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The Moneymaking Side of Facebook: 4 Ways to Create Income

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Did you know that you could make money on Facebook through Adds, Apps, Pages, and Likes? Read on to find out how and start making your kill today.You can make money through many ways on Facebook without having to feel constantly guilty about glancing at your phone’s notifications and stories at the expense of your job. The amount of money you can make on Facebook can be as little as $5 to as much as $1,000,000. The amount you get depends on the work you put in. Additionally, the ways you can make money from Facebook are quite easy, and will only require your hard work and perseverance before any amount of money is made.

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To pass on some ideas, I have researched the internet for the best and easiest ways you can make money on Facebook through apps, ads, pages, and likes.

Let’s dig in!

Making Money on Facebook through Apps

Sell premium apps and subscription basis

Are you an app developer? Well, here is great news for you. Since the summer of 2012, Facebook has allowed app developers to sell their premium products on the platform. App developers also have the option of billing apps on a subscription basis. The company will maintain the standard rate of billing at a 30% commission.

That is one more platform you can sell your apps at.

Facebook currently allows app developers to source their accounts with credit cards, which allows payouts to personal accounts in local currencies. No more Facebook credits, which means you get cash! Spend it however, whenever!

The option to sell apps on a subscription basis has also created more incentives for app developers, as they can now get monthly payments from their apps. The subscription option also allows developers to have better user interactions with their users. User interaction equals effective user-based developments on the app, retaining and increasing the apps customer base.

Earn money from apps

You can also earn money directly from apps through either running the apps on your phone or participating in-app.

Certain apps such as Facebook Viewpoints will pay users for tasks and wellbeing services successfully carried out. The wellbeing surveys carried out by viewpoint only take around fifteen minutes of your time, and you can be paid roughly 5% for each survey you participate in.

On the other hand, Facebook has different types of apps, such as the Facebook Study, which pays users just for running it on their phones. It might seem a little strange being paid just for running an app; however, it is in Facebook’s effort to increase transparency after having been accused of illegally acquiring customer data.

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Facebook announced that it is introducing the app Study to transmit data on which app users use, how much time is spent on them, and the features they come with. However, Facebook has not specified how much they will pay users to run the app.

Marketing and selling apps 

You may decide to do some affiliate marketing for apps on Facebook. You will need at least a following or a way to reach people. Ads will come in handy in reaching more people who may be interested in the app.

Facebook is a great affiliate marketing program, as it comes with several ways you can market a product. You may join groups in your niche or add campaigns, create pages, and even make posts.

Apps are in the business of acquiring and retaining customers; therefore, most apps allow affiliate marketing to increase their users and purchase.

Affiliate marketing needs perseverance and hard work before you start making money. You have to create enough traffic of people who will purchase the app through your link, and soon enough, you will be making money in your sleep.

Affiliate marketing will pay anywhere between $0 and $10,000 a day, dependent on how much product you can sell.

Refer a friend bonus

Certain apps such as swagbucks pay users on a referral basis. If a user registers for Swagbucks using your referral link, you get to earn 10% of their earnings for life. The more the people using your referral link, the more the income you make.

In more ways, refer a friend bonus is easier compared to affiliate marketing as it requires less input before you start making money; however, the potential for money within affiliate marketing is way more.

You can use Facebook to boost your marketing for the refer a friend bonus. Through posting, sharing, and running ads for your referral links, you will increase the chances of more people clicking on your links.

Most referral bonuses, however, only work after the new user meets certain conditions. They may have to use the app for a particular duration or use a certain amount of money within the app for you to claim your money

Checking for critical problems with the app

This speaks towards your IT skills.

Are you a developer? Can you make your way in and out of an app, from the technical elements to the less technical?

Certain apps will pay users for identifying or helping tackle critical issues with the app. Through identification of problematic issues with an app, or offering solutions to critical problems with an app, you can get hired as part of the people that carry out app test runs before it’s rolled out to the public.

Facebook can come in handy in making money from checking for critical issues in an app. Through fan pages and groups, you can establish yourself as the app guru. The more public trust you acquire through dishing effective and helpful advice about apps, the more the chances of getting paid for checking apps for critical issues.

Making Money from Ads on Facebook

Managing social media for businesses

If you can convince a business that through you, they can get more customers, you will most likely come out with a social media management job. So get your talking game on point!

Convincing any business about the effect of social media on customer increase is the trick.

If you can come with some previous form of a social media success story on an increased customer base for a different business you were affiliated to, then your chances of getting the job will increase.

