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Top 22 Ways to Sell Your Used Laptop for The Most Money

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You don't have to throw away that old laptop; sell it and earn some extra cash. There are plenty of online apps and stores where you can trade for cash. Here are the best places to make some extra money for that old laptop.Are you looking to get rid of your old laptop in favor of a new one? You don’t have to throw it in the garbage bag. There are several ways you can get paid online and make some extra cash that might chip in to get you that new laptop.

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So how do you go about selling that old laptop to make some extra money?

Top Ways to Sell Your Used Laptop for the Most Money

Amazon Trade-In

The site can be compared to eBay, with the only difference between the two is that if you upgraded your laptop or modified it, the site will not let you sell it there.

The site will require your laptop to match the listing you chose for the laptop exactly.

However, the trade-in program is quite easy, although you will not get as much for the laptop.

All you need to is search for the ‘trade,’ button on the site, provide details about the condition of the laptop, and you will get an instant offer.

The site will pay you cash through the Amazon gift code; however, if the laptop is not in the detailed condition, you risk losing the money.

You may also prefer to get paid after Amazon double checks everything, rather than get an amazon gift code that may be rescinded if they determine your laptop does not meet the details, as stated.

Best Buy Trade-In

The site focuses solely on electronics.

You can buy used electronics, although laptops tend to take the day.

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If you plan to trade in your laptop, you can visit your local store, or you can ship the laptop to a warehouse for processing.

The site allows you to estimate how much you might receive for your trade-in before you do it.

The will also offer helpful tips as you go along transacting with them.

It is quite a simple user site, where you will only need to register and follow the prompts, and you are well on your way to getting some money!


Craigslist is another great site for you to list your laptop for sale.

The site will allow you to create listings on virtually anything.

You can find local buyers interested in purchasing your laptop.

You will need to first register on the site before you can list anything; however, you don’t need to register if you are only browsing through the site.

You can use the site to communicate with any interested clients securely.

You will then have to set up a good meeting place in a public lotion where you can take the laptop and get your payment.

The good thing with craigslist is the level of control you have over the transaction, and it will depend on your selling, and negotiation skills to get the most out of the deal.

Device Pitstop

They are a chain of stores that will accept used electronics including laptops for cash or trade-in

You can use the website to find a location near you.

The stores are located in a number of US states.

Registration to the site is quite easy, and as long as your laptop meets your description, they will gladly pay up.

Facebook Marketplace

The site creates a public listing visible for anyone to see.

Based on the millions of people who use Facebook, your listing is bound to be seen, increasing the chances for landing potential clients.

The site is an amazing place to sell your laptop.

They will provide for shipping costs, plus the buyer may also pay you in person in case you decide to meet to exchange the laptop for cash.

The site is free to join and quite easy to use the user-friendly interface.

You can decide to do some marketing for the product through Facebook; this can be in the form of paid ads.

The only negative thing to the site is that the market place is oriented to your locality, meaning you lose out on the broader audience based elsewhere around the globe.

Gadget Salvation

The site helps you trade your laptop for cash.

You will have to enter the specifics of your laptop with the site, which will allow them to better classify your laptop.

The site will also provide an immediate quotation for your laptop.

Another unique thing with this site is that any potential buyer will get the opportunity to sell on the site directly.

After you get the quotation for the site, you will have to ship it. After receiving and confirming the laptop is as described, then the site will send you money within 48 hours through check, Zelle transfer or Venmo

Best Places to Sell Laptops Online


Gazelle is another simple app to use, where you can dispose of your laptop at ease, and make some money.

The site is mainly used to sell and buy phones; however, laptops and electronic devices are also accepted.

After registering successfully to the site, you can learn the value of whatever you are selling from the Gazelle website. This will allow you to know how much your laptop will be sold.

After you have found your item, you can then answer a couple of questions, which will allow the site to learn better about the condition of the laptop.

Through the site, you can then get an offer for the laptop.

You hold the option as to how you will be paid, as they accept several platforms such as PayPal, checks, or amazon.com gift cards.

The site will offer free shipping, and after you send the laptop to them and they confirm the stated conditions are true, you can then get paid.

