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29 Best Places to Sell Your Designer Handbags for Cash

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Do you have a number of designer handbags you are looking to sell? Do you have problems finding places that will buy them from you? Here are 29 best places you can sell designer handbags for cash.You may have a way of accessing designer handbags the legal way. You may also be unaware that even used designer handbags can be a source of profit. This article will show you the best places to el your designer handbags.

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Best Places to Sell Designer Handbags for Cash

Here are some of the best ways to sell coach purses, handbags, clutch bags or any kind of designer bag you may have


This is one of the older online used luxury sales stores. Started I 1999, the site has grown to become one of the leading and trusted second-hand stores for luxury handbags. You will find virtually all types of luxury brands here, from Balenciaga, Celine Fendi, etc.

To sell your luxury designer handbags on the site, all you need do is submit a consignment with fashion pile through their website. Send details about your bags, and they will give you a quote with a buy out price valid for 30 days. If you are interested, they will send you a free shipping label, and you will send them the handbags. If they are in line with the details you prided, you will get paid.

Vestiaire Collective

This is a Paris based company launched in 2009. The company has a huge following boasting of over eight million users. The site is a force to reckon with. It comes with a variety of timeless products, hosting all kinds of luxury brands you could imagine, including Dior and Cartier, Isabel Marant, Maison Martin Margiela, etc.

To sell on the site, you will need to download the app, register, and list your product. This will be done after you have given a detailed description and uploaded photos of the product. You will then sell the item, and after it has sold, you will ship the handbag to the company for free. After they receive the handbag, they will pay your cash to you.


Rebag is a second-hand luxury we site focusing on designer handbags, clutches, totes, etc. you will find virtually all kinds of luxury handbags on the site. It comes with the option of returning the bags after 6months, with an exchange credit worth 70% of the purchase price, meaning you will only add a small amount of money and experience another bag.

Selling on the site will involve you going to one of their stores. They will inspect the bag, and after vetting the product, and are satisfied, they will give an offer, which if you agree to you will get paid within the hour

Luxury Garage Sale

The site was founded in 2011 and came with both an online and offline presence. They have an extensive collection, including Christian Louboutin, David Yurman, and more. The site comes with a team of experts who update the site daily and sell the luxury products at 80% of the original price.

For you to get your product sold on the site, you will need to send the handbags to them, and they will inspect and ensure that if they take the product, you will get paid.

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Collector square

The site was the brainchild of a couple of French entrepreneurs. It was founded in 2013 and is mainly involved in the hand market for luxury bags, watches, and jewelry. The site will carefully select and verify each item sold on the site, with the help of a tea of curators.

The website ships worldwide in 24 hours.

For you to get your product sold on the site, you will have to register to the site, after which you can offer them the item through filling a valuation form or getting in touch with them directly through their phone or email.


The way this site works is such that buyers place bids, while sellers ask for a meet. The transaction happens online and on the platform. The site was started by selling rare high-end sneakers such as retro Jordans.

Currently, most or all of the products available on StockX are brand new and authentic. According to the site, all items listed must have a visible serial code blind stamp or date code to prove authenticity. After the products have been provided to the StockX team, they are then thoroughly inspected to verify their originality.

The Outnet

The site is a great place for previous season designs and fashion. You can find all the major brands, plus a couple original to the brand such as iris &ink. The site features heavily discounted products, and you are bound to find something.

You can also sell it at the outlet. You will have to send them the product after they give you an offer. They will pay after they have ascertained the authenticity of the handbag.

The Luxury Closet

The site was founded in 2011 in Dubai. It is a Middle Eastern leading platform in buying and selling luxury items. The site boasts a huge inventory of all types of brands. You will find Louie Vuitton and many more brands in their stores.

The site has around 80 experts who provide excellent customer service and also build trust with the shoppers. They guarantee everything they sell to be 100% designer.

If you want to sell your designer handbags on the site, you will have to wait up to when your handbags self for you to get paid. That means you will first send them the bag to sell; this is after they ascertain that the handbag is genuine. They will place it in their store, and after it sells, they will pay you your money.

Platos Closet

The stores have locations all-around the United States. You can find them virtually in every state. Platos Closet is a great place for you to sell your designer handbags, as they will offer you cash on-site for your designer handbags.

