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107 Online Jobs That Will Pay You Every Day or Week in 2020

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Stop waiting ever two weeks or every month to get paid. The following huge list of companies gives you plenty of options for getting paid ever week or even every day after completing work. These flexible jobs are just what you need to set a budget and stick to it.  How disheartening is it to find an online job that looks interesting to you only to find out that it only pays bi-weekly or even monthly?

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Many online jobs, for some reason, pay once per month, possibly so the company can save on accounting and payroll costs.

But it’s no secret that a payment schedule like that can be a major inconvenience to workers.

You can, however, find some companies that are willing to pay weekly or even daily for the work you do!

This can make it so much easier for you to plan your budget without having to wait a month for another check.

Jobs That Pay Cash Same Day or Week

Survey and Reward Sites

I’m not going to say that online survey and reward sites should be considered a job.

You’re not going to make money using PayPal $1000 per day or more using them, that’s for sure.

But they are good cash earners when you use them regularly.

Because many of them pay so quickly, I decided to add this section here to help you know where to go when you’re in need of quick cash.


Swagbucks has paid shopping, games, videos, surveys, sweepstakes, and other fun ways to earn money online.

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You can cash out immediately with PayPal with as little as 300 SBs, or $3, in your account.

Survey Junkie

You can get a PayPal payment or bank transfer using the survey site, Survey Junkie, with just 1,000 points in your account.

Most payments come within a week.


InstaGC is known for its quick PayPal payments.

Your first one may take up to a week, but subsequent requests are usually processed within 1 or 2 business days.

Ipsos i-Say

The quickest way to get paid here is with a gift card, all of which are electronically delivered and most of them have low minimum payment requirements.

A PayPal payment typically takes a couple of weeks to receive.

Opinion Outpost

This survey site has low minimum thresholds for gift cards.

You can even get an Amazon card for just $5, which usually get delivered quickly.

Pinecone Research

You can get paid quickly once you have $3.

Most Pinecone Research surveys pay at least $3, so it shouldn’t be too difficult!

Branded Surveys

Get $10 in your account and cash out with PayPal.

Most rewards come within a week.


There are no minimum balances here to cashout.

You can choose from PayPal cash, Amazon cards, and other quick methods of pay.


Most rewards get processed here within 72 hours from requesting, including PayPal cash.


Mindswarms has video surveys that you can complete using your smartphone camera.

Full surveys pay $50 and usually go to your PayPal account within 24 hours after your responses have been approved.


You need 25,000 points to get a gift card on this site, but the electronic ones come quickly.

Prize Rebel

Most gift cards here require at least $25 in your account to redeem them, but you’ll usually get them delivered electronically within a couple of days.


Qmee is one of the few reward sites that offers instant payments to PayPal with no minimum requirements.

You can even cash out with as little as 1 cent in your account.

Keep the browser extension installed to get more earning opportunities.

Treasure Trooper

If you have a verified account here, you can request an Instant Payment to PayPal when you have at least $20 in your account.

Customer Service, Call Center, and Tech Support Jobs

The following jobs are all call center-based, but the actual work may vary between telemarketing, chat support, and other customer service-related gigs.

A Better Call

This company provides various at-home phone and chat support jobs to workers.

The pay is weekly and you can earn about $20 an hour.

Accolade Support

You can get paid weekly providing support services here.

American Support

Get paid to be a telemarketer from home with this company, which pays weekly via direct deposit.

Blue Zebra Appointment Setting

Set appointments for clients as a specialist for this company and get paid weekly.

Brighten Communications

You’ll have a set schedule working with Brighten Communications during regular business hours, but you can count on weekly pay.

Broadpath Healthcare Solutions

This company hires for various healthcare-related support positions, like claims processors and dental program member support reps.

Some workers have reported weekly pay.


Find a virtual call center job with this company and benefit from weekly pay.

Kelly Connect

Kelly Connect matches companies with workers who can provide services from home.

