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iThink Survey Panel Review: Gone but Not Forgotten

editUpdated on: September 1, 2018 by anvitalis

iThink, Inc has a decent reputation in the paid survey industry, but are they really all that? Should you sign up? Our investigation came up with some information to help you decide.What is iThink Inc?

IThink, Inc. was a market research company founded out of Dallas, TX in 1996.

They conducted millions of online interviews for their clients using their survey engine.

Surveys and Rewards

This was a different type of panel, not operating with tons of surveys on their website.  Instead, they maintained an email list of panelists.

When conducting surveys, they invited random panel members that fit the demographics by email.

According to past panel members, surveys came a few times per month and paid $2 to $10.

Is iThink Inc Legit or a Scam?

They were legit, but according to their website, they no longer maintain a market research panel.

If you receive an opportunity to take a survey for them, be wary.

It likely is a scam, because iThink no longer sends out survey invitations.


This was a great option in its day, but they currently no longer offer surveys.  It is difficult to tell what they do now.  From all appearances, they no longer exist as a business.

Past panel members can email [email protected] with questions, according to the landing page.

They also have contact information for client and businesses inquiries, so it is possible that they still function is some compacity and just do not offer that information on the website.

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