However, they will first ascertain as to the quality, and check whether the handbags are genuine designer handbags before they make any offers to you.

Buffalo Exchange

Buffalo Exchange is another store with locations all around the US.

The store stocks handbags and seasonal items and will buy them from you.

How you go about selling your handbags to buffalo exchange is such that; you will have to bring your handbags to one of their stores. You do need an appointment, and all you have to do is just walk in. However, they might ask you to provide some valid government documents before you can proceed with business.

They will then ask to see the designer handbags, and if they ascertain that they are genuine designer products, then they will buy them from you at an agreed price.

The site will offer 30% of the selling price or 50% in-store credit.

Crossroad Trading

At crossroads trading, you can buy sell or trade items. They have stores all across the United States.

The company has a number of ways you can sell your stuff through them. You can sell at any of their stores except for storing Stockholm. You will need a current valid id and be Over eighteen years of age. You can also trade in your handbags at any of the stores, where you receive 50% off in-store credit for the price they will sell your handbag for.

You can also sell them your handbag and get a 30% cashback on the amount they sell the handbag for.

A Second Chance

The store has been in business since 1993.

The store will come by your designer handbags. The site is quite different from the rest as you get to keep up to 70% of the value of the handbag

How it works is such that you will need to submit items you would like to sell through their website.

They will then email you the quote, and if you agree, they will give you an appointment, where you will take the handbags to them, or they can give you shipping instructions.

After they receive the handbags, they will first inspect them to ensure they are of good quality. They will then ensure they are not fake but real designers.

After they will then send you the money within n 24 hours.

Heritage Auctions

Here you can sell anything valuable.

For you to sell on the site, you will need to provide the specifics about your handbag. Their site is such that it provides for Yo to list and describe your product.

After you describe your product, you will have to seed it to them. The will have made you an offer for them to require you to send them the handbags.

After they receive the handbags, their team of experts will inspect the bag and ensure it is a genuine designer.

If the handbags fit the criteria, they will mail you the check for the agreed price they offered.

Christie Handbag Shop

This is a boutique offering special service online for top tier handbags and accessories. They will include all major brands and it is no surprise finding them with handbags of the channel caliber.

For you to sell on the site, you will have to request a complimentary auction estimate to ensure your handbags are acceptable by Christie’s handbag shop.

After, Christie’s specialist will contact you, discuss the estimates, and advise you on sales dates and the seller’s agreement commission structure.

After you have agreed to their terms, you will then send them the handbags. They can also connect you with some of their local partners.


The site offers an online store where they sell pre-owned designer bags.

The website always requires a free quote to initiate the consignment process. As a seller, you will get contacted an informed of the store’s terms before you can begin selling through the store.

The site offers a number of ways to receive cash from the sales of your items, including consignment sales, direct purchase, and buyback programs.

LH Exchange

This is another online market for luxury designer items. The site is involved in the sale of designer handbags, fine art, and more.

Auction experts will work with you through the whole process as the guide you on how to get paid for your handbags through the store.

You will need to deliver the handbags; after which they will make you an offer. If you agree, then they will instruct you on how the handbags will reach them.

They will then inspect the handbags, and if they are satisfied, they will then send you the agreed amount of money.

The RealReal

The site does not sell just any designer handbags, and they will provide a list of what they prefer.

How the site works is such that they will schedule to come to pick up the handbags from your home. They may also tell you to ship the products to them with a free prepaid label. Alternatively, they can instruct that you visit a free valuation and consignment drop off.

After you have dropped off the handbag, and it reaches them, their team of experts will authenticate the handbag and resell them.

The site will pay you through direct deposit, side credit or you can also get paid each month an item sells

Which Some Other Places I Can Sell Luxury Handbags Near Me?

Bag Borrow or Steal

The site will let you rent or borrow a designer handbag. The site owns major brands and it lets you have anything from their collection.

The site will let you consign your handbags for up to 70%.

You can also sell them directly to the company, which is a better idea as you will earn more with this method when you decide to receive store credit instead of cash.

Of course, the store will have inspected your handbag to ascertain whether it is a designer bag or a knock off.