Facebook offers various ways to carry out affiliate marketing, from running ads, posting on various platforms within Facebook, to creating fan pages. Based on the budget allocation offered for the management of their social media, you will offer the expected results after a specified time.

If your projections for increased customer base are accurate, the business will have increased customer numbers, and you will have more trusting clients. In turn, this will increase the budget allocation for more effective social media campaigns.

Pay per click advertising

Pay per click advertising is a model of internet marketing where advertisers pay a certain amount of money whenever the ads are clicked.

Facebook offers payment per one thousand clicks. Companies will pay you to post links or images on Facebook. The amount paid is dependent on the fans and engagement. The best way to get paid from pay per click on Facebook is through partnering with websites on Facebook platforms.

You will have to agree with individual websites ad companies on payments, after which you will run their ads on your platform and send them per thousand clicks. This is done with the help of tracking links.

The good thing with pay per click advertisements is the reduced workload it comes with. You do not have to create content, and only share whatever the website wants to be shared, and if the clicks reach a thousand, you get paid!

Paid reviews

Paid reviews mostly work for people with a huge following on social media.

You might be a blogger or a social media influencer; if companies see that you can have an impact on their sales if you were to share the products on your page, you will most likely get a job.

A company will send you the product they want to be reviewed, and allow you to give your opinion on the product, for you to get paid. This has been a common occurrence even before social media, as people would review products on TV, and if effective sales would increase.

Have you watched top gear? It is a perfect example.

Companies generally expect a positive review from paid reviews; however, they usually want an honest opinion from the paid reviewer, and we have seen some paid reviews that were on the negative, coaxing the companies to improve their products.

Paid reviews have become quite important in making sales, the more the people trust a paid reviewer, the more important his opinion becomes. It led to a necessity to ensure your products go through such persons, as otherwise, your returns will diminish.

Sell your products

You can use Facebook ads to sell your products. Through advertising to the most relevant crowd to your product, you can place ads on Facebook targeted to your demographic.

There are two different ways you can advertise your products on Facebook:

  1. Paid advertising
  2. Free advertising

Paid Advertising

Facebook comes with the option to create your, which can be advertised across different platforms relevant to Facebook. The ads will mostly lead your clients to your website or online store after clicking on the ad.

Facebook provides several metrics that can be used to gauge the effectiveness of an ad, such as the reach per ad, impressions, and clicks.

Free Advertising

Free advertising comes in the form of all the different forums and platforms found on Facebook. From Facebook marketplaces, groups, posts, and shares, you can advertise your product on Facebook, and wait for a client to contact you.

Making Money from Facebook Pages

Sell fan page

Why go through the hustle of creating and growing a fan page when you can buy one?

Through sites like viral accounts, you can sell your already high profile page for a good amount of money dependent on the agreement with the potential seller. Most people don’t have the time to grow their pages, and with this fast-paced world, time is a luxury you cannot waste.

Most people will prefer to buy Facebook pages and modify them to suit their business. You cannot imagine how long it takes to rack up thousands or millions of followers and preventing them from leaving. If you can get a page with a huge following, then it would be advisable to buy it.

Fan pages can sell anywhere from $50 to $500 with viral accounts having been sold anywhere upwards of $15,000. Most sellers often combine several groups into one viral page, to make the most profits from it.

However, selling fan pages has its disadvantages. Although selling fan pages is neither illegal nor against the Facebook policy, some problems may arise

  1. You may get scammed
  2. You may develop a misconception about your product from associating your business with a different page name

Influencer marketing

Can you influence people? Then what are you waiting for?

Through Facebook, you can get paid for marketing and influencing people to use certain products.

Ads have changed, and social media influencers are the in thing now. It is quite a common thing to see a Facebook influencer somewhere on a scenic destination enjoying themselves, talking about how a certain product has changed their lives.

Just by admiration of their lives, you get hooked and purchase the product.

Influencer marketers have changed the ad game, as compared to normal TV ads; Facebook influencer appears more real. The product being marketed is used on a live show, and we can see how good or bad it is in real-time.

Influencers with 1,000,000 followers get roughly $10,000 per post and have been known to make up to $200,000, depending on the product marketed and the number of followers the marketer has.

Influencer marketing requires the influencer to understand their niche, their audience, make viral posts, and enjoy what they do.

Post content with affiliate market links

Posting content with affiliate links allows users to be redirected to the marketed website where they can get more information about the product, and even make a purchase.