The company pays weekly via electronic payments.


LiveOps connects workers with clients for a wide range of call center opportunities from home.

Your pay schedule depends on the client, but there are some that are willing to pay weekly.


Jobs with NexusOp will vary depending on the clients you work with, but you can potentially earn up to $25 an hour with weekly pay.

OnPoint Advocacy

As long as you remember to invoice for the phone work you do with this company every week, you can get paid that frequently.

Restaurant Revolution Technology

This company hires at-home workers to take and process remote orders from customers who want restaurant orders.

Reportedly, the pay is weekly.


Upcall partners with various companies to match them with virtual call center agents.

You can earn $12 an hour making cold calls when you have free time.

The pay is reported to be weekly.


If you have at least 10 hours to work each week and can work some evenings and weekends, then you can apply for this company, which hires at-home call center reps and pays weekly.

Data Entry and Microtasking

These jobs are some of the best in terms of flexibility.

In most cases, you can sign on when you have time and complete the work you want to.

Most companies allow you to get paid when you reach a low threshold and pay quickly.

Amazon Mechanical Turk

Get your pay from this microtasking site sent to your bank or Amazon Payments account.

Because you can cash out with just $1, you can pretty much get paid when you want.


Everything you complete within a week on this microtasking site will get paid to you at the end of the week.

Figure Eight

Formerly CrowdFlower, Figure Eight comes from Appen, a leader in providing work from home jobs.

It works similarly to Amazon’s Mturk, with the ability to get paid once your tasks have been approved.


JobBoy is a short task site that pays with PayPal when you have at least $10 in your account.


This site pays you twice a week as long as there is a minimum of $9 in your account.


Get paid by the project for tasks you complete on OneSpace.

Most projects pay within a couple of days of approval.


Enter voter registration information into a database and get paid every Friday for work you completed the previous week.

Southwestern Fundraising

This company helps collect information from people who participate in fundraising efforts.

The pay is, reportedly, weekly.

Freelancing Sites

When you’re looking for the ultimate in flexible work, you can hop on a freelancing site to find it.

The following sites all pay within a week for the work you complete.


This site is for designers of all types to get paid for their creative work.

You will get paid within 10 business days for work you complete, but most of the time, payments come faster.

Creative Market

Set up a shop on Creative Market to sell your logos, branding elements, blog themes, and whatever other creative stuff you have.

You’ll get paid when anything sells.


This is a newer platform on the web, but it offers weekly payments, reportedly, for all completed work.


Anything you earn on Freelancer goes to your account balance for you to withdraw when you need it.

The first payment can take up to 15 days to process but following payments can come weekly.


When you choose to withdraw your payments from your Guru account, you can get them instantly.

Rarely, they may take a couple of days to go through.


Once clients approve your PeoplePerHour work, then you can sometimes get paid instantly (some payments may take a couple of days, depending on your payment processor).


You can find tons of freelancing work here.

Upwork is the leader in freelance marketplaces!

Once your client approves your work, you can get paid within 5 business days, sometimes sooner.


Zirtual seeks virtual assistants who can help its clients with various tasks.

The pay can be up to $18 per hour and is, reportedly, weekly.

Mobile App Jobs

Get paid to use your phone with these money-making apps that pay quickly.


Answer questions on this app and get paid instantly into your PayPal account!


You can get paid with EasyShift to do stuff you’re skilled in for others in your area.

Pay comes after your customers approve the work.

Fetch Rewards

Shop and get paid with Fetch Rewards.

You can spend your rewards on various electronic gift cards that arrive quickly.

Field Agent

You can get paid a few dollars for each Field Agent gig you complete in your neighborhood.

Most payments arrive within 48 hours after your work has been approved.


Get 25,000 points for keeping Fronto installed on your device and using it to swipe your phone open to earn a payment.

All rewards come instantly, from PayPal to Amazon gift cards.


