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75 Legitimate Ways to Earn Money Online From Home in 2020

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Looking to earn extra money from the comfort of home? Check out these 75 legit ways to do so.Do you want to know how to make money online from home? Earning online is convenient and ideal for just about anyone, including stay-at-home parents, the elderly, and even people who simply want to make some extra cash on the side.

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Check out this massive list of the best legitimate ways to earn money from home. If anyone ever tells you that it is not possible to make money online, you can show them this list to prove that it is doable.

The Best 75 Ways to Make Money Online

1.    SurveyJunkie

Get paid to provide your opinion on SurveyJunkie. You can redeem rewards and get cash for providing honest answers to survey questions.

2.    SwagBucks

Join SwagBucks and get paid to answer questions. You can redeem gift cards for a variety of different places.

3.  Inbox DollarsInbox Dollars

Inbox Dollars

Play games, shop, and answer survey questions to make quick cash with Inbox Dollars. You can even get paid to watch videos.

4.    MySurvey

Have access to a handful of surveys each day. MySurvey will send you different surveys to complete and will pay you for your answers.

5.    Toluna

Get paid to answer questions with Toluna. Your opinion matters and you can easily get paid for your influence.

6.    Viggle

Use the mobile reward program to earn cash and gift cards. You can download the app to your smartphone.

7.    Crowd Content

Get paid to write all different types of content. Claim available jobs and get paid to complete them. Work when you want to and as often as you want to while getting paid through PayPal.

8.    Foap

Love to take photos? Use Foap to sell the photos you have taken with your smartphone. You can sell photos of anything, including flowers, animals, the sky, and even popular attractions.

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9.  Fiverr FiverrFiverrFiverrFiverr

Sell all different types of services on the Fiverr platform. You can provide articles, graphic designs, and more.

10.  UpWork               UpWork

Use the UpWork platform to find part-time or flexible positions. The platform has thousands of jobs listed all the time.

11.  Time Etc.

Become a virtual assistant and work around your schedule. You can make calls, schedule appointments, and handle messages for clients.

12.  Userlytics

Get paid to provide user testing services. Visit websites, answer questions, and get paid for providing accurate feedback.

13.  TeeSpring

Create custom t-shirts and sell them via TeeSpring. You never know who will choose to buy the neat shirts that you make.

14.  Gengo

Provide translation services. Use your knowledge of a second language to your advantage. There is a high demand for many languages, including Spanish and French.

15.  Affiliate Marketing

Get started with affiliate marketing. Make money when people sign up for the things that you have marketed. You can even get more clicks and purchases by advertising on Facebook and other social media sites.

16.  SigTrack

Complete data entry tasks with SigTrack. Work at your own pace and as often as you want to. This company goes through busy waves when there is a lot of work available.

17.  Rev Transcription

Transcribe videos and audio messages. Rev provides you with the tools you need to use to have success. You can work as much as you want to.

18.  Rev Captioning

Become a captioner for Rev. Start captioning different content and get paid by the minute. Some people prefer captioning over transcribing.

19. Social Media Marketing

Work as a freelance social media marketer. Get paid by clients to monitor and manage social media for them. Many small business owners do not have enough time to handle social media on their own and could use the extra help.

20. Social Media Influencer

Use your large following to become an influencer. Get paid by different brands to advertise for their products. You can also get free products from companies when working as an influencer.

21. Etsy

Sell your creations on Etsy.com. You can sell anything from jewelry to pencil cases, t-shirts, and cloth diapers. Set your own price and wait for the sales to start pouring in.

22. Broadpath CSR

Provide customer service for Broadpath. The company regularly hires work-at-home agents to handle different tasks.

23. Texting Factory

Get paid to provide adult text chat services. Make your own hours and work as often as you want to.

24. Tutor.com

Work remotely as a tutor. Help other people learn more about different subjects. Set a schedule that works best for you and you will get to work as little or as much as you would like.

25. Cambly

Help teach English to students via Cambly. You can use your laptop or computer with a webcam to connect and provide services.

26.  SliceThePie

Get paid to provide your opinion on different songs. Listen to short clips, provide insight, and receive cash via PayPal. If you love music, this is something you can do in your spare time for fun while earning some cash.

27.  eBates                 eBates

Shop while using eBates to get cashback. The extra cash you accumulate can easily come in handy.

28. Amazon Mechanical Turk

Complete simple microtasks. Work as little or as much as you want to. There are always different hits available from dozens of requesters.

29. TextBroker

Write high-quality content for clients. Get paid to write on all different types of subjects. Get paid through Payoneer.

30. LetGo App

Sell anything you no longer need via LetGo. The app makes it quick and easy for you to complete a sale. You can sell clothes, jewelry, furniture, and more.

31. Twitch

Stream on Twitch and monetize your content. Get paid via ads and donations from subscribers.

32. Adsense

Start your own blog and use Adsense to make money from advertisements. You will need to create a Google Adsense account beforehand.

33. Verblio

Create the content on Verblio. Search for posts, write the ones that interest you, have your post selected, and get paid.

34. Shipt

Become a shopper for Shipt. While you will need to leave the house for this one, you can work as often as you want to.

