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27 Best Ways You Can Ask Rich People for Money Online

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Are you broke? Are you out of options on how you can make money? You can ask people for money online. These 30 places you can make money online may be a lifesaver.You might be out of a job, or somehow penniless without any financial plans for the future. You may also be involved with a group or a charitable foundation, and are willing to help; however, you don’t have the financial capability to achieve your intentions.

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You may also be unwilling and incapable of going to the streets, begging for money. The internet has the answer for you! Through several sites, there are ways you can get people to donate funds towards your cause.

These sites do not require a lot for you to set up your accounts and profiles. Moreover, the sheer number of online platforms has increased the chances for a person to get a successful donation campaign going. This article will look at a couple of online sites that will help you out with partnering with potential donors.

Let’s take a look!

So What Is Crowdfunding?

This is a way for people to generate donations from strangers online. Ever since the inception of crowdfunding, over $34 billion has been raised worldwide. Some of the more popular sites used for crowdfunding are discussed below.

Ways you can Ask People for Money Online

So which are some of the best sites to get some money online.

1. Fundly

Fundly is an online crowdfunding site.

The platform allows virtually anyone to crowdfund on their site, including; non-profits, charities, clubs, schools, teams, friends, and families.

The platform allows participants to access other social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter to assist in their crowdfunding campaign.

Fundly works in a way that you get to upload videos, pictures, and blog updates to help create an interactive show for Fundly users, who get to see what your crowdfunding campaign is all about.

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The site comes with an app, updates, and alerts that ensure you are constantly aware of your campaign progress, plus secure mobile and web payment systems.

2. Fund my travel

The site was created as an answer to travelers who want to travel and lack the means to do it.

Most crowdfunding sites cater to everything, including emergencies, businesses, community projects, and more, with little to no preference for travel enthusiasts.

Fund my travel eases the budget for your travels. The site links you up with donors, who can donate to your cause.

To get started, create your campaign by getting people excited about your travel interests. Ensure you add videos and pictures, and make the campaign as attractive as possible. Share the info on all your social media handles. This will help reach more people and increase the number of potential donors.

Now you can get funded directly to your account. The site will keep 5% of all earnings to ensure the site keeps working.

3. Fund me

The company describes itself as the most prominent crowdfunding platform. Since its inception in 2010, the company has raised over 3 billion dollars.

The company works in a way that people create campaigns addressing specific goals they wish to attain. You state how much they wish to raise and create interactive campaigns, which tack the progress of the crowdfunding campaign.

You have to share the information everywhere, using your social media platforms, coupled with help from friends who also share the info on their platforms.

The money is collected through go fund me payment process, which is then released to the beneficiary. If the funds reach the goal stated, the campaigners may choose to continue receiving money, or stop the campaign altogether.

4. Indie gogo

This platform best suits individual crowdfunding and non-profits.

The platform does not have deadline limits for the campaigns, and partially funded campaigns can still be cashed out.

The campaigns can also be extended with In Demand.

As long as the campaign is legal, you can crowdfund for virtually anything

The company will take 5% of the crowdfunded funds to help with the running and maintenance of the site.

5. How to Get Rich People to Give You Money Online Through Social. Fund

This is an online company for crowdsourcing with no fee attached. The company will not keep any parts of your donated funds

The site accepts several platforms as a mode of payment processor.

The company also allows you to crowdfund on virtually anything, including pets, medical bills, and more. However, they will not accept crowdfunding for business investing.

6. FundRazr

FundRazr is a great platform for online panhandling. It is easy and fast to start your campaign, receive funds, and cash out.

How it works is such that you can sign up for free, and tell your story in the most imaginative and captivating way possible. You can use words, photos, and videos to tell your story and try to rope in as many donors as possible.

The company will offer advice and guidance along the way to ensure your campaign is the best it can be.

After starting your campaign, you can share it on all your social media platforms, including Twitter, Facebook, WhatsApp, LinkedIn, Pinterest, websites, blogs, and email.

Successful online campaigns will get their payment through several platforms such as credit cards, debit, and PayPal.

7. Give forward/you caring

The company is a crowdfunding site for personal, medical, and charitable causes.

The company is one of the few crowdfunding sites that do not take a pay cut for the money users acquire from the site.

The site also pays successful campaigns through various platforms such as PayPal and credit cards.

Recently, the company has joined with go fund me to become one of the biggest crowdfunding sites on the internet.

The company has raised over $500 million dollars and has over 7.5 million supporters.

8. Rally

Rally is a platform for groups, social causes, and non-profits to fundraise.

After signing up for the site, you will upload your story through photos, videos, or any other methods seemingly effective for you.