If, however they find the product is not as stated, the Gazelle team will revise the offer, or they can resend the laptop back to you, and you will have to cater to the shipping costs back.

The advantage with Gazelle is that there are a number of avenues to get paid; however, a downer with the app is that Kiosk locations don’t accept laptops.


This is among the biggest marketplaces where you can sell your old laptop. How it works is such that it acts as a mobile classified where you can buy and sell stuff quickly, and your laptop not being excluded.

The app does not operate in many States, as it is currently only available in the United States and Canada.

To get started, all you will need to do is first download the app. it is available for both android and IOS.

Register with the app, after successful registration, then you are ready to buy and sell.

Take a picture of the laptop, state the price you’re selling at, and enter a detailed description of the laptop.

Interested parties will contact you through the app, and after you agree on all the details of the sale. You can meet up, deliver the laptop, and get paid.

The site is 100% free to use, plus it does not come with shipping costs.

The only downside to the app is the necessity for potential clients to meet.


According to the site, NextWorth boasts of having the best value for your laptop.

A unique thing about NextWorth, the site will immediately give you an on the spot quote making it easier to decide whether you will sell that laptop

The site also provides free shipping, plus the package comes with n insurance, which will help protect your goods against loss or damage.

The site also provides you with tracking where you can follow your package as it is shipped, providing updates and helpful tips as you go along.

The site will pay you through PayPal or checks two days; however, if they give you a check, then expect it to take longer.

Registration to the site is also free and it will take only a few minutes of your time.

Some of the pros associated with the site is a real-time quote for your laptop, plus their free shipping with tracking options.

The cons for using the site are such that payment can take longer than other sites.


This app will let you sell personal items ranging from musical instruments furniture to electronics.

It is a perfect place to sell your laptop.

The app will not ask for commissions, plus it is available in all major cities.

To use the app, you must be above 13 years of age; however, you will require parental supervision if you are under eighteen years.

How the app works is such that you can get your item more attention through having it ‘bumped.’

The app advises its users to ask for cash while selling on the app. However, if a client decides to pay you through the site, all payments will go through stripe, which will charge a processing fee.

The app is available on both android and IOS and is based on selling your stuff locally.

List your laptop on the app after successful registration, and upload a photo, plus a description. You can then wait for a potential buyer to reach you.


How SellBroke works is such that, you will have to select the device you are selling from the listed devices on the site. You will then give more details about it, in this case, the laptop you are selling.

If you have more than one device to sell, you will inform the SellBroke team through the app and add it to your cart.

The site will then prepare a label for you and email it to you through email. This means you will have first registered to the site before offering any details.

Then SellBroke will send you a shipping label to use at the UPS or FedEx.

You will then be required to pack your laptop together with the packing slip, tape it well, and drop it at any UPS or FedEx stores for transportation.

After they receive the package, they will ascertain that the condition is similar to what was detailed. If there is a problem matching the condition against the details, they will get back to you. However, if everything is okay with the laptop, then expect your money as soon as possible.

Payments are made through PayPal.


This is a sister company to sell broke.

The site focuses mainly on laptops, but it also allows some other popular devices.

After you successfully register and provide the necessary details, you can access the companies quote on your laptop.

If you agree, then they will ship your laptop for free, and if all is well with the details against the condition of the laptop, expect to get you money ASAP

The site is quite user friendly and you will have registered and ready to go in a matter of minutes.


The site can help you sell your laptop for cash.

Through the site, you can create a listing for your laptop, and make it as detailed as possible from the picture to the description.

The site will not charge you to list items on their site; however, as part of the final sale, the buyer will pay for transaction costs according to the

The only condition the site paces on the laptops is that the screen and key board should be intact. When it comes to mac books, the site will not let you sell laptops released before 2011.

Swappa is quite a good site, as creating your listing will only ae a few minutes.

Some of the advantages of working with Swappa are that:

  • the site asks for no fee from the seller to list and sell their product
  • The site will pay with PayPal

The downside associated with the site is that firs you can’t sell a broken laptop.

Older MacBook’s may not be accepted.

Apple trade-in

This company with the name apple will take devices from other companies with apple devices included.

You can walk in the apple store or use apple online service.

They are currently accepting smartphones, tablets, computers, watches, and other devices.

If they don’t have a trade-in for your device, they may ask you to recycle free of charge; however, this is not mandatory.

The store will offer an apple store gift card immediately if the transaction is done physically at the store, while it will take up to three weeks if done online.

One complication with the store is that, due to it using apple store gift cards, you will have to use them in apple stores, as they will be irrelevant in other stores.

You will have to describe the item if you are online, and only after it matches the description will the company pay.


If you are looking for a service that will offer you the best deals, then flimsy is the place for you.

The site will not accept trade-ins, however, they will curate other services that offer trade-in’s, and provide you with the list, plus the amount each offers.

This makes it easier for you to choose the best place to sell your laptop.

Mac Me An Offer

Do you have a Mac to sell?

You can sell the laptop at the site.

The site will let you trade in old computers for cash works like trade-ins, with the only difference being that it will only deal with Apple products and devices.

After you register on the site, they will ask you to list or inform them about the product, after which they will give you a quote on the laptop you are selling.

If you accept the offer, they will then give you a shipping label, after which you can ship your laptop to them.

After they receive the laptop and ensure it is in the prescribed condition, they will then send you a check, which you can receive in around three days.

The site will pay you through PayPal.

Mac of All Trades

Are you selling a mac laptop? This is potentially the best site to sell your MacBook.

The site has been in business from as early as 1995, having paid over $18 million in used electronics.

The site also provides free and instant quotations for your laptop, plus they also offer free shipping for the laptop.

The newer and well maintained the laptop is, the higher the chances of selling at amazing prices. To ensure you get the best out of the app, ensure you ship the laptop with all the original accessories. If you lack some original stuff, then the pay may drastically drop.

The site also comes with a quick payment system. The site will pay you three days after the arrival of the laptop at nay o their facilities.

Some of the pros associated with the site are the instant quote for your laptop; the site will also pay in three days.

The only downside associated with the site is the potential drastic reduction in prices if the laptop does not have original accessories.


You can also list your laptop on eBay

eBay accounts are free to set up and browse, plus purchase.

For you to sell your laptop on eBay, you will have to register to the site successfully, after which you will be allowed to list your item or laptop on the site.

Ensure you take a good picture of the laptop, as that is what people will mainly see. The description should also be simple, concise to cover the whole laptop

After listing the product, you can expect a couple of bid and offers to come your way dependent on the quality of the laptop. You can sell through eBay in two ways:

  • Fixed price selling
  • You can also start an auction and rip from the highest bidder.

eBay will pay you through a couple of avenues, such as PayPal, credit, or debit card.

Some of the perceived positives are such that:

  • The platform is quite easy and straightforward to use.
  • The site is free to set up.

Some of the cons associated with the site are such that the site comes with a lot of competition from other sellers.


This is a great app where you can sell your laptop or computer.

The site is currently in all 50 states plus is also in Canada.

The app allows you to communicate with potential buyers through the app.

The app will come through to help you get buyers, plus it will help in the transaction process, ensuring you get your money, and the client gets the laptop.

Buy My Tronics

This is an electronics resale business based in Colorado.

The company will buy old and spoilt electronics and fix them for resale.

Other models are scrapped for their parts.

You will have to get them the laptop and agree on the price before they buy it.

As they are buying it for resale, they may buy your old laptop for cheap.


uSell will let you select your device from their list, after which you will give details as to the condition of the chosen device.

They will give you an offer based on their network of professional buyers.

If you accept their offer, they will ship our laptop for free, and provide tracking, so that you can see your laptop as it travels at all times.

After the receive the shipment and confirm its condition depends on how you described it, you will have the option of getting paid either by check or through PayPal, in approximately five business days.


This is another site, where you can sell your laptop. The site will not require registration, which is free before you can start selling on the site.

The site will no need credit cards, fees, or shipping costs.

The site can fetch you a great price for your laptop.

Also, the site is involved with recycling and will donate to environmental protection with every transaction done on the site.


There are many more sites on the internet where you can sell your old laptop. Ensure that you take care of your stuff as seen; the better the condition, the better the payment.

You can also start buying old laptops from friends and resell them, making it a source of income.

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