35. VIPKid

Provide tutoring services to Chinese children who are interested in learning English. Meet new people and get paid to have fun.

36. Appen      Appen

Work part-time as a search engine evaluator. You can work as little as 10 hours per week with Appen.

37. Apple

Become an at-home advisor. You may need to stick with a specific schedule when working with Apple, but the pay is excellent.

38. The Chat Shop

Get paid to answer chats for various websites. Pay starts at $9/hr. Both part-time and full-time positions are available.

39. WriteScore

Score some tests in your spare time. WriteScore offers the perfect flexible opportunity for all.

40. ModSquad

Get paid to moderate social media and public forums. Work on a flexible schedule.

41. Lithium

Get paid to moderate social media for negative posts. Work on a flexible schedule when you have the extra time to do so.

42. TextMaster

Get paid to translate text. TextMaster provides a flexible position to those who speak multiple languages.

43. Maven

Make money by offering advice to other people. With Maven, you can set your own rate.

44. Humanatic

Listen and analyze phone conversations with Humanatic. You can make some extra cash in your spare time.

45. Pinecone Research

Provide your opinion and answer survey questions to make extra cash with Pinecone Research.

46. Cruises Inc.

Make money on the side by selling vacations with Cruises Inc. If you are good at sales, this is a great position for you.

47. PlayTestCloud

Did you know you can make money to play games? PlayTestCloud will pay you to test new games on their system.

48. Transfix

Become a carrier success associate. Transfix hires both part-time and full-time agents.

49. LionBridge

Start assessing advertisements that are regularly found on the web with LionBridge. You can work as little as 10 hours per week.


Become a content writer for Ranker. The goal is to create content that will likely go viral.

51. Bandzoogle

Provide useful customer support as a Bandzoogle employee. You may have set hours to work with this position.

52. Verbal Ink

Transcribe audio, proofread text, and translate text on Verbal Ink. The company offers many ways for individuals to make quick side cash.

53. CVS

Become a remote customer service representative for CVS. Make money helping customers who call the company.

54. Digital Market Media

Start working as a call center agent for Digital Market Media. You will answer the phones and provide support.

55. Broadpath PCSR

Work as a pharmaceutical customer service representative for Broadpath. You may need to work on a set schedule with this company.

56. Focus Forward

Make extra money transcribing text with Focus Forward. Different types of projects are available for those interested in transcription. Grab projects that interest you the most.

57.  Handshake

Become a customer support associate and provide troubleshooting services for Handshake. The company is known for hiring college students looking for flexible work.

58. Working Solutions

Work as a customer service representative for a company in the medical field. Working Solutions has many positions available but does not hire in all states. You will need to check if they hire in your state.

59. Upcall

Make calls on your own time. You can set a schedule that works best for you and receive both hourly pay and tips. Prior experience is not required.

60. Alorica

Become a customer service representative for Alorica. The company is known as an award-winning call center that is great to work for.

61. User Interviews User Interviews User InterviewsUser InterviewsUser InterviewsUser InterviewsUser Interviews

Help researchers by completing assorted surveys. User Interviews will pay you for your opinion and answers to different questions.

62.  Clearbit

Work as a customer service representative for Clearbit. You will answer calls and assist people with their questions and concerns.

63. Broadpath Tech

Get a job as a provider service representative with tech skills. If you have tech experience, Broadpath needs your help and is willing to pay you for it.

64. Literably

Transcribe text with Literably. If you can hear good and have transcription experience, you can have more success with this company.

65. Podia

Get paid to work as a creative support agent. This job requires you to have good writing skills. If you love to write, it is worth a shot.

66.  Unum

Work as a customer service representative for Unum. You will need your own laptop or computer and a headset to wear while working.

67.  Preply

Are you good at certain subjects? If so, you can get paid to provide tutoring services to students from home.

68. Lionbridge Rater

Work as a rater for Lionbridge. The company provides ratings, search engine evaluation, and internet analyst positions. Work is flexible and you can complete as many as 20 hours per week.

69.  Profit Factory

Use your skills to work as a virtual assistant for Profit Factory. Daily tasks will vary based on the number of clients you have as well as the specific needs they have.

70. Bustle

Join Bustle and get paid to write about different television shows. If you are good at writing and love to watch television, this is like a dream position that allows you to make extra money from home.

71. StubHub

Help people get tickets via StubHub. You will get paid to work as a customer service rep for the company.

72. LiveOps

Become a call center representative with LiveOps. You can get paid to talk to customers and provide assistance to them.

73. Enterprise Holdings

Make reservations sales with Enterprise Holdings. Get paid hourly plus the possibility of a commission.

74. QuickTate

Listen to the audio and provide an accurate transcription of it. Work as often as you would like to.

75. Brighten Communications

Set appointments and provide telemarketing services with Brighten Communications. You may be required to work full-time if hired.

Final Thoughts

With these 75 legitimate ways for you to earn easy extra cash, it should not take long for you to start bringing in more money. Whether you are interested in something flexible that you can do in your spare time or something with set hours that can help you make a living, there are plenty of opportunities available.

Check out all the options mentioned above, decide which ones are best for you, and begin filling out applications. It is not going to take long for you to start earning that extra cash and setting aside in your savings account.

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