Ensure you create an effective campaign that will be attractive to donors, and will pull more of them to your campaign, increasing the chance for a donation.

The site offers a chance to increase you, donors, through sharing the campaign on social media platforms, and the site allows interested parties to your campaign to help spread the word.

The company will take a pay cut of 5% of your donations. It offers a secure payment process system and allows you to receive your donations through credit cards and debit cards.

The company also allows campaigners to keep track of their campaigns through the online fundraising dashboard.

9. Plum fund

The company does not have any pay cuts from donations made to individuals.

The company is free, it requires no setup fees, and the money donated is paid directly to the campaign organizer through cash or check, or other online payment platforms.

The platform is, however, available only to citizens of the US and Canada. People willing to use the platform outside these countries will have to contact the site. You should ensure your campaign is as interesting as possible to attract more donors.

Plum fund is one of the most flexible sites. It allows for fundraising for baby showers, birthdays, anniversaries, graduation, travel, funerals, sports events, medical emergencies, animals and pets, community fundraisers, retirement, weddings and virtually anything else you’d want.

10. Patreon

Patreon works in such a way that it allows fans to pay creators for their work.

Patreon helps artists and influencers capture their audience and generate revenue. The site helps creators interact with their fans directly when they get paid for their work directly by their fans.

The platforms work in such a way that creators establish perks for patrons, where creators give fans exclusive access to their work in exchange for payment. Fans get to crowdfund for an artist’s work.

A unique thing about Patreon is that donations do not stop after a campaign; rather, interested donors get to continue following the artist’s work.

Patreon gives artists the leeway to customize their pages to their liking the site. You can add tiers as an artist, giving wider and more in-depth access to fans, through each tire, as they add more money. The site has seen artists creating tiers from as low as $5 to $10000.

11. Boost up

The site was created mainly for long-term crowdfunding goals.

The platform comes free for its users, with money credited directly to your bank account after linking the two.

The platform is a combination of donations and savings accounts, as they require a savings account while registering to the site.

The site comes with brand partners and companies, which may take an interest and donate to your cause.

Currently, however, the site is not offering free savings service. Through their website, you can contact support for any additional information.

12. Beglist

This is a begging site where financially unfortunate people get a chance at getting some donations from online good Samaritans. Online begging is a more decent way of begging as it removes the negative self-esteem issues associated with direct begging based on the anonymity that comes with internet begging.

Cyber begging is a great way to get altruists to help without being asked something in return.

13. Cyber beg

The site was created with the intent of helping the less fortunate. It provides a platform for poor people to connect with potential donors.

The site is quite easy to use and does not require any web design skills to use.

The site will also allow you to share your beg with other platforms to reach a wider audience.

Registering for the site is quite easy, with payments being processed through PayPal.

14. Kick starter

The site was made with a mission for assisting creatives in bringing their works to life. Issa Rae’s Insecure is an excellent example of a Kickstarter program that came to fruition.

The site helps creatives to directly interact with the community who come in and help crowdfund for the projects they feel interested in.

Kickstarter will accommodate any creative project.

Ensure you have a page and proper description utilizing any necessary tools that may put your message across in a manner regarding the story behind your project. In addition, it would be essential to show or explain how your donors will be rewarded.

Another important thing about the Kickstarter campaign would be updated on the continuation of projects.

15. Crowdfunder

This is the ideal site for entrepreneurs and investors to meet and fund business ideas of interest to them.

The projects funded by crowd funder come in all manner.

The site itself has linked over 80,000 people, charities, and community projects, raising over seventy million pounds.

The unique aspect of Crowdfunder is that it comes with five-million-pound extra funding from the public and private sectors. The site also has experts to help with your venture.

The more you put on the site, the more you expect out of it. In terms of how you present your business ideas, ensure you have well thought out and enough information. The same principle applies for investors, such that the more you invest, the more returns you expect.

The site also allows users to share their pitch to other social media platforms.

The site attracts people located in the UK.

16. Fundable

Fundable is a platform created to help companies raise capital.

How the company works is such that after successful registration, you will then create your companies fundable profile. The profile has to give a clear overview of the company’s product and funding goals.

The clearer your explanation is, the more the chances for your company to get investors.

You then have to choose a reward or equity for your investors in exchange for funding in your company. Rewards come in the form of items of value. In terms of equity, you can offer shares or stocks in exchange for funding. You can also offer options for debt funding or convertible debt.

After laying out your terms, you can then start marketing your campaign to ensure you have a wider reach to potential investors.

The site does not ask for a cut of the overall revenue collected, and setting up the fundraiser profile is free.

