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Do Real Work At Home Assembly Jobs Exist?

editUpdated on: April 3, 2020 by anvitalis

If you like assembling chains, jewelry, or charms, there are plenty of assembly jobs you can do and earn some cash.Today’s economy runs on a digital space. Everyone is seeking opportunities to ditch the 9 to 5 routine and still make an income doing what they love most. But, what if you are an expert in assembly jobs?

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Can you get a legit work at home assembly job that can sustain your lifestyle? Yes, you can. In fact, in this quick guide, we’ll share with you ten such legit work at home assembly jobs.

They are easy to start and maintain. Plus, they present significant potential for career growth. Are you ready to discover ways to make money using your assembly skills? Let’s get to it!

What Are Work at Home Assembly Jobs?

In a nutshell, assembly jobs involve constructing products and crafts from parts. You get to work at your own pace, from home and get paid for the finished products.

Note, these jobs need no specialized skills. Hence, anyone who is passionate about expressing his creativity can do this. Still, with so many fake assembly jobs ads, it’s a daunting task landing a legit one.

How Work at Home Assembly Jobs Work

A typical work at home assembly job begins with you getting a starter kit from the seller company. This starter kit comes will all the tools and materials you need to assemble a product from start to finish. Also included is a complete product so that you can ensure your finished items are accurate.

Last, an easy-to-use manual or a tutorial video takes you through the assembly process. Most starter kits retail with 30 days money-back guarantee. Hence, if you try out the products and feel it is not fit for you, you can always return the kit and receive a refund.

Most assembly companies ask you to assemble and send your first product to them for approval. Once they receive it, they will check it against their set standards. Once it passes the checks, you get the go-ahead to assemble such products. Otherwise, you will have to revise your product several times before it is approved.

No Selling Required

Work at home assembly job is ideal for those creative who struggle with making a sale. For once you assemble the products; you send them to the seller company, who will handle the selling process to the final buyer.

Yet, you get your pay every week for all the products delivered with no-fault.

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Typical Crafts and Products That You Can Assemble

Then, here is a sample of products that you can assemble from home: –

  • Bracelets
  • Earrings
  • Wooden toys
  • Picture frames
  • Circuit boards
  • Stuffed dolls
  • Leather products
  • Travel bags
  • Miniatures

Why Do Companies Hire Work At Home Persons For Their Assembly Jobs?

Companies that want a work at home assembly expert find it cheaper to use an independent worker than operate from a factory floor. More so, if they are competing with other companies overseas who have minimal production costs. This way, they only concentrate on meeting the shipping costs of the final products.

How to Find a Legit Work at Home Assembly Job

Now, as more companies look for ways to cut on their production cost, work at home assembly jobs will always exist. Yet, there are so many fake sites purporting to offer such opportunities. Then, how do you settle for genuine work at home assembly job offer? We suggest that you limit your searches to only reliable sites. Here are our top websites that offer legit work at home assembly jobs: –

Major Retailers Offering Assembly Services

What major retailer has a store in your neighborhoods? Find out from them about their assembly plans. Indeed, big retailers like Home Depot and Wal Mart often take up independent contractors to work as their home services providers. This way, you can sign a contract to assemble and deliver products for the retailers to the final consumer.

Second, retailers need independent contractors to offer repair services to their clients. Hence, if you take part in the assembly process, the retailer will also show you how to repair the products. It is an added stream of income that ensures you maintain a portfolio of loyal clients.

Below are four significant companies or retailers that offer genuine work at home assembly jobs: –

  1. IKEA

Here is the thing. When a person buys products like furniture from IKEA, the company entrusts its assembly to independent contractors. A typical assembler at IKEA gets to set his work schedule. Plus, he gets to establish his rates.

An assembler receives an average of USD20 per hour plus tips. IKEA works hand in hand with Taskrabbit to source for the best workforce to do the assembly. Hence, anyone intending to work with IKEA must be an active member of Taskrabbit.

  1. Taskrabbit

Taskrabbit is an established, app-based platform for persons willing to do various tasks for money. Assemblers work under Taskrabbit as taskers.  Here, you can handle tasks in cleaning, delivery, moving, furniture assembly, and handyman tasks.  To become a tasker, you must first create an account by registering online for the assembly jobs.

Next, download the Taskrabbit app on your smartphone. Then, start your search for the tasks that interest you. Pick the rates and work schedule that is comfortable for your lifestyle.

You will receive a notification every time there is an assembly job that matches your search criteria. Proceed to select an assembly job that fits you. Then, confirm the finer details with the client. Next, proceed and accomplish the assembly tasks per the client instructions. Finally, you’ll send an invoice to Taskrabbit for the completed tasks.

  1. Amazon

Amazon, the e-commerce giant, has vast opportunities for work at home assemblers.  Here, every customer has the option of requesting an installation or assembly service as part of the purchase price. Hence, they can rely on Amazon’s credibility to get their products assembled the correct way.

As an assembler, you can sign up with Amazon for the Home Services Work and have buyers paying you to join their new products. There are no special charges for both the customer and the assembler. At least 38 assembly categories exist under the Amazon Home Services Work section. These include furniture assembly, door installations, and sports and fitness equipment assembly.

