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11 Best Ways to Get Paid to Advertise for Companies

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Do you want to make some easy money marketing companies? Here are some 11 ways you can make some decent money hassle-free.The nature of advertising has changed in the modern world. People are no longer interested the face advertisements. It comes more like a brazen tactic to get a purchase.

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Companies have since developed increasingly subtle ways of advertising. Through social media, companies have found a niche by using individuals to market their products. Compared to TV ads, social media is more intimate, with users being more trusting of other users, whom they can identify with.

So how can you get paid to market companies?

Make Money Posting Ads Online

You can make money in various ways by posting ads online, with social media advertising being one of the most common.

Everybody or at least most people are on one social media platform. Social media has become such a huge thing; the American President uses more of twitter than press briefings!

People with a significant following on social media have the opportunity to get paid by companies to advertise their content. Certain sites help connect influencers and potential companies for advertising. Check out the following platforms for ads:

This self-service platform has grown out of façade and publshr. Façade is a social media engine, and publshr is an influencer relationship management system.

Upfluence has a massive database spread across Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and blogs. Companies and businesses have the opportunity to go through the content to find relevant influencers to their business.

Upfluence has tools that enable companies to manage their influencer relationships by tracking their influencer performance and collaborate on content.

This site works with mainly YouTube and Instagram influencers

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Aspirel q requires at least 500 Instagram likes and 2500 YouTube views for you to be considered an influencer. Only then do you acquire the right to view available brand campaigns, with a chance of being paid to participate.

If you pass the criteria, you are added to the Aspirel q database and with the help of the tinder like quick match protocol. The database attempts to link you to the most relevant brands.

Creator IQ is one of the most sophisticated influencer marketing platforms around. Boasting huge brands such as Disney, creator IQ has come out with the solution to fraud, inflated reach metric and inauthentic influencers.

Through direct integration with social media APIs and its AI-powered algorithms, the platform can check more than one billion public accounts to see if they merit being added to the platform.

The creator iq can also check discrete parts of contents, emoji’s, images, locations, and even mentions ensuring the relevance of its influencers is exceptional.

Influencers are invited via mail to join the company’s network.

Curated Blog Posts to the Company Brand

Bloggers with a decent following may get paid for blog posts based on a company’s business.

There are several ways you can get paid by companies to advertise and market their brands. Companies will pay you either to mention their products as part of your post or to write full reviews encouraging the purchase of the company’s products.

Many sites assist with linking blogs and companies looking to pay for sponsored content. Here are some of the ways to go about it:

Boasting links to successful brands such as Mark Jacobs, Aveda, and NARS, bloglovin’ does not require exclusivity and payout every month. The interface allows influencers to connect all their social media networks in a way that can attract brands to them.

This excellent platform connects bloggers to potential brands. All you have to do is sign in and once your account is active, brands can seek you out. BlogMeetsBrand is also big on niches, so if you have curved out your niche, you will be better placed to get some gigs.

Monetize with CPM or CPC ads

This is an indirect way for bloggers to get paid by companies to advertise on their platforms.

You can monetize your blog to CPC and CPM ads through platforms like AdSense, which allows Google to place relevant ads on your blog, allowing viewers to click on the ads.

You can do it by Selling Private ads

For the more prominent blogs with increased traffic, placing ads can be done on a personal level, where the companies will contact you directly to place their ads or vice versa. The best thing about selling private ads is the removal of a go-between, meaning you can set your ad rates.

You can sell private ads in the form of banners, buttons, or links, or even post interesting things with a ‘brought to you by’ mention.

Earn through affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is earning money through advertising for blogs. The good thing with affiliate marketing is that it does not require a huge following to qualify.

You are only required to post product links on your blog, and if a product is purchased through any of your links, you get paid.

It is essential to join one or more of the affiliate marketing platforms to gain access to brands.

Some of the best affiliate marketing platforms are:

This is a pay per sale, pay per lead, and pay per click affiliate program. The minimum payout is $50.

ShareAsale is quite a refreshing platform due to its vast marketplace with more affiliate programs on their list, such as:

  • fresh books: an online accounting based software
  • WP engine: pays around $200 per referral, and provides for WordPress hosting
  • creativeLive: photography based online classes which pay around 10-25% of their sales to bloggers

Some of the best sites for bloggers to earn money are:

Bloggers will get around $25 per referral and quarterly payout.

The site also offers cash back at over 2000 stores.

A web hosting service, HostGator pays between $50-$125 per sign up, with an option for increased commissions dependent on the number of signups you send their way. If you send them 1-5 signups, you get $50 per sign up, while 6-10 signups earn you around $75 per sign up.

