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49 Online Sites That Pay You to Do Everyday Tasks

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How do you make money online? Did you find a remote job? Do you browse Craigslist for gigs? What if I told you that you can get paid to do tasks you do every day anyway, like check your email and watch ads? The sites in this list all pay for everyday stuff – here’s how to get started.Are you ready to get paid to do things online that you do anyway, like read emails, watch ads, and play games?

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Great, because that’s what this post is about.

I’ve rounded up some of the best real websites that will pay you to do fun stuff online that you’re probably already doing.

If you’re doing it, you might as well be making some money on it!

Websites That Pay You Money to Watch Ads (and Sites That Pay You to Watch Videos)

Ads are everywhere on the web, but usually it’s the advertisers who get paid to put them in front of you.

It’s your turn to make money on the ads you see!

Try out these sites that will pay you to watch videos and ads online.


InboxDollars has a lot of money-making opportunities available on its site, but making money from ads is a good way to do it.

In addition to completing offers, taking surveys, and doing other fun stuff on the site, you can head to its videos section to check out new ads and videos to watch and earn.

Nielsen’s Computer Mobile Panel

Nielsen’s panel has a few different ways for people to sign up to participate in market research and get paid for it.

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One way is to sign up for its computer mobile panel, which pays you to watch videos and ads, browse the web, and more.

You’ll get paid for as long as you keep the app installed on your computer or mobile device.


You guessed it – this site pays you to watch YouTube!

People pay to get their videos listed on the site to get more views.

You’ll get paid to watch those videos through the program.


QuickRewards has tons of ways to make money, but watching ads and videos is one of them.


Swagbucks can also fit into a few categories in this post, but its paid videos and ads are some of its many perks.

Just choose the ones you want to watch and see your points go up.


Head to Viggle’s website to download the app to your mobile device.

Then, anytime you watch TV, turn on the app and start getting paid.

The longer you watch, the more you’ll make, so it pays to Netflix and chill in this case.

Sites That Pay You to Share Your Opinions

Do you love speaking your mind with others?

Having strong opinions and sharing them on social media is becoming more common, but you don’t usually get paid to do it.

Now, you can, thanks to survey sites.

Branded Surveys

Take surveys online and get paid for your time with Branded Surveys.

This site pays quickly with PayPal cash.


This survey site is different than your usual online text-based survey.

You’ll be taking video surveys instead!

Get up to $50 per survey just by answering a few questions using your mobile device.

Pinecone Research

Pinecone Research will pay you about $3 per survey just to share your opinions on a range of topics.

Survey Junkie

Get paid with gift cards or PayPay cash when you participate in surveys on Survey Junkie.


UserTesting pays up to $60 per “test” where you can speak your mind about client websites as you visit them.

What did you love about the site? What could be better?

Share your thoughts and earn.


If you’re really into social and political issues, then YouGov is a good place for you to take some surveys.

Many of the studies here focus on these important issues, so you’ll have your say and make money doing it.

Websites That Pay You Money to Read Email

Head to your inbox (or on each of these websites) to check your email and get paid!

These sites will pay you just to open up your email, read what’s inside, and sometimes click a link or two.

Easy, peasy.


Here, you’ll make $5 just to sign up for an account, plus get paid to complete free, trial, and paid offers, refer friends, play games, AND read your emails!


This site comes from the same people who created InboxDollars, so it offers many of the same paying tasks, including reading emails for cash!


This site sends members offers straight to their inbox, so every email you read and act on can potentially give you some extra cash.


In addition to getting paid to read emails, you can use Points2Shop to complete surveys, offers, and other easy tasks online.

The points you make can be redeemed for cool stuff on Amazon.

Unique Rewards

Read emails, shop online, watch ads – this site has it all. And, it pays!

Sites That Pay You to Play Games

Play games, have fun, and get paid with these legit game-playing sites!


You can play, test, and review games on Bananatic, collect “Bananas” for points, and then turn them in for awesome rewards.

Corporation Master

Corporation Master is a business simulation game.

But, instead of only earning digital money, you can earn real money as you play!


Givling helps people pay off mortgages and student loan debt with its online trivia games.

Take part and have a chance to get your debt wiped away.


This reward site has a full section dedicated to paid games!

Paid Game Player

Play games on Paid Game Player, review them, refer friends, and make some extra cash.

Websites That Pay You to Shop

The sites below pay you to shop in some form or another, whether it’s getting cash back on your purchases or mystery shopping.

Either way, you get paid to head to the store and shop away!


This cashback shopping site offers awesome shopping discounts and pays you some money back on your online purchases.


Download the Honey browser extension to get notified when you’re on a site that has promo codes, Honey discounts, and Honey bonuses.

The money you save with Honey will go to your account, which you can redeem for PayPal cash or Walmart or Amazon gift cards.


This mystery shopping company is one of the best on the web.

Sign up for free to get notified when there are new local or phone shops to participate in.

Market Force

Market Force is another leader in the mystery shopping world.

It also has a shopping app to download to take your shops on the go.