Here is a list of potential assembly jobs available on Amazon: –

  • A part time warehouse associate
  • An electronics assembly technician
  • A vehicle assembly technician
  • A gaming technician

Amazon has a comfortable work environment. Both its managers and supervisors are supportive of home assemblers. Hence, it maintains strict procedures that ensure each independent contractor observes the same standards.

     4. Go Configure

Go Configure offers both home assembly and delivery services. They target consumers who invest in major indoors and outdoors items. If the customer feels overwhelmed to install his new buy, then Go Configure steps in and does the job.

Their assemblers can work on most home installations, including fitness equipment, gazebos, patio furniture, and game room assembly.

To work as an assembler with Go Configure, check the company’s website for open assembly positions. Apart from the assembly, you will need to work as a delivery person too.

Hence, ensure that you have an insured vehicle with ample space for the home fittings. Besides, you must have all the power tools needed to do the assembly. Finally, since you will be interacting with the final customer, you have to prove your customer service skills.

  1. Indeed.com

Indeed.com is a popular search engine tool for jobs. Here, you can use various keywords to get a list of the assembly jobs available near you. With millions of jobs posted each day on this job seeker’s paradise, use the following techniques to narrow your search to the most relevant assembly jobs for you: –

  • Use quotation marks when searching for the phrase “assembly jobs”
  • If you aim at assembly jobs in a specific industry, specify it in the titles
  • If you have a particular company that you want to work for, specify it in the employers’ section
  • If you are good at one specific skill, mention the talent in your search phrase
  • Use the minus sign alongside a job description to omit the assembly jobs that do not interest you
  • Use the advanced job search option to search for assembly jobs based on the salary range, type of employment, and other detailed options

A quick look at indeed.com and here are samples of some legit work at home assembly jobs we found: –

Note that these assembly jobs appear and fill up daily. Hence, it would be best if you always were on the lookout for new assembly jobs in your area.

  1. Handy.com

At handy.com, you can work as a furniture assembly expert. Here, a typical handyman earns an average of USD 45 per hour. The company vets its entire staff to ensure they hire only the top-notch assemblers.

Also, the assemblers get to choose their appropriate work schedules. Once the job is complete, each assembler receives his pay directly to the bank account.

Assemble Your Own Craft

Now, searching for genuine work at home assembly jobs can prove to be a daunting task. Even so, when you are new to job searching. But, if you have strong assembly skills, and have creative ideas that can interest the masses, why not assemble your craft?

Indeed, we now have many online platforms where you can sell your handmade crafts and reap big. Are you still not sure of how to go about it? Check out these ideas below: –

  • Pinterest

Pinterest has tons of assembly ideas and resources for a newbie.  Choose from gift items, school supplies, team building crafts, to cleaning accessories.  Then, if you are a creative who enjoys cutting up and sticking together stuff, this is an opportunity you do not want to miss.

  • Etsy

Etsy is an online marketplace for all the creative persons out there. Here, you will assemble and sell your own crafts and creations directly to the customer. Hence, if you already have excellent sales skills, Etsy is the way to go.

To get started on Etsy, you must open an account. This account will act as your online shop where potential buyers can view your assembled products. Then, upload the stock photos of your items.

Set up your payment and billing preferences before launching the shop. Afterward, you can customize the shop to reflect your market niche.

How Can You Spot Fake Work at Home Assembly Jobs?

Now that we’ve covered what legit work at home assembly jobs entail, how can you differentiate them from fake ones? Use this checklist and avoid getting scammed:

  • Fake work at home assembly jobs charge a service fee to start working with them. Yet, this is a red flag that most job seekers ignore. It is irrelevant whether the payment is too little or not. You should never pay to start working. In contrast, legit work at home assembly job opportunities will need you to submit your information. Then, you will need to do a short interview before receiving your starter kit.
  • Does the job offer sound too good to be true? Then, it is probably a scam. Note, genuine work at home assembly jobs are not easy to find. And the pay is not too exaggerated.
  • Did you find the assembly job, or did the seller company contact you first? Unless you are a past employee, most genuine companies never contact potential employees directly. Instead, they send out job adverts to attract the best candidate for the assembly job.
  • If the job description seems vague or too simple, think twice. Most scammers opt for simple job descriptions that will catch the attention of more job seekers. In turn, they want to scam as many persons as they can. For example, does the job need you to have no particular skill? Or, does it ask that you must have access to the internet, these are basic requirements that are vague.
  • Legit work at home assembly jobs offers to include a physical address and contact information. Hence, you can always call and verify the companies before you start the assembly work. In contrast, fake assembly jobs offer a temporary drop off location that does not belong to the seller company. Hence, if you do not get your payment for the products delivered, you have no way of following it up with the company.
  • If your search results show that the company does not exist, the assembly job may be a scam too. Other scammers mimic names of reputable companies but then they change the contact or physical address. For example, a company calling itself “Proctor and Gambel” instead of the real “Proctor & Gamble” is a fraud.


It is now possible to earn a decent living from work at home assembly jobs. Yet, landing on such genuine opportunities in a market flooded by fakes can be daunting.

Then, start your search from reliable search engines like Indeed.com and Craiglist.

You may also want to partner with an established retailer who offers assembly services as an after-sales service. Better still, learn a few crafts and start your assembly home business.

It may take you some time to land a legit work at home assembly job. But, trust me; once you get it, it is worth the effort.

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