The site has no minimum payout and pays on a monthly interval.

Also a web hosting service, every client sent their way via your link gets you a $65 cash out.

This site offers its clients customized planners, notebooks, and stationery.

You get a 10% commission on all their products bought via your link.

This is another well-known affiliate platform with a huge number of companies and brands attached to them.

They have a minimum payout of $50.

Freelance Career Ads Posting

Creativity here is key. If you can run successful ads, then companies will get you to do the same for them.

You can get paid for posting ads on various platforms. Companies like amazon pay people to post ads for them.

There are several sites for you to get your freelance ad posting jobs including:

  • Guru
  • Freelancer
  • Fiverr
  • Onsite
  • Folyo

All these freelancing sites offer a wide variety of jobs, and it will be up to you to create your profile specific to your capability and skills.

You can also look for clients within the sites and offer your services.

Most jobs on freelancing sites are based on your ability to convince your client. In addition, proof of previous successful endeavors will help with your ability to get jobs.

Advertise Your Car

Among the easiest ways to get money is through advertising on your car.

Companies will pay good money for you to turn your car to a running ad for their products.

The cash out you can get through lacing ads on your car varies from anywhere between $100 and $400 a month!

How do you get started on car ads?

  • Car Wraps

One of the most common ways of selling an ad on your car is through a car wrap.

The full-body car wrap provides a huge picturesque representation of whatever you are selling, making it a sure enough site for people. In addition, the fact that cars are always on the move creates an added incentive, as the ad will run in many different places.

The secret with car wraps is the kind of ad you place on the car. If it is a captivating ad, then there is bound to be some response to the product.

Ensure that you use beautiful colors, captivating fonts, and beautiful pictures to entice enough people to buy the product.

  • Special Projects

Companies and brands may choose to set up certain projects in your car.

Special projects tend to have a bigger impact on people, as it tends to alter the car in a way that makes it stand out, ensuring it gets some glances wherever it goes.

You might see some cars with a red bull can on the back, or a coke bottle on top of a pickup truck. Some cars even have led panels that run paid ads.

  • Rear window decals

Rear window decals also provide a great area for advertising, with vans, trucks, and personal vehicles with huge rear windows acting as the most favored places to place an ad on.

Rear windows are printed with a one-way vinyl, which allows for a clear rear window from the interior.

  • Car lettering

Vinyl lettering is one of the most cost-effective ways for companies to advertise their brands. Company cars all act as advertisements whenever they go thanks to car lettering.

Ensure you have a clear, big, and creative car lettering to ensure more people take a look whenever the car rides by them.

  • Car magnets

This is a removable type of advertising solution that can be removed.

Car magnets play an important role for a person who is not on full-time ad business as you can place them on the car for the duration of time they are needed, and can later be removed without any damage to the vehicle.

So, how do you begin your car ad business?

Several companies will pay you to advertise their products on your page, such as:

  • Wrapify
  • Canversite
  • Paye for driving
  • Free car media

Get a Tattoo

You might want to get a tattoo. Do you know you can get paid for tattooing your body? That’s some food for thought! Which would you prefer Free vs. paid tattoos?

There are restrictions when it comes to tattoos, such as tattooing copyrighted logos on your body; however, there are legit ways to get paid to tattoo your body.

You may be wary of permanent tattoos on your body as ads, which is a rational fear, which is why companies allow semi-permanent and removable tattoos as ads.

So how do you get paid for tattoo ads?

This is one of the most famous platforms you can get paid for placing an ad on your body.

You will have to log onto the site and specify a part of your body you can allow an ad tattoo on, plus the amount of money you will charge for the service.

The interested company logs on to the site and chooses the best option for their product, and the amount of money they are willing to pay. If you are chosen, then you will have to agree or disagree with the company’s offer, for business to commence.

If you agree, you will get the temporary tattoo, send the company a picture confirmation, and wait for your check.

Based on the number of people and companies available on Fiverr, state your intentions on the platform, and specify the conditions for your tattoo ad.

Fiverr allows you to quote whatever the amount of money you will require to place the tattoo on your body.

Create a listing on eBay, place your conditions for placing an ad on your body, with the conditions for you to place the tattoo.

A guy by the name of Andrew Fischer got paid $37,000 for placing a temporary tattoo on his forehead, and the best thing is, it was a temporary tattoo.

  • Search the News

Some companies will hold contests asking people to tattoo their logo on their bodies. A great example would be dominoes contest for 100 free pizzas a year for 100 years if you tattooed their logo on your body.