Sign up for MyPoints to be eligible for its cashback shopping offers on a variety of online stores!

You can redeem the points you earn for a ton of different gift cards.


When you use Qmee, you can earn cash just by browsing products online.

If you happen to make a purchase using Qmee suggestions, then you can earn even more money.

Qmee also has surveys you can take to boost your earnings.


This site used to be Ebates, one of the best cashback shopping sites ever.

Rakuten offers all the same awesome stuff!

Sites That Pay You to Write

Some people love writing to clear their heads, but they never get paid for their words.

Now, it’s time to start getting cash for your ideas!

The sites below pay writers to create articles for them.


Adult learners who go back to college can write for Back2College and receive $55 or more per article.


Cracked is a humor-focused site, but if you have the chops to write here, you can reportedly make up to $200 for your story.

Freelance Mom

Are you a mom who freelances?

Then Freelance Mom is the perfect place for you to write, get published, and make some money.

The site pays up to $100 per article via PayPal.

If your article is one of the top performing ones for the site during that month, you can also qualify for a $150 bonus.


Listverse is a site that features listicles, or articles with lists.

If you have a listicle you want published, submit it here.

If Listverse loves it, they’ll pay $100 via PayPal.

The Dollar Stretcher

People with frugal tips to share can write for The Dollar Stretcher.

You’ll get paid $0.10 per word by check or PayPal.


Upwork doesn’t pay you directly for articles you write.

Instead, you can sign up to the marketplace as a writer and search for writing gigs posted by clients.

Finish a job with success and get paid.

Sites That Pay You to Listen to Music

Get into the groove while getting paid!

Listen to your favorite music or new tunes and start making money for it.

Hit Predictor

This site comes from iHeartMedia, the same people who created iHeartRadio.

You can listen to new music and have the chance to rate how much you like or dislike it.

Basically, you’ll get paid to predict the hits before they start getting played on the radio!


Register for a MusicXray account and connect your music apps.

The site will recommend new artists and music to you based on your tastes.

Review the music and get paid.


This site lets people who have awesome playlists with a lot of followers on apps like Spotify make money by reviewing music.

The site states that, depending on your popularity and influence, you can earn up to $12 per song.

Slice The Pie

This is one of the original sites that lets you get paid to listen to music.

Listen to a song, write your review, and make money.

The better your reviews, the more you can make.


WeLocalize offers a bit of a different way to get paid with music.

With this site, you’ll transcribe music lyrics.

So, you’ll still get to listen to awesome songs, but you’ll also need to be able to pull lyrics from them and type them up.

Sites That Pay You to Search the Web

You probably search the web every single day to find the information you need, but did you know that some sites are willing to pay you to do that?

It’s true!

Make a few extra bucks with these sites.


You can apply to work for Appen as an independent contractor.

The company has a few different job openings, but one of its most popular is its search engine evaluator job.

This position requires you to evaluate search engine results in relation to a query, so you’ll need to understand how searching the web works to make this gig work.


I’m mentioning InboxDollars again here because getting paid to search the web on InboxDollars is one of the tasks the site is most known for!

There are usually even daily bonus tasks that’ll pay you extra to complete and usually involve making a few paid searches using the InboxDollars search function.

Microsoft Rewards

If you’ve been looking for programs like Bing rewards that pay you to search the web, then Microsoft Rewards is the place for you.

That’s because it is what was once Bing Rewards!

Microsoft took it over a few years ago and made it bigger and better than ever.

Now, since Microsoft owns the Bing search engine, you can get paid to search the internet with Bing right through your Microsoft Rewards dashboard.

The program also offers other fun stuff, like trivia questions, downloading new games and apps from Microsoft, etc., so that you can keep earning awesome rewards.


Wonder pays you to research topics its clients need to know more about and then write up a short report explaining your findings.

The topics can be on just about anything, so it’s an awesome way to learn stuff while getting paid.


This reward site has paid TV, paid offers, and even paid web searches to help its members boost their income.

Websites That Pay You to Sign Up

Signing up for sites and offers happens frequently online, but most sites don’t pay you to do it.

However, these sites will!


Get an easy $5 just to fill out the registration form with your basic information and then confirm your email address just for signing up.


FusionCash pays new members $5 to sign up for an account.

After that, you can earn money with surveys, offers, paid-to-click offers, and even posting in its forums.


SendEarnings is another site that comes from InboxDollars and also features its $5 signup bonus!

You’ll need $30 to get your first payment, but then you’ll become a Gold Member and can cash out for $20.

Opinion Inn

Opinion Inn offers $10 for a sign-up bonus, which is definitely one of the best you’ll find from a survey site.

Conclusion: Online Sites That Pay You to Do Stuff You Already Do

There are so many things you do online every day, so you might as well make some extra cash for your time.

Some of the sites I listed above actually can fit within several of these categories, so don’t forget to explore them and see what’s available!

You might find that some of the sites offer payments for many of the things you do online daily and are excellent ways to maximize your earnings.

If this post helped you find some new ways to make money online, then be sure to share it with a friend or two!

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