Gigwalk typically pays quickly for all work you complete using the app when you use your PayPal account to redeem.


When you get $20 with Ibotta, a cashback shopping app, you can transfer your cash to PayPal and see it within a day or two, in most cases.


Shop for customers and deliver their groceries with Instacart and receive weekly pay!


Lyft drivers can choose to use Express Pay, which gets them their payment as soon as they reach $50 in their rideshare account.


Postmates pays its delivery persons weekly for everything completed the previous week.


Use the Rover app to find dogs to walk and watch in your neighborhood.

Pet sitters and walkers can withdraw their earnings in two days after completion.


Make up to $22 an hour and get paid weekly with Shipt, a service that pays you to deliver groceries to people.


Shop in stores and complete Shopkick tasks with the app to earn cash for your account.

The site states that most shoppers can earn enough for a gift card every week.


You’ll get paid on Taskrabbit for the work you complete when it’s finished by signing up for Stripe.

Your payments should come through almost instantly on the platform!

Wag! Walking

Find dogs to walk with the Wag! Walking app and you’ll get paid every Friday.


Zaarly uses Stripe for its business owners to get paid, so all payments come through quickly and electronically.

Mystery Shopping Jobs

Mystery shopping is fun and rewarding, especially when it pays quickly!

Call Center QA

Call Center QA looks for phone mystery shoppers who want flexibility with their shops.

You need to be a US resident and at least 18 years old to apply.

Payments get sent within 7 business days.

Maritz Research

Maritz Research is a mystery shopping company that looks specifically for phone mystery shoppers.

It pays weekly.

Yardi Matrix

With this company, you’ll call apartment complexes to inquire about amenities, pricing, etc., and record that information.

From what other Yardi Matrix workers have said, the pay is weekly.

Online Tutoring Jobs

If you have expertise in an academic subject or prior teaching experience, then you can become an online tutor with flexible scheduling and fast payments from these companies:


Teach children learning English online with AllRight, which reportedly pays weekly and up to $15 an hour for native English speakers.


Cambly pays tutors $0.17 per minute they chat with students and furnishes all payments every Monday.


Set yourself up on Chegg to make up to $20 an hour working whenever you want.

Chegg takes care of billing and all that non-fun stuff for you and sends your payments weekly.

Course Hero

Course Hero looks for tutors who can write helpful academic resources for students.

It reportedly pays each week.


Like its name suggests, MathElf is all about math tutoring.

You can get paid weekly for your time.


Get paid weekly with NiceTalk teaching English language learners through its online platform.

One Class

Upload notes you take that can help other students learn.

You’ll get paid when others buy your notes, and you’re allowed to upload them weekly.


Skooli pays $25 an hour for tutoring.

When you get at least $100 in your account, you can withdraw your payment, which typically takes a couple of days to process.


Answer questions posted by students on StudyPool to get paid.

Most payments arrive with PayPal within 3 business days after withdrawing.

Study Soup

You’ll earn a base pay plus commission on all expert notes you take for Study Soup clients.

You typically get paid within 3 to 5 business days after your exam date for the notes you submitted.

Transcription and Translation Jobs

These jobs are best for fast typists who can maximize their profits by getting work done quickly.

They all pay at least weekly, but some pay after any completed work!

Allegis Transcription

Allegis Transcription pays its independent contractors every Friday for work completed the previous week.


Babbletype focuses on transcription for the market research industry.

You get paid weekly with PayPal.

Daily Transcription

This company hires bilingual captioners and transcriptionists.

You get paid weekly.


Highly qualified candidates can perform legal transcription for eScribers and can get paid each week via bank deposit after submitting an invoice.

LanguageLine Solutions

This company works with healthcare, government, and business transcription needs.

Pay is, reportedly, every week for this work, although other remote careers with the company may differ.


Quicktate pays with PayPal every Friday for transcription work.


Rev pays for captioning, transcription, and translation work through PayPal every Monday for all work you complete the prior week.


