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MarketSurveys Review

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MarketSurveys ReviewMarketSurveys is the online extension of a prominent market research company – The Dohring Company. MarketSurveysspecializes in custom online primary market research.

MarketSurveys very much appreciates member participation in paid online surveys and does every possible to make these surveys fun to do and interesting for participants, all the while helping clients. After all, the better companies promote and deliver what people need and want, the better they do.

MarketSurveys conducts studies on a wide range of topics depending on the particular client’s needs. In fact, new types of studies are created all the time. The range of clients using such online services includes restaurants of all types, Internet Service Providers, the entertainment industry, financial institutions, health care providers. Some of the most common types of studies these companies commission MarketSurveys to conduct include: Concept Testing, Customer Satisfaction, Advertising Effectiveness, Loyalty, Tracking, Lapsed User, Advertising Testing, Attitude Awareness and Usage Studies, Product Development, Customer Profiling, Employee Satisfaction, Media Research, Omnibus and Pricing Studies.

By becoming a member of MarketSurveys online research panel, you will receive announcements from time to time for newly posted paid surveys. You may win cash prizes, gift certificates or other types of awards and premiums offered for taking part in online surveys. More importantly, you will have the opportunity to voice your opinions on issues/topics that are important or interesting to you.

Accepts international members to join.

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