The most common way that you can make money through Facebook in this avenue is by posting some relevant information that will catch your audience’s eyes. If your niche is mainly on cars, then you can use some unknown important and interesting facts about cars, in the form of an email or ad on Facebook.

If a potential client clicks on the link or ad, they are taken to a landing page, which is a standalone web page created for marketing or advertising campaigns. Landing pages are created with a focus on a call to action, which gives the best chance for conversion.

Landing pages require some sort of registration, which allows for some client retention and the possibility of a future purchase.

Publish sponsored posts

If you have a huge following on Facebook or can reach a large number of people, then you can get paid for publishing sponsored posts.

Companies need to reach an audience, and the bigger yours is, the better you get paid.

If you have a viral Facebook page, then you can get paid by publishing sponsored posts and products, and earn from that. How much you earn from publishing sponsored posts depends on the agreement you make with the companies.

Creating offers on a fan page

Offers are a great motivational tool for potential customers if black Friday is anything to go by!

There is no major difference between black Friday and Facebook offers, except that Facebook offers happen all year round.

Facebook offers are generous as they encourage the client to visit the online shop and buy the product. They come with some incentives such as saving the offer to review later. Potential customers can also like or comment on the post, adding user interaction.

There are three kinds of Facebook offers

  1. In-store purchases: here, the purchase can only be found on the physical location of the store.
  2. On line purchases: these repurchases can only be made on the store or website platform.
  3. In-store and online purchases: here, the offer can be redeemed at both the store, or on the website online.

Buying and selling of products

There are several pages on Facebook, associated with buying and selling products. The pages may be involved with garage sales, kitchen sales, or any kind of sale you can find a gem that can be resold in another group at a profit.

Other people buy products from pages and resell them outside the platform, so long as they can turn a profit.

Making Money through Facebook Likes

Selling likes

You can generate income from likes on Facebook in many ways. However, the direct sale of likes is next to impossible, and you will need methods of generating likes, as what you will be offering is likes.

One of the ways you can easily create likes is through like bots. Like bots come with the capability of increasing likes, through automated replies, posts, and such.

The more likes you have, the more the trust you get from potential clients, which in turn increases the chances of the likes turning into potential purchases. Dependent on, the number of links you can get for potential clients will dictate the amount of money you will get.

New businesses can utilize bought likes for their new businesses to get some sort of online credibility. Most people charge per a certain number of likes on Facebook at different rates. This means that the more the likes, the higher the fee.

Getting Paid for Likes

Facebook will pay for likes; however, payment starts at 1,000,000 likes. For payment to start coming through, you have to have monetized your Facebook account. According to Nick Taboi, a digital marketing and big data analyst, Facebook can pay you well if you have crossed the 1,000,000 likes boundary.

You might also require to combine your Facebook traffic with add scents revenue for you to get your payday.

Another way you can get paid from Facebook ads is through the conversion of likes to purchases. Dependent on what you are selling, you can either add a book now button for services or a buy button for goods and products.

As long as you have a lot of likes on your page, post, or shares, people will generally be interested in whatever you are selling.

Selling fan page post

If you have viral posts on your fan page, then it is quite possible to come to an agreement whereby you sell a fan page post about the hiring company and get paid by the reach. The more the likes, the more the money you earn.

Lil Wayne, the popular hip hop artist inked a deal with Bumbu Rum, and now we constantly see him with Bumbu Rum on Facebook. Although we are unaware of the deal he inked with the Bumbu Rum company; we can be sure his social media presence was a huge part of it. The fact that he sells and posts about Bumbu Rum on his Facebook page constantly tells us he is getting paid for that.

Such posts, which will interact with a huge number of people will always get someone to pay for them, as the necessity for business is customers.

Selling liked profiles

Sites such as Fiverr will buy profiles of liked pictures and posts, dependent on the number of likes. If a picture of a cute woman acquires over 5000 likes, the same can be sold in Fiverr for a quick buck.

This method of making money from Facebook is mostly shunned; however, it is quite effective, whereby you post a picture or interesting post and ask people to help you reach a certain number of likes. If it happens, the profile is then sold on Fiverr and other platforms.

Facebook is not a fan of this practice; however, it continues steadily, and as it is not illegal, Facebook is left without recourse.


There is still a myriad of ways, through which you can make money from Facebook, other than through apps, ads, pages, and likes. As Facebook is a social media platform, it will require you to spend some time growing your audience, and understand what they want, to be able to provide it. However, as the article is not completely exhaustive, you can comb the net for more options suited to your preference.

Hey! The bottom line is customer satisfaction and turning a profit, right?

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