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Best Paid Surveys Directory

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Here you can find online market research companies that pay for surveys reviews. They make their business by conducting a marketing online researches.

Visit pages of paid surveys companies you interested, join their online research panels and start completing paid online surveys for cash! Most of listed companies invite members from all world but some of them accept members that only United States residents.

These companies spend billions dollars for marketing researches, top businesses need to know if their products and services are good for customers and if customers willing to buy their products. By completing paid online surveys you can directly say to top businesses what you like and what you don’t like. Your opinion is important!

International Paid Survey Companies

Included: American Consumer Opinion, Survey Site, FocusLine, Global Test Market, Survey Savvy, Harris Poll Online, MBS Internet Research, Brand Institute, Technology Advisory Board, Survey Cafe, eLab Panel, Question Market, FGI Research, E-Research Global, Science Advisory Board, Research Connections, iThink Survey Center, Grace Market Research, GoGlobal, Kelly Research, Study Response, OpinionSquare, eValue, SpeedBack Research, Survey.com, Surveys.com, Food Quiz, Business Research Lab, Your Say, PSB Surveys, BigLook, Eyecloud, Trialsize, National Market Measures, SpectraCom, Digital Research, Test Spin, Wired Insights, Cobbey Research, Survey-net, Participants Online, Opinions Count, Vividence Research, Buzz Back, Michael Herbert Associates, Advisory Panel, Consumer Link, Pick The Hits, Focus World, Intelliquest Technology Pan Included: Product Testing, Sporting Insights, Qstation, Socratic Forum, SongPeople, MindField, Opinionnow Online Panel, Mediatransfer AG, Gang & Gang, CyberPulse, Prize-O-Matic, Consumer Opinions, Your Voice, Interactive Opinions, London Business School, Contractor Advisory Board, Survey Scout, Survey Platinum, Opinionate Consumer Panel (UK), Opistat Paid Surveys Program (UK), SurveyComplete, Leger Marketing, Gather,  eDigitalResearch, Essence WOW, MarketSurveys, Online Global Recruiting

US and Canada Paid Surveys Companies

Included: Your2Cents, Ipsos i-Say, Survey Networks, NFO MySurvey, ClickIQ, USdialog, Synovate Research, E-Poll, Survey Spot, Greenfield Online, NPD Online Research, LightSpeed Consumer Panel, Global Survey Group, Usability Sciences, Clarion Research, Golf Testing, Tailor Research, McMillion Research, Shifrin Hayworth, Discoverwhy, Consumer Views, Opinion Site, Opinion Surveys, Zoomerang Online Panel, Mars Research, TheNetPanel, Esearch, goZing, HealthTrak Cholesterol Survey, Pinecone Research, Open Minds, Drug Voice, Yahoo user research, Blarry House research, Kids Eyes, BeginSurvey, IntelliSurvey, Iopinion, Savitz Research, Bellwether Surveys, Fleischman Field Research, Precision Research, YourHealthSurvey, Consumer Research Panel, Opinions Trone, Q&A Research, 20/20 Research, ARG Riverside, Fact Finders
Included: LiveSurveys, TechTV Opinions, eMarket Research Group, Panelspeak, CQS Research, eJury, Pragmatic Research, Consumer Logic, Wellness Interactive, Opinion Place, Chamberlain Research Consultants, StartSampling, Focus On Boston, LiveWire Online Panel, Ask Miami Research, Adler-Weiner Research, Superooms, Internet Poll, UserWorks, Datatelligence Online Panel, Opinion Outpost, Alan Newman Research, National Opinion Panel, Columbia Business School, Adept Consumer Testing, Hill Top Research, GameCrew Panel, L&E Research, Internet Surveys, American Opinion, Mixer Telephone Speech Study, CompuRx, Online Surveys, Partnership Plus, Panda Research, SurveyClub, Specpan