Scribie lets you get paid as soon as your work is complete.

You can withdraw all approved earnings with PayPal as often as you want.


This company pays you for all approved work every day as long as you have a PayPal account.

Transcribe Me

Withdraw what you’ve earned with Transcribe Me each week with PayPal.

Transcribe Team

Get paid every week with this transcription company.

We Localize

We Localize looks for people who can transcribe song lyrics.

You get paid per song once it’s accepted.

Website Testing Jobs

Website testing companies match you with tests from clients who need your feedback on their websites.

They are known for their fast payments!


Get paid $10 for each 10 to 15 minute test as soon as it’s approved.


This one also pays $10, but tests take about 20 minutes.

You’ll get paid with PayPal every Friday.


Test for about 20 minutes, get paid $10.

You can choose between PayPal and Amazon gift cards, but both get paid each week.


These tests can take up to 40 minutes.

Payments go out once every 15 days, but if you do a test in the middle of a pay period, you can get paid within a week.

In other words, this one is good for a back up.


You’ll get paid through PayPal in 7 days after taking a test with UserTesting.

Writing and Editing Jobs

Let your creative juices flow with these writing and editing jobs that pay daily or weekly.


This company looks for freelance editors to work with clients.

It reportedly pays weekly.


Set up your portfolio on ClearVoice and wait for clients to contact you with writing jobs.

Once your assignment is approved by the client, ClearVoice pays with PayPal within a couple of business days.

Crowd Content

Your pay at Crowd Content will depend on your star rating, but the company pays all writers twice weekly for everything they complete.


Domainite hires freelance writers and editors who can prove their talent through a sample.

Other writers and editors have mentioned weekly pay.


If you make at least $20 in a week and have a valid PayPal account, you’ll get paid every week from iWriters.


METRO is best for product description writers.

The company sends payments three times a week to verified PayPal accounts.

Steady Content

Steady Content has several articles available at any given time for writers to pick from and complete.

You’ll get paid within a couple of days of approval by the company.


You can submit payment requests by Thursday of each week as long as you have $10 in your author account on Textbroker.


This content agency reportedly pays its writers every week.


Verblio pays its writers once a week for everything they complete the previous week.

You just have to remember to click the invoice button to get paid.


WordAgents is a content marketing agency that frequently looks for new writers.

The company reportedly pays weekly.

Miscellaneous Jobs

These jobs don’t fit well in other categories, but they still earn some kudos for paying quickly!

  • Humanatic: Review phone calls between customer service reps and customers. The site processes payments every week on Thursday.
  • Belay: Belay hires virtual assistants to work with its clients. Although your pay schedule can vary with each gig, it’s reported that many of them pay weekly.
  • Slice the Pie: This site lets you get paid to review music and pays you twice per week for your work.
  • Virtual Office VA Staffing: Depending on the projects you pick up as a virtual assistant with this matching company, you can potentially find some weekly paying work.
  • Craigslist: Ok, so this isn’t necessarily a place that has jobs of its own, but it’s definitely a good place to find online gigs. Just check the Gigs section of any Craigslist site to find work; you can always negotiate payment!

Bonus: Blogging

I also want to mention blogging as a possible option.

That’s because blogging can potentially make you money in your sleep, letting you get paid as often as you want.

That is, of course, if you monetize your blog properly.

Many sponsored post networks pay you within a week of the post’s deadline and approval.

Some affiliate networks and programs do the same.

You’ll usually need to wait a month to get paid from ad networks, but still, if you consistently bring in money from your blog, the wait won’t really matter eventually!

Conclusion: Online Jobs That Pay Daily or Weekly

Getting paid weekly or daily is something you just can’t get with most traditional jobs, which is why online work has yet another check mark in its favor.

I’m sure you can find something that fits your interests and skills from the list above, but don’t forget to check online job boards for the newest and more localized job listings.

Now, go make some money!

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