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Fun Job Alert! 14 Ways to Make Money Posting on Forums

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Online forums have been around for years – decades, even – and have become part of internet culture. Did you know that you can do more with them than just find and offer helpful information or have discussions? You can actually get paid to post on forums! Here’s how.Online forums have been on the web for a long time – decades, even – and they’ve withstood the test of time.

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Although many forums have shut down over the years, new ones have popped up, and the boards have taken on different forms, like transitioning into social communities like you see with Reddit.

The bottom line is they still exist and they’re still popular.

People can hop on forums in specific niches to talk about things they’re interested in, like their hobbies, work industry, or even celebrities, giving like-minded people a chance to meet and engage in conversations.

Some forums even pay you to join in the discussion, and I’m going to introduce you to several that do!

Get Paid to Post Comments on Online Forums

Why, exactly, would a message board pay you to post on it?

The reasons for each forum might be different, but generally, it boils down to keeping the forum active.

Some forums make money through affiliate links, advertising, sponsored posts, and other forms of marketing.

Therefore, they need their discussions to stay active so that they can keep monetizing their forums.

By paying members to post, members have an incentive to remain active and keep posting and responding to discussions.

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These earn money online forums and sites will pay you to be an active forum member and post away!

Beer Money Forum (BMF)

The Beer Money Forum is known for its tips, tricks, and discussions about making money in unique ways, especially when it comes to earning cash online.

Members can earn points for their activities on the forums and on its survey site, BeerSurveys.com.

Some of the ways you can earn points from the forums include making new threads, replying to other threads, referring members, and even reporting spammy messages you receive to the admins.

1,000 points equals $1.

You can use your points to convert to cash or to trade as digital currency to purchase premium resources on the site.


Earning cryptocurrency for forum posting is becoming more popular now that more people are hopping on the crypto bandwagon.

This forum is for anyone who loves to chat about all things cryptocurrency – and earn it, too.

You can earn virtual coins here by posting and replying to threads and completing quick tasks on the site.

Once you have a minimum of $3, you can withdraw your earnings.


This site pays you for making contributions to the forums, referring others, and writing tutorials.

The amount you make depends on the section in which you post, as some categories pay more than others.

Tutorials, of course, pay the most because they’re considered to be the most helpful posts on the forums.

Some of the prizes you can earn include PayPal cash, Amazon gift codes, free domain names, and special features on the ForumCoin site itself.


FusionCash is most notably a reward site that offers a $5 bonus just to sign up, plus various ways to get paid, including videos, microtasks, paid-to-click tasks, games, and more.

The site is one of the only rewards sites that also has a forum, though, where you can make money by helping out the FusionCash community.

If you make 30 or more posts in a month, you can earn a bonus of $3, but your posts all have to be insightful and helpful rather than spammy.

It’s important to note that you don’t get $3 for every 30 posts, but just $3 if you make at least 30 posts.

So, it’s not much, but add it to everything you make on FusionCash and it adds up.


This forum is all about talking money, as its name suggests, and all the places you can find online that pay.

It also helps you make money with its paid to post program in which you can make money to post and reply to threads.

This site isn’t the most reliable, as it seems to occasionally take down its payment program (maybe when it has more members that it can pay?) but it’s still one to keep in mind when you’re looking for another forum to join.


MyLot is an interesting site that pays you for your participation in its discussions, whether you start a new topic or reply to one that someone else posted.

You can also complete offers on the site to bump up your earnings a little faster, but they’re not required for you to get rewarded.

Once you have at least $5 in your account, you can get paid.

Here, the more interaction your posts get, the more you earn, so it definitely pays to make worthwhile contributions.

You can also see what posts are the most popular anytime you log in, so you’ll know what’s performing well and in what categories you might want to focus on right then.


This site isn’t a forum on its own.

Instead, it’s a content creation platform on which forum posters can get paid to post on forums for clients.

You can also get paid to write blog posts, write blog comments, or even create long-form articles for clients, so people with writing chops can definitely earn well here.

You must be able to write fluently in English to be considered as a writer for PaidForumPosting.


Postloop is a site similar to PaidForumPosting where writers can make money with their talent.

In addition to writing articles and blogs for clients, you can make money posting on forums when clients have that need.

It’s free to create an account.

After you register, you’ll be able to browse a list of forums that are open to paying you for your posts.

The Forum Wheel

The Forum Wheel is a hub where writers can find places that’ll let them post for credits.