The site will offer cash for designer bags.

How you go about cashing in from selling designer handbags on the site is you have to create an account on the site first.

After successful account creation, first, you will have to submit clear pictures of the designer handbags you are selling. You will then have to upload them to either the app or web.

After they receive them, they will send you a quote in 1-2 business days.

If you agree, you will then send them the bags. Rebag will send you a shipping label so that you can mail them the bags, and if you are close to their Manhattan store, you can deliver personally.

They will pay you within 2-3 business days if you sell the handbag to them online, and upfront if you can take it to their store.


The site sells pre-owned bags, shoes, clothes, and other accessories.

The site also acts as an intermediary.

The site works like Rebag, where after registering with the site, you will need to snap good pictures of the handbag and upload them to the app or the site.

The difference here is that you will sell to other buyers and not the site.

Provide a description and sell the handbag through the site.

The site has millions of users, and how you manage your pricing and listing will count a lot towards you selling the product.

Cash in my bag

This site assists sellers to make instant cash. The site sells everything from handbags, Totes Clutches evening bags, and a lot more.

The site will get a seller their quote within 24 hours.

You will have to provide a proper description of whatever you are selling first.

You will then provide pictures of the handbag from the front, sides, the back, and even the interior, to ascertain the condition of the bag.

You will then upload the pictures, and provide your contact information the company can reach you through.

Yogis Closet

yogis closet, an online store dealing with luxury goods. The site will give you a quote quickly, whether you choose to consign or to sell your designer handbag.

If you choose to consign with the site, you will get less money as compared to selling; however, the site will get you your money faster.

How the site works is such that you will get a quote after sending a description. After you agree, you will then shop the designer handbags to Yogi’s closet. They will then let you review their offer; after which you can get paid.


This is both a site and an app where you can assess a shop and start selling.

The site also acts as a social app as it will let you share and like other things and shops.

As you have control of your shop, how you present your merchandise will go a long way in ensuring you make sales.

Upload proper and all-rounded pictures of the designer bag, and a proper description to let the buyer know exactly what they are getting.

Also, as the site is more like a social site, you can share your shop’s products with other shops and find ways to increase your reach within the site.


This is a great site to sell clothes online but also sells designer handbags.

To sell on the site, your handbag must be in pristine conditions without any defects of any kind.

How you go about selling here is through ordering for a clear-out kit you can put as much designer handbag as possible, and send it off through a carrier to the site. If the description details match the product, you can get cash or credit after your items sell on the site.


This site is famous for millions of users. The site has access to shoppers from all around the world, making it one of the biggest platforms for selling.

Although the site previously charged for listings now, they will allow up to 50 items for free on their sit.

The site will charge you 10% of the sell amount as a pay valuation, plus there are free shipping labels, which will also cost you.

How you list and describe your products on the site will go a long way in attracting customers, so ensure you are as captivating as possible.


You will have to register for a seller account on amazon. After a successful registration, all you have to do is click on the sell button, and you are ready to go!

You will then enter relevant info about the product you are selling, and after it sells, the site will notify you to ship the product

Amazon will take a portion of the money; however, the mount is not clear until you have registered with the site. However, they do say that for less than 40 items, you will pay 99cents plus additional fees to dell the item.

Amazon can send the money to your bank count.

Facebook Marketplace

Facebook marketplace is one of the best sites you can list our products on and expect to make sales.

The benefit of selling on a Facebook marketplace is that it is free

The Facebook marketplace is free to list and sell; there are no commissions or other fees. All you need is a Facebook account to start working on the Facebook marketplace.


This is a luxury consignment boutique; the site was formerly snob swap. The site will let you consign your designer bags for maximum sales and profit.

First, you have to direct you to a consignment boutique if there is none; you will use their consignment service.

You will send your bag t through a free shipping label, and they will list it for you.


This is another great place for you to sell your second-hand designer handbags. The site will list your products locally and can help reach your local online community. Follow the best practices when it comes to listing the product, and you are round to get someone willing to buy your designer handbag.


Designer handbags never grow old. You might find someone with a worn-out handbag, but if it is a designer, they will still walk with it proudly around. This shows the power that designer bags have and their resale value.

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