17. Ulule

The way Ulule works is such that the site offers a limited period and a specific amount of money required for the fundraising campaign.

The project manager can set a financial target or objects to sell. The second way is for the project owner will have to set a price with a minimum number of pre-orders necessary to produce the product.

The site will take around 6.67% of funds received by credit card, and 4.17% for funds received through PayPal, for all projects in euro. In the UK, the percentage for the company is 8% for funds on credit card while 5% for PayPal funds.

The site is open to everyone.

18. Crowdrise

This is a for-profit crowdfunding platform involved in raising charitable donations.

The Crowdrise fundraising model is such that It uses more fun, friendly way of raising money to increase the enticement for donations. The platform uses a gamification and reward points system to engage users to participate in fundraising.

The site takes a 5% fee for website maintenance.

19. Get funding

After creating your page, you can then create an interactive campaign.

The site raises money on virtually anything from personal to collective ventures. If you don’t reach your target, the site still allows you to keep 100% of your earnings.

The site allows almost everyone to join the platform from all over the whole world.

The site will pay you through a couple of sites and avenues such as PayPal, stripe, and card payments.

20. Upstart

The site is a lending platform providing personal loans that use non-traditional variables such as education and employment.

The site is excellent for people with little to no credit history, but with a degree or a solid job. You do not need a minimum line of credit or years of credit, to get a chance at borrowing.

The site processes loans quite fast, and you could get yours in as fast as a day.

21. Ko-fi

The site is an easy and cheap way for donors to allocate some funds to you in case you are interested in building an audience for stuff, including writing, YouTube videos, and more. The site allows supporters to offer you some spending cash, from as little as $3

22. JustGiving

The site enables users to raise money for charitable or personal use. The site is quite flexible to a point you can raise money for such things as your birthday.

The site is fully dependent on your presentation. If you can captivate your audience with your campaign the you will get donations.

23. 2 hands

People can ask for money from willing donors on this site. According to the site, 2 hands started with a simple question from children: where do people who need help go?

The site has helped over 40,000 people financially since the inception of the site.

24. Reddit

There are a couple of subreddits dedicated to helping out.

The platform comes with a couple of rules, which are, however, not too hard to follow!

The subreddits have come through for several people, and you can find testimonials on the net. Below are the subreddits:

This is a subreddit with a community of users ready to come in handy and useful in any way. However, the subreddit does not allow any form of exchange of money or gift cards.

A great example of the help random acts of kindness helps with is a user, whose father started a donut shop that was not selling. On sharing with the Reddit users on random acts of kindness, users started sharing her info on Twitter, which led to a viral Twitter thread, followers, and an increase in customers.

Some other types of kindness in random acts of kindness is through access to such things as login codes for videos.

For you to qualify as a member of random acts of kindness, you need at least 300 comment karmas to post a request.

Random Acts of Amazon

People on this subreddit post their Amazon wish list, and willing people get to fulfill their amazon wish list for them.

Random Acts of Pizza

Want some free pizza? Post a subreddit for a user to get you some!


This is a subreddit lets users sort you out on whatever problems you may have. The subreddit lets you give money or gifts, share, give advice, or send cards.

Donate Money to Me through Streaming

Apart from crowdfunding, you can get money online through other ways. Streaming is another way you can get money online, where through sharing on several platforms, you can get paid.

You can share anything, from vlogs to gaming. Check out the sites below.

25. Twitch

This is an amazon owned site.

The site allows you to stream video games and vlogs to people on the internet. Through video streaming and vlogging, people subscribe to your account and profile and pay money or donate cash.

Dependent on how captivating you are, the chances of increasing income through streaming are on a higher side.

A good example is Richard Blevins, aka Ninja, who attracts around $5.4 million annually. He makes at least $500,000 per month, with over 50,000 subscriptions.

26. Mixer

This is another streaming site. Microsoft owns the platform.

Although it’s a new platform, the site is growing, with streamers moving their platforms to the mixer.

The site is mainly for video game streaming; however, people also stream music and web shows.

The site makes money in the same way as twitch does, such that through subscriptions and donations.

 27. Facebook gaming

Facebook gaming is also a new platform; however, more and more people are turning on to the site for streaming. You have the chance for streaming games and vlogs on the site. Dependent on how big you get; you can acquire special supporters to the site in a membership program.


Money problems can be the worst! You are rendered helpless, as you cannot function without money in the modern world. Don’t suffer alone, get online, and you might be surprised at the number of people who will sympathize with your problems, and come I to help you financially. Moreover, the anonymity that comes with the internet will help cover the embarrassment and stress that may come with direct peer-to-peer begging.

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