Each place will tell you how many paid posts you can make per day.

Some limit you to one paid post while others offer unlimited paid posts every day.

You’ll need to have your first few posts moderated and approved before you can become a full member who’s able to post on other forums.

How much you make depends on the quality of your posts as determined by each forum’s owner.

Once you reach $5 in your account, you can withdraw your earnings as PayPal cash!

Other Ways to Earn

These other options give you a few more ways to get paid to post on forums.

Professional Forum Posters

This site is a community where paid forum posters can hang out and talk about their gigs.

Although it won’t pay you to post on the site, it’s a great place to learn where other people are finding paying gigs and how you can cash in on the action.


Upwork is a freelancing site where freelancers can find work in a wide range of categories, like editing, translating, or even programming.

You can also browse the available jobs to see if any clients need your help posting on forums for them.

Some businesses do utilize forum posting as a form of marketing for their business, and they’ll gladly pay someone like you to do it to keep that task off their plate.

You can search the listings for “forums,” “forum posting,” or a similar term to find jobs in this category.

Be aware, though, that you’ll need to join Upwork with a more marketable skill than just forum posting, so try to make your profile more appealing.

You might want to join as a content marketer or writer, for example, to get your foot in the door.

Once you’re accepted on the platform, you can search for any jobs you want.

However, you should take advantage of the specialized profiles feature and create one solely for forum posting to help your applications stand out when you send proposals.


Fiverr is also a site where freelancers can go to fulfill jobs in their skills.

But you won’t be searching for jobs on Fiverr.

Instead, you’ll create your own “gigs” that other people can hire you for.

So, you can make a gig devoted to forum posting.

Forum owners might hire you to keep their forums active with new posts each day, or they may even hire you on Fiverr to become a moderator for their forums.

You might also find business owners who need you to do some marketing for their products or services on relevant message boards.

You can set your prices on Fiverr and create packages with more value for customers to choose from, so it gives you a lot of control over your gigs and how much you can make.

It’s best to get at least a couple of low-pay gigs under your belt that lead to 5-star reviews before bumping up your prices, though, as a 5-star rating will make you more appealing to those searching for help.

Quora Partner Program

Quora is a free wealth of information online where people can provide answers to questions on virtually any topic in the world.

Often, when you ask Google questions, you’ll probably see their answers in Quora in your results.

The platform has been around for a long time, so there likely aren’t many questions that haven’t been answered there.

Most people answer questions on the platform for free, mostly because it can still be a handy marketing tool to promote them and their business/affiliates/whatever makes them money.

However, Quora also offers the Quora Partner Program, which rewards people for asking thought-provoking, meaningful questions on the site.

The reason for this is that Quora makes money through its advertisements on the site.

The more traffic a question gets, the more views it’ll have, which means Quora gets more money from the advertisements on that page, so it shares some of that with the asker.

There’s, unfortunately, no way to apply to this program, as it’s invite-only from Quora based on how popular your question is (there’s also no real details available that explains how one might get invited).

If you have some time to spare, though, and like using the platform, then use your time wisely to ask questions that could prove worthy of an invite.

Your best bet is to narrow your questions down by topic and do a bit of keyword research to see what people are asking.

If your question ends up ranking high in Google for your search term, you’ll have a better chance of it getting a lot of views.

Get Paid to Post on Reddit

Reddit is another free question-and-answer forum like Quora, although it’s also a great place for discussions on just about anything.

Believe it or not, you might find people to pay you for posting in subreddits they own or relevant subreddits for whatever information they have.

On Upwork and similar job sites, I’ve seen listings made by subreddit owners for reddit members to create topics or comment on other topics in their subreddits to boost activity.

I’ve also seen business owners offer to pay people to create threads or comment on other threads in subreddits that are relevant to their business, again as a marketing tool.

To find these gigs, you’ll need to keep your eyes peeled on freelancing job boards or in the subreddits you frequent.

If you have a good rapport with some subreddit owners, you might consider getting in touch with them to ask if they’d be interested in paying you to be a moderator.

Conclusion: Make Money Posting on Forums

Now you have some ways to make money with your forum posting hobby!

This gig probably won’t equate to a regular income, but it can still pull in some extra cash when you need it most.

Plus, it’s fun!

You get to chat about things you enjoy, learn some new things, and get paid to carry on discussions.

Feel free to share this post with others who might find it helpful!

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