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20/20 Research Paid Surveys Review

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20/20 Research Paid Surveys Review20/20 Research was founded in Nashville, Tennessee in 1986, and has gained a national reputation for excellent recruiting and client service. In 1999, 20/20 Research exported systems and procedures to Charlotte, North Carolina. In both locations, their clients experience the high level of recruiting and client services that continue to make 20/20 Research facilities favorites of qualitative researchers.

20/20 Research is in the business of conducting market research, the results of which are used to improve products and services. This company provides a way for you, as consumers, to make your thoughts and opinions known to the corporations that provide services and create products you use every day. Because they understand your time is valuable to you, they usually offer an honorarium as a way of saying “thank you” for your participation in their research studies. Your opinion is valuable. Take paid surveys and earn money.

Below are some of the methods 20/20 Research uses to conduct market research:

Focus Groups – Focus group are round-table discussions where consumers share their ideas about new products or services with a professional moderator. Groups usually consist of 8 to 10 people; often the participants in a focus group have common traits, experiences, or characteristics which make the discussions interesting and informative.

Online Bulletin Board Discussions – An online bulletin board discussion consists of about 15 other participants and a moderator. This format allows you to log in to a secure website a couple of times a day at your convenience and take part in the discussion. Just like focus groups, these bulletin board discussions allow you to “talk” with others online who have similar lifestyles, experiences, etc.

Individual Interviews – An individual interview involves just you and a professional moderator. Just like with other methods, you have the opportunity to share ideas and opinions about products and services.

Accepts United States residents.

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