing field.

There are so many designing sites on the internet. You must emulate their way of work and implement the strategies.

7. Data Entry 

You can do data entry jobs as a way of earning some income while at home. You sit on your computer and follow the instructions from your online employer. The startup costs for this job are less because you need a computer and a stable internet connection

One good thing about the data entry jobs is that they may not require a lot of time and attention. You have a chance to work while listening to your favorite music.

8. Teach English Online

If you’re a retired or former teacher, you can teach English online to earn some money. You are most likely to teach Chinese kids or adults from countries who do not speak English. Some of the companies that offer such teaching opportunities include VIPKIDQkidsEnglish First, and Teach Away, among others.

You must be an English native speaker to qualify for this job. You can use powerful platforms like Skype and video conferencing applications to conduct lessons.

9. College Consultants

As a college consultant who can help in administrative matters. Some of the duties may be preparations of personal tests, financial aid. Such responsibilities can bring a considerable income into your pocket.

There are some easy jobs that the college may not require full-time employment. They can outsource a consultant and perform them in the comfort of your home.

10. Fundraiser

You can start a freelance fundraising business. You can start a campaign and talk to prospective donors about your products. In return, they can contribute toward implementing your ideas to make your camping successful.

If you possess marketing skills that can make your sell a specific idea, then this business can work for you. This idea works well if you are running a non-governmental organization.

11. Video Production

Video editing and production are becoming increasingly popular in recent times. You may not need prior experience to start it. You can learn it from friends or seek some tutorials from online sites such as YouTube.

You will need some creativity to make this business successful. Two, you need to be flexible as some orders may prompt you to work away from your home.

12. Researcher

Most of the professionals do not have time to fact check on a particular aspect. Most of these experts, like lawyers, scholars, and journalists, may outsource this service to a competent individual.

Some of the work may be analyzing biographies or carrying out market research on a particular product. You can also research to determine the threats of an ailing company and come out with recommendations.

13. Social Media Manager

As a social media manager, you will get paid to manage social media accounts. For example, you can share a product on the social platform. Furthermore, reply to the comments concerning the same.

You can influence people to like it. You can also tweet some information and respond to them. It is a form of earning an income right in the comfort of your home.

14. Translator

The translation business will favor that individual who knows multiple languages. Some of those items that will require translation are eBooks, press releases, and other written articles. Some podcasts and videos may require translation too.

You can also find more opportunities at online companies such as Appen, Aberdeen, or clickworker. Furthermore, you can translate for specific websites and increase your earnings.

15. Cyber Security Assistant

Cybersecurity jobs may favor those individuals with a background in ICT. The whole issue is about protecting data from threats of hacking. Moreover, you will offer some guidelines s on the importance of data security.

You can still work with multiple companies as you test their software. You can perform backups and protect their data from potential threats.

16. Travel Planner

As a travel enthusiast, you can use your experience to make some bookings for particular flights. Still, you can manage hotel reservations and create itineraries. You can approach those individuals that are planning their honeymoons to guide them on their travel.

It is not late if you started a travel blog. Those people who need to go for holiday vacations require such information for them to have a better understanding of the whole issue.

17. Publicist

You can work as a freelance publicist to guide various businesses that need your help. Some of the specific roles may be writing press releases, managing social media accounts, and emails. You may liaise with their PR teams to create some useful information.

You may require some startup costs to actualize this business. Also, you need a specialized background to be in a position to handle the underlying challenges.

18. Dog Walker/Pet Sitter

Such a venture will allow you to sit with other people’s pets and entertain them. The pet owners may be on holiday or at the place of work. They want you to take care of them and provide a suitable company too.

Here, you need to be trustworthy with a high sense of integrity. You need a reputation for having a better understanding of how animals behave.

19. Customer Care Representative

Many companies are implementing a concept whereby they outsource a customer care service. You can do it in the comfort of your home as they want continuity of the said service. You may use your phone and email to respond to their clients.

You should have excellent skills in talking to clients to their satisfaction. Moreover, you should have an approachable and communicative personality.

20. Interior Décor

You can make a kill by joining an interior décor business. Furthermore, you can approach a furniture shop or a design enterprise and seek opportunities there. You should be in a position to give decoration ideas that will make their product appealing.

Still, one may have to research properly about what the clients are looking for so that you don’t miss out on the target.

21. Event planner

As an event planner, you can coordinate various activities. They may range from foods, invitations, gifts, and music. Such a hobby requires a passion for managing. Concerning that, one needs a specialist to do it correctly.

Still, one can organize birthday parties, conferences, and weddings. You need proper logistics to make the whole issue a success.

22. Catering

Do you love cooking? You may use that talent to charge some individuals as you give them a service. If you secure deals, you may also hire other skilled individuals to add to your team to make it a success.

If you are good at making cakes, then make some bookings from your clients. You should comply with the local food regulation policies.

23. Daycare Manager

If you have a passion for kids, you may consider starting a daycare business. You can start by looking for a few kids and expand to a larger space if the number increases. It is a good business for those that want to manage small children.

Parents have different responsibilities, and they may not have time for their kids. You may take that as an advantage to stand in the gap.

24. Florist

You can also begin a flower business and sell your flowers to different clients. You can outsource the flower and manage the operations in the comfort of your home. Such a business idea may demand proper marketing for it to take off properly and become profitable.

The flowers must be of good quality for attracting clients. Do you know that the visual appeal of your flower product is the attracting factor?

25. Wellness Expert

You can establish a massage and wellness business to meet the expectations of your clients. Massaging is a health practice that enhances body circulation. It also boosts both mental and emotional health.

Statistics indicate that many are opting to go for a massage as a way of life. You need to have a practitioner’s license for you to perform it thoroughly.

26. Photographer

You only need to have a camera and start a photo-taking business. If you know of good sites to take those photos, then you will have an advantage over others. You need to market yourselves well as you grow your business.

There are several opportunities that you can get clients from, like in a conference or an event. Still, you can take photos and market them at various sites. If adapted, you will earn some income.

27. Rent out a room

If you have a room that is not in use, you can consider renovating it for renting purposes. You will be responsible for maintaining the property to meet the standards of your clients. As a result, you will earn some income through the same premise.

Once everything is in place, you can make some money alongside your other life hassles.

28. Eldercare

Nursing the elderly is becoming a bit expensive. In that regard, we can set up a business that takes care of the old. Suppose you have enough space, you can start a company to take care of the elderly on a part-time or full-time basis.

29. Tailor

Are you a fashion designer? If you own a sewing machine, then start a fashion business to sell your products to people. Here, you need to know your audience correctly. You can also market your services online.

30. Makeup-Artist

It may involve styling hair and doing make-up. If you are passionate about it, then you can still do it a home. Give superior services to allow other clients to seek your services. You can use a blog on a YouTube channel to advertise your services.

31. Rideshare Driver

It may not be a home-based activity, but by driving your customers to their destinations, you will make some extra cash. You can use platforms like Uber or Lyft. Be your own boss as you choose the working hours.


You don’t have to be in white-collar employment for you to earn. You can take advantage of the home-based business opportunities in this post to add to your income. They are proven ways of making money.

Economic times ever-changing, and you require the extra dollars. Therefore, think big, act, and grow rich with unique home-based business ideas.

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