Participating In Sports and Other Competitions

You can get paid when you participate in competitions.

How this happens is through sponsorship, where companies may pay you to advertise themselves through you.

Companies will pay good money and incorporate themselves as part of your merchandise. Through either uniforms or placing their logos on the equipment you use, companies will pay a good amount of money.

Sports sponsorship deals are a billion-dollar business, and although mostly on an athlete level, all manner of sporting competitions see companies invest in ads in a strategy to increase their presence in different levels of sporting activities.

Huge brands like Nike have been known to participate in low-level sporting competitions, paying certain athletes to participate in all levels of competitions.

A good example is cross-country marathons for a cause, where brands will pick people to wear their jerseys and uniforms at a certain price.

Join a Social Media Influencer Network

What is a social media influencer network?

It is a marketplace filled with influencers, whom you can combine within a marketing endeavor.

The best social media influencer networks allow individual influencers to build relationships through the platform. They also have tools that assist in partnering with the best fits of influencers dependent on their niche.

Social media influencer networks come in handy in reducing the workload and stress associated with extensive marketing ventures. Through providing a team of influencers, the workload can be shared and reduced greatly.

Social media influencer networks also help in mixing a diverse number of influencers from all over the world, each good at their unique niches. Moreover, you may get to meet with the more accomplished influencers.

Brands may prefer to have a mix of influencers from the celebrity influencers to the micro-influencers, dependent on their intentions, and levels of societal penetration, in terms of marketing. Here social media influencer networks come in handy in providing a mix of all these.

Also, getting some assistance from other influencers may just be the reason for jump-starting your otherwise stalled social media campaign.

So how do you get yourself up for the right social media influencer network? Consider the following:

  • The type of influencer’s you want to work with
  • The type of influencer network- does it work well with brands, and what the level of access to other influencers?
  • Is it just a network, or does it go the full mile, offering a full influencer marketing software suit?
  • Social media platform options
  • Ability to grow your influencer brand

Which are the best social media influencer networks?

The platform has around 912k influencers, with complete campaigns for huge brands such as Nestle, Fanta, KFC, mc Donald, and more

This is a marketing platform great to start within your influencer brand. The platform requires fewer procedures while pitching to potential brands, making it a hassle-free brand.

Heartbeat.com has a great marketing platform that runs smoothly with good pay on any ad and marketing campaigns.

  • Spotinfluecer

This platform connects bloggers’ ad influencers across India. If you are based in India, this is likely one of the best platforms for you.

Test Products at Home

It is possible to get paid to test products at home.

Does it sound a tiny bit crazy if a company paying you to use their products?

Companies will let you have their products free, and after the testing period, keep the product in exchange for an honest review. Most companies do this to get user feedback before rolling their products online.

There are several ways you can get paid for market research, including:

  • Product testing
  • Focus groups and panels
  • Mystery shopping
  • Paid survey sites
  • Free samples at grocery stores

Companies will decide whether to roll out products based on these product tests, as if they are overwhelmingly negative, the expected result on a roll-out can be predetermined.

Some of the sites to get product testing opportunities are:

Vindale Research will pay product testers as opposed to giving them the physical product. They offer a $1 sign up bonus, with earnings of up to $50 per survey. You can also earn $5 for referrals.

You most probably have heard of this company. They are a company that, for decades, has polled American consumers about what, how, when, and why they watch certain shows.

If you sign up to this site, you get a handheld scanner or access to their mobile app. When you shop, scan the barcode and earn points towards gift cards.

You can also participate in surveys.

This is a site with over 7 million users worldwide and pays up to 30 million in incentives.

Their surveys ask for opinions on ad campaigns, the economy, and products.

Members are expected to participate in several surveys per year, with each survey taking around 10 minutes each.

For each survey, you will receive points that can be cashed out through PayPal.

  • Friends and Neighbors

This is a program associated with Johnson and Johnson, which allows you to test and keep the products.

The program also pays for participation in their online surveys and discussion groups ad forums.

Anyone can join this company.

Product reviews

You can also get paid for writing product reviews.

Reviews are important for other customers to get more information about a product.

Reviews come in handy for companies, as they help them to improve their products based on customer feedback.

So how do you get paid for writing reviews?

There are platforms, which come in handy in enabling you to get income from product reviews including:

  • Swagbucks
  • Sponsored reviews.com
  • Inbox dollars
  • Vindale research


There are more and more ways you can get paid advertising for companies, so